Transfer Latest

1. George McCartney gone.
2. Paolo Ferreira on his way for season long one, possibly.
3. Barton rumour looks wrong. Everton or Portsmouth maybe.
4. Larsson not coming.
5. Stephen Appiah probably not happening.
5. Er, that’s it…


39 Responses to Transfer Latest

  1. GodAKAPaolo says:

    The good sign is that the site has not been updated with the news, hopefully they are holding back until the ‘signings’ are confirmed. Defo need a left back replacement. I’d be happy to see karsie and LBM leave this evening too.

    Remember Ferraria played left back for Chelski….

  2. Doc H Ball says:

    Well how stupid to let Linda go. He was on of our most consisitent players, came runner up in Hammer of the year last season and now we have no recognised left back at the club. More than anything so far, this demonstrates the complete disintegration of BG’s running of the club.

    All of Scott Duxbury’s lies have come home to roost. As far as I’m concerned they can pack up their buscuit tin and go now. Just when I was enjoying the afterglow of Saturday’s performance (when we only looked like a unit when Lupas Neill was moved away from left back and George came on), this happens and we’re a laughing stock again.

    We should lay off Curbs and direct our anger at BG ‘cos it’s obvious now what’s going on.

  3. Jimmy says:

    The Boeard are shafting us all Im calling for a fan revolt and no one go to the games into they (west ham) show us fans some loyalty just like we show our team

  4. Darren Smith says:

    absoultley gutted to see macartney go! but something i read this morning sed his wife was unsettled so obviously hes under the thumb hahaha going bak to a c*rap hole like sunderland…..get joe mattock for leicester city….young player and will be cheap

  5. ANDY SA says:

    Ohh another good move guys well done how much do you guys get paid to make decisions like this think you better leave it up to the supporters who are obviosly a lot more wiser. Ok now surprise us Again lol

  6. Prince H says:

    Really sorry to see Linda go.
    But he was not a world beater – and if there are elven world beaters out there right now, waitin for the last minutes to sign and make us a powerful force in the PL. I would not mind this… So what do you say BG, Dux and Curbs?? Can you give me right on this?

  7. JMan says:

    devestated and want BG out now, our club is going nowhere.

  8. GodAKAPaolo says:

    Too many rumours about Ashton going to villa… Just like the hammers in the last 10 mins of a match, can we hold on…. It should not be like this any more! Very disappointed with the board, feel rather betrayed.

  9. JMan says:

    Where’s the other striker we need, where’s the creativity in the centre of midfield and where is the left back, oh we sold our only one to Sunderland. Pathetic and a disgrace

  10. Dave Hall says:

    If no required players come in by midnight, then we have been lied to and deceived. Not good enough.

  11. supernumbersix says:

    Rumour has it that mrs Mcartney has not ‘settled’ in the smoke and wanted to move back up north. Of course it could be a rumour put out to try and appease us. Surely they wouldn’t let Linda go without a back up sorted out, please god. Is this just the board undermining the manager yet again as a way of pushing him out?? This is becoming worse than when Brown was around.

  12. barry r says:

    would be gutted to see McCartney leave, he’s solid

  13. JT says:

    Anyone fancy a sack the board petition?

  14. Ady says:

    He wont go its only talk prefer to see ashton go first

  15. jimwhu says:

    either b g dont trust curbs with spending his money so he should sack him or he aint got no money and should sell the club to someone who has the money to take us forward like he promissed im not afan of curbs but i feel sorry that he aint got aclue at what is going on at the club sack the board

  16. JT says:

    Hey ady,
    hes gone mate

  17. Jolly says:

    No recognised left back at the club – GENIUS!!!!!

    Time to give curbs a break and direct all ire and venom at the board – this is an absolute disgrace. Back to the bad old days of Brown and the sell all mentality.

  18. PETER,G says:

    bg shud go now he is milking our great club 2 to the bone, i think we supporters shud bycott the next few games in protest. bg your a money grabing nobhead, go now and let someone come in who knows how to run a football club….. hammer till i die

  19. luc Bailey says:

    apparently paulo ferreira is on his way (probably a replacement for linda). but he’s not a left back! i saw him play one game at left back for chelsea and, well, let’s just say his left foot is as useful as a racehorse with a broken leg. yes i agree, we should all protest to get bg and his gang out of the club as soon as possible.

