Did We Speak Too Soon? Two Signings…

West Ham United are pleased to announce the double signing of Italy striker David Di Michele and Congolese left-back Herita Ilunga, subject to registration at the Premier League.

The Club website has just announced we have signed two players. I kid ye not. They are Italian striker David Di Michele from Torino and Congolese left back Herita Ilunga. Discussions are also progressing with Stephen Appiah.

However, these deals were completed after the transfer deadline expired, so it will be interesting to see if the FA will sanction them or not.


41 Responses to Did We Speak Too Soon? Two Signings…

  1. chris says:

    whats going on iain please explain can these players still play,pulling my hair out confused help!!!!!!!!

  2. chris says:

    di michele is just what we need very creative,crack the champers honey Im coming home early!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hammermolder says:

    At last some good news,i did’nt believe we’d get rid of linda without some sought of cover,no nothing about these too,how about you Iain

  4. Woking Hammer says:

    Firstly good chat last night must do it more often.

    If it is true that we signed these after the deadline and go ahead with the deals we have obviously not learned from Tevasgate.

    Although I, like you, welcome new signings are we prepared to pay the potential price if things are not all above aboard, because I am sure they are watching us like hawks.

  5. jon.london colney says:

    appiy whats his name was after the deadline as hes a free agent but still to be tied up.i think these two chaps are waiting on work permits or paper work ov some sorts.

  6. chris says:

    another signing? whos this 17 year old fella? Christ its going off everywhere!!!!

  7. Tony says:

    O ye of little faith!!

    I hope all of you who have slagged off Curbs, Nani and the Board will issue suitable retractions in due course.

  8. brooking still the best says:

    Time for some, including me to eat humple pie, yum it tastes good! although knowing West Ham’s luck, it’s going to get messy getting clearance for them to play. I hope it’s ok cos they are just what we need!

  9. WHTID says:

    After all that time chatting on the live web-chat- great work on that Iain, and a bad night’s sleep afterwards due to lack of satisfaction from my favorite club signing anyone- checking newsnow all day only to get home and see that a couple have been confirmed and Bajint’s transfer ( I thought that was done weeks ago) has been confirmed.

    Thank god

    I did like the line :

    Comment from Alan Curbishley to follow…..

    I wonder what is going through his head…

    But still I feel more optimistic than I did last night…

    3 points from West Brom and a decent performance after the international break will further add to that success breeds success! Let’s get behind the boys and boo the opposition not our own…!!


  10. PC says:

    Two panic buys at the last minute to appease the fans and not even good buys at that.

    A 26 year old unknown left back and a 32 year old ‘has been’ striker.

    Did someone mention Champagne?? I think not.

  11. Mikey says:

    Can’t believe we all stayed up till gone 1am chewing the fat and waiting for a crum of a signing then possibly Appiah and two loans (cheers for last night by the way iain)- if this is right i’m much calmer than I was and we may owe the club a kind of apology but someone needs to speak to the press dept about how to release info! Appiah would be great. COYI

  12. Harpo says:

    When will you lot learn? It’s the same old people time and time again. Always got something to whinge about. You have been moaning to each other for over 24 hours non stop. Now finally will you all shut up with the constant moaning. Just be grateful we haven’t got Mike Ashley or Kevin ‘i’m off again’ Keegan.

  13. Harpo says:

    As long as all deals are agreed and registered with the proper authorities before the deadline they are valid. Extra time is allowed for necessary paperwork to be sorted, as in this case. So don’t jump to any more conclusions and set em all off whingeing again….PLEASE.

  14. WHTID says:

    That’s Di Michele can’t find anything on Illunga

  15. PC says:

    Are you for real Harpo?

    We can hardly say that we’ve improved or strengthend the squad this summer can we??? Selling our only left footed LB, only ever present player for last season and also our second placed hammer of the year is certainly a valid reason for fans to ‘Whinge’ as you put it.

    These are blatantly panic buys and certainly don’t make our first team any stronger than it already was!!! We’re meant to be moving forward as a club and improving our team but all I can see is us selling off some of our better first team players and replacing them with average foreigners!!!

  16. jon.london colney says:

    paper work issues.mmmmmmmmm i own a recruitment agency,maybe i should recruit for west ham someone who can do admin?

  17. hammermolder says:

    P.C Shut the f**k up,give the boy’s a chance!!

  18. WHTID says:

    Ilunga is highly regarded- Celtic have been linked with him for a while… a 26 yr old defender who’s wife doesn’t want move up to Sunderland!

