Crisis? What Crisis

We’re a fickle bunch aren’t we? Alan Curbishley could be forgiven if he sought to ram this 4-1 victory down our throats. His team answered their critics in dramatic style. Ok, 4-1 was a flattering scoreline, but who’s complaining when Paul Ince is on the other end of it?

Ince was heckled rather than barracked. The abuse was half hearted to say the least. He’s put on a bit of weight, hasn’t he?

My man of the match was Calum Davenport, and not just because of his goal. He was mammoth at the back and could have had another goal too. I didn’t see who it was who lost Jason Roberts for their goal, but I think it was Behrami. He improved as the game went on. I can’t help thinking he would be better deployed in midfield.

Etherington was tireless down the left and Faubert put in a superb performance down the right. He always looked dangerous and when he runs at full pelt he’s like a tank.

Perhaps the best aspect of the performance was the return to form of Parker and Noble in central midfield. They were superb with both putting in hard tackles and distributing the ball well.

Up front Ashton was always busy, but Carlton Cole was largely anonymous. He constantly failed to win anything in the air, his first touch deserted him and he rarely threatened their goal – until the 94th minute, that is!

It was great to see Bellamy back. He buzzed around causing havoc and his goal was no more than he deserved. No doubt he will now go and play for Wales and pick up an injury.

And a word about Rob Green. Brilliant. But I bet he doesn’t get an England callup.
The table looks good tonight, doesn’t it? We’re third.

So let’s say well done to Alan Curbishley and the team for a good day’s work. And now for the player ratings.

Green 9
Neill 7
Behrami 6
Upson 7
Davenport 9
Noble 8
Parker 8
Faubert 8
Etherington 8
Ashton 7
Cole 5


42 Responses to Crisis? What Crisis

  1. colney says:

    more important than that, SPURS ARE BOTTOM !!!!!!!!!!!! laugh stuck to the toilet!!!! coyi

  2. Billy says:

    Davenport lost Roberts for their goal. Rob Green or Scott Parker for my man of the match. If Noble had stayed on the whole game he probably would have got my vote.

  3. North West Hammer says:

    Agree with some of what you say but I am afraid you have C&B specs on with regard to Ashton and Davenport. Cole was excellent and Curbs quite rightly left him on when replacing the rather ineffectual Ashton with Bellamy.
    Davenport had as many chances as most going forward but couldnt cope with the Blackburn forwards and it was indeed he who allowed Roberts to spin him (again!) for their goal.

  4. Paul W says:

    I don’t agree with you on the man of the match Iain. I, and those around me, thought that Behrami was the class player on the pitch. His workrate was twice that of some of his teamates and when Faubert went off, he shone even more in midfield. His final dance past the Blackburn defence and the setting up of the fourth goal was the perfect end to a fantastic performance.

    Davenport did play well, albeit lucky not to be booked for pulling Roberts back. He is good in the air and puts in more blocks than any player I can think of. However, he does get turned a bit too frequently and does not have the pace to recover. All in all, I think he was our second best player today. Parker also played well.

  5. Biffo the bear says:

    I was expecting a woeful performance today and was ready to delete the match choice recording before it even started. But the boys played brilliantly. I disagree with you Iain about Cole, I thought he played well, admittedly their centre half got the better of him quite a lot but he kept at it and was a pest. The ref didn’t seem to like the way he went up for the ball but there ya go. I even thought Biriyani began to show what he’s all about.

    Honestly, even if they get beat, if they all play like that I’ll be happy, all I want is my money’s worth of a Saturday afternoon and I got it today. Faubert was my man of the match (Julien, Julien the Bearr, nobody knows his naaaaame) to the tune of rupert the bear please. Nearly every ball he put in was a peach. Nice to see Bellamy and McCartney back but they key players, for me, apart from The Bear, were Parker and Noble battling away in midfield, add to that Ashton and Cole tracking back and pressing the ball, although Ashton looked knackered before he went off. A good day at the office, unrecognisable from the performance at Citeh.

    Strangely for me I would love to see Chelski get a hatfull tomorrow and then the weekend will be complete!

  6. VerbalVolley says:

    Cole largely anonymous? I think he caused their defenders all sorts of problems with his strength and would have won a penalty if he hadn’t stayed on his feet when he had their defender all over him, trying to drag him down in the box. He’s not really a finisher tho is he?
    To be fair it could easily have been six all today but I think the difference between this weekend and last was the spirit shown by the players. Noble, parker and cole challenged for every ball. Faubert looks like he could be a very good player for us. Even Etherington made it past his man to the by line more often than not. Berhami didn’t convince me but hopefully he just needs a bit more time. Hardly noticed Lucas Neill was playing. Rob Green was again superb.
    I do have to say better teams would have beaten us today. Maybe a different set of officials and Incey would have beaten us today. But if we show that much spirit for the rest of the season we will all enjoy our visits to Upton Park a lot more.
    And please lets send Curbishley on a course on Not-Being-A-Mumbling-Fool-When-Someone-Points-A-Camera-At-You! Smile, look us in the eye and speak clearly… and finish your sentences man!

