Why is Deano Not in the England Squad?

At least FabiO Capello has seen through his blindness on Robert Green, but can anyone explain why Dean Ashton and Michael Owen are not in the England squad which he has just released? His forward line consists of Walcott, Defoe, Rooney and Heskey. Heskey for God’s sake!!! Capello was at Upton Park when Deano scored a brace against Wigan. He would have got into the squad for the Czech game but for his injury, which wasn’t an injury at all.

What has changed? He played well yesterday. I’m confused.com.

PS Equally confusing is Darren Clarke’s omission from the Ryder Cup team in favour of Ian Poulter. Hey ho.


27 Responses to Why is Deano Not in the England Squad?

  1. kevin Mousley says:

    less than devatated by Dean’s omission given that injury does tend to dog his reationship with england.

  2. Iron Trigz says:

    I agree, I watched the match in full last night and deano certainly played well enough to add to his capello-watched performance which warranted a call up anyway. I become increasingly suspicious as to some of the decisions made by high profile football figures lately taking into account the corruption in football. I wonder!

  3. Big Casino says:

    I find Capello totally confusing – he came out and said after the Trinidad & Tobago game that Deano would be in the next couple of squads… and then he drops him?

    Pleased for Green – though can’t see him getting a start ahead of James. Same goes for Upson – he’s got little to no chance getting in ahead of Rio and Terry….

    As for Poulter being called up to the Ryder Cup team, i find it strange that so many people are questioning this choice… I think he’s an excellent pick.

  4. North West Hammer says:

    Really really pleased for Green, funny that it comes after he seemed to have accepted that “his face didnt fit”. Englands loss is West Hams gain, hopefuly we will keep a fully fit Ashton and if Wales rest Bellamy will have a potent strike force post the international break.
    Hard to see what is the right combination amongst the four strikers picked, and worringly Capello seems to be making the same errors as previous England managers and picking players rather than picking a team.
    Is Heskey really better than Ashton or Crouch?

  5. E1 says:

    He still looks a bit slow and cappello seems to be going for pace up front, still time will tell and if England get the results so be it, I am sure if we were asked we would all name a few diferent players in our squads and may shock each other with some of the chioces. Heres mine keepers james green robinson. lescott terry ferdinand young johnson upson shorey a.cole. j.cole barry downing richardson parker lampard bentley pennant .defoe rooney owen ashton.

  6. Thor get your cash out says:

    Green has to be No1.
    am i not, the only person in our god green land that KNOWS james has had his day.
    ok green had 3 put past him at cthee but only once we were reduced 2 ten men.
    who is the other one, oh yeah the ex sp*d robbo. Even the sp*ds could not wait to get rid of him.
    why oh why are we still debating this. oh thats right we have an Italian picking the national tem.
    we must be the only club in the world with not one but two billionaire owners who happen to be so frugal.

  7. anyotherbizniz says:

    Why is Deano Not in the England Squad? Because he is fat and lazy. Didn’t you see the Blackburn game? Deanno should watch Carlton Cole – or even Emile Heskey – to see what players of much less talent are able to achieve when they try.

  8. Jake the Hammer says:

    Agree – Capello’s selections seem to be all over the place. My fear is that this will feed into the stupid frenzy that to advance his international prospects Deano will have to move to a ‘big’ club. Rob Green’s call-up is long over due!

  9. redkipper says:

    Why is Ashton not in the england squad?
    I’ll tell you why, any international centre half will beat him to the ball on the ground and in the air. If you give him lots of room he can score good goals but he’ll not get that space agianst any good team, e.g. did you see him play angainst Tinidad?
    I rest my case.

    Heskey is very limited BUT he gives all centre halfs a full time job in keeping close to him and he does give his all. Sorry to say I have yet to see Ashton do so for us.
    I have not seen a current first class centre forward worthy of representing England – bring back Hurst!

  10. Thucydides says:

    Ashton is lazy, simple as. If you have to be told to lose a few pounds by the England coach before you do something about it then something is seriously wrong somewhere. Incidentally if big clubs (or even Spurs) wanted him that much they would have made a move by now don’t you think. The fact that none have speaks volumes. Heskey is like Carlton Cole, fans might not get it, but other strikers love partnering players like them. Which is why every England coach has usually found a place for him, also it shows that fans usually haven’t got a clue about football.

  11. PETER,G says:


  12. Claretandbluepoo says:

    I would have been very surprised to see Deano in the England squad, he looked pedestrian against Blackburn and frequently got caught in possession, he just didnt look sharp, which i find surprising since he’s got a full pre season behind him, his positional play was excellent however, always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. If all three strikers are fit for the trip to WBA i guess Curbs has the luxury of a selection headache. Based on yesterdays game i’d start with Cole & Belemy.

