Poll Result: New Manager

550 people of you have voted this afternoon – an incredible number in such a short time. The per centages have barely changed since the first 50 votes…

Who is your number 1 choice to succeed Alan Curbishley?

Slaven Bilic 52%
Harry Redknapp 18%
Roberto Mancini 10%
Frank Rijkard 9%
Stuart Pearce 6%

All the others got 2% or less. Day, Nani and Keen got no votes at all.

Which of the following managers would you find an acceptable replacement for Alan Curbishley?

Slaven Bilic 77%
Harry Redknapp 62%
Frank Rijkard 51%
Roberto Mancini 42%
Claudio Ranieri 38%
Stuart Pearce 35%
Alan Pardew 19%
Terry Venables 14%

All the others were below 10%. Allardyce was bottom with 7%.


54 Responses to Poll Result: New Manager

  1. shoreditchhammer says:

    but you won’t let us vote for di canio.

  2. lotf says:

    what manager would want to manage our club now? we obviously have no money, and the board have proved that not only do they not respect the wishes of the manager by making transfer decisions behind his back, but they have demonstrated their ‘hire and fire’ mentality.

    Bilic is a man of his word. He won’t leave Croatia for West Ham or anyone else. He wouldn’t leave WH owhen he was playing here out of loyalty to us. Do people seriously think he’s lost his morals now he’s a manager? Bilic will NOT be the next West Ham manager.

  3. Gutted Hammer says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but “are this board anymore ambitious than Terry Brown”

  4. ..and Di Canio !? says:

    ..you seem to have forgotten a very passionate Italian

  5. I was leaving a comment but found that It couldn’t be said any better than “lotf” already did so -ditto…

  6. hammertreadwell says:

    I’ve looked at the poll results and i can’t beleive my eyes. Like Loft has said Bilic wont come to us unless we part with major cash anyway but how the hell does anyone come before Harry??? Surely he’s got to be everyones first choice?!…..mind you i say this but obviously Harry wouldn’t lower himself, the reason he left is because he got screwd by the last board of directors, why would he join a club run by another bunch of money grabbing wasters who know nothing about football? Please please please don’t inflict Alardyce on us thats all i’ll say. We want to see some exciting attacking football…….give me a manager with those ethics!

  7. Pete says:

    Come on the only man to take us forward is our Harry, with the claret and blue blooded Paolo !!!!!

  8. pjd says:

    must admit i was not a fan of curbishley BUT the way he has been treated is a disgrace.firstly by the gutterpress but more importantly by the board.whoever comes in must wonder if he or the board will pick who comes and goes.bilic would be a good choice,redknapp you must be joking.as for paolo,it would be some ride but i think i would rather remember him as the great player than the great player who got the sack as manager

  9. PC says:

    Just read a few quotes from Curbs about why he left and they make worryng reading.

    He opposed the McCartney sale but he was still sold anyway and he was told last Sunday that if he wanted to take some players in on loan that he’d have sell someone first.

    Doesn’t reek of ambition from the board does it?

    Why are we so skint? Where has the money gone? I thought that the new owners wrote off our debts as part of the purchase and since then we’ve also cut the squad numbers and therefore the players salaries, we’ve not developed the stadium or the training ground (yet) and our net transfer outgoings since the new board took over are less than £15m.

    Am I totally wrong with the above assessment? If so, can anyone shed any light???

  10. hammertreadwell says:

    spot on PC

  11. Bedd Gelert says:

    What about David O’Leary ?

    Or is he heading ‘Tyneside’ ? 😉

  12. steve says:

    cmon bilic wont come 2 this mess and harry has got it 2 good at pompey. the new owners are in it 4 the money look what we have bought and sold they must of made money so far. same old board different names. think we need owners like man city or we are looking like the old days again. get them out now b4 its 2 late.

  13. Doc H Ball says:

    How sad is all of this? Whatever else, Curbs is clearly a decent man of principle with a great 16 year record as a manager and yet we treat him like shit. Just who the hell do the board think they are? None of them are football me, least of all the perpetual liar Duxbury. I would much rather they resigned than Curbs.

    As for the future, as others have posted, who in their right mind would want the job under this regime? If they’re willing to sell the only left back at a club and yet demand a top 8 finish, then the only person suitable is Spiderman. They (and perhaps us as well) live in the fantasy land that Premier League football has become.

    Sometimes, when being a Hammer inevitably tests your patience, I sit back and think what would someone like Bobby Moore do? What would all those fans who followed the club in the 60’s think? Well one thing’s for sure, they would all feel disgust today and I do too. This is not why I support this club, in fact far from it….

  14. Cliff Hammer says:

    In the true spirit of dreams fading and dying, I’m fully expecting to be presented with Kevin Bond as next West Ham manager!