    Di Michele looks good- yeah he’s 32 but he will bring some experience to a mostly young front line…

    It could be a lot worse honestly!

    I’ll be happier or should that be Appiah (sorry!!) if we can sign the Ghanian midfielder on a permanent free deal…

    Reading comments on here and on other websites the general consensus appears to be Linda was ever present but the real reason we were upset to see him go was because there was no replacement- do we now have one? It did reflect good business ( I know we don;t want to be a selling club but bought Linda for £600,000 (?) sold him for £6 million (?) Does boost the transfer funds for Jan?

    I share the frustrations that we haven’t increased our squad but time will tell if we have improved it…


  19. PC says:

    Very brave to say that over the internet Hammermolder…

    I’m not knocking the actual players, I’m sure that they’re honest, hard working professionals who bring their own skills but they simply don’t improve on what we already have (or had in the case of McCartney).

    The Di Michele deal is a loan move for a 32 year old with a view to sign him permanently at the end of the season by which time he’ll be 33! Is that really what you want for our club for us to be back to the good old days of signing veterans that are past their best???

  20. Mikey says:

    In a bit more positive news Tomkins made a return today in another of these behind closed doors friendlies. Apparently Tomka got through 45mins and also we won 2-0 with 2 goals from Sears. If Tomkins and Collins are getting near match fit and with Davenport doing his best it could be Anton won’t be too missed. Don’t know much about Ilunga – who the hell does? But at least it shows they acknowledge the need for a LB and Di Michele is quality. (ran the game when we played Palermo away)Both only loans so they won’t be money wasted if they don’t take to the prem. I feel a lot happier. Let’s get behind Curbs and the boys now. If we are still in a decent position in January then maybe BG will splash some cash. COYI

  21. Bedd Gelert says:

    What on earth is going on over at Newcastle ??

  22. Tony says:

    My strongly worded email to West Ham at 2 in the morning must have had some effect?!
    They may have been panic buys but at least we have a left-footed defender and Di Michele may be getting on but he looks decent.

  23. brooking still the best says:

    Panic buys, well maybe/maybe not, but the club had little choice in selling Linda after he made it clear he wanted to go. Players have all the power now so to keep an unhappy player when you receive a decent offer would be plain silly. Anyone saying Linda was world class or any of the players we have sold must be wearing very tinted claret and blue glasses. Let’s all be fair, we have kept all of our best!

    This left back we have brought Ilunga, I have never heard of, but David di Michele looks decent enough! Hopefully they can both do a job for a year.

    I wonder if Curbs has ever heard anything about either of them before today?

  24. Dave Hall says:

    Agreed hammermolder. I admit i ranted last night but it is understandable when we heard of no signings, but we have a nice surprise today which is great, but there’s no pleasing some folk.

  25. Dave Hall says:

    PC, 32-33 is not old in this day and age with fitness and diet the way it is. I know it’s not football, but we had a certain athlete in his 30’s who was winning races. After last nights misery, lets just have a ray of light and see how these guys will do.

  26. WHTID says:

    agree completely brooking is still the best.

    Not sure what the latest at Newcastle is but will he won’t go… at least, for a while at least, the pressure was off Curbs being the 1st manager sacked…!!

  27. e1 says:

    Ilunga is,or so I’m told very like ebuoa at arsenal, time will tell. Di michele great dead ball specialist di canio ball skills. so could be a good season after all.

  28. chris says:

    we wont buy di michele,but he’ll be good for our young frontmen,make no mistake hes a clever player,hes actually 31,and our new left back is solid,so lets not grumble.

  29. chris says:

    watched di michele a few years back playing behind front two, looked real good.Behind ashton and bellamy maybe? fingers crossed he can still do it.IIIIIIIrons!!!!!

  30. Gary Singh West Ham Till I Die! says:

    Some of the West Ham fans are soo fickle, these are not the fans that sat there and watched championship football, they come to matches now and sit there, dont sing, dont get behind the team and sing only when we are winning, we are West Ham we don’t need fickle supporters!


  31. Paul Anderson says:

    I am not exactly overjoyed that we have signed two players on loan, having sold Ferdinand, McCartney, Zamora, Pantsil and Wright over the Summer.

    As a rule clubs tend not to loan ot their best players but I guess its always possible that we might have been lucky with these players – time will tell. Camara wasn’t exactly a runaway success last season!