    P.S Thought Faubert looked a real threat on the wing & Parker & Noble bossed the midfield. Add the pace of a match fit Etherington to that plus the competition for Strike places and were looking a team to fear going forwards, IMHO (:

  13. TrevorH says:

    At least he won’t get injured………..

  14. Paul Nixon says:

    Iain: Dean Ashton is not in the squad because Capello watched his performance at Man City since his “cramp”. Did you see Capello’s face?? I wouldn’t have picked Ashton – he gives up if things don’t go his own way, won’t chase a half chance ball and is ineffective as a lone striker.

    There are better options out there. Michael Owen is a great super sub, but I don’t believe he should start a game.


  15. Ady says:

    He is not good enough quite simple COYI

  16. Tony says:

    Ashton needs to work harder, as for his performance against Blackburn he was outshone by Carlton Cole!
    If he stays fit I can see Ashton scoring 20 goals this season but he needs to work harder for the team.
    He has lost weight this season but he shouldn’t need the England Manager to tell him that, he should have known that for himself.
    I would have still picked Ashton as I can’t see many goals from the forwards picked.
    Michael Owen should be in the team, not just the squad as he is proven international class and England are not good enough to drop him.

  17. chris says:

    Good I’m glad least will get no injuries!! I want our players as far away as possible from the england squad,dont follow england no more the whole set is a joke!!!! wont be long before hes sacked and another load of money goes down the drain,

  18. chris says:

    JUST reading some of these comments half of you are talking twoddle!!!!!!!
    deano to lazy,not like heskey!!! your having a larf!!! deanos scores goals coz he stays central to the goal and thats where you want him, not running into channels like heskey and cutting your self off,,,see none of you have have played the game!!!!flippin morons

  19. Goatygav says:

    Deano’s a class act. Yes – he’s not 100% sharp – but I’d still have a 75% fit Ashton ahead of a 100% fit Heskey. Those critisising him need to have a long hard think about what class of striker West Ham would be able to attract to the club. We’re very, very lucky that he’s at our club and should hope he decides to stay for as long as possible.

    If you like strikers who run around a lot and score a goal every 10 games then pray that we keep Cole at Upton Park. While the truth is Ashton’s probably a level above where West Ham presently sit – Cole belongs a level or two below.

    Well done Greeno – top man and top goalie. Well chuffed for Matthew Upson too.

  20. kiwihammer says:

    Clarkes omission is a disgrace………trumped up prat with no history or form chosen ahead of a Ryder Cup legend in great nick NOW……..Faldo should be ashamed of himself…….i wonder how the non English members of the team will view this?

  21. JT says:

    Fantastic to see Greenie in the squad…… about bloody time too!

    As for Upson, solid so far this season, better than any other CB has been, should start both games.

    Wheres Scotty Parker in this squad too?
    And Deano, maybe Capello has had a rob green, so to say, take with ashton now. No matter how well he plays, he wont get in???

    And another confusion, OWEN?????
    Where has a gone??

    Ian Poulter and Paul Casey are good golfers and good picks, but Colin Montgomerie and Darren Clarke would have been much better picks. Experience counts for more than half the points in the Ryder Cup.

    Anyone see West Ham bringing new faces in today?
    Let us all know if you see anyone around Upton Park/Chadwell Heath.

  22. jon.london colney says:

    the mans a bafoon. any english player must hate the fact that an italian is deciding wether they play for england or not.its just criminal.

    i wont ever believe in england untill they sort this boys club crap out and get in an english manager again.

  23. Thucydides says:

    There speaks the voice of reason… well maybe just the voice of a cabbie.
    Are there many buffoons round your way that have won 6 Serie A titles, 2 La Liga titles, and the Champions League as a coach?

  24. jon.london colney says:

    anyone signing news yet?

  25. Mike says:

    Ashton – Perfect for us, just not for england,


    Heskey – Id say this is the closest match – Hesky is MUCH more of a physical presence. Deano has been asked to shed a few pounds and get around the pitch more, play the channels, receive the ball wide as well…

    Now you know why, Ashton is a MUCH better player than heskey but doesnt do as much of that stuff as heskey.

    Defoe – not a comparison – defoe is the small guy, great finisher – he is also on fire right now.

    Rooney – Probably you would have to drop rooney to play ashton. Not gonna happen.

    Walcott – Raw pace – no one of Deanos may attributes.

    The england squad doesnt suit Ashton, unless and until he starts to use his size as an asset rather than a hinderance, win balls in the air more and work the cannels, get a little less bottom heavy…

  26. notahappyhamer says:

    mccartney having a medical at sunderland its ridiculus one of r bets performers last season

  27. Rob Marrs says:

    I’ve blogged about this as well…. I think, given his link with Defoe and his 1 in 2 scoring rate for England, Peter Crouch has more reason to be upset than Ashton. That said, I’d have included both in the squad and chosen Walcott as a midfielder.


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