Breaking News: Curbishley Resigns

Just before 2pm Sky News announced that Alan Curbishley resigned as West Ham manager. No details as yet, but I think we can be clear that the main reason for his departure was that he felt increasingly undermined by the Board. It’s clear that he felt he was led up the garden path over the club’s transfer policy.

When I conducted a Live Webchat on Monday evening I ran a mini poll. To my surprise 60% said he should stay.

There are several points to make…

* Has he agreed a severance package which includes a gagging clause, or will he spill the beans?
* What contact has been made with Slaven Bilic?
* We should remember Slaven Bilic’s loyalty last time he was at Upton Park. He moved to Everton at the first sniff of bigger money
* Did he go because he felt he had lost the dressing room?
* Did the club lie to him over George McCartney and the likely signing of Paolo Ferreira?

I have taken off comment moderation as I have to go to Bluewater in a moment. Please respect the ‘no swearing’ policy!

UPDATE: This is the statement just released from the club…

West Ham United can confirm that Alan Curbishley has tendered his
resignation as manager and that it has been accepted.

A club statement said: “We can confirm that we have accepted Alan
Curbishley’s resignation as we feel it is in the best interests of both
parties. We wish Alan all the success in the future. A shortlist of
candidates is being drawn up and an announcement will be made in due course
about the new West Ham United manager.”

What a disgraceful statement. Tells us nothing and fails to thank Curbishley.


45 Responses to Breaking News: Curbishley Resigns

  1. bazza says:


  2. Nick says:

    Wasnt his greatest fan but he has been shit on from a great height

  3. Prince H says:

    He was not my man, but I think he was right for the moment, and deserves more than this. The board seems to be a disgrace. If true (aka Keegan)

  4. Brian says:

    Good luck & all the best Alan!
    Treated so badly by the board and the fans.
    Shame on all of us connected with West Ham.

  5. Graybo says:

    Please, not Sam Allardyce… PLEEEEEEAAAASE

  6. Ian the Hammer says:

    I hope all the Cubs bashers are happy. We are now a club in turmoll again. Will we get Bilic? At least we have a couple of weeks to sort it out, but what with the news of the dressing room bust up after the blackburn game, this is just more bad news for the club.

  7. Matt says:

    Good luck to him, hope he leaves with his head held high.

    Always will remember he saved us with the great escape.

  8. Graybo says:

    Echo Brian’s comments above

  9. Angus says:

    This is not good – we are turning into Newcastle or Citeh with a change of manager every year.

    Wait for Jan and more player turnover. Hope I am proved wrong but I don’t like this

  10. Nelly says:

    The board are a bunch of idiots. Curbs wasn’t my favourite manager but christ, didn’t deserve being dumped on like that. Good luck Curbs, not all of us hated you.

    Redknapp and Di Canio please. Not sure about Bilic.

  11. ash says:

    i’m so dissapointed, he has been hard done by esp by the board which filtered to the fans, he did the best with wot he had and we are lucky to still be in the premiership. I wish him all the luck and am not being too optimistic about the future of the club, whoever they bring in will be just be a monkey man for the board. good luck curbs wish you all the best.

  12. Roy says:

    All the best Al. Have a deserved break, you’ve had a lot of crap to contend with.

  13. jake says:

    God darn board, Curbs should’ve stayed. He did nothing wrong. The board should be sacked and Curbishley rehired. Slaven Bilic (if he comes) will do no better than Curbs.

  14. Josh says:

    Nice job guys, you berated him for months and so he took his first legitimate opportunity to jump ship with his reputation intact.

    This is terrible, I cant think of a potential replacement.

  15. Jules says:

    I think we should go after that Pardew bloke.

  16. colney says:

    not surprised at all,i did mention this monday night on here that he would be off.
    shame as the feeling on ians blogg was one of respect for curbs and anger towards the board.yet again we are left to wonder where we are going.the club statement is a little late as we were all expecting signings 2 days ago! curbs did a great job under extreme pressure,are we turning the west ham managers role into the same grief stricken role the england managers role is? i think there are a lot of people out there that would say yes and not take the job if offered.

    i do hope we move forward and go for slav,he has a certain persona about him and however much my heart says harry i think moving forward with slav would be better.


  17. djclipz says:

    cant say im not surprised from the recent happenings

  18. Matt says:

    What do you think the odds are on Nani taking over fulltime?

  19. Ian the Hammer says:

    Lets all drop the harry shout. We achived very little under him & some of his signings & trasnfer dealings were at the top end off pi55 poor. He left us with a very shallow team/club & poor old Rodent could only take us down. Harry’s dealings over his seven year stint included 144 players sold/brought, which I believe is about a new team every season. Not good.

