Poll: Who Should Succeed Curbishley?

I’ve created a two question poll on who should be the next West Ham manager. The first questions asks for your first choice and the second question asks which you would be content with.

Vote HERE.


85 Responses to Poll: Who Should Succeed Curbishley?

  1. bryan says:


  2. Herbie the Hammer says:


  3. chubby hammer says:

    Di Canio or Bilic for me … I bet we end up with Paul Jewell or some knob like that … The boo-boys have a lot to answer for

  4. chubby hammer says:

    BILIC has said no … until 2010

  5. Lms says:

    di canio

    any one else would be a disaster

  6. Steve says:

    Does it matter? Whoever it is, they wont have any money to spend in January!

  7. alan c says:

    anyone would be mad to take this position they sell players you want to keep or maybe that was just to get me to resign could make sense of why i saw nani talking to harry redknapp tho

  8. Mike says:

    Allardyce – What have they done? Are Hammers fans going completely bonkers? Either Harry (who won’t come) Billic or Ranieri (who is settled in Italy I think) Noone else…so it must be Billic

  9. Van Der Elst says:

    Herbie – Are you serious about Allardyce?

  10. Perth Hammer says:

    Mickey Mouse for a (currently) Mickey Mouse club.

  11. richard says:

    1. Trevor Brooking
    2. Slavin Bilic

  12. Van Der Elst says:

    PS – Bilic or Harry would do it. Could Sir Trevor stand in for a while?

  13. Geoff says:

    It dosent matter who the manager is, if the board wont let him manage then its a waste of time, i am not a particular favorite of Curbs, but it is disgusting the way hes has been manipulated by the board, i have every respect for him and good luck for the future.

  14. Jamie says:

    Paulo Dicanio

    Is the ony choice…..

  15. Alan says:

    It is difficult to manage a club like West Ham when you have no experience, Slaven Bilic has not managed at club level. That said it depends on how the club are going to move forward. If Nani is going to do all the buying/selling and Duxbury negotiates the contracts then Bilic could get on with coaching the squad, this may work. Whoever gets the job I feel that there are a couple of things that need to happen from day one. First we must start playing the style of attractive football that we all crave. Second regardless of whether or not the new manager is who you would personally have chosen get behind him and the team, our support or lack of it will be pivotal.

  16. tom lake says:

    if david moyes is the next manager out grab him quick

  17. The Unforgiven says:

    Would have wanted Bilic but what about Keegan!!!

  18. Elmo says:

    Think we need to move forward and find a new avenue. If Redknapp comes back will fat Frank Jr follow?

  19. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    bilic has said no and arry won’t be bothered what with the commute from the south coast, he has his grand kids nearby and portsmouth are doing better than us lately. chances are, nani will be asked to take over at least for the time being but maybe until the end of the season and beyong if he does well. i suppose it would mean more kids getting a chance as he’d want to showcase his signings for the future.

  20. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    how about asking lucas neil to be player manager as he seems to have his own ideas, wonder if he’d pick himself though.

  21. The Unforgiven says:

    Or Harry……………

  22. jonny says:

    Vlad the Impaler would be a good choice – someone with some fighting spirit.

  23. Wez Saunders says:

    Bilic has to be number one choice and despite press reports suggesting that he has “dismissed” the role, I think if you read it what he is saying is that right now he is committed to Croatia until 2010 and cannot comment on the speculation. Maybe he would take a dual role.

    The other option for me would be Nani’s friend, Roberto Mancini. Did a great job at Inter.

    Harry wouldn’t take it, I wouldn’t mind Pearce but question if that’s a sideways step considering Curbs’ success and although Di Canio would be entertaining, I don’t think that’s realistic.

    If Allardyce or Keegan get it, then I will not watch another game until they have gone.

  24. Tony Grimes says:

    super slav & di canio as coach

  25. He looks alright. says:

    I think Billic will be first choice but his lack of experience maaging a club side is worrying.

    Maybe Frank Rijkaard or Deschamps, both have good records and a good knowledge of europe so should be able to attract some good players.

    Anyone but Sam Allardyce!!

  26. Paul B says:

    Bilic, Redknapp

  27. billy says:

    Theres only one man we should get and thats redknapp best manager wve had should never of left anyway.bring bk harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. ohmygosh says:

    What!! Where is Paolo Di Canio? He get’s my vote.

