Transfer Window Live WebChat

Click HERE to take part in a live webchat about the transfer window and all things West Ham!

From 8pm onwards… Go on, click HERE. you know you want to.

UPDATE: The Live Chat is now closed. It ran from 8pm through till 12.30am, with more than 400 people taking part. It seemed quite a success, so I will think how best to deploy this in future.


66 Responses to Transfer Window Live WebChat

  1. baker08 says:

    Whats happening to our club? …………………………..

  2. Sky have just reported, that if berbatov goes, which it looks like he will as he is having a medical in manchester, then the yids are making two late bids, one id for emile heskey, and the other is for Deano, if we sell dean ashton, then i will wipe my arse on my 880 pound season ticket card and post it back to the icelandic lieing bas#ar*s

  3. Philip Wilkinson says:

    I hate the last day of the transfer window as we ALWAYS sell good players and never seem to replace them with any quality. same old West Ham are we sure Terry Brown has gone??

  4. Dagenham Dave says:

    Duxbury lied and Gudmundsson needs the cash, all we need to know is why.

    I hate this Club at times.

  5. Avcoman says:

    McCartney going shows that the rumours of money problems for BG are true, and so here we are a selling club again. Hatchet man Duxbury hasn’t changed since the Terry brown days and should be reviled for his lies and backhand deals
    However, what’s all this about Neil being a right back? He only ever played at left back for Blackburn (which is why they bought Warnock to replace him!). As bad as he was on saturday at LB, he was no worse than he has been all year at RB. Problem is we still have no cover at LB if he gets injured, or when he comes back from Ozzie matches jetlagged and knackered!

  6. CHRIS JORDAN says:

    i think that we r selling some players so the board will get his money back since he has been here at west ham then sell up and leave us in the sh*t

  7. Mr C says:

    Mc Cartney was finally coming good, there’s others we need to get rid of e.g. Quarshie, Bowyer, Boa Morte & Neill.
    I was at the Blackburn game, Cole was useless, it didn’t help with the crosses he was supplied, but some others in the team need to start working much harder, Ashton , Noble & Upson in particular. Behrami looks useful, Green on form again, Faubert needs to look up & work out where he’s going, Parker should be captain. We definitely need to work on our defence. Let’s hope we get some decent signings. I must say this last minute transfer dealing is fun!

  8. hammerron says:

    BG and Terry Brown the same person??

  9. Oscar says:

    What’s happening to our club??? Thought the new owners pumped plenty of cash into West Ham. But now it seems we are a selling club again.
    Thought LBM, Quashie and a couple of more were going but we’re selling first team players. This is so frustrating and this autumn’s gonna be hard for the club.

  10. Nails says:

    Could it be a clear out under the instruction of a new manager?

    I have to agree with some of the above if Ashton goes then…well i wont be going back to west ham unless the present directors clear off!!

  11. Nails says:

    Or we need the cash to pay off Shef utd?

  12. John says:

    I got a hunch we need the money as i think sheffield united will be in for compensation from us and gudmundsson knows it

  13. Bobby says:

    I dont think ashton would go it’s too late to have a medical. We better hurry up with the Paulo Fereira signing, taking alongggg time.
    But come on boys, Keep The Faith!

  14. CHRIS JORDAN says:

    keep faith! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  15. Nails says:

    You should all read some of the other sites on news now (as well as this one IAN) I don’t think II have read such reactions to what is going on at west ham tonight!! Judging by the comments they will be lucky to have any supporters turn up to next home game.

  16. Sam says:

    With anton moving i was content with, we had decent cover in that position with a few good young quality players coming through the ranks as cover when they are fit (tomkins and collinson) But the sale of McCarthney has left me feel betrayed by the current board.

  17. AlanHammer says:

    Keep the faith with what??? i am sooo fed up with reading that we are looking for players but come out with nothing and then go and sell our good players too

  18. Sam says:

    *felt betrayed

  19. drewski says:

    i thought our owner was a BILLIONaire? what a load of bollocks

  20. bob says:

    The combined lack of enthusiasm for the club by the directors & management paints a very dire picture for the future of our beloved club.