  20. Matt says:

    Harry Redknapp won the FA Cup last year and his team are in Europe. More than we can say

  21. Nicsy says:

    Agree with Brian. Not full of charisma but people never gave him the credit he deserved for keeping us up and having a respectable season last year. Whilst everyone are allowed their opinion, some of the comments posted by so called West Ham fans were scandalous … something our neighbours down the north circ are more renowned for.

    As for Bilic, it is great to have a manager previously associated with West Ham but it didnt help Curbs, did it. Bilic has no club experience and has never been in the transfer market etc. I hear Mancini is great friends with Nani, lets get him, least he has pedigree and would attract the best players in the world.

  22. Richard says:

    i think its the best thing that could have happened

    he clearly was being forced out by the board i agree, but for good reason (and i’m no fan of this board btw)

    – we have been abysmal this season and should never have beaten wigan or blackburn, and took extra time against macclesfield. i walked out of the pub during the citeh game, i was so ashamed

    – he has lost the support of some of the key players, the dressing room bust up *did* happen, and he couldnt motivate anyone to save his life

    – the football we have been playing has been dreadful

    – he had no knowledge of the international market, hence the need for half wit nani

    for all the above reasons bilic is the answer

  23. Kev Green Street says:

    I think the board will have Billic lined up before the World Cup quailifers kick off.

    I hope Curbs has wangled a decent payoff, he bloody deserves it.


  24. LiberalHammer says:

    Curbs appears to have been fatally undermined. Not his fault. What did he do that was so bad? Save the club from relegation and then cement a top ten place? We’re not Arsenal!

    Disgrace to see the Ham turning into a rapid manager turnover club. Is Doug Ellis now Chairman?

  25. Matt says:

    Looking at the list of fans on the left, I fancy Keira Knightley and Keith Flint for the job

  26. Steve says:

    Bobby must be turning in his grave…The board who appointed Curbs to take the club forward, the media & some of the fans have got their way. At least Curbs has left just about with his dignity intact. I for one ewould have given him longer but i would not have appointed him in the first place, we needed a big big manager to manage the many expectations.

    Best wishes Curbs you saved us and steadied the ship – all West ham fans should applaud you for this.

  27. NEAL TARGET says:

    who can you attract to a Club in turmoil who cannot bring in any new players for four months even if money was available. Curbs was your best chance and you have blown it. Hope for your sake it isn’t BigMerv.

  28. West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    He was not my choice for a manager that would take us forward. He managed the club his way and there is no doubt that West Ham were / are his passion. It is not his fault that the board acted the way they did or the press for that matter. He can go with his head held high, he saved us from relegation with the help of Tevez and we did ok last year. Best wishes to Alan for the future.

    Lets hope we now get someone that is loyal, can take us forward and for a period of sustained improvement.

  29. seetow says:

    hey my friends from west ham, i’m a toon fan over here. just like you to know, i really know how it feels man! it’s just that for us, the man we trust (king kev) is being forced out of the club, whereas curbs is not really a popular choice among you fans.

    anyway, i never thought curbs was really good with the amount of talent that was available to him (bar dyer, he’s shite), so i’m hoping it’s a good (and hopefully calculated!) move on your board’s part. Hopefully you guys have a good replacement lined up and we’ll perhaps see each other in the top half of the table!

  30. Ed Turvey Used to live in Essex now Camberley says:

    All I have read in the press about my beloved WHU FC for over 2 seasons has been negative and now I am deeply embarrassed at the shocking treatment Curbs has recieved from the board (Duxbury particularly who has already proved he cannot be trusted) and , I am sorry to say some of the fans. Sadly all will be forgotten too quickly however, the bad press will continue for sure.
    The poor bloke must have felt as though he was swimming up Niagra falls with a gas stove on his back manging West Ham, but at least he can walk away with his head held high, which is a lot more than can be said about some other people!!!!

  31. Nails says:

    Firstly he walked! Not pushed…read the club statement

    Secondly no matter what fans say BG was never happy with anything that Eggy did,
    this also seems to include Poor Old Curbs.

    If anyone is to blame apart from the board it’s the crappy red tops.

    Best of Luck Alan.

  32. Matt says:

    He may have walked, but boy was he encouraged by the sales behind his back and the obvious lack of funds available to replenish the stock. I think this has been well engineered by the board to allow them to cut a cheap deal – as opposed to sacking him and paying an almighty fee.