  29. Big Casino says:

    Whoever we employ it should someone who has NO CONNECTION with the club – this should be the dawn of a new era.

    we need someone to come in and really stamp their authority on the team, make us a more professional club, straighten us out and lay down the law……. and if our players are professional enough and want to improve and want to be winners, they won’t turn against this, they will embrace it and become more disciplined……. I think people like Bellamy, Parker and Upson, who have been at big clubs, already have this kind of attitude and that want and desire to be winners, but we need it across the board……

    I don’t think that means comprising the team spirit or the mood in the camp, it just means being professional, more disciplined and having a desire to achieve….

    look at the big clubs, like Man Utd and yourselves…. they’re successful and they have a good spirit… and that comes through sheer hard work and a respect for a coach who will work the b*llocks off them in order to achieve greatness……….

    and after that Churchillian speech all that is left to say is….. COME ON YOU IRONS!!!

  30. jimwhu says:

    if we cant get a good coach straight away give it to kevin keen on a caretaker basis and bide our time and maybe in amonth or so we might get bilic my choice wiuld be brooking but he dont want it maybe vennables on a short term contract he would bring good coaches with him

  31. JackHammer says:

    Who ever it is would want to have a good start!
    I think we’ll struggle to attract a good man on such short notice.
    Put Sir Trev ( assuming he has anything to do with mgt. anymore ) in a holding role again.
    Ian Dowie might be worth considering……….

  32. Surely not says:

    Barack Obhammer ?


    A WILLIAM HILL customer has staked £10 at odds of 10,000/1 (potential winnings: £100,000) that US Presidential candidate Barack Obama will become the next manager of West Ham – reportedly Obama’s favourite Premier League soccer (for the benefit of Americans) team.

  33. chris says:

    Cant believe people want bilic thats just laughable!!!! whats he ever done apart from beat a dodgy England defence!!! Harrys the only one who could do anything,maybe a joint effort with di canio,,,maybe

  34. supernumbersix says:

    Bilic will only come if Croatia get knocked out of the world cup. Keegan no thanks, Allardyce ?hahahahahahaha ! ‘Arry? please not again. Who else is there? They won’t give it to Mervyn Day and Sir Trev won’t want it.

    No, it will be Nani. He will take over temporarily and he will get it full time later when they realise they can’t get their man (proably Bilic).
    I was not a big fan of Curbishley but was happy to put up with him for another season, to hopefully show us what he can do with a fully fit squad. Not to be. Treated disgracefully by the board. Unless they get it right, prepare for an exodus at xmas and arough ride until then.

  35. Thucydides says:

    Paul Ince. He’s a winner end of.

  36. Mac says:

    Charlie Cairoli

  37. On the short term we might end up with a Roederesqe solution, with Day or Keene at the helm, but so be it. But here the Roeder-like situation must end! What must not happen is that such a solution is made permanent and a stand in manager is set to manage the decline of the club.
    So, if the club after some days of “mourning” presents a new manager from the outside with a decent track record, we know that this was a plot set up by the board.
    If the club announces a internal solution, witch I suspect, let’s keep our fingers crossed for some good news in December!

  38. ash says:

    just read the board offered ashton to tottenham and bellamy to man city on the last day of the transfer window, shows their intent dont you think. on that basis curbs had no choice then to leave. as for a successor personally does it matter? anyone who comes in will have half a team in jan might as well let a monkey do the job so yeah give it to neill. am not a happy hammer at the mo. good luck to you curbs, and good luck to west ham we really need it.

  39. notahappyhamer says:

    brooking 33-1 to b next managa ne1 fink thats worth a bet?

  40. Dave King says:

    My first choice would have been Fatih Terim myself, a proven league manager with a pedigree. Why everyone wants Bilic is beyond me. No league management credentials at all, no pedigree. All very well picking the cream of a (very talented) country. Totally different ball game making do within a budget. No, bring Fatih in with someone West Ham orientated as a two. Dicksie or DiCanio maybe.

  41. jon.london colney says:

    yep i new it,thucydides is a nutter.

    ian ,time for a banning order dont you think?

    di canio doesnt have any experience in management so hes a no no.Harry is getting on a bit now and very settled on the south coast.hes 2 years off retirement ish !
    billic is the obviouse choice however he DID NOT rule himself out at all.READ IT again.

    anyone mentioning keegan,allerdyce,moyes need there heads resetting.your kidding yeah?

