Messages for Alan Curbishley

I imagine Alan Curbishley is feeling very sore and let down this afternoon. I’d like you to use this thread by writing your own personal message to Alan. If you don’t have anything nice to say, please keep it to yourself. A friend of mine knows Alan well and will pass on your comments.


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  1. Ian the Hammer says:

    Cheers Alan, very sorry for the way you’ve been treated by us the fans the board & by the team (by all accounts). All the best for every sucess in the future.

  2. Kev Green Street says:

    Thanks for all you have done Alan! You worked a miracle in keeping us up and in 10th place last year, you deserved much better from the board and and the fans.

    Good luck to you in your future endeavours


  3. NEAL TARGET says:

    You ‘ammers have got what you deserved. You have helped drive out a decent manager who, given time, would have brought you success. Unfortunately you have ideas above your station and it’s about time you realised that you can’t compete with Clubs who have Billionaire owners willing to invest millions of pounds. Good luck to Curbs, perhaps next time he’ll get a Club who will appreciate him more.

  4. dartford-hammer says:


  5. dave says:

    Thanks Alan and good luck.

  6. John says:

    I think you were stitched up…constructive dismissal

    Take em to the cleaners

  7. ash says:

    Good luck, i’m frustrated and annoyed with the whole thing, you deserved a lot better from both the fans and the board and it seems quite apparent now where the real issues arose from, not you but the board. Thank you for your work and dedication and i cant blame you for leaving, wish you could have stayed and shown some of the fans that they were wrong. All the best.

  8. Citizen79 says:

    All the best Curbs, thank you for your effort, COME ON WEST HAM, get someone suitable now, onwards and upwards!

  9. RV says:

    so the bully boys get there way again,short memories considering where we were when he joined us! good luck alan! go back to charlton where you were appreciated!

  10. Alex says:

    Good luck, Alan. I’ve no doubt you gave it your all with the resources you had and that’s all you can ask for.

  11. Josh says:

    You’ve let me down Alan, I thought you had it in you to see out the boo boys and the lack of funds.

  12. bill says:

    thanks for your efforts, best of luck in what ever you choose to do next

  13. tc says:

    Don’t go! Ignore the idiots and the boo boys. They’re the fickle consumerist fans who will soon go off to support Chelsea or Man Utd.

    Carry on building.

    Good luck either way and all the best.

  14. colney says:

    alan,i have sometimes been a critic but generally been a suporter.You made mistakes,but we all did succeed in turning round a terrible season and saved us from relegation to which we will all remember and be very gratefull to you for.
    I hope you return to management very soon and good luck in the future,except on any returns to upton park of course !!!

    all the best


  15. chubby hammer says:

    I’m gutted for you alan & will be forever thankful for keeping us up & the job you did. John Lyall & Ron Greenwood will be turning in their graves at the way our club has changed … it’s a disgrace … & many of our fans need to take a big look at themselves.

  16. David Hunt says:

    Thanks Alan,

    If it was not for you we would be playing Championship football.
    To finish top 10 with the team we had was top class.

    I am just sorry for how you have been treated by the fans Club and board.

    Very sad day for Westham United

    Good luck in the future

  17. Neal Gilbert says:

    I have a similar sort of feeling to when Pardew went.

    I was not expecting you to go and feel you have been very poorly treated.

    All the best for the future and good luck!!!!!!!

  18. jimwhu says:

    great news about time

  19. Mark says:

    There is no point in trying to manage a club, where you have no say in the comings and goings of the players integral to your plans. We were lucky to get Alan Curbishley when we did, otherwise we would be languishing in the championship. People have very short memories, and he has already started the season with 2 out of three wins.
    Good luck in your future in the game, and dont worry, the way Lucas Neil is playing, he will be following you out the door soon.

  20. John Pantsil says:

    Thanks Alan!!! You did a very respectable job.

    Message to the next west ham boss.

    ‘ I want to come home ‘

  21. Helen Thompson says:

    Curbs, you deserved better and not just from the Board but us fans too. You’ll always be one of us whatever these people who masquerade for running our club think. Thanks for keeping us up and the great end to that season, and good luck.

  22. terry phuket says:

    cheers Al

    u did not deserve how you were treated by some of the backstabbers in our club, a certain mr duxbury should take a long look at himself. I know the fans will be now, good luck to you m8.
    we know you and mervyn will always be one of us!!

  23. Andrew says:


    It’s a pity that these days there’s no time for manager’s to develop a team… How would fergie fare if he was starting his career!? That said I think you should invest in a PR person as image is everything these days and the press do like extroverts…

  24. Phil says:

    Good luck for the future. There will obviously be offers coming your way and thnks for (a) Keeping us in the premiership and (b) giving us a woory free second season BUT Alan, Please Please PLEASE wherever you go next talk and listen to the players and give them the inspiration you had when you played, heart and passion. AND jump up and down on the touchline, get excited , shout and point, , the enigmatic smile and cool calm and collected look has its place, but it will help you , the supporters and the palyers if you show the deep pride you have in seeing your side play.

    Thanks for your efforts, I hope you succeed in your next job and get a warm and fair reception when you return to Upton Park in the future.

  25. graham says:

    It’s an unfortuate fact that football these days requires immediate and unlimited success. It is also true that Alan Curbishley’s tenure at West Ham has become untenable due to unrealistic ambitions of fans and a management structure that seemed determined to undermine him at every turn. I personally wish you all the very best Alan. You havent become a bad manager overnight but you have become the latest victim of the thirst for blood unless every game is won 5-0 playing scintilating football. Some of us hammers fans have short memories and on days like this I feel ashamed to wear the claret and blue. Curbishley was one of our own and has been treated like a dog. Shame on West Ham.