  15. Hammer says:

    This is my first post this season as i have been worried about the goings on at our club but i feel this is a sad day that has looked on the cards for some while now. I feel sorry for Curbs. I felt that he did his best and i have backed him for the majority (a bit of a wobble after the 3 big thumpings in a row) but the way he has been treated by the board and by a number of our supporters has been well out of order. I think Curbs. would of carried on giving us stability, ok he probably would not have given us the super football we all desire but i honestly think that is a ways off in truth, as you only get that with stability and quality players, both of which we do not and have not had for a very long time. I think Curbs. was put in an impossible situation considering the words of the board when they took over and the way they have acted since, some things seem to never change at our beloved club. Although i do not agree with what has happened i hope that the board have someone (of quality) already lined up. If they don’t i can see the wheels really falling off. The players are obviously very unhappy and unsettled and if the next manager is not brought in quickly and is not of REAL quality and backbone the loss of the quality players we do have and the backlash from the terraces is going to be another chapter in our recent history of grasping disaster from clasp of the promise of a new bright dawn. Here’s hoping for a silver lining.
    Fortunes always hiding. COYI.

  16. paul says:

    its got to be the crazy exciting mad man of italy di canio

    what a wild time it would be at upton park with him around the fans would be crazy for him and the players would find him the modern cloughie,unpredictable exciting and leaving you hanging on his every arrogant word-heaven!!

    the players couldnt argue with him he would pick himself!

  17. VendeePete says:

    All the way through this Curbs assasination season I’ve tried not to be negative, but what did he have to do to keep his job – win the league by 10 points?

    Who will realistically be any better that will consider us now?

    Forget Harry. He’s not such a mug. Didn’t he leave for more or less the same reasons as Curbs? Besides, I guess it would involve some kind of compensation to Pompey. That’s not cheap (Sorry Cost Effective in Icelandic Banker Speak.) That probably means we will recruit someone from the out of work failed manager merry-go-round prepared to cow-tow to the board in order to get a job. Hope I’m wrong.

  18. Doc H Ball says:

    Further to my last posting, I have just read the official statement on W Ham’s site which has made my blood boil even hotter. A period of ‘consolidation’, ’40m net in transfers’?? No wonder Landbanski are said to be in trouble, they can’t even count…

  19. fred19hki says:

    paulo di canio!!! i think we all want him!
    at least he’s the one to trust being a true and loyal hammer fan

  20. E1 says:

    Iain, Who are you
    1) thinking we will get
    2) Hoping we will get
    and 3) are you really interested in Bilic or Di canio ?

  21. hammertreadwell says:

    I adore Di canio but i don’t think the players would take him seriously. You need someone of authority to handle the likes of Bellamy. Gimme someone of expirience and that shows strangth then i’ll be happy………probs is, we aint going to get that kind of manager willing to lead a club where it’s obvious the owner/director wears the trousers.

  22. StainesWestHam says:

    Roberto Mancini is a good bet. Nani has worked with him in the past I think. It will definitely be a foreigner, and hopefully whoever it is can attract better players to come to West Ham. Bilic I think will go for it. As for Curbs, after the Ljungberg thing he had to go. 80K a week for Ljungberg on a 5 year contract – I bet he doesn’t talk about that in any of his post leaving interviews. Also he never inspired the players or media – even his loyal dog would probably walk off with boredom.

  23. appyhammer says:

    Well the fickle few got there way. I feel sorry for curbs as things just go for him. When we had money he recommended players just like most mangers and then the board decided how etc to pay. Then we had our best start and players starting to come back the board undermine him. At least with brown you had an idea where you stood but with Nani coming in has just caused mor mayhem. It has to be Bilic or another seasoned manger with a west ham background . Di canio would be no good as you need manargial experience or you might aswell have dicanio & dicks as the dream ticket!!ho ho

  24. steve says:

    back again looking at our late late loan singings i think we have picked another load of crap 4 the season. that forward is another had been moaning in 4 the money twat. would like a friend of the man citys new owners 2 buy the club with money no object. think its the only way 2 go now.

  25. brooking still the best says:

    Oh dear, another sad day in the history of our club.

    Whats going on? I thought these new owners wanted to make us a top six team. I don’t know if Curbs was the right man or not, I was all for giving him this season to see. No-one will ever know now, even if he had stayed we wouldn’t know ,the way the board has acted! He was not given a chance.

    They quote that the club is on a much sounder footing, what without a manager?
    They have demonstrated that every player has a price, so who’s next to leave?
    What role will a new manager have, a glorified 1st team coach without any real management involvement?