  42. Roy says:

    Heath Robinson, Charlie Chaplin, Mickey Mouse, Coco the Clown. Any one of those will do as the new manager has just got to turn up and pick a side from the players the board have decided he can have. Piece of cake really.

  43. Paul Morfey says:

    What about Sven!! is he working? Don’t think we will attract a top manager /coach so my guess is Nani (goat). Would like Martin Oneal, but not going to happen.

  44. Roshi says:

    Trevor Brooking to steady the ship and Billy Bonds to sort out the trouble makers. Can you imagine Neill having a go at Bill…ha..ha

  45. lastword says:

    Forget the idea of anyone ”connected” to west ham, it never works. Sentimentality is for losers. Roberto Mancini is the only viable option.

  46. Roshi says:

    Just had a call from someone in Fleet St who say’s the clever money is going on Glenn Hoddle!

  47. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    Slaven Bilic

  48. steve says:

    BG should get on his knees and beg AC to come back!!!! AC beats relegation, finishes 10th the season after. The following season the man has no transfer funds and a bunch of fickle fans on his back. Who in their right mind would want to manage the hammers??

  49. HAMMEREDCALV says:

    not sure who it will be, would like to see “ARRY” back,only to keep the West Ham style and traditions, my cocern is that we will bring in an Italian or some1 not in the west ham fold and we lose our roots as such, i thought Curbs was great for us,however he is not the right man to take us to the next level, the board want to invest more money but needs a manager with a lot of experience and a big name that will encorouge players to come to west ham. Mancini would be an excellent appiontment if we choose to go in that direction, BROOKING TO SAFE HANDS ROLE PLEASE UNTIL APP MADE !

  50. Holland Hammer says:

    Glenn Roeder it has to be an excellent manager glory times will return to west ham YES!

  51. lastword says:

    Whats with you old men? keep it in the west ham tradition? wtf is that? the west ham tradition is relegation then 2 years later promotion then a few years later back down again etc etc. so going by your logic old timers, ian dowie used to play for us so give him the job yeah? leroy rosenior he played for us, he managed a few lower league teams, yep he’ll do. how about that girl down the road that used to jiggle her booty for the hammerettes at half time i’m sure she’ll jump at the chance to be the leagues first female boss. ridiculous. the west ham way has bought us a handful of fa cup trophies and not much else in over a hundred years, time to move on i think and NEVER appoint an ex west ham player ever again as manager.

  52. Lee Macca says:

    As long as it isnt Dowie i think we’l be alright

  53. Lee says:

    I’ve always belived (hoped) that Iain Dowie would turn into a good manager. I think there’s something of the Martin O’Neill about him – that is intelligent thoughtful. Problem is a lot of what he’s about is learning and experimenting…

    He’s won 4 from 5 in this stint at QPR.

    But as others have said it’s a bit irrelevant if the board wants to sell every player from under any manager..


  54. lastword says:

    Ooooooops!! I may have tempted fate with that last post. Looks like we’re getting Dowie!!

  55. The Unforgiven says:

    Hey not all us ‘Old menm’ want to stick to tradition – let try and get the best man for the Job rather than a go between or some who has played for us ……….

  56. The Unforgiven says:

    Dowie nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  57. lastword says:

    Ian Dowies claret and blue army!!! it even scans. We’re doomed.

  58. Gary S says:

    Put your money on Mancini, see link


  59. lastword says:

    I put my money on Mancini hours ago. But i wouldn’t put any on that link its as broke as Dyers leg.

  60. Matt says:

    In a statement released via the League Managers’ Association he said: “I started my West Ham United career when I left school in 1974 and have remained a lifelong fan.

    “I have been incredibly proud to manage such a great club and my decision to resign has been very tough.

    “The selection of players is critical to the job of the manager and I had an agreement with the club that I alone would determine the composition of the squad.

    “However, the club continued to make significant player decisions without involving me. In the end such a breach of trust and confidence meant that I had no option but to leave.

    “Nevertheless, I wish the club and the players every success in the future.”

  61. Graybo says:

    Allerdyce…. no, no, NO… please NO, thrice, NO, again… I say, NO.

    Mancini? Henry or Terry?