  26. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    i didn’t agree with a lot of your decisions alan, but i think it’s disgusting how you’ve been treated by the board and been undermined at every step. west ham appointed you at a difficult time and you did a fantastic job stabilising the club. you may not have done things in the traditional west ham way but you did the job with plenty of pride and dignity and your calibre will be virtually impossible to replace. good luck for the future, in hindsight, every fan will welcome you back to upton park and you can expect a warm welcome when you turn up with your new team because let’s face it, you won’t be out of work for long.

  27. steve d says:

    Sorry Alan us fans let you down, The board have let you down and football in general has let you down.
    money has killed the game and you are one of the last true gentleman. good luck for the future.

  28. John PRITCHARD says:

    Sadly it’s been coming – 10th last year obviously doesn’t satisfy the ignorant yob element in the crowd,those whose only reading is in the garbage press like the Sun,Mirror,Mail etc, and who have been scenting blood all along. Yes, we’d have liked some flair but how unfair when you didn’t even get to play your full team – let’s face it a few mistakes – Quashie, Boa Morte and leaving the fat Aussie tosser as captain but we all make mistakes and few of us take the flak with as much dignity as you -all the best Alan and please keep supporting West Ham United and take it that we aren’t all of the worst mentality that has been on show of late.

  29. Wez Saunders says:

    Another “West Ham man” get’s shafted by the club. Crying shame.

    Curbs – the fans may have got on your back for the way that the team were performing but ultimately you did a job for us – kept us up, finished 10th (and above Spurs!!) and have had our best start to a Premiership season for years.

    Let’s hope if you are to work in football again that you are offered the support that you so badly deserve. My advice – wait until the end of September and you might be offered the Charlton job. At least they trully loved you over there.

    Good luck in the future.

  30. louis says:

    Sorry Curbs, all the best for the future

  31. Mike says:

    Dear Mr Curbishley, I have been an ardent West Ham supporter for over 47 years fervently supporting the club through our highs and lows and always coming back for more. I remember watching you as you came through the ranks, playing for the first team and was always impressed at the talent and commitment you showed to the cause of West Ham. To use a much hackneyed phrase you are a chip off the block and someone that both I, all my West Ham friends and our many supporters count as one of our own. You need to understand that true supporters never questioned you as West Ham’s manager – not for a second – even though we sometimes used to get exasperated by some of your decisions – but invariably and as events always bore out – the decisions you held off making or the ones you did make which we all thought were wrong at the time always proved to be correct. Thats why you are held in such affection by the fans – West Ham through and through, a top manager, a top bloke and why – and you don’t need us to tell you but we will anyway – you are a legend for what you have done for our club over the last 2 seasons. We want you to know that you will always be held in the highest esteem by the fans – the heart of any football club. Please forget the miniscule minority of boo boys of the last few weeks, forget the travesty of a press that reports on our club. We wish you every success in whatever you go on and do – I am sorry and ashamed of the way you have been treated but know that you can go on to bigger and better things with your head held high. Thank you again for all you have done for West Ham.

  32. Veppe from Spain/Finland says:

    Sorry to see you go, Alan, for the mistakes made by WHUFC board. It was a right thing to do, though it should be the board who should resign! Especially thank you for the efforts that kept us in the Premier League!! All the best in the future, Alan!

  33. Paul W says:


    The silent majority have lost out again. The minority have the loudest voices and they have won. The trouble is that most of them don’t have a clue about football or management. However, I do not think this will be why you have gone. It doesn’t matter what some idiot fans say, but I guess you have been undermined by the board.

    You have done a terrific job stabilising the club over a difficult period and have delivered everything that you said you would do. I cannot see why you have been allowed to go.

    Thanks for everything that you have done for us. A true Hammer.

  34. tom lake says:

    good on yer allen,you were great to take the flak from all sides,to put up with what you did for so long required a special kind of bloke,and you are it.hope the future bring you success happiness and loyality.Having followed w.ham all my life, ifeel let down by the mob mentality of the so called fans,particuarly when we already new the management were a load of back stabbers and money only grabbers,I can only hope that who ever takes over get the real loyal support from us all. cheers allen mate have a good life .

  35. Scalyback says:

    I am very sad to see you go, but think I can appreciate why you felt it necessary given the behaviour of the current owners and their cronies. For all you have done for the club, thank you and I wish you every success in your future carrear. Please understand that as always it is the vocal minority that gets heard, but if you have been reading the numerous blogs lately you will know the the silent majority were becoming more vocal in your support.

    Once a Hammer always a Hammer.

  36. ohmygosh says:

    Alan, I know that there was a vocal minority that wanted you out, but I think that you were turning them around. I’m glad that you left as your position had been undermined by the board and that you have done the respectable thing. You can walk on with your head held high, good luck in the future.

  37. aron says:

    sorry for the crap we as fans gave you ,and the way the board has treated you ,

    good luck with your next job if you decide you want another one .

  38. Van Der Elst says:

    It’s always tough, whatever the circumstances. Best of luck for the future.

  39. JackHammer says:

    Very sorry to see Alan Curbishly go, I was there at ManU. when we beat them to stay up, that run of games was nothing short of amazing.
    I wish him the best and thank him for all his hard work,

  40. HammerRon says:

    thanks Alan!!!!!

