Blackburn Preview

This afternoon should be eventful one way or another. I suspect we will either put on a vintage performnce or get completely tonked. Let’s hope it is the former. I worry about the reaction to Paul Ince. Ince has done his best to defuse the situation in the morning papers, but even though he has admitted he made a big mistake, I don’t detect any mood of forgiveness among West Ham fans. I just hope that people do not go over the top.

Alan Curbishley has a few options this afternoon, but I don’t expect him to make too many changes to the starting eleven. I suspect Lucas Neill may move to central defence with George McCartney making a welcome return to left back. In midfield I think Lee Bowyer may well come in for Mark Noble. Kyel Reid has made a case for a starting place on the left but I reckon he will stick with Matty Etherington. Up front, Cole and Ashton will start, with Bellamy hopefully fit enough to make the bench.


12 Responses to Blackburn Preview

  1. SD says:

    I think we will stuff em……….2-1, going one nil down but then equalising thru bowyer and bellamy coming off the bench for the winner, COYI

  2. colney says:

    yep got a great feeling about todays game.ashton hatrick maybe?coyi

  3. SD says:

    with curbs dancing along the touchline like a kid in a sweet shop and a full upton park singing his name……………

  4. bazza says:

    if we lose. curbs will go simply as. bring bilic in and we will be in the top 6 at least. sorry curbs your just not good enough.

  5. SD says:

    Iain’s post is about todays game, stop whinging about curbs bazza and get on with supporting your club

  6. LaurieInSpain says:

    Bazza. Get a grip mate. Do you really think bringing in Bilic is the answer to our prayers? Today sees several first team players return to action, including possibly Bellers. Of course we need to add tow three or even four to the squad but the team we put can field today can give anyone a game on their day. The club gets enough stick from the tabloids, Mail included in that, without our own fans constantly whingeing and stoking the flames… its a vicious circle of the worst kind. Read between the lines of the Upson interview and you see our most serious problem… that the players are starting to believe Curbs is the next most likely manager to get the boot when in fact the whole story has been whipped up by the gutter press using the fans antagonism toward the Board as the basis for the story.
    I remember playing Blackburn in our first home game after our most recent promotion back to the top flight. Despite conceding first we got behind the lads and took the roof off… It had been a long time since we generated that level of enthusiasm and we have not managed it again since… for the record we came back and battered them.
    Amazing what a bit of unity can achieve.
    I am looking forward to Ince’s return. I am old enough to remember precisely why we will boo him all afternoon and will be delighted to send the smug plum home pointless.
    So get over yourself Bazza, remermber what supporting West Ham is all about… till you die!!

  7. chris says:

    Yeah sorry Iain Ive never been one for sacking the manager but after wasting so much money I have lost faith with curbs,even behrami dont look good enough,hope faubert stays at right back,come on you ironnnnnns!!

  8. brooking still the best says:

    I hope theer is a bit of support for Curbs! so early in the season, it’s so unfair to give him this much stick! I think maybe the board should give him some of the money they have raked in to buy a couple new players and show him some of the support the profess to have for him!


  9. hammer says:

    bloody hell bazza how can u say that curbs aint good enough.when he came to us we were in dire straits and looking forward to fizzy pop football.he tyrned us around and to win 2 and lose one this season aint that bad. maybe u should support another team.ur expecting too much too soon.give the man a chance

  10. Paul Anderson says:

    My feeling is that we will lose today’s game – but with West Ham nothing is certain. I find it hard to believe, that given the same resiurces, that Pardew wouldn’t have been more effective in the transfer market than Curbishley. Actually its hard to imagine anyone doing worse.

    I wil be interested to see what sort of team he puts out today. I thought Etherington’s performance at Man City was a disgrace – in fact it was only when he touched the ball just before half time that I remembered he was actually playing. Surely Reid deserves the opportunity to do better. After all if he isn’t picked when Etherington performs so poorly what’s the point in having him on the payroll. Lucas Neil isn’t much better – the worst full back in the Premiership by some distance.

    Many at the club seem to idolize Dean Ashton, but I find him immensely frustrating to watch, especially in away games. I suspect he is a very difficult forward to play alongside. He sometimes reminds me of the old joke about Tore Andre Flo at Rangers: get warmed up son, we’re taking you off. His work rate is poor and he has no pace whatsever. He is poor in the air, appears to lack courage and his touch isn’t that good either. As often as not he gave the ball away immediately in the City game, but, and its a big but, the one thing he can do is score goals. It anyone’s guess how many goals he would score ina full season – not that he has managed any so far in his West Ham career. It says something about the quality of the rest of the team that he is the crowd’s favourite.

    Lets hope the team, and Ashton, put in the effort and a performance this afternoon.

  11. colney says:

    what about some rules on here ian?

    up to 2 days after a game your aloud to rant and rave as much as you like then all moaning wont get posted leading up to the next game and we can get on with being up beat and positive with the club again.

    i think some west ham suporters have gone over the top with the slagging and its ruining our reputation.

  12. SD says:

    Cant believe what i am reading, Paul Anderson it was a dire performance against man city all 11 incuded! Dont start slating Ashton on one performance, he has never had pace but neither did shearer, not part of his game- get behind us and stop listening to the spud fans who are telling ya he’s crap cos they’re jealous- behrami had a blinder today except for his mistake for the goal too. Winds me up something cronic, watch the footie and appreciate what we have got cos it aint too shabby

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