McCartney to Sunderland?

Unbelieveable. Sky Sports News is reporting that George McCartney is having a medical at Sunderland. To lose one of our most consistent performers would be very sad indeed. What does it say about us as a club that two of our leading players consider a move to Sunderland a step up?

I hope this report is wrong.


40 Responses to McCartney to Sunderland?

  1. NO freaking way!

    Why is sunderland buying everyone out?

  2. Thucydides says:

    I think £5.5M is more than enough for a player of his calibre. If they’re silly enough to pay that much then we should snap their hands off. Good business.

  3. Hayden says:

    I don’t think it’s neccessarily seeing it as a ‘step-up’ .. BUT.. It is sad because I believe they probably see Sunderland as a similar team (in terms of capability). There have been constant reports that McCartney’s wife is not happy down South (I imagine because of family being up north?) – If them stories have any weight then it could be a huge factor. ALSO – we are supposedly lining up Ferreira, and I think they’d put him in over Macca most games. It IS a shame because I like Macca, but (dare I say this because it’s going to come back to haunt me in the next 10 hours) – it could be worse. I don’t want him to go but I am hoping we have something (ANYTHING!) up out sleeves.

  4. Claretandbluepoo says:


  5. Adam says:

    Unbelievable stroy – I thought this was utter nonsense when i first heard it, but now the news seems to be growing. I will be very, very angry if this deal is true. WTF is the board at WH playing at?

  6. JMan says:

    I agree with Hayden, they are only allowing him to go because of Ferreira is coming in though he is no left back, so unless we have a left back signing as well as Appiah and hopefully Cavani it says to me that Lucas will play at left back and Ferreira at right. I don’t think they are looking at centre as there is the belief that with Gabbidon, Collins and Tomkins coming back we are well stocked there. This has nothing to do with being a selling club or not but generating funds for other acquisitions that are better.

  7. Lamb Behrami says:

    This may be something to do with the Paulo Ferreira signing….moving Neil left back. I would have thought Ferreiras signing would have signalled the end of Neils West Ham stint but it looks as though Curbishley wants to keep him if he’s selling McCartney. Wrong choice.

  8. colney says:

    thucydides,are you a yido? you must be off your head thinking selling a player like linda is good business.were talking about building a team not balancing books.

    Linda was magic last season,im trying so hard not to swear at this point.

    i predict curbs will resign in the next 48 hours saying he was undermined.

    he did say NO MORE LEAVING !!!!

    im gutted.

  9. Paul B says:

    He would be a big loss. I think he makes a big difference to our defence and his link play on the left in attack is good too. He always gives 100%.

  10. jimwhu says:

    the money is good for mc but why didnt we sign shorey when we had the chance who was outstanding for reading at upton park last season when we were bought out by the icelanders they said we would nolonger be a selling club to me this looks like a bit of asset stripping from our skint owners

  11. tom says:

    To have only one left back at our club for 2 seasons is crazy enough. To then sell him on the last day of the window is even more stupid.

    We have no left backs ! lucas neill is a a bad joke at right back, and he’s even worse on the left.

    What we need most, though, is Appiah. Nobes and parker cant tackle for sh*t. Without appiah we will get rinsed at away games.

  12. Lamb Behrami says:

    Not only is he a good defender but he has a good left foot too. Most left backs cannot cross to save their lives….he can… I would go as far as saying that he’s got a better cross than the guy that plays in front of him, Etherington.

  13. cokernutz says:

    what i hope not , who we gunna have at left back neil ? he aint got a left foot he showed that in the last 2 days, we looked good when he came on at left back with neil at rightback, ferriara is a right back too right so still no left backs F**cking joke

  14. I can’t believe this will happen, surely it’s just speculation? They wouldn’t would they?

    I have heard that we are in talks with Chelscum for Paulo Ferreira

  15. colney says:

    roll on 12 oclock,i cant stand this.

  16. Goatygav says:

    Doesn’t look like it is wrong Iain – My heart is beginning to sink. I’m becoming increasingly disillusioned and mistrustful of the West Ham board of directors. We were promised that we were building for the future. All I can see is them kicking out the foundations while our prospects to progress come tumbling down. We know McCartney’s played the best football of his life at West Ham – he was outstanding last year and was developing all the time. Why oh Why are we selling him?????

  17. PC says:

    I don’t care what the fee is, how can anyone argue on this forum that selling our only ‘left footed’ left back is good business?

    In fact forget that fact for a minute and then take into consideration that McCartney has been by far one of our best performers of recent times and also one of the few players to be able to get through a season playing in every or almost all PL games!

    If we sell him and don’t sign another replacement left footed player then either a) AC or the board are completely out of their depth b) we’re in massive financial trouble and its not been made public yet or c) some of the current players simply don’t want to play for AC anymore.