  21. AlanHammer says:

    I feel let down everytime with this club,maybe it’s time i supported a team with ambition

  22. Rob says:

    Hi all, this is a bit of a knuckle ride innit! These events/rumours are a bit wild tonight. I am shocked that McCartney has gone (is it fact?) and the lack of any signing. It can’t be good to do business at such a late hour. Can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on please. I am sure that the owners/management (if working together) are not idiots so I just can’t understand whats happening here. We now don’t have a left back. When isthe verdict of the Sheff. UTD case published anyone please. Trying to remain positive here.

  23. Pete F says:

    Don’t feel down lads, maybe theres still time to sign our mate camara on loan again.

  24. Rob says:

    Also I cannot contemplate the thought of Ashton leaving, noooooooooo

  25. Rob says:

    Lol oh god forbid :))

  26. Pete F says:

    Stendardo is staying in Italy on loan with Lecce. Another to cross off the list. Will this damn board surprise us pleasently.

  27. ex -prague hammer says:

    upto this season i have never even been to a football game (sparta prague excluded, we didnt manage to play them in the years i was in Prague..funny that..)that didnt included my beloved west ham…after months of soul searching i bin my season ticket and buy three tickets for Southend….think i have finally have justification….what a sad day…

  28. ex -prague hammer says:

    damn this hurts

  29. Pebbler says:

    I despair at WHU. We all think Curbs lacks imagination, but anyone who thinks Cole is a better prospect than Ashton, must be able to see the pixies that roam free in the goal mouth when we play away from home (given his lack of tactics/ambition), has got to see something us mere mortals can’t.

    I also think the Chairman thinks we will lose the appeal with SU and is rounding up cash by selling anyone he can.

    I fear that Ashton and Bellamy will not be in a Hammers shirt come 12am.

    If that comes to pass then I think I will struggle to remain interestd in WHU whilst AC and Invisible Iceman remain connected to the club.

  30. Ian Smith says:

    Curbs said, “judge me when the transfer window ends”. Well if we don’t buy anyone tonight is Curbs a liar or has BG returned just to the UK to put a few more bob back into his back pocket. i think the latter is more likely. I am so furious that we have been sold down the river, once again.

  31. appyhammer says:

    I don’t believe linda has gone, lets hope that another is lined up who iis of equal or better quality. What ever happens tonight i do not believe it is curbs fault and does not deserve all the abuse he is getting. With at least 5 first teamers now gone that must be alot of savings on the wage bill

  32. Pebbler says:


    Sorry, this is mostly Curbs fault. When we reached safety last year he showed a complete lack of ambitionand our season completely fell away.

    I also think he has lost the dressing room and, whilst I agree some of our ‘professionals’ need to take a long hard look at themselves and their attitude, I do believe Curbs is really only ever going to be a Championship quality manager who can punch above his weight if you don’t expect too much of him.

    And we should not have to settle for that.

  33. Mattie Oxford says:

    Same as usual sell sell sell, Interest in a couple of half decent players, left till the last minute. Makes it look like we tried but just missed out!!!
    Sign the Players before the last day!!! Might Suprise us yet!!

  34. kennyhammer says:

    Pebbler, can’t agree about Curbs, he kept us in the premership. The lack of ambition comes from the board. We are back to being a selling club and that won’t change unless the owners do. We don’t want an assett striping banker from Iceland but a mega rich tycoon as chairman. If Mancity can find one why can’t we.

  35. Pebbler says:


    I don’t know how you can say the board lack ambition, aside their other failings? How much money did he waste on the shining talents of LBM and Quashie and all the other nobodies, has-beens and neverweres?

    Could it possibly be that BG no longer trusts Curbishleys judgement in the transfer market and won’t give him any more money.

    Sorry, Curbs has run his course at West Ham.

  36. PETER,G says:

    is der nothing hapining at upton pk they are either very clever and leaving it till the last min. or we are deep shit

  37. Mr C says:



  38. Sam says:

    LBM, Quashie were panic buys in order to stay up. We stayed up, and even LBM played a part in us staying up, so was maybe worth 5million for a gamble.
    But since that January transfer window we have not spent a penny!

    Last season august transfer window we ended up in 3 million net profit

    In January we again were in profit

    This transfer window we again, are in profit, this time over 15-18million quid in profit through transfers!!

    Surely why would the board have brought in this Nani if we were not to splash any cash this transfer window?