  7. Big Casino says:

    I thought we played well Iain – but you marks are a little generous. Don’t think any one individual stood out above the others – it was just a very good team performance. It was pleasing to see us play with two out and out wingers and actually use the full width of the pitch. I’ve been impressed with Behrami in every game (even ay City last week) – and whilst he hasn’t set the world on fire yet – he has settled very well, and i agree that he will probably be seen at best effect in midfield.

    Neill looked very vunerable at left back – and whilst i think he is a very good captain for the club, he really needs to brush up his performances on the pitch. With McCartney back now at left back , hopefully Neill can start to find some form in his favoured position of right back.

    Overall a good performance – lets hope we build on it. Last season we didn’t string many back to back wins together, maybe this year we can.

  8. Yann says:

    Stop the league now! Us in third – champions league, and the spuds bottom, relegation. A good week to come for me!!

  9. brooking still the best says:

    I hope now that us fans get of Curbishleys and the teams back for a long while! You know the press won’t and the likes of the Mirror and the Mail will be Hammer bashing again pretty soon.
    It was a decent performance, one that has long been owed, let’s hope they keep it up!
    Of now to celebrate some more with a beer!

  10. kyle says:

    you could not be more wrong about Cole, i have just got back and he was tremendous, the work he puts in and his holding up play warrants a place in the team. Let’s not forget he got a goal too?!?

    You usually talk sense but tht comment is nonsence. Man of the match between Davenport, Cole and Ethers.

  11. salmon79 says:

    It’s all about opinions but I have to dissagree with your comments on Cole. Rovers CB’s consist of two thugs there to simply kick the opposition into submission. Cole took a kicking today, and as for not winning anything in the air you must have been watching another game since he beat Samba every time.

    It was a good performance however the centre of midfield is lacking in a creative player, we need someone else in there to open teams up.

    I didn’t think Noble did enough for an 8 and hasn’t been playing to his full potential in the last three games.

    The team looked far more balanced when Faubert went off, that’s not to say I thought he had a bad game, but with McCarthy behind Etherington it gave him the chance to get forward more. Also Behrami looked so much better when pushed up to right wing.

    Neil was poor and continued to show just how bad his positional sense is, he really is the weak link in the team, and club captain is just a joke. You note Green had a strong word with him today and rightly so which is why the chicken run and BM lower broke out into a chant of England’s No.1

    Overall though much better, hopefully the result will breath some confidence through the team and allow them to play some more free flowing attacking football.

    Thank god Bellamy’s back, who I see didn’t deserve a score from you.

  12. salmon79 says:


  13. Shoreditchhammer says:

    Abuse for ince from the centenary pretty harsh but hell he deserves it. Think you are generous on Parker who looked pretty out of sorts from where I was but you are right about the table. We are now 4th looks great. And guess who is bottom of the league ahead of chelsea tomorrow? what joy.

  14. Serbia I.C.F says:

    Yeah man…i think curb is not to blame for anything…he’s a good manager,i think it’s the fault of our chairman..(multi bilioner) who want to sack the players for their big wages,and than players are unhapy…and than they loose games!! Ant than NANI,OMG what a t#at,i tought he will buy a good players,and he has got no body…except Behrami,who i’m not consider as a player…he’s verry bad for england tipe of player!! SERBIA LOVES YOU!!!

  15. chubby hammer says:

    what game were you watching you muppet … cole had to be man of the match …

  16. chubby hammer says:

    i thought cole was excellent, but the guys near me slated him all game. I suppose it’s about opinions but I think Cole is an excellent player for us. Don’t forget he was up against Samba today … & wone more balls than he lost. Most of the callers on talk sport had cole for man of the match & most of the fans on other sites think he was the best player out there. How on earth does he only get a 5 … DO YOU GO TO THE GAMES ???

  17. big canadian hammer says:

    i agree with everything you say except that i thought cole had a pretty good game.

  18. SwedieP says:

    It was Davenport that lost Roberts…but right now, who cares.
    Nobel! A giant today. The brilliant pass to Faubert and then follow up with the “shot” for the second goal, absolutely superb.
    Be Curb is sleeping a bit better tonight, I know I will

  19. Andrew says:

    It was Davenport lost Roberts for Blackburn’s goal. He was too close to him on several occasions and was punished that time. Also I thought Cole was a lot better than Deano and won a lot more ball in the air. his first touch I thought was quality today.