    If this goes through we as fans need to let our feelings be known to the board in some form of protest!!! Not just mindless booing in the stadium, something sensible that will make the board sit up and take notice.

    I’ve had enough.

  18. Graybo says:

    Neill is just such a poor defender. I can’t believe this move. McCartney adds so much to the team. PLEEEEEEASE don’t let this be true.

  19. Gary Singh says:

    We have to sell him, his wife demands that he move back to Sunderland, she doesnt like it here, so West Ham advised if we get a good figure then ok, and £5mill is good for him!

  20. notahappyhamer says:

    aparently sunderalnd are bidding 5 and half mil for carlton cole but we have rejected the bid for once

  21. hammertime says:

    we’ll probably replace him with boa morte’s brother in a panic again this year. let down by the board again.

  22. brooking still the best says:

    Unberlievabubble! well, unless they have some up there sleeves it’s a joke! We have seen them cash in on Zamora, Pantsil and Ferdinand and I quite believed that we could do without them but McCartney is a first choice first team player! It will be interseting to hear what excuses they come up with, because unless they buy a better dedicated left back, there isn’t any! What A crock! Paulo Ferrier is a right back and not even as good. What is this board doing, Brown wouldn’t have even have tried this, surely! ARGH!

  23. Roshi says:

    Does anything really surprise you any more,I’m baffled, totally baffled!
    I did say on a previous post that I quite admired the way the management went about their business, however I am beginning to worry about what is actually happening in the board room.

  24. Brian Sains says:

    Iain, calm down. From what i can gather George wanted to go back to Sunderland, which was where we got him from. Still gutted that Quashie and Boa Morte are still there.

  25. chris says:

    exellent news 5m for a plodder!!! sorry guys hes to slow, the games moved on from last season hes in for a roasting from the best teams, lets face it he looked good coz lucas neil just so bad!!!!!!!! good to see we are gettin rid of average players.

  26. chris says:

    zamora mcartney pantsil ferdinand 8mmm!!!!!! good their all going ,cole for 5mm sell him for that price,how many goals he gunna score 8 or 9 maybe,,,,just keep bellars deano sears iiiiiiiirons

  27. big canadian hammer says:

    i would switch mc for paulo anyday.

  28. LAIrons says:

    So what fact that we dont yet know makes sense of all this? The only logical thing that i can think of is that Sheffield United have won a huge judgement against us, 20 million anyone.

  29. colney says:

    oh god,barton in talks with a club that finished in the top 10 last season.

    please no.

  30. e1 says:

    HAVE FAITH !!!!! Lets moan tomorrow if we have made no signings we are being linked with some good names SO WAIT AND SEEEEE.

  31. Goatygav says:

    Hear what you’re saying e1. You’re right – I reacted to the McCartney news without seeing who might be coming in. Will post again tomorrow when – hopefully – my faith in the management of West Ham will be restored.

  32. colney says:

    george gone.blx

  33. alan says:

    his gone just seen it on sky sports im gutted at the moment i do hope we see a couple of players comming in tonight……………….come on west ham what are you doing

  34. Plaistow54 says:

    Yeah, what a cow of a decision. Regular player. Maybe Keane is the difference. McCartney must have just wanted to go back there with him & West Ham thought the price was right. What happened to No you can’t go ? Ferreira is an ok player but no world beater. Consistent would be a good word. He has played, but not regularly, left back. We might get Givet. Why don’t we make Leicester an offer they can’t refuse for Mattock. Anyone got a horses head ?

  35. lee says:

    just seen the news i wasnt his biggest fan but he was are best player last year but 5.5 mill its a good price

  36. Goatygav says:

    Are you all SURE this has happened? I know it’s looking likely as he’s supposedly been confirmed as having a medical but I haven’t seen any announcements of the deal being finalised!

  37. Goatygav says:

    Ok – so I’ve just seen SkySports News. Our most consistent outfield player last year gone. I sincerely hope to see at least 3 decent new signings as an absolute minimum.

  38. mike from Hornchurch says:

    Madness. He was our only left back anyway! Does seem to be some kind of liquidity problem doesn’t there? Even if his wife wasn’t happy (which is a bit odd because i thought he signed a new 4 year deal with us only weeks ago) you wouldn’t normally sell without lining up a proper replacement. Don’t forget it was only recently well publicised that we were after another left back for cover anyway.

    Seems like something has gone badly wrong behind the scenes in the last few weeks. Has anyone heard any more about the high court case with Sheffield Utd last month? I thought the judgement was to be announced in August? Not heard anything at all. Have been on hols though – has anyone heard anything?

  39. Martin of Surbiton says:

    I see that we have made a couple of signings now including a left back – Congolese Herita Ilunga – and David di Michele, so Nani has been busy after all. Also they are saying that Appiah is still a possibility. I must say, I feel a bit better than I did at 0100 this morning. Anyone know anything about them?

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