    I dont expect to get any answers from the club, just some cryptic statements on how well the club in now being run. They could have fooled me because from a fans point of view, and i guess everyones, it looks a bit of a shamble right now!

    Maybe this is just a hic-cup in their all secret five year plan. Let’s not kid ourselves, the players sold was not world class, we have kept all the best players. we have not sold our worse either but i guess nobody wanted those. The two new players might prove to be better then Linda and Zamora. So it might have all been for the best.

    Keep the faith as hard as that is! C.O.Y.I

  26. Doc H Ball says:

    brooking still the best – well said sir! You made me feel a mite better….

  27. djclipz says:

    Alardyce no, Alardyce no, Alardyce no. If he even come in contention i will go crazy!!!
    I like the idea of di canio because he is a legend, but his lack of experience really rule him out!! Im sad to see curbs leave the way he has but now he has we must only look forward to a manager capable of taking us to the next level, someone who can attract and control the big players and maybe put neill in his place if tht argument story is meant to be true.

  28. PC says:

    Well said Brooking, I hope you’re right about our new signings.

    A statement from Di Michele’s previous chairman at Torino hardly provides a glowing reference of a committed professional…


    But hey the youtube vid shows that he certainly has the ability so COYI!!!

  29. antifa says:

    The day a rabid, mussolini loving, fascist saluting ape takes charge of West Ham is the day i never return to Upton Park. Is the fool even interested in being a coach? if he is i would have thought his fascist broithers at lazio would be more where his hearts at.

  30. redkipper says:

    Harry will not come; he only works when in charge of the purse strings and choses the players, he’s also happy by the seaside.
    Mancini must be the best bet as he’ll do what he’s told.
    It’s the end of managers as we know them, just coaches with no feeling for the club or the fans.
    Eggy’s going was a clear signal of a clear out by a harded headed board.
    Clearly the board has been planning to get rid of Curbs for some time but why not do it before the season starts, not a very profesional manner. I can see a poor season ahead.
    Getting rid of Curbs was one thing but the low manner they choose gets to me as Curbs was always straight and did his best – Good Luck to him.

  31. JMan says:

    Taking us to the next level, that isn’t going to happen even if that manager was Alex Ferguson unless the Board are prepared to really invest in the squad and support the manager by giving him 3 years at least to produce. This is a black day for west ham, a decent man, lifelong hammer has been shafted by a bunch of unscrupulous betraying back stabbing liars. BG out!!

  32. The Headmaster says:

    Given the track record of this board, who appear to favour signings that derive from the continent that none of us have ever heard of before (Nani / Di Michele / Bajner / Llunga) we’ll probably appoint the manager of a hardware store in Paermo who once went to a game of football but can consider himself an expert because he has a name like Paldini or similar.

  33. aussihammer says:

    Point of issue, Duxbury claimed on radio that we could invest lungbergs salary on a replacement, we then went on to sell Ferdinand, logic sais that would mean we could get at least two players. Why then on Sunday did he claim that we needed to sell to get another player on loan, we have absolutley unless to undermine Curbs and do a deal he already knew about, we have no money, where is the SKy money going this season???, Berahmi cost 1 Million not 6million, therefore Curbs could see the lies and deceipt, what ever his thoughts at least he had the ourage to stand by his beliefs and walk away from 40grand a week, how many of us would do that. Who with this record is going to come in, not Bilic, I dont want Rednap, he would need too much money, Alardyce??, did a great job at Bolton, I fear however that we will end up with some muppet Italian. Why not given Keen a chance, also as he is free I can see the Board doing this. Get this Board out!!!!

  34. jon.london colney says:

    sky sports web says west ham next manager allerdyce in a poll. who the hell is voting on that one ??????

  35. Zvezda says:

    In Croatia at the moment and I can report that Bilic is going nowhere except to hand England a footballinng lesson.

    It’s gotta be Di Canio !!!

  36. jon.london colney says:

    what a man with no managerial experience in a premiership team? di canio needs to work his way up or be a no2 he or anyone would fail at it with little or no experience.

  37. lastword says:

    He doesn’t even want to go into management. What is this Di Canio nonsense? Where did it come from? When did our support turn into a bunch of know nothings about football? Right i’ll say it slowly for those of you whose needs are a bit ”special”.

    Y o u n e e d a c o a c h i n g b a d g e t o m a n a g e a c l u b. T h e m a n i c I t a l i a n d o e s n ‘ t h a v e o n e, b e c a u s e h e h a s n o i n t e n t i o n o f b e i n g a c o a c h!

    Have you got that, now stop with your pathetic wet dream which the majority of us do not share.

  38. afcam says:

    Got to be Mancini , they guys got credentials , knows how to win and can manage players with difficult personalities and lets face it we have a few.