  41. Tony Titan says:

    Curbmeister – I think its fair to say that you did the very best with the hand that you were dealt in the time you had – It seems that in the pressure of todays game you can plan, strategise, incentivise, beat nine bells, scream shout, stroke and apply every maangement technique going – but for 90 minutes your destiny is in the hands of those 11 highly paid souls on the field of play – and invariably you will be judged by the worse ones – and of course the results. Besides the rag tag squad that was left uninjured at the end of last season – its easy to forget we remained in the Premiership – I came to see the Wigan and Blacburn games this season and we looked potentially better now than the whole of last season put together – therefore I read a lot more into the motives of your departure – which I suspect is about available funds -flogging players to balance the books and the reality of the costs of doing a farewell deal with Lundberg (who gave a whole 5 minutes of inspiration – cheers Freddie – you now rank up there with Marco Boogers for me) – and I dare say that you will agree an amicable sum yourself – which is business and I have no axe to grind as I thank you for doing your best under the circs and would wish you all the very best for the future – Finally, as for the fans – You know that you will never meet any more – loyal – true – passionate – and I have to say fickle, short sighted fans than those at Upton Park who chose to condemn you to the gallows before a fair trial – which for me would have been until at least Boxing Day ! Best Wishes Alan

  42. Paul says:


    Was very pleased when you were appointed manager. I thought you were the best man for the job – and still do. Very black week for the club what with the transfer dead-line sales and now your resignation, which are no doubt related.

    Best Wishes


  43. Baggs says:

    All the best Curbs, you did us proud and will always be welcome at Upton Park. Despite the those that think you are mediocre you gave us some of the biggest wins in our modern history. We are no longer so certain of getting a thrashing at Man U and Arsenal! and for that we owe you a lot.

    Claret and Blue, Through and Through

  44. chris says:

    good luck alan maybe with that payout you can have those eye bags sorted out KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! good luck you were a good player, shame we had brooking coz IM sure you would of played more…..IIIIIIrons!!!!

  45. Russ Barrow says:

    All the best Curbs.

    Neither the club, nor the fans gave you the respect you deserved, and it sounds like your probably better off out of it.

    None of us will forget the fact that you kept us up two years ago, and that without you we would undoubtedly be playing in the Championship.

    We owe you a lot – and I fear for what lies ahead for the club.

  46. Trappisto says:

    Thanks for doing a great job in very difficult circumstances Alan. How a miracle escape from relegation, a 10th place finish, and the best start to a season for years doesn’t equate to a steady progression (and therefore the respect you deserve) is beyond me.

    Best of luck in your next position and I hope you get the welcome you’ve deserved these past few years next time you come home to Upton Park.

  47. Thucydides says:

    Though the usual suspects here and elsewhere eagerly joined the bandwagon i was always 100% behind you. You will go down in West Ham history, no, Premier League history for that magical run of games that saved West Hams top flight status, a run that will NEVER be matched by any team.

  48. Old Rag Man Reg says:

    The club/board has, once again, let us down…the fans, the manager, the players. I have no doubt that you have always given your all for the club and i am angry at the way you and i have been treated. You leave with your head held high and your morality, dignity and honour in tact, safe in the knowledge that you stood up for what you believe in. Thanks Alan, you’re an old school hammer, eastender and a fine example of a man, it’s a shame that people like you are so thin on the ground in east London these days. All the best

  49. Jason says:


    Most of us true supporters truely appreciate what you did for the club as both a player and a manager, and it’s truely a black mark against West Ham as a club for the way they have allowed events to transpire.

    We all wish you the very best on all that you go on to do.

  50. Andy Bertrand says:

    It’s a real shame. Especially as I think Curbishley had just turned a corner and would have noticed a big difference with the fans at the next match, not least because the situation in the boardroom is only now becoming a little clearer to most.
    We’ll always remember what you achieved over the last couple of seasons. From the situation you inherited to last season with a decimated squad.

    The very best of luck and all our thanks Curbs, from all real Hammers fans…

  51. citizen79 says:

    Now that the deed has been done, there seems an awful lot of so called fans on here saying it was a minority that wanted Curbs out…………. Do you people hold season tickets, or at least attend matches regularly?
    There was a massive MAJORITY of fans that have booed curbs teams – – no one sang Alan Curbishley’s claret and blue army………. It was West Hams Claret and blue army…. There was a reason for this –
    He was not the right man for the job.

    Think about it for a minute:

    George McCartney handed in a transfer request, didn’t want to play for the club any more….. What are the club officials supposed to do ? Keep a player on high wages (new deal agreed) or sell him for what money they can get, to a team who have been interested in him for months….
    Be realistic, Anton Ferdinand was no where near the finished article and was a player maybe worth £5 million… any money received near that figure would have been great business, not to mention his appalling attitude off the pitch, his blatant lying to the club and general baby Bentley antics.

    So there are two average players that the club have got rid of, if as MANY of you say, Curbs wanted to keep them both, it merely underlines the fact that he didn’t have a clue on how to manage a team and what players are any good in the first place!

    Move on, get behind the new manager and PRAY TO GOD that we play some passionate and entertaining football with the fans filling seats again and not voting with their feet as they have so far this season.

  52. Rob says:

    Very sad day indeed. Alan, you got jobbed by the West Ham Board. We lose an English manager, who’s worn our colours and bled for our club.
    (they’ll sell all our assets, get us relegated, sell the club to gangster, then piss off back to Iceland, Man city aren’t the new Leeds, we are.)
    All the best from me and my family Alan, we hold you in high regards.
    Robbie the (not so pleased) Hammer.