  39. Pete F says:

    Nani might just be considering either taking over the managerial reigns or will be there alongside a new manager. Personally I think the board are shitting on Curbishley.

  40. Pebbler says:

    Sorry Sam, I think we stayed up inspite of Curbishley and his panic buys.

    He keeps buying old has-beens who are only here to fill the pockets with a few extra pieces of silver.

    Tell me that Ljungberg and Dyer have been/or were worth the money paid for/to them. Whilst I accept Dyer’s injury was a freak, he still spend more time on the treatment table than he ever will on the pitch.

    Sorry I think the board have lost faith in him and are waiting for the next guy to come along.

  41. appyhammer says:

    when merv day states on radio that no one else is leaving and possibly two were joining and then this happens today, what can you believe. i still think that we are getting another lb in. I think there is now two vastly different opinions on curbs one based on trash paper talk and one based on his results though not spectacular, we are not flirting with relagation. As for Karshie and LBM it was duxbury and egghead who agreed and paid the money, but apart from that we do need a left back

  42. Mr C says:

    the only reason we stayed up was Tevez, he showed guts, determination & a will to win, which eventually rubbed off on the team, even Curbishley himself said the only reason he played him was because the fans was chanting for him

  43. thedazzler says:

    bloody hell lads y so down aint u read the sun “end of the world” sept10th, were 5th in the league those dirty yids r 2nd from bottom result cmon the irons!!!

  44. PETER,G says:

    its gettin near midnight lads and still not a word, i for one will not be goin 2 upton pk again as long as bg and his cowboy outfit are running the show…………………………… calling all hammers fans , boycott now

  45. AlanHammer says:

    All the rumours earlier in the summer that the hammers were interested in signing Gudjohnson only for them to do absolutely nothing,it now looks like he maybe going to the Baggies,i dont know why we hammers keep putting up with this year after year

  46. thedazzler says:

    peter g great post mate and ur a west ham fan?tosser!!

  47. geoff says:

    34 more points, 34 more points, 34 more points

  48. Nails says:

    This may be well off the mark and im only throwing it in as i have just read it on comoe on you irons…but there is a rumour that curbs has resigned?

  49. GodAKAPaolo says:

    board announcement after midnight tonight

  50. notahappyhamer says:

    how do u no this god

  51. Nick says:

    Disappointed Linda has gone, he says for personal reasons – but i still think there’s more to it.
    Would hope he’d still get a good reception at UP – he took a lot of sh*t initially with people doubting his skill, but kept plugging away and we came around.
    But who in his place? I was quite happy when i heard Ferreira mooted about, but that seems to have gone quiet…..
    Maybe no-one.
    I hope not, i hoped the days of selling were over, but i think it is clear they are not and we will have to get on with it.
    Get behind the team, whoever is left and let’s try and make the best of a bad situation. The poor sods will need all our encouragement!!

  52. thedazzler says:

    well said nick lets get bhind these lads we aint ad a bad start lets look at the positives, we still got ashton,noble,ethers,faubert,upson,green and bellas plus a good lot of youngsters comin thru,lets get bhind em who gives a fu*k who the manager is or who the owners r, let all the other knob eads worry about that!

  53. DaniGood says:

    I cannot believe what I am seeing. I feel so betrayed and let down. We should boycott the next few games in protest. No new signings? I wouldnt blame Curbs if he left. I thought the plan was to make us aforce in the EPL not a laughing stock. SACK THE BOARD!!

  54. aussihammer says:

    oh dear oh dear, I am sure we are going to pay Sheffield UTD out but if so why be so secrative and ithey have no splashed any cash so maybe its not happenning but the Board are in financial mess. Credit crunch or no credit crunch this is a bloody disaster. Curbs is obviously being stabbed in the back at every opportunity. no new quality signings, no cover for left back, nobody creative in midfield and only 2 decent strikers in Bellamy and Ashton. I am so totally pissed off with everything WHU at the moment. Not only have we earned the best part of 20m in transfer money but are more or less lowering the wage bill by a similar amount. Any hopes of top 8 finish pretty much gone with lack of investment. transfer deadline day should be brought forward to allow seasn ticket holders the opportnity of deciding whether they are getting value for money, fel totally ripped of. What the fuck is Nani being paid to do, in any other business he would be sacked for negligence. Scott Duxbury is obviously an arse kisser and only interested in keeping his job.
    Shame on you all I just hope the fans make lif as difficult for the Board as possible without hurting the team results. No wonder BG ever bloody turns up at matches he must feel for his safety. Cloak and bloody dagger is not the approach for a company relying on fans to grow.