    Two things still seem very clear: money is very tight and Curbishley appears to have very little say over transfers – either in or out. I for one won’t be holding my breath about the possibility of new arrivals in January – I suspect its more likely that others will be sold.

    It all smacks of a token effort by the club to appease the supporters, and it appears to have worked to some extent. I am surprised how easily some supporters are brought back onside.

    West Ham are a well supported club, charging some of the highest admission proces in the league. We should expect to add quality to add squad, and to be able to retain players, except in the event of bids from the big 4 or 5 (Man City). There is no reason why we should lose players to the likes of Sunderland, where by the way you can pick up a season ticket for £400, and attend games for £25.

  32. jon.london colney says:

    big story in mail about curbs wanting pay out from west ham to go with reputation in tac.feels undermined by board.

    here we go again.

  33. jon.london colney says:

    ps it was the mail !!!

  34. brooking still the best says:

    I don’t and never will believe anything wrote in the Daily Fail, who are those reporters, spuds fans? bet I am right

  35. chris says:

    Hes on hes way now then,after wasting the money he did I dont think the board have faith in him,these latest buys must be nani,seems hes lost control,

  36. SD says:

    PC- Im sorry but a 32 yr old with some experience at a high level who isnt injury prone with the OPTION to buy (we dont have to)- good idea I would say

    Linda- great trier and a solid left back who was an ever present in an injury ravaged squad, you talk about taking the team forward he couldnt be a part of that Im afraid and he wanted to go anyway- cant knock him but for the potential 400-500% profit I say game on

  37. SD says:

    P.S. These clearly aren’t panic buys as they are on loan! Also, the major parts of contractual negotiations must have been established and submitted to the PL/ FA before midnight so there must have been some planning!! Not quite Robinho but sod him…!

  38. Mikey says:

    Ok so I don’t want to put a downer on our 1 chink of good news seeping through but i reckon there will be more to come from Curbs. That Full reaction from alan curbishley to follow comment on the whu site is a strange choice of words. As for the fact that the story appeared and Curbs ‘reaction’ still hasn’t come up. I hope i’m wrong but I just wonder if the next 48hrs may see Appiah in and Curbs out?

  39. Paul O'Decanyo says:

    I’m sure the frustration expressed in most posts yesterday reflected the general feeling supporters have about the way the club appears to being run at the moment – and were certainly fair given the fact the window had closed. Maybe these loan deals were carefully planned and maybe they are good players, but the general policy of selling a handful of good club players and replacing them with two, maybe three guys who may or may not be better still doesn’t sound like a club intent on achieving its goal of top five/Champions League football. Let’s not forget, it was the board that raised expectations, not the supporters. I am heartily glad, though, that we have signed some relpacements and will be cheering them on as I have done whether they were in division one, division two, the premier league or championship. COYI

  40. PC says:

    I completely agree with Paul Anderson’s comments above.

    I’m not a ‘fickle’ armchair supporter. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 18 years now since the age of 12, so I would hope that would entitle me to my opinions. Just because it isn’t the same as somebody elses doesn’t make it any less valid or me a ‘fickle’ fan that the club can ‘do without’. That’s just an insult, they’re my club as much as anyone elses so all this ‘you’re not a real fan’ crap is just bo****ks! I don’t boo the team, I don’t even boo the manager but I’m not a mug and I know when we’re being duped.

    As for our new signings, like I said I’ve nothing against the players, I’m sure they’re hard working professionals and hopefully they’ll add something to the squad and first team. It just seems to me that these are token signings to appease the fans after what has been a very negative few weeks for the supporters. And it seems to have worked, some of you are happy with these signings and that’s fine but if all this had happened earlier in the transfer window and we were told that they would be our only incomings and outgoings I would think that most of you would be dissatisfied. Why were these signings not completed well before the deadline and why are they only loans, think about it.

    It’s the oldest PR trick in the book, it’s called ‘diversion’. After negative news provide some token average news (anything) as a distraction to appease the public. These signings seem better then they are because our expectations were so low after recently losing some of our better players.

    If you don’t agree fine but don’t think for one minute that the Linda press release on the WH web site dropped down the news order behind other articles for no reason (go and check it for yourself, they’re usually in chronological order but that one certainly isn’t any more). It’s called ‘spin’ and people make a huge amount of money doing it in politics, the movies and professional sport!!

    Yes be loyal, yes support the team at all costs but don’t believe the hype, it’s way too transparent.


  41. lastword says:

    Some of you will never stop bloody moaning. YAWN!!!!

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