  53. Roy says:

    I fell you have been hard done by although we, the fans, will probably never know exactly what happened. My guess is that you were not allowed to do your job as you understood it and this seems another example of boardroom involving themselves in football matters. Good luck in the future.

  54. Paul B says:

    I feel sad. He understands West Ham. He was a supporter and a player and understood the tradition that makes West Ham great. I was happy when he got the job and I think he has done a good job in stabalising the club. It has taken a while to get over our relegation and we needed some stability and re astablish ourselves in the top flight. I think he provided that stability. I think this is madness and I’m sorry to see Alan go and I know that my bruv will feel the same. West Ham always stood by the managers and they have not this time.

  55. Thanks Alan… You did alright mate – Top 10 finish last season, best start in nine years for the current one. However when decisions are being made behind your back and your arse is on the line, you did the right thing. Good luck

  56. Alan – just one last wish – PLEASE write your autobiography quick so we get to know what really went on (or maybe get another position first… )
    Thanks for the great ecape mate!

  57. Rapidhammer says:

    Thank you, Alan, for the “great escape”, the top ten finish last season and the good start into the new season (3 victories out of 4 games!). I’m sorry you were forced out of the job and weren’t able to manage the Hammers in a “normal season”. I’m sure you would have been successfull again this season! Good luck for the future, best wishes from Austria!

  58. lastword says:

    West Ham legend for saving us from relegation. I can imagine Lucas Neill running to the Mail with his sordid little version of events helped make your mind up that it just wasn’t worth the effort.

  59. simon dicanio says:

    all the best for the future Alan . i think the board will be lucky if your replacement does as well as you did whoever it may be.

  60. Gavin says:

    Curbs, you are a good man who has done a good job – a miraculous escape, a decent top-ten finish last season despite a woeful injury list, and the best start for donkey’s years this season. I am disgusted by the way you have been forced to leave. Silly press comments about Bilic being the “fans’ darling” are well wide of the mark – the vast majority of supporters wanted you to stay and are shocked by what has happened at the club. You have always been West Ham through and through and that job should have been a joy; in the current dark days of football, though, it is not worth the agg.

  61. Andrew Breslin says:

    Chin up!!!7 games to go! west ham doomed to relegation! YOU saved us from a ruin!! YOU got ur aim of top 10 last season! and YOU would have got us into europe this season!! Thanks for many great memories! im really angry at the board for this! and ill make a point of making it heard! not many replacements that are better than you!if any!! thanks again! Good luck

  62. Joe says:

    Hard luck Alan, I was in full support of you. Many west ham fans with their heads screwed on will not forget your miraculous avoidance of relegation, your consolidatory season which was much needed and the fact that you gave us the best league start in nine years. You are the great unsung hero of upton park (like zamora) and now you have left, west ham fans should reflect on what you have achieved, this was hugely significant in the clubs future.

    All the Best


  63. Rory says:

    Been a hammer all my life- 30 years- and can remember the days when we kept faith with a manager despite the terrible regime of the old chairman.

    This is a sad day when a manager who masterminds the best end to a season in years (if not ever) resulting in us staying a premiership club, goes on to consolidate and finish 10th- above spurs, then start our best start in 9 years 2 wins out of 3- still miles above spurs!

    You are a true gent, and I am very impressed with the way you have conducted yourself despite, I feel, you being forced to leave, and having seen some of your interview on Sky Sports clearly this is more evident.

    I wish you every success in the future and hope that I can be as respected by my peers and fans as you are.

    Curbs you are a legend who deserves a lot more from your so called family than you got…

    Well done for standing up to them though!

    All the best for the future and if I ever run into you I will buy you a drink for helping me believe in West Ham only for the board to crush it again (How many times will this happen in my life?!)- I will remain a hammer and hope that you will too.

    Come on you Irons!!

  64. martin keech says:

    you had an impossible task when you first came in but kept us up ,without the full credit you deserved.Then last year West Ham must have had the worst injury crisis in premier league history,still we managed 10th.Your treatment in the press and by the board has been a disgrace.You have been dignified from start to finish.I for one am gutted that you have gone and so are many more.Good luck for the future.

  65. Upton Spark says:

    We will never forget you after meeting you last year. You are an absolute gent and we wish you well for the future. Thanks Alan
    Jeff and Matt C

  66. Oskar Butcher says:

    Thanks alan you did good for us. Led us through the greatest escape, and its a shame that you’ve gotta go, whatevers happened. You’re a top man.
    Good Luck


  67. HAMMEREDCALV says:


  68. Graybo says:

    Thoroughly decent chap let down by the club and so-called fans inside the stadium.

    I stopped attending matches because the atmosphere inside the ground changed so much that it became unrecognisable from when I first started going.

    Unrealistic expectations and a total lack of trust and respect. Everything West Ham stood for has been swallowed up.

    People whose affections turn so rapidly really frustrate me.

    When people talking about our club’s fans being ‘the best’ I just find it so hard to take.

    I know a lot of people on this forum do not reflect that and I appreciate that.

    Basically, all the best Curbs.

  69. HAMMEREDCALV says:


  70. Thanks Mr Curbishley

    You saved our club from relegation. You gave us stability at a time when our beloved club was in turmoil. You’ve been in charge during West Ham’s best ever start to a Premiership season. You conducted your business affairs with dignity and decorum whilst enduring undeserved flack.

    Given the time and support that the likes of Alex Ferguson and David Moyes were you’d have delivered the club’s ambitions – I’m certain of it.