  55. Thucydides says:

    He put in a written request. His wife is from Sunderland, she hates London with a passion, and who can blame her seeing as it’s fast becoming a whingers paradise and most of them post here it seems. Wtf sre they to do if a player demands to leave? you lot really have no clue, you go on like we are 8 time champions or something, this site is getting way ridiculous. On a side note what’s with the constant references to yids that the blogger seems to have no qualms in allowing. even after my earlier comment on the subject was censored by him!!! Sort your quality control out, i know it’s a West Ham site, but most of us aren’t the stereotypical balding, fat, cabbie type supporter with fading NF tattoos you know.

  56. Thucydides says:

    How exactly does a board sack itself? That comment sums up the intelligence of most here. Laughable.

  57. chris says:


  58. chris says:

    thucy—- go back to dream land!!!!!!!

  59. brooking still the best says:

    what a load of crock! Oh well, i bet there’s no Sheff U payout, just greedy owner who have mugged us all up!

  60. chris says:

    just woke up,still no signings,,,,no left back for half the season,simply mad,same old story no money!!!

  61. Goatygav says:

    Well done on a great Webchat last night Iain. Shame we didn’t have any signings to celebrate. I voted for us to finnish 10th but I think I’ve changed my mind. See i thought we were going to continue the season with at least one left back. I know “Elaine” wouldn’t let George McCartney stay at the club and put her foot down by demanding he play for Sunderland – what is the world coming to? but I thought we were supposed to be getting back up for him – rather than leaving ourselves without a left back.

    Being patient by nature(I think most long term fans are) I was happy to “Wait and See” about new signings. Now I’ve waited and I’ve seen and it’s clear that the Board have started to go back on their word of “Building” a team and the Management of the Club have begun the process of kicking out the foundations of the squad and the products of our academy. More asset stripping ahead I fear.

  62. e1 says:

    We, gentlemen have been had! even if we have to pay out shefeild we would prob have a period of time to do so and this would come from future revenue. Ok we don’t want to spend and we needed to cut the dead wood out but surley keeping a decent squad together would secure prem satstus and gurantee more income makes business sense to me, which is more than having lucus neil as a left back does,Terry Browm must be an adviser. Still let us wait and see we shoul get 10 points from the next 4 games before we get to ply the arse and the mancs,maybe there is a sale going on with some rich arabs, SOMETHING IS GOING ON !!

  63. Bidd says:

    What mugs wev been taken for…Champions league hopefuls,new stadium??(what a joke),…they put Egghead to front the consortium!..but really he was put in place as a uefa member and respected football figurehead to see us thru the tevez saga!!..i remember Stoke City being owned by an Icelandic consortium,which resulted in very little cash injected and the club falling a couple of divisions!…we are a selling club again i fear,what will players like Deano be thinking hoping to break into the England set up? i think the vultars will again be circling come January and there might be a few players hoping to get snaffled

  64. PC says:

    Welcome to amatuer day everyone. A top ten premier league club aiming for europe playing half a season without a single establised or experienced left footed left back in the squad. Our management are a joke and for once I doubt that this is Curbs’ fault.

    Fair do’s I can understand if McCartney’s wife wants to go back north then at some point we’d have to sell him but NOT without a signing a replacement and NOT a couple of months after he’s signed another long term deal. The club should have insisted that he stay until at least January so that we could find a replacement.

    The acts and decisions of both McCartney and our board are totally unprofessional and represent a distinct lack of respect for the club and us, the fans.

    I won’t be welcoming McCartney back to UP, he can f*** off for leaving us in the lurch, especially after just signing a new deal!

  65. colney says:

    wheres this club statement? ide love to hear what they say !! me mate just reminded me we have spector at left back.deep joy.

  66. moley says:

    blame mccartney for this.he was on the phone all last week to anton to get the mackems to bid for him. his wife missed her council estate buddies apparently.
    show mccrtney how you treat betrayal when he returns.

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