Di Michele Goalreel – Feast Your Eyes


19 Responses to Di Michele Goalreel – Feast Your Eyes

  1. notahappyhamer says:

    that free kick was brill

  2. He looks alright. says:

    Dont like watching youtube videos though, because they make a player look great for 2mins. You could probably do the same with LBM if you tried hard enough!!

    Never the less, its better than having no signing, and he has played for Italy so cant be too bad. He is on loan as well so we dont lose out on any money if he turns out to be as bad as Kepa!!!

    Im more pleased about the Hungarian kid, might have a gem there.

  3. lastword says:

    Looks good as long as we can keep him away from the bookies!

  4. GJF says:

    Shame this was 10 years ago…..i remember someone posting similar things from Faubert….he’s turned out to be good eh!!!!

  5. djclipz says:

    cant complain with any of tht, just hope we’ll be seeing it with a west ham shirt on his back

  6. Kevin says:

    He look good just hope he will fit into the english way of play. I think we can all thank Nani for this one

  7. JMan says:

    GJF, jeeze you must wake up with a frown on your face. This guys is a proven goalscorer and will add to the front line. He will not play every game but he brings a lot of quality with him and it was not 10 years ago. I remember him in the Palermo side that made is look like donkeys. Get a grip we wanted signings and we got them now let’s see what they bring before slagging them off, that shit we leave for the Spuds and Mancs.

  8. lastword says:

    How were they from ten years ago? the vid was posted by a Torino fan, it’s all his goals for them last season. Seems like he made an impression with the Toro fans even though he wasn’t there long. Expect our fan base to extend to Turin this season.

  9. lastword says:

    I meant Palermo.lol too much italian for me.

  10. chris says:

    Liked his dummy with left then onto his right,just what we need someone creative like di canio,creative with a good free kick,hope his legs an’t gone though, will soon find out.Like someone else said I’m more intrested in the young hungerian kid,any thing on him Iain?

  11. DaDon says:

    As bad as Kepa? At what point did we find out how good or otherwise Kepa was? He never got a chance – even though he scored almost immediately within coming on for the first time. Same thing with Faubert – you have to give players time. Remember Foe? It took him bast part of a season to bed in and then he was awesome. Beware of making early judgements on players who have not had a run in the team.

    All that said, assuming the PL allow us to register him, Di Michele is a great signing who’ll bring some savvy and some sang froid to the front line. The boy can finish.

  12. PC says:

    Looks like a class act and two footed too!

    We now have genuine competition for Bellamy and Ashton which should keep them thinking and on their toes.

    Bring it on!!

  13. DaDon says:

    The vid is actually posted by a Palermo fan. But all his goals for Palermo were scored between 2006-2007 so not ten years ago at all, 16 goals in 48 games which is plenty good enough. The bookies reference above is a betting scandal for which he got banned for a few months in 2007.

  14. greg h says:

    his is one hell of a player very quick for his age good skill on the ball great experience just what we need hope we see alot of him.dont think he will have a problem with playing the style of football we play if anything i think given the chance he will be banging them in all in all great signing well done you italian stallion

  15. Lms says:

    Dare i say it?….shades of a certain PDC???

  16. Josh says:

    I spoke to some Italian friends who say he’s fallen out with every manager and board he’s ever worked for. So it should be interesting at the very least.

  17. LaurieInSpain says:

    Absolutely no doubt that we could edit together a medelee of Bobby Z goals that would be just as impressive. Well, nearly anyway. Thats doesnt meean I am not delighted with the signing because I am. He is most definitely a good addition to the squad. Not so sure about Lungi, but only because I know nothing about him… presumably Nani knows what he is getting so fingers crossed he is a marauding left back that can tackle and has the intelligence to link with Ethers. Can we get Appiah in before the enemy do please.
    The shitrag Daily Mail has just posted an article slagging us again, this time suggesting that these two signings should be knocked back because they were too late… this paper just refuses to deal in facts where our club is concerned. The Premier League has stated that the paperwork from us was with them in time but because of the activity on the last day they did not have time to process it. They have even suggested that they might not… in which case we will be polishing up our legal team again no doubt.
    Iain, as a media man would it be possible for you to examine the Daily Mail reporting of West Ham over the last 18 months… In commercial organisations who take their media coverage seriously they receive reports on mentions of their brand.. was the story positive, negative or benign. I am confident such a report would clearly show up their anti West Ham bias. What I dont know is where this attitude came from.

  18. GJF says:

    JMan – Macclesfield made us look lie Donkey’s!!!!

  19. JMan says:

    Laurie, you are dead right and I responded to that Hatchet man article as you have above, but guess what it hasn’t yet been posted, probably has something to do with me accusing them of bias and asking for a retraction and apology to be issued. I suggest all west ham fans should boycott this newspaper until it reports on our club fairly and without premeditated bias.

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