  20. GodAKAPaolo says:

    understand paolo is a loan deal, not good enough…

  21. hAMMER@MAN says:

    I say we call a SACK THE BOARD PETITION!!! This is an absolute DISASTER with mcartney AND ferdi gone we have just lost 2 young(ish) and fairly expireienced defenders we need replacements soon right after we sack the board!!!

  22. appyhammer says:

    Can’t believe george has gone, he was without doubt one of the best & most consistant players we had last season. They better had a replacement of as good or better than him. Personnally would like to see wayne bridge now we can’t get storey as neill is not a left back! as too many foreigners is not the west ham way!! Also the savings on the wage bill must be adding up as that is now at least 5 first teamers plus others have gone

  23. micky says:

    just a long running thing with west ham to let a player go who the fans voted for as runner up player of the year, if u look at it the other year harewood was player of the year then sold!! its nothing short of disgracefull how we get treated we go spend all our hard earned money on season tickets they wait for the season tickets to be sold of then go sell our top players like ferdinand n mccartney, which no doubt no means lucas shitty neil will be our first choice left back fo the foreseasble future i for one think now is the time we actually stand up for ourselves n not go over n watch what we get fed up with out of prencible cos they obviously dnt care what we think as we line their pockets i’m so annoyed right about now thought id never say this but im starting to really hate west ham, n how they treat us

  24. Stewart Wise says:

    WHY in Gods name are we selling players at all, let alone players who play in positions we have no solid cover for?????? Are we being asset stripped, are we owned by some cash-grabbing foreign sucubus who’s going to wring every last penny out of the club and then discard it like a used tea-bag?? Its a bloody DISGRACE. I haven’t been to the Boleyn for years. I’m an armchair supported and proud of it. I love my club but I WILL NOT give my money to it while it continues to sell itself out and feed the fat, lazy twat boardmembers.
    If Linda’s missus wanted to leave London, either;
    a) it was dropped on the club late in the day, at which point the club should have said ‘no we can’t sell you, stay till Jan and you can go when we have cover’, OR (and this should have happened weeks ago)
    b) the club new about this and should have signed a new proven left-back PLUS cover in case that player didn’t perform/got injured/did a Berbatov/whatever
    either way the club have fucked it up AGAIN.
    (I rescind all of this if we sign at least 4 top-class players right before the stroke of midnight – yeah, riiight……!!)

  25. Roshi says:

    Perhaps the board are playing a blinding bit of poker here. On the stroke of midnight Green will be off to Arsenal, Ashton to Spurs, Bellamy to a groin clinic in Switzerland, Parker to Charlton ‘cos thats where his heart is and the rest of the squad laid off till Christmas to avoid any injuries for the run in to the relegation battle!


  26. Rory says:

    what a joke this has turened out to be, is anybody questioning the reason why we hired gianluca nani!!!!!!!! for transfers well he has done a great job signing one player from lazio. We now have no fit left backs what the hell is going on a this club. the only hope is that as appiah is a free agent we can sign him outside the window. If anyone starts a protest/petition to get rid of this board, you may sign me up

  27. West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Looks like the board are selling off the dead wood so that if they have a new manager appointed he will have funds to buy new players and we won’t be overstaffed. McCartney was solid so a shame to see him go but understand his reasons, he also handed in a transfer request so we wouldn’t have had to pay up his contract, Ferdinand is no loss and when fit we have Gabbidon, Tomkins, Collins, Upson, Spector, Davenport so its not like we need an extra centre back. Has been a disappointment that no players have been signed and bearing in mind how quiet the board have been you must suspect that something is behind it.

  28. PETER,G says:

    i think linda seen wot was goin on behind closed doors nd decided 2 jump ship before d ship hits d fan

  29. RICH B says:


  30. angryman says:

    I dont know wat is going on at our club but now i feel really sorry 4 curbs. I hope evry1 gets off his back and supports him 4ever now. I dont think this is his fault as all his resources are being taken away from him. The only thing i can bank on is the board trying 2 see how we go up until Jan and if we manage 2 be up there in around 8-10 position maybe loosen the wallet and spend 2 really push for europe. This board better have some grand plan lined up and I hope this is just a little ploy 2 catch the other teams off guard. If this board are looking at saving and making money just cash in now as i’m sure there will be plenty of large investors ready 2 take over, i’m starting 2 think tht maybe we should back Kia J to come in, at least he will find us mad south american talent. Surely he cant ruin the club even more, and i think we may be getting dudded for the Sheff U case as they seem 2 be putting money aside for this issue. So much 2 say but let me know wat u think. Plz evry1 lets get behind Curbs now, he has won my backing i will support him 2 the brink, the WEST HAM way!!!