  33. Jaime says:

    Glad he’s gone, but don’t like the way he was pushed out.

  34. Perth Hammer says:

    Remember Redknapp’s slip of the tongue last week? Upton Park when he meant Fratton Park. Tapped up already?

  35. tommyd says:

    The biggest question has to be
    “Why has it taken the board until now to ‘fire’ Curbs when it has been clear that they have wanted rid of him for a long time”!!
    The timing is a disgarce!! Now whoever comes in will have to wait untill January when it is notoriously hard to bring in players to make any signings. We had to write of last season because of injuries and now it seems we will have too write of this one too as the new manager will have to wait untill the close season to make changes!

    I am not a Curbs fan but he deserved better than this and given the problems with our current board- may have been the right man at this time.

    Billic HAS to be installed as the new gaffer!!!!

  36. Thucydides says:

    Look how some of you muppets have changed your tune. You were calling for his head last week. You should be gloating and celebrating now you got your wish, you hypocrites. And as for Bilic, get real. He has no club experience whatsoever plus his hearts more at Everton than it is with West Ham i can guarantee that. Do we hire him then when the toffees tire of Moyes he runs to them again? The chances are it will be someone close to or known by Nani, so that means most of you won’t have heard of him whoever he is.

  37. chris says:

    Come on guys I no you all feel sad but its no surprise. He done ok but was never gunna take us forward,he just couldnt attract anyone to the club and bought poorly,and it was us shouting for tevez that kept us up not curbs.what the answer is I dont know will a big name come to us who knows, seems that to attract the best players you have to be owned buy billionares willing to splash the cash….HOW SAD,,,Where our clubs going god only knows!! but lets hope we dont end up like man sheeky or chelski, moneys ruined our game.

  38. Nails says:

    Thucydides- Good enough to beat England and dump them out of the euro’s-you talk crap !

  39. Thucydides says:

    England?? number 15 in the fifa rankings, that England? not such a feat really is it?

  40. Thucydides says:

    Good enough to throw a game away in the dying seconds as well against a team even lower than lowly England in the rankings. Hmmmmm.

  41. Andy Bertrand says:

    Harry or Slaven, has to be one or the other.
    For God’s sake not Allardyce and not Keegan!

  42. Roy says:

    I was never convinced by Curb’s tactics and don’t think he always made the most of the resources at his disposal. But, there again, I have disagreed with West Ham Managers tactics on and off for more than 40 years. The injuries last year didn’t help him and he has still had that problem this season. Even though we have 6 points from the first three games it hasn’t been encouraging as we could have lost to Wigan and only scraped a draw against Blackburn. The City performance was dismal.
    However, Curbs seems a decent man and he has obviously been undermined by the board whose football knowledge, to the best of my ability, is nil. This will become a recurring theme as outsiders buy into football clubs and I am glad that Curbs walked before he was pushed. This shows some backbone.
    Who do we get next? The odds are that we will get an inferior manager to Curbs because, like Newcastle, who will want to come here, apart from the desperate and needy, and work under these conditions. Allardyce and O’Leary spring to mind. Oh, dear.

  43. lastword says:

    …”I started my West Ham United career when I left school in 1974 and have remained a lifelong fan,” he said. “I have been incredibly proud to manage such a great club and my decision to resign has been very tough.

    “The selection of players is critical to the job of the manager and I had an agreement with the club that I alone would determine the composition of the squad.

    “However, the club continued to make significant player decisions without involving me. In the end such a breach of trust and confidence meant that I had no option but to leave. Nevertheless, I wish the club and the players every success in the future.”

    Alan Curbishley

  44. paul says:

    West Ham could easily have lost the games against Wigan and Blackburn and as for the performance against Macclesfield enough said. I have never been convinced about Curbishley from the beginning especially when he remarked that the crowd keep calling for Tevez but he has not scored either. This at at a time when he was continually on the bench and Mascherano was not even achieving that. As a fan for over 50 years I am disappointed by the lack of attractive football since he took over which was certainly not in the traditions of the club. Even so I wonder where the board are taking us.

  45. DaDon says:

    Curbs’ departure was long overdue. By my reckoning he should have got the sack the week we lost 4-0 three times in a row, which showed indisputably what a poor tactician and motivator he is. I’m sure he’s a nice man but that’s neither here nor there. He never engaged with the fans, he was only ever defensive with the media and he ultimately didn’t have the balls to take on the board. Out of 71 (I think) games in charge, I’d say we played well no more than 10-12 times, which isn’t good enough.

    That said, the board is far from blameless and have managed this inevitable transition very poorly.

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