  20. Herts Hammer says:

    Lets not get carried away..that was a game we could easily have lost if blackburn had taken there chances.

    I am dissapointed with Faubert.He looks like a player but he doesnt try to go around his fullback and he jumps too many tackles.

    Cole is a championship player and MUST be sold.

    I agree with Ian about Davenport who was excellant today and feel we look better balanced with George on the left with Etherington and Lucas with Behrami.Perhaps playing Faubert behind Behrami on the right with Lucas in the middle with Upson is the shout.

    Bellamy look s a class act and I cant wait for Ashton and him to play a few games.

    My wife who used to watch all the games in the Dicks, Rio and Di Canio eras and hasnt been while curbs has been in charge was horrified at the lack of system and organisation in our play. Lets hope Curbs learnt some lessons from today about his best team.

    We need to replace Cole as I said and a player who can hold it up like Ashton is a definate.Cant work out why Z man was allowed to go and Cole stayed but all will be revealed one day I am sure.

    Lets enjoy the league table though !

  21. Thucydides says:

    Speak for yourself about being fickle. A good number of us refused to be dragged down by the small minority and their negativity. No doubt they wil find something to whinge about even though it’s our best start to a season in 9 years. And only 5 for Cole?disgraceful rating, i demand a recount after you have seen the game again on MotD tonight..

  22. JMan says:

    Iain, Iain, Iain, Cole was on form today and I was pleased for the lad. Good win now let’s get three or four more players in before the window closes and we should start to be more positive. Anyone any news on signings?

  23. claire says:

    Another supporter of Cole here – I thought he did well and most times he kept Samba at bay. Nice to see Davenport back with us – he always used his height well and I think he’ll settle in nicely. McCartney not on for that long but looked a whole lot match-fitter than against Macclesfield.
    Bellamy – what can you say? – Comes on, gets booked, scores a goal, all within a few minutes. Same old same old, and thank the Lord for that. Let’s hope he stays injury-free.
    Have we ever scored 8 goals in a week? I’m not old enough to remember….

  24. barking phil says:

    Everyone good except Neil, aussie guy next to me (hammer suporter since 1973, 2500 dollars to come and see the boys “respect”) had to cover the aussie badge on his shirt every time Neil got the ball.

  25. Biffo the bear says:

    Seeing as McCartney is back we can have Neill back at right back and the creative spark some people were talking about in midfield could be Behrami? He doesn’t look like a right back to me, hasn’t got the positional sense.

  26. alanalandevonshire says:

    Iain, I think you will be suprised when you watch the game on T.V. Cole had a great game today and deserved to stay on the pitch when Ashton went off and he deserved his goal. Everytime I see the guy play he impresses me. Davenport got turned too easily for the goal and thank the Lord Mcartney is back, a leftback Neill is not. Faubert looks good and will get better with more games, Behrami will also get better I think. Green was Outstanding again so thats him out the England Squad again. This game was won in the middle of the field today, when Noble and Parker play well they are very good, when they don’t the whole team seem to play badly. A flattering result today, i’m not getting carried away but also not going to slit my wrists if we lose the next game and demand Curbs is sacked.

  27. Oskar Butcher says:

    Agree for the most part, but thought Cole did well and so did Behrami…my ratings:
    Neill-5 (did what was required but no more)

  28. richo says:

    What a pulsating game, good team performance and a good win. ‘Barking phil’ was the Aussie beside you coverin’ the badge when Neill setup the goal for Bellars that sealed the match.
    We can all pick negatives from our team and style of play but let’s be loyal supporters and get behind our team through the good and bad times. COYI

  29. colney says:

    ian,brain fart i believe.watching the game and cole had a pretty decent game.and i havent got as fas as his goal yet.

  30. Big Casino says:

    anyone rating any of our players with 8s or 9s today is getting carried away. as i said in my post earlier it was a very good team performance. everyone put in a good shift apart from neill, in my opinion. but no one was exceptional.

    i’d give 7s all round, except for neill, who was nearer a 5 or 6. that said i still think he’s a good skipper for the club, in terms of gee-ing everyone up and being a good ambassador and spokesman for the players, i just wish he could improve his actual performances on the pitch.

    a good result and a decent performance today, but come on, just as we shouldn’t have been so quick to have a dig at curbs and the players after the defeat last week, lets not get carried away with the win today. we were good, but we could’ve been so much better.


  31. chris says:

    A better team would of probably got something today, neil was ordinary as usuall,and got away with it,but a wins a win so who cares,bellamy changed everything when he came on he was magic!! the spud inlaws are comin for dinner tomorrow,just cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Ian…… were we watching the same game? Carlton Cole caused havoc up front and put in another very good working performance. He was the player I most wanted to score and when he did, I felt very relieved for him. He works his socks off and deserves to score more goals.