    The sensible amongst us know that you need the right players on the pitch to be enterprising. Those players in the squad have been unavailable to you over long periods and I know that you made the very best of an unfortunate situation.

    Things aint what they used to be – sadly this includes many West Ham fans. With unrealistic expectations they scream “Sack the Manager,” the moment things start to go wrong and think that regular European football can be delivered overnight. Maybe this is why fortunes are “Always Hiding.” Only by sticking to the plan can our club progress. Instead we employ speedboat turns all the time that leave us constantly firefighting.

    Understand that we know that claret and blue blood runs through your veins. You wanted nothing more than success for YOUR club and were let down in delivering this to us.

    So it’s back to the hire and fire days of Terry Brown.

    May the road rise up to meet you – I wish you all the success you deserve. It would make me very happy for you to prove your doubters wrong and go on to fantastic achievements.

    Cheers – Best of Luck.

    Kind Regards

    Gavin Thurston.

  71. Darren says:

    thanks for your hard work over the last two year alan! i will be first to admit i didnt like the style of play of the team but when u employee monkeys u get peanuts so u done the best u culd given the quality of players.

    I like the board are just as to blame for this decision, good luck in ur future jobs curbs no doubt ur a good manager just didnt get the chance to prove it.

  72. Izumi says:

    Curbs, it’s very sorry to see you go.
    You kept the club in the top flight when it seemed a mission impossible.
    For this alone, I say “thank you very much” with alll my heart.
    I still remember watching your first game v Manchester Utd, which gave me a glimmer of hope in the dark, and something to cheer about before Christmas.

    And I believe you never should have been treated in this way. It’s very sorry and sad.
    Thank you very much once again, and all the best, Alan.


  73. brooking still the best says:

    Sorry to see you go, I dont know if you will ever read this but you have my respect and those of the true fans! You are a West Ham man through and through, I fear a dying breed nowadays! Sir I salute you!

    The board has stitched yet another West Ham man up, why do they have to treat their own so shabberly!

  74. Kev says:

    Thanks Alan for all you have done for the club and on behalf of genuine supporters we wish you success where ever you go.

  75. jim cullen says:

    good luck and instant success is the nane of the game.given time you would have made us great.your a west ham man and i am sorry for the way you have been treated.all the best. jim.

  76. lotf says:

    Alan, thank you for your hard work at my club. Like many fans, i am absolutely appalled with the way you have been treated in the press, by the board, and by a small group of fans. I only went to a handful of games at UP last season but the only boos i ever uttered were directed towards El Haj Diouf!

    I hope that in years to come you will be given the recognition you deserve. Best of luck for the future and don’t be a stranger!

  77. David says:

    It’s true what they say Curbs – nice guys never win. You are part of a great West Ham tradition which died when the Ice Age came. I’m sorry the way it turned out for you after the great job you did keeping us up against all the odds. I’m even more sorry that this great club of ours has been dragged down to the same general level as all the money obsessed Premier clubs. Best of luck!

  78. Matt says:

    You are proper West Ham Curbs and the true fans know this! Thanks for all you have done for the club I’m just sorry you couldn’t finish the job, the way you have been treated by the board and sections of the crowd is out of order. Whatever you do next in your career, and life, all the best. COYI!!

  79. barking phil says:

    Alan, Booby Moore both gentlemen to the end (nuff said)

  80. Russ says:

    Curbs, I will never forget the feeling I had when we beat Man United at Old Trafford and we stayed up. That feeling was down to you and the miracle you worked in keeping us up. For that, I will always remember you fondly and wish you every success for the future. As a decent man you deserved better than you got from a club we all care about. Now we worry for the future and what this board has in store for us. You deserve better treatment and I admire the stance you have taken, even if it must have been the hardest decision to walk away. All the best Curbs and thanks for everything.

  81. claire says:

    The Board didn’t thank you publicly, but hope you can see all the people on here who appreciate what you did. 10th last season was a dream.
    All the very best for your future.

  82. NunheadHammer says:

    Cheers Alan for bringing so much to the Boleyn Ground. I am appalled by the way you have been treated. I wish you every success in the future.

  83. Vince says:

    Alan, it’s just not right! The way the Board treat our manager’s is bang out of order. Staying up last season was a miracle that came about with your appointment. All the very best to you in whatever walk of life you choose. Thank you

  84. Trevor Jones says:

    Thanks Alan, Not always understood your decisions but you have done so well for my beloved Hammers, you are a Hammer and a gentleman probably not compatable in management these days , Thanks & Good Luck

  85. Clive Dyer says:

    Best of luck Alan and thanks for all you did for the club. I am sad that you are no longer our manager because I see you as one of football’s good guys. The dignfifed way in which you have dealt with the situation you were in says it all.
    Thanks again

  86. Mikey says:

    Alan’s dignity in his interview with Sky shames the club and their antiseptic message they posted on the whufc site.
    Alan I will never forget what you did in keeping us up and I truly believe you would have been a success given time and support. It’s a sad day for the club but you will always have a special place in this hammers heart. Your a gentleman.
    Good luck in whatever you do in the future.

  87. eleeNYC says:

    Saw you on the elevator in Columbus OH. Thank you for saying hello. I was speechless. But it also
    hit me as i saw you in person that it takes a tough person to have to deal with all the media speculation. I understand you had to make a decision. Thanks for keeping us up.

    Best of luck.