  31. JMan says:

    The Board must go..BG out

  32. jack says:

    cant belive tht we aint sined any1. mccartney nd ferdinand gone. we have no left back so were gonna ave 2 play neill there nd davenport who did good last game but is i feel gonna be crap in the future this season top tenn no way im aimin right now bout 14th unless we sack r s**t board nd get a good 1 nd then sack curbs nd get slaven billic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. greg h says:

    new from the start they are only in it for the money they couldnt give a flying f–k what us hammers fans think but we would no how to run the club with our eyes shut.curbs head is safe but the board are pisssing me off sell players we need cant bring players in we need ,sick of it so sucks.i was up till 1.30am watching my sky sports news just wishing hopeing and preying on some sort of deal to go through again match sticks in my eyes and guess wat nothing happened so much talk so went to bed not a happy hammer.SACK THE BOARD

  34. paul says:

    never mind who is gone why are we still paying Quasshie and Boa Morte

  35. Joppe says:

    I am not the kind of person that usually care that much about official statements but now one is overdue!

    The board cannot be so totally without knowledge about the life of a supporter so they don’t know what occupies the minds of one the last week of August.

    The board obviously know what we feel, so if they really took us seriously – being the reason for their right to exist as a board – they should write something, VERY smoothly put, on the official site NOW!

  36. lumpy says:

    well no suprise there then this feeling of disapointment as a westham fan carries on, what are the board doing linda was a solid left back and whats suddenly change his mind being he signed a new contract not long ago. appiah would be a good signing if they pull there finger out but wont hold my breath, losing patience with BG one signing is pony sack the lot.

  37. Matt P says:

    We’re still paying Quashie and Boa Morte because no-one else wants them.. Unfortunately, that is why we are selling beeter 1st team players as we clerly need the cash (for Sheff U..?) and they are bankable..

    All ambition has been torn away from West Ham, and even though I am not a Curbs fan, you cannot blame him if he walks away.. Who in their right mind would want to come and take on this club in it’s current state. I’m totally devastated by the board and owner.

  38. Dom says:

    I can’t beleive what has happened, that leaves us with NO left back!

    What is that bull shit all about “my wife never settled in London”, total b*****ks, why the hell did he sign a four year deal in July then?? Champions league (within four years) your having a laugh!

    Totally dismayed and pissed off of Tunbridge Wells!!

  39. Portugal Chas says:

    At the end of last season, I welcomed the transfer window, especially as we did nothing in the way of transfers last January. The appointment of Nani, I thought would bring in numerous young talented players. Everytime the media links a players name to WHU, I think, we’re going in the right direction. But what have we achieved, the signing of Behrani for 5million and sod all else apart from shooting ourselves in the foot. Letting players like Z man, Ferdinand & Linda go is unforgivable. How long have we been linked with the likes of Shorey as competition to McCartney, we’ve lost out there. McCartney should never have been allowed to go until we had replaced him. From all the reports I saw regarding Anton leaving, for about two weeks before he went Alan Curbushley was saying “he’s in my plans”, I never saw him say he wanted Ferdinand to stay. His or more likely the boards plans were to offload him, or anyone else for that matter.
    Usually teams start building their sides from defence, what do we do, offload Linda, Anton & Painstil. Perhaps it’s the result of the fans getting on the back of A.C. for playing negative football, perhaps he’s thinking of having 5 forwards and 5 in midfield and sod all defence, cos it seems we don’t have much of a defence there to talk about. Hope we don’t get found out, otherwise we are going to get slaughtered.
    I’ve been a hammers supporter for 45 years, and when we got the new owers I thought we were on the up, all the talk of champions league, new training facilities, new ground, only to be told that the new ground would take 50,000 and not 60,000 as first mentioned. Perhaps the board realised then, that we wouldn’t fill the ground to capacity in the Championship, because that is where we are heading if we don’t invest in quality players.
    Maybe the board are holding back money for the courtcase with Sheff Utd, if that’s the case, I expect a heavy investment come January.
    I’m lucky, I now live in Portugal, so I don’t get to many matches now, but I feel so sorry for all the season ticket holders that have paid out good money for second rate players.

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