    Forget Harry , he would demand money for geriatric has beens
    Bilic wont leave his current job , he has integrity
    Alardyce , Never , we want to appreciate a skillful midfield , not one that watches 30mph scud missiles launched by the defense flying overhead

    And by the way Di Canio has his coaching badge

  39. Roy says:

    If the board are consistent they will not pay for a top manager. They obviously don’t think they need one anyway as it would appear they believe they run the footballing side as well as the financial side of the club. So any old ‘erbert will do. My bet is that we get an Icelandic manager who nobody will have heard of. And, thinking about it, that’s not too bad because it would mean it wasn’t Allardyce or O’Leary.

  40. perth hammer says:

    Why not get Joorborchian! just read his wisdom on the BBc website! what does he know about anything other than screwing with our club.Go back to which ever dump you came from and give your views elsewhere.West ham will get it right,without tossers like that.

  41. aaron says:

    Lastword……….. Paolo HAS got his coaching badges.
    He sat through them last year.
    So get your facts right mate!!!!!!

  42. PC says:

    Yep, Paolo defintely has his coaching badges now so he could certainly manage us if the board wanted him. Not that I think he’s the right answer, he’s way too unpredictable and unstable to allow him to make important decisions in the heat of the moment! Anyone remember him not wanting to play anymore and against Bradford (I think) because decisions weren’t going his way??? I know he’s bit older and possibly wiser now but it wasn’t that long ago.

    That said, he might have value as a coach or assistant manager if we get an Italian manager. He could perform a Gus Poyet type role e.g. part motivational, part liguistics/translation and part technical (there aren’t many better than him on that score!).

  43. Roy says:

    Having already posted my initial views I have been having another think about who should be the new gaffer and have come to the conclusion that this debate is worthless. This is because, as the lunatics appear to have taken over the asylum, the decision will be made by lunatics and will therefore it will be a lunatic decision. This makes it impossible to second guess what they will do although I still think we may get a bloke from Iceland – probably that spotty faced oik on the bacon counter.

  44. Lee Lorenzo says:

    Has no one mentioned Big Sam Alladyce… he is a great manager and would do a fantastic job for the Irons… anyone agree…

  45. Matt says:

    Lee, in a word no. His teams always excelled in playing a brand of boring, physical, long ball football. You saw how quickly people got on Curb’s back when his team didn’t play the way West Ham ‘should’ play. We need a manager who can handle big names, something Sam hasn’t been able to achieve either. With the likes of Di Michele, Bellemy, Dyer, Faubert we have the players to play a technical game, we need a technical mind to lead it, Manchini with a dollop of Di Canio would be my choice.

  46. afcam says:

    Big Sam! , you must be a spuds supporter

    MANCINI (Pedigree) and PDC as assistant / student

  47. hixxy says:

    More words of support for Di Canio can be found here: http://www.drypool.net/cgi-bin/system.pl?id=isdgb

  48. ohmygosh says:

    My thoughts on PDC…

    1) He DOES have badges.
    2) He can be manager and complete all badge as both Incey and Southgate are doing.
    3) You need to start somewhere, why not us IF he has a plan. The board won’t appoint him on reputation, he’ll need to talk the talk too in an interview.
    4) I wouldn’t want him as coach/assistant at WHUFC…. How many assistants have ever stepped up to great success?
    5) Provided all of the above is met… My God, if anyone would galvanise West Ham, it would be PDC. When Keegan joined Newcastle, I wondered who would be our ‘messiah’ and the only person that I can think of, is PDC.

  49. Paulo DiCanio – If you’re listening or reading any of these comments – PLEASE don’t take the job. You’re a legend at Upton Park. I’d like to remember you as the Mercurial genius on the field and not the guy who left under a cloud (Last Manager that didn’t was Ron Greenwood).

    I think it would be wise to learn your trade as a Coach or Manager at a lower level then progress as you develop the required skills. You can’t come in to a hotseat (or should I say Poisoned Challice) like the West Ham job without any previous Managerial experience.

    Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise – They’re being completely unrealistic.

    Let us all remember you for being one of the legendary number 10’s at our club.



  50. Hack says:

    And what exactly has the messiah keegan achieved in management? All newcastle proves is that just because the fans worship you doesn’t mean your a managerial success. How full exactly is newcastles trophy room? Another example of why di canio should be avoided at any cost.

  51. Nelly says:

    McCartney didn’t hand in transfer request, the lying tossers. Send your e-mails to


  52. E1 says:

    Nani should go ,then whoever the the new manager is should pick someone he is happy to work closley with ,THE MANAGER HAS TO BE THE MOST IMPORTANT.If we must have this system, I still think more scouts would be money well spent look at Arsenal.

  53. ..against the owners that is.

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