  88. E1 says:

    CURBS ! this club, it’s board ,it’s players and some so called suppoters should hold their heads in shame, you have been treated badly and given very little support and certaintly NOT enough time. YOU picked us up out of the gutter YOU gave us hope last season even with all the injuries, YOU have given us our best start in a season for years, so on behalf of the true hammers and life long supporters I THANK YOU and wish you well and I wait for the day you prove them all wrong.

  89. Alan,

    Very disappointed that you’ve had to leave West Ham. Your record over the last 20 months was excellent and I was proud that West Ham had such a decent and local Englishman at the helm.
    Please be aware that the overwhelming majority at Upton Park were behind you.
    Make sure you continue in Football and I wish you every success for the future.

  90. SwedieP says:

    I am gutted to see how they treated Alan!!
    Keeping us up two years ago, and grabbing 10th spot with over half the team out with injurys…..

    All the best in the future, you deserve it!!

  91. Doc H Ball says:

    Mr Curbishley,

    I feel deeply ashamed at my own club today. I have follwed them home and away for many years and there has been a gradual change in the past 10 years or so which make it a less happy experience. Perhaps it’s society wanting a fast buck and instant gratification, perhaps it’s a football thing with greedy owners and new fickle supporters but, whatever it is, you are from a different era and you are better off for it.

    A few of my mates say they know you well. Some went to school with you, one used to cut your hair and others have enjoyed a round of golf with you. All of them speak of you in the highest terms. I don’t know you, but it’s obvious from what I have seen that you are a decent bloke who tried his best for West Ham. For that I thank you and wish you peace and happiness in whatever you do.

  92. Yngve from Norway says:

    Dear Alan, I’m sorry to see you go. I am a fairly new Hammers-fan, I first started following WH during the relegation battle, and was very thrilled with that run-in. Since then, you kind of are a symbol for me of West Ham. I am sorry to see you go because I think you have done a tremendous job managing WH, and that it has been an uphill battle for you all the way. I have supported you all the way, and I wish you all the best for the future. God speed.

  93. Gary P says:


    Sorry it had to end this way.

    You are a good manager but by all accounts there were to many prima donnas in the dressing room.

    Good luck with what ever you do in the future.

  94. Maureen says:

    I had season ticket when you first played for the club, you were always an honest, committed player, and nothing has changed. I didn’t always agree with your decisions as manager, but know that you know much more than I do, and repeatedly after I had called my choice out to the TV, your “awful” decision changed the game round.
    You have achieved everything asked of you, and I know we would have improved again this year when you had the squad you wanted, I can’t believe they sold players out from under you. The job had become untenable.
    I now live in the states and today I am glad I don’t have a season ticket. The management have treated you shamefully, and you are right to walk away, but you will be missed greatly.
    I was wondering how to let you know that the real long term fans are still behind you, but now it is too late.
    You couldn’t hear the silent approval only the boo-ing few, Curbs, wherever you go they will be lucky to have you, I will follow your career with interest,
    Cheers mate

  95. The Headmaster says:

    Alan – the irony is that you leave at just the point when the majority of your critics, myself included, have just realised what a potential jewel you are!
    Over recent days the internet blogs as well as forums like Talksport and OLAS are testimony to the fact that there was a growing realisation that the target for the fans’ disenchantment – such as it is – needed to be the board and not our manager.
    There were even starting to be calls for a round of ‘alan curbishley’s claret n blue army at the next home game’. Most of us, I detect, had decided that despite criticising your sometimes dour nature, negative tactics, transfer dealings and substitutions you had shown us glimpses of a more cavalier approach including picking some of the youngsters and a more gung-ho approach to win a game (eg vs Blackburn).
    You have always conducted yourself with dignity – never more so than when you demonstrate your integrity by resigning your post on a point of principle.
    I feel a sense of sadness that it will now never be possible for the fans to form a proper relationship with you as their manager although I suspect that, ironically, the next time you return to UP as a visiting manager with another team, your welcome will be very warm indeed.

  96. Dave G says:

    Thank you Alan for all you have done for us, I will be sorry to see you go. But I am behind you 100% in your decision to leave. I think we are left with a very poor board and we will end up with a poor manager.
    I have been going to West Ham 50years now and it saddens me to see the way our board acts.
    I wish you all the best in the future and I know you will do well at your next club.

  97. HammerMalta says:

    Dear Alan though from Malta i know who you are , you are a gentleman in a class which few can achive.It`s hard to believe what has happened after a 4-1 win.Instead of thanking you for what you `ve done at WH please can you `re think about your desition.If that `s impossible thank you from the deepest of my heart for all you`ve done all over the years for West Ham United.

  98. Dagenham Hammer says:

    Thanks Alan. Not your biggest fan but I think you are West Ham through and through and did everything in the best interests of the club. Unfortunately we cannot say the same for your penny pinching former employers, they will never be West Ham fans and are in it for the money. I hope they pack their bags soon… in the meantime… up the the Hammers!

  99. Swearry Thierry says:

    I’ve been a hammers supporter since ’65 and, through thick and (mainly) thin, proud of it
    But not today. Recent events at the club are yet further proof that the world is now run by accountants and paper pushers. You were right to tell them where to stick their job.

    You did great work in difficult circumstances and I thought, slowly but surely, it was coming together. It will be interesting to see how long your successor lasts. With the current board and chief executive, and without shedloads of cash to improve the squad, I think the manager’s position at Upton Park will become the the same poisoned chalice we see at Newcastle.

    All the best and thanks for keeping us in the prem. And don’t stay away from football management. It hurts me to say this but there are plenty of better-run clubs than West Ham at the moment.

