Joey Barton on His Way to Upton Park?

Sky Sports News has just reported that a club who finished in the top ten last season is trying to sign Joey Barton before the deadline tonight. They kept repeating the line about the Top Ten club. My West Ham radar is twitching like mad. Could it really be that West Ham are about to sign Barton? Surely not…


42 Responses to Joey Barton on His Way to Upton Park?

  1. PC says:

    Apparently it’s Everton…

  2. hammerron says:

    Barton, Bellamy, Bowyer! Crazy Gang!!!!! 😉

  3. skerritt says:

    come on this is a perfect signing for west ham, just wat we need a fighter to take control, if we want europe this will b an mazing signing!!! come on you irons

  4. kyle says:

    Better not be us……

  5. Matt Ryan says:

    God I hope not!!! Why oh why do we keep signing losers and thugs????

    Please let it be one of the other nine clubs!!!

    Barton is nothing but a mediocre animal!!!

  6. chris says:

    ye ian im excastly the same as soo n as i herd it i started craping myself….. and when i got in from work and i read about mcartney going to sunderland is there any truth in this rumour?

  7. chubby hammer says:

    NO NO NO … please NO …

  8. Tony. says:

    God help us if he does. He is nothing more than thuggish scum. I’d like to see him transferred out of football completely.

  9. chubby hammer says:

    Oh NO NO NO … please NO …

  10. Rory says:

    Yeh most probably everton

  11. Hayden says:

    It’s not us..

  12. Hayden says:

    ALSO – Even ONE signing is looking less and less likely! Oh dear…. roll on the announcement of Henri Camara coming back on loan.

  13. Mr Moon says:

    I read Everton too

  14. devo says:

    we would be loaning him out to “THE SCRUBS 11” for a couple of years

  15. Ant says:

    I’ve heard that he’s going to Pompey…

  16. kennyhammer says:

    We’d be better off with Dick Barton. But even then he’d be on loan.

  17. Nelly says:

    Better not be, but could you imagine the reception he would get? I hope its Everton

  18. Matt Ryan says:

    Ok guys, panic over! It looks like it’s either Everton or Portsmouth!!! Phew!

    And they are both welcome to the CRAP THUG!!!!!!!

  19. colney says:

    george deal done, barton will not be welcome so he better be reading this to the scousers and stay away moron.

    best thing i heard was hesky to spurs on sky tonight. what a desperate club

  20. JMan says:

    Not happening but what worries me is that there seems to be all but deafening silence about us and incoming before the deadline. We NEED another striker and I haven’t heard anything more about Cavani. Appiah looks to be taking his time and the only thing I am hearing about is Ferreira, well that better sodding well happen as we’ve shipped Macartney out to Sunderland, so no left back and Ferreira’s a right back. Not happy and very unimpressed. We were fortunate against Blackburn, it could quite easily have ended up 4-4 and we are not strong enough to finish 7th as is the expectation of BG without some real strengthening. The investment must be continuous and this summer the board has been negligent in this area. 3 or 4 players to sign tonight or it will be tough.

  21. Herbie the Hammer says:

    Iian, I got exactly the same feeling, god help us

  22. pjd says:

    would not want this scum at our club

  23. G says:

    I hope not!!

  24. gjf says:

    according to the daily mail it’s a “Top Club” cant be us then!!! Hope not, another useless mug idiot of a player…wot is going on at Upton Park the Chairman is gonna make us a Top Championship club if he aint careful Curbs OUT!!

  25. Matt Ryan says:

    This is becoming ridiculous! When we taken over, we were promised funds, players, excitement and champions league football! We have the money and the ambition but we just don’t SIGN anyone!!! And on the very rare occasion we end up with 35 year old donkeys! Enough is enough BG! Put your hand in your cracker-crumb filled pocket and get us some decent players!!!

  26. Scalyback says:

    Sad to see linda go, but if it is because of her indoors I suppose that is understandable. What I cannot understand is West Ham being associated with the likes of Barton? If it is true, then BG, Chairman & Owner as he likes to be called must be out of his tiny little mind.

  27. Matt Ryan says:

    I, too will be sad to see Linda depart but if I’m totally honest, I don’t think it will have a major effect on us! He isn’t an amazing player! He’s OK, and he’s a million times better that Anton Dickinhand! So I will say goodbye Linda and hope you do well at Sunderland 🙂

  28. JB says:

    You cannot keep blaming Curbs when the board have fed us a pack of lies. We are not a selling club, that lie from Scott Duxbury, all we have done is sell, sell, sell including our most consistant player last year McCartney. We now have no left sided defender. If you do not want to spend then can I suggest a Budget ticket one way to Iceland for our scrooge of a chairman. I suppose Curbs will get the blame again.

  29. ANDY SA says:

    If the guy can keep his snitch clean he can play, but is this another toon hasbeen!!

  30. Matt Ryan says:

    I don’t think Curbs would have sold Linda if he didn’t have something (or someONE) up his sleeve 😉

  31. Matt Ryan says:

    Andy, There was a time that Barton was a good player! But you say if he can keep his “snitch clean” But he just can’t do that! he is incapable of keeping his head down and his nose clean! He is a hasbeen! We do NOT want him!!! Who next? Vinnie Jones????

  32. Steve says:

    well looking at wot the people or saying and most dont want him and i wouldent want him, has the west ham board not seen the video . Barton is doing for football what tyson done for boxing [nothing]

  33. makka says:

    mcartney has gone to sunderland why?

  34. saff says:

    would be an absolute disgrace if we were to sign Barton, the man is an animal and has no right to be a professional footballer, let alone wear the claret and blue

  35. Tom says:

    It’s Villa!!!

  36. ea jack says:

    he only could sign if the west ham administration can include
    several relevant clauses to protect the team against possible damage caused
    by another decadent outburst of the player.
    so he would be isolated to his football-talent.

  37. Dave Healy says:

    If he does our standards will have hit rock bottom !!! And Curbs should move on while he can ………He’s on big money at Toon

  38. Biffo the bear says:

    I think we should have Barton, with Geoff Bell and Danny Dyer in midfield for the first ten minutes of every game, headbutt and kick a few people then substitute them and get on with the game.

  39. hammertime says:

    LOL we are looking for reinforcements for the ICF!!! We dont seem very interested in the football, just the hooliganism. COYI!!

  40. jack says:

    curbishley is crap sack him and sack the board then get a new board who actually keeps there best players. Slaven Billic we need u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh nd dont get barton plz bellamy barton nd bwyer west ham then should be turned into a boxin ring!!!

  41. joey barton , what he plays football as well…i didn’t know that.
    must have learnt to play while inside….does he play left back if not stick boa-morte there as he’s shit in all of the other positions he plays in.

  42. hammertime says:

    I agree Stewart if Curbs gets this team going and wins some games he should be regarded as a legend cos he is being fucked around!! I am so going 2 get behind him and i have gained respect for him without him even doing anything. Curbs bought some very good players in Parker, Bellamy, Faubert etc so if he can keep them on the field i reckon he may do alrite. Next game at home, just sing and show your backing of Curbs as I feel so sorry for him as its not his fault, just give him 15 million even and i reckon he will use it well. I hope Curbs leads this club to greatness, he would deserve tht honour. Stick it right up them Curbs and show these owners what u have got; i thought BG’S son was richer than him so they must have some money somewhere, fukn cheapo scum. Fuck i so wished Kia brought the club out now, and i wish we still had eggert as at least he spent something!!

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