    Not sure were you are coming from with your comments about him! Strange indeed!

  33. Plaistow54 says:

    That was a great game of football Iain. I enjoyed that, as we all did. I just had a feeling it was going to turn out that way earlier in the week. Curbs is kopping a fair bit of flack & i believe that the players came out to support him in that match. No better way to answer the critics. Great game from everyone. I said a year ago that Cole is worth keeping. I believe i am correct. Faubert continues to improve. He & Etherington, great service from the wings. Parker & Noble dominated midfield. Green, man of the match for me. Bellamy, timing & how he addressed the ball, perfect. Great to have him back. & Dyer still to come. Blackburn & Wigan are both sides who will not be hanging around the bottom of the ladder. Curbs needs results early. If we build on that performance, things will settle. That was the old West Ham style of play, going forward. That’s why we scored two late goals. We continued to press late on. Great game. Perfect answer Curbs.

  34. Hammered in Singapore says:

    Great to see the team play the football we like to see, especially after the disgrace of last week. How can two identical team selections play so differently? Both matches were live on telly over here. Next weeks match against WBA is too. Will be interesting to see what team turms up to play. As for Carlton Cole. I thought he was great yesterday. Taking Ashton off was the right move. Cole never stopped running and causing a good defence problems. Ashton/Bellamy is still the preferred partnership upfront, but it’s good to see Cole can playoff Bellamy too. If rumors are true Henrik Larsson will soon be a Hammer then we will have a cracking attack. Plus with Sears and Hines in the background all is looking good. A creative midflielder is the missing piece.

    On the minus side of the equation, we still leak silly goals. Davenport made a silly error is letting Roberts in for their goal and on more than the odd occasion we let them run at us and dictate play. Curbs has to sort this out, because on any other day we would have been punished.

    Lastly, when will Capello wake up and see the keeper that Green is. Worthy of selection to the squad with experience required to push James for the number 1 shirt.

    A happy Hammer today.

  35. Normally so right, but today so wrong. Cole was magnificent today and the Blackburn centre backs had no answer to him. He’s awkward and all over the place sometimes, granted, but he’d never claim to be Robinho, he’s just every effective at what he does and works and works. And Behrami was MoM, real quality in both positions and a better right back than Neil at any point. We got lucky though, as we did against Wigan, though it was a better performance all round. Jury still out.

  36. The Headmaster says:

    I have given CC all sorts of stick in the past but am now on record as appreciating what it is he does bring to the team – a tireless workrate and application to the cause, an excellent ability to hold the play up and link with others. You just do have to say, this week’s 94th minute efforts notwithstanding, that he isn’t gonna get ya too many goals against good defences.
    Yesterday, I have to agree with the majority of contributors above, he was excellent for us and I would therefore fall into the ‘you got that one wrong’ camp Iain.
    Davenport was superb, save for a couple of potentially costly errors and Behrami I do like. His surging runs, albit a little gung-ho at times, certainly bring back some of the entertainment which has been so lacking from recent home performances and his energy is awesome.

  37. BlackFD says:

    Sooo much better!!!

    just a thought, just seen this on BBC website, would be a good buy or not? Mind you, sounds like his wages would be a bit high….

    “Michael Owen could be next out of the door at Newcastle as he looks set to reject a new contract at St James’ Park that would mean him taking a £1m-a-year pay cut. (Sunday Mirror)

    Manchester United or Tottenham could be ready to bid for Owen, depending on the outcome of the Dimitar Berbatov saga. (Sunday Mirror)

    Owen, 29, would be available for as little as £2m as Newcastle hope to cash in now instead of losing him on a free transfer at the end of the season. (Mail on Sunday)”

  38. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    Yes we’re the fickle bunch.
    I’m not here for giving someone a lessons or telling my brothers and sisters, how to behave, but……………………………………………………………..

    ALAN CURBISHLEY’S CLARET AND BLUE ARMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ….and well done to the boys

  39. Connor says:

    behrami 6
    neill 7

    are you stupid?

    neill should have had 2 and behrami was about 8.

    he made the last 2 goals to make it look like a killing.

  40. Oskar Butcher says:

    Big Casino: you don’t really think Green deserved only a 7 do you?

  41. Mac says:

    Great result and good on Cole. He’ll never be the most elegant of footballers, but for nuisance factor he’s superb.

    If we don’t win the next game, can we please not all call for Curbs to go? That would be as predictable as us conceding after taking a two goal lead…

  42. JackHammer says:

    Yes, Cole is definitely improving his contribution to the game each week now!
    Davenport was good as well.
    Bellamy back fantastic, lets pray he remains injury free for the season.
    The defense looked sturdy but with a few small mistakes to iron out.
    Midfield was the most improved, they need to repeat it!
    COYI lets get positive!

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