  100. Frank Rotterdam says:

    Mr. Curbishley,
    You are decent man and it’s an absolute disgrace the way you were treated by this board. Allthough I am one of those who not always agreed with your decisions I think you did a fine job. With keeping us up and far away from the relegation battle, last year. Playing Man United will probably never be the same without you. I wish you and your relatives all the best. Please know that it’s a sad day for the majority of the West Ham fans. All the best and good luck.

  101. Dazza says:

    Hi Alan

    Thanks for every thing you did for the club, I’m sad to see you go, sorry for the way you have been treated, good luck with your future!

    Cant wait to see you back at upton park some day.

  102. MOORO says:

    Thanks for everything you’ve done for the club and its supporters during your time as manager Curbs.
    I feel you’ve been let down and treated without the respect you deserve. I’ve been a supporter for over 35 years and at this moment in time I’m left scratching my head and wondering what on earth is going on at the club I LOVE.

    The overiding memory you leave me with is that joyous day in the rain at Old Trafford.

    Thanks Curbs, you were appreciated

  103. Chris Ufton says:

    Thank you, Curbs, for steadily taking us forward – safety, 10th, best start in a decade. You couldn’t play the attractive football you wanted because the flair players you bought (some inherited) were injured during the majority of your time. You played a style that those you had left could deliver. While the boo boys /curbs out brigade are not responsible for the impossible position you found yourself in, they certainly contributed to it. Players get affected by negative vibes and that would have partly led to both their unhelpful comments and the board losing confidence in you. Shame on that unfair and ungrateful, but loud, minority of fans; shame on Neil and Upson; shame on both Dux & BG. Maybe you’re not charismatic, but you’re REAL West Ham, thru and thru, unlike that lot. Good luck, mate. You deserved MUCH better.

  104. claire says:

    I had to post again, having watched your Sky interview. Your dignity in going was so impressive. Me and all around me in the Lower Bobby Moore might have disagreed with you from time to time – that goes with the territory of the manager:fan relationship – but we never joined the boo boys. Shame on the board and those who surely briefed against you, be they players, Press or WHU staff.
    Thanks for all you did as player and manager.
    And thanks to Iain for giving us this opportunity to express our feelings.

  105. Salesh says:

    Thanks Curbs, keeping us up 2 seasons ago. Good luck for the future.

  106. mike from Hornchurch says:

    Thanks for doing your best mate. Difficult times I’m afraid, but you will go down in West Ham history for what you did season before last – you managed a miracle in keeping us up!

    All the very best of luck for the future.

  107. USHammer says:

    Cheers Alan. We will never forget that you helped save this club from relegation and have been a faithful servant. Even though you are no longer manager you are still a West Ham lad and one of us. Thanks.

  108. Perth hammer says:

    All the best Curbs.Some of the things that have gone on are easily blamed on you,but if people are realistic,they will realise that you were on a hiding to nothing.West Ham has changed.You are part of West Ham’s history .

  109. Kim says:

    Thank you Alan for everything and sorry that what should have been a dream job for a life long hammers fan turned into a nightmare. Good luck in whatever your next role is and I am proud that you acted with integrity – shame the Board can’t!

  110. Kaya says:

    Thanks Alan! Your heart was in the right place, and you did what you could to keep us well away from the drop last season. It’s a shame you didn’t get to put out a full strength team as then the board could have really judged what you are all about as a manager.

    Thanks also for the great escape. You are the man!



  111. kiwihammer says:

    Its a very sad day Curbs. All the way from NZ so not a part of the day to day emotion, i believe your results speak for themselves and i cannot understand how anyone connected with West Ham could not believe you have done an excellent job.
    I am torn, i love the club but hate the way you have been treated. I can only offer you all the best for your future.

  112. Brian Sains says:

    Good luck Alan in the future what ever you do. You have put a lot into football, and have allways been gracious. Just chill out and be a pundit !! No pressure, easy money too !!

  113. Tony says:

    Only one word for you Alan: RESPECT!

  114. Hammerhead says:

    I remember a statement by EM when they sacked Pardew that there was a cancer at the club and it had to be eliminated. Looks like the cancer is still there in the form of our owner/board. Not surprised you decided to walk away, the way you have been treated is absolutely shocking. Would have liked to see what you could have done with a full strength team, unfortunatly we will now never know. Good luck for the future Curbs.

  115. matta says:

    Good luck Alan, the incredibly hard decision you made deserves all the respect in the world. Have just watched your interview on Sky and you raise some excellent points and so obvious how much you love the fans and the club even when some of us have let you down.

    All the best for the future, football needs you back soon.


  116. Plaistow54 says:

    Hello Alan, I am another Forest Gate born boy, well, not a boy any more. The last few days i have watched with growing concern at what has been happening at our club. You made the only decision really that could be made. I would have regretfully made the same decision. You were placed in a position that was to say the least, untenable. I do not agree with what they did. Anyway, its over now, but i feel inside as if something is missing. You did just fine for us. I will always have great memories of you. Carry that commitment into your next job, i will have a soft spot for whomever you are managing. I will be watching. Ah well, hello goodbye really. One could write a song about that. The moving finger, having written, moves on. Good luck matey.

  117. Andy B says:

    Hi Alan,

    I havce been a Hammers Fan for 35 years now and I would like to Thank You for the great job you did in keeping us in the Premiership the seasons before last and for finishing a very respectable 10th Place last season, despite a terrible injury list! I think your tenure at West Ham was very successful and I am disappointed taht the Board chose to go behind your back on transfers. I did not always agree with some of your team selections but I thought you were the best man for the Job. I respected the fact that you were a Hammers fan and an ex-West Ham player, which for me made you one of us!

    Best of luck with your future career and I hope you remain a Hammers fan. Despite my disgust at the the Board acted (it seems to be the way football is going at present!), unfortunately once a Hammer always a Hammer! Cheers Curbs!

  118. WHU Kim says:

    Sorry it didn’t work out Alan, I remember you as a youth player in the South East Counties games and am sad the club and section of fans treated you the way they did. You deserved better and the people behind the decision are not West Ham like you are. I wish you and Merv well.

  119. simon R says:

    Curbs thanks for every thing you did the board let you down and the fans who abused you obviously dont remember Glenn Roeder. there be sorry when where in the fizzy pop league ! best of luck curbs

  120. Hammered in Singapore says:

    Like you I am sure. I thought this was going to be a season where West Ham would finally break through. Key players coming back … you know the story. Llunberg’s dismissal came out of the blue, ditto Zamora’s transfer, both never felt right. Then for some strange reason the press made you the Manager that would fall first. Conspiracy! Your loss is another teams gain. I have always managed to see the Hammers 4-5 times a year when back on various business trips, I cannot honestly say I have the same hunger after this. Perhaps an over reaction but it seems West Ham a club I have been a supporter of for 40 something years has lost its integrity, something I value. Thanks for keeping us in the Premiership, for a decent season last year and not being afraid to give younsters like Sears, Hines, Reid, Noble a go -the Academy is the future I hope the new owners don’t screw with that as they have with you.

  121. There used to be a popular phrase that’s become outmoded. That phrase is “A great servant of the Club.” You were exactly that Mr Curbishley and in stark contrast to the SELF SERVING majority of players and entire board of directors to boot.

    Well done for standing up to the bullying tactics of the current board. When will we be rid of all the Bankers in charge of our beloved West Ham?

  122. Big Al says:

    Curbs, didn’t always agree with stuff you did but that is one of the joys of football to know better, but I think on balance you did a good job with what you had so thanks for the premiership football and the great escape.

    If it is any comfort there is always a silent majority that don’t get heard at football matches not all of us thought that you was doing a bad job and I personally admire your stand on this issue

    Good Luck I reckon the Geordies would be mugs not to offer you a job without Dennis Wise

  123. Big Al says:

    Perhaps we fans who appreciate a decent man and a west ham supporter should finally give it the alan curbishley claret & blue army at the next game for three reasons to show our contempt for the board and the majority of the anti west ham press but most of all to say thanks and good luck to Alan for the 4-1 Blackburn and the victories over Man Utd, Liverpool Arsenal etc…

  124. Mike Hammer says:

    thank you Alan.
    I have a lot of respect for you and I hope you will remain a West Ham man
    good luck

  125. John Punshon says:

    ALAN – You stand for all that is best in the West Ham tradition. I remember your debut and I very much enjoyed what I always saw as your commanding presence on the field. I am terribly frightened you will be the last of the line. Good luck. JOHN

  126. tel kettle says:

    Alan. I have followed west Ham since 1963. I have seen many a bad time (and bad team) in that time. But i have never felt like I had no connection with the club I loved. until now. I actually believed we had finally found a top football manager who didn’t rely on soundbites and bull to make himself look good, but just had a long term realistic goal of moving us forward as a football team. Style is so more important than substance to so many of our fans these days tho, it appears. I felt we have taken forever to recover from getting rid of Harry (not doing too bad at Pompey, is he?), and having finally appointed a true West Ham man, and having got rid of Terence Brown, thought we had learned our lessons. How wrong could I be? Your enforced honourable resignation is a disgrace to West Ham, and reinforces my belief that the Premiership is a blight on english football. Money counts, and nothing else. Good luck to you Alan, and thanks for your work. Cut tragically short, I believe. Your treatment has convinced me that this West Ham, of inflated ticket prices, shirt monopolies, and egocentric undertalented millionaires with no loyalty, and a Boardroom full of accountants and crooks, bears no relation to the club I fell in love with so many years ago. I am ashamed of what this club has become. What the f*ck must Mooro, John Lyall, Ron Greenwood and all think of the club they blessed?

  127. Tony says:

    Alan, I sincerely apologise for our (the fans) part in your untimely departure. Even those of us that think you were the right manager to take us forward (the majority) must shoulder some of that for not shouting down the minority of your dertractors. For surely, if the board had seen more vocal support for you from us, they would have given more support and trust to you. Good luck!

  128. Thanks Alan for keeping us up in 2006/7 and despite appalling injuries we were 10th last year (above Spurs) and we have just won three out of four games and scored six home league goals ….yet by their actions the board have forced you out.

    Best wishes Alan. You did not deserve to be treated like this.

    I personally feel very unhappy about the way our game has become the plaything of billionaires. There is an alternative model of community owned clubs which is not just something for small teams – it is after all what Barcelona is – but sadly it now seems that in ultra capitalist Britain there is no regulation or controls, and rich people or those with access to huge sums of borrowed money can buy and sell clubs at whim and that players can now be sold without the agreement or even knowledge of the manager.

    You have shown your personal integrity and I wish you all the best for the future

  129. Keith R says:

    I remain saddened at the shabby treatment that you have received, Mr Curbs’. May God continue to bless you with the integrity and many fine attributes to do what both your heart and head dictate.

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