  62. Oskar Butcher says:

    Billic/Di Canio

  63. Rory (WHTID) says:

    Moving forwards we need someone experienced who can manage with passion.

    Mancini? Good record with Inter (hasn’t he just committed to another contract?) good choice
    Di Canio- would be great for the fans I love the guy and would welcome him but no management experience would worry me.
    Dowie- No thanks
    Bilic- another good choice I feel- done very well for Croatia…
    Redknapp- did really well for us last time (let down by the board- sound familiar?)another good choice…

    Oh I don’t know…
    I’d take Bilic, Mancini, Redknapp or Di Canio… but we’ll probably get someone awful….

    Heads up (who am I trying to convince here?? myself maybe?!!) maybe the board will surprise us all….!


  64. e1 says:

    Short memories Bilac left us for, I quote, a bigger club and he has done nothing as a manager outside of his own country and has more than a few decent players to choose from. Redknapp with Pearce, venables a great tactition and motivator again with pearce.
    Why The F**k would we want Di canio.Lets see if Sir Trev can convince Keegan to join his teams play the way we would like see given the funds he would attract the players. Bottom line lets stick to tradtion and go british !!!!!!!!!!

  65. Kev says:

    Di Canio may shout, scream, wave his arms about a lot and show a lot of passion but that`s not a recipe for succsess and certainly won`t win many games. He may have been a brilliant player but has no coaching experience … not what we need in the cold light of day.

  66. Martin of Surbiton says:

    Someone suggested Keegan – not likely since he is having similar trouble with his board (wish I hadn’t taken the p*** out of my barcode-supporting colleague now). Trouble is, any manager with the strength of character required to do the job is not going to put up with a board preared to do what they did to Curbs, so that rules out the likes of O’Neill.

    Cannot think of anyone else possible who has not already been mentioned, so here’s some who will definitely not be taking the poisoned chalice, so feel free to spread the rumour: Nelly Warnock, Alan Shearer, Chewing Gum Ferguson, Arsenal Whinger,…

    So, I’m going for Ólafur Jóhannesson.

  67. brooking still the best says:

    Billic if not Di Canio. Anyone else would be a sham

  68. confused hammer says:

    i think there will be loads of names flying around, like paul ince, martin jol, harry redknapp, gary johnson, steve mclaren, slavan bilic but if we want someone west ham through and through get dicksy and di canio pride and flair to make a double act, overlooked by someone like trevor brooking.

  69. chris says:

    Harry’s a good club manager,seems to find good players maybe 2 many sometimes,brooking di canio or brooking keegan,that would attract players!!!!!!!

  70. chris says:

    you just get that felling it will be bilic though,hope not hes done nothing,or maybe hes got good contacts east side .,,,HEADACHE!!!!!!!!!

  71. e1 says:

    NOT di Canio Not Bilic Not Ince we need a proven manager NOT Just an ex Hero Wake up lads this is our future you are talking about with the exception of 4 we have always had a reasonable manager and watched decsent football. If we must have ex players then why not any of these brooking bonds mad dog pearce redknapp lampard snr they are all better than di canio or bilic. others keegan venables bruce moyes F**k me any body has got to be better than Di canio.

  72. mac says:

    It’s completely irrelevant until the board let the manager dictate who comes and goes. What manager would ever agree to anything less?

    Or has this has all been a huge ruse to flush Curbs out and they do have someone waiting in the wings?

    Very hard to second guess who the board would be lining up, but feel they’ll definitely veer towards a foreign coach. Any ex-Hammer and the like will be far too parochial for them. However, can they afford a top foreigner?

  73. E1 says:

    who ever we get most of you will be moaning about them if they don’t get instant succsess and i can’t beleive anyone who has been supporting WHU for more than 5 minutes would even consider Bilic or Di canio. I call to all real long term supporters to stand up a be counted. We need a quality manager NOT A NAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. huuricane says:

    i have been WHU addict since i was turning up at school in short trousers back in the very early sixties. it has always been a roller coster ride supporting a club who have provided us with brilliant flair sides that could destroy difficult opponents one Saturday then unexplicably slip up and not perform the next against teams we should easily have seen off .
    In all that time , with a few notable cup exceptions and a couple of really good league finishes , we have not been able to become more consistant and really establish ourselves into getting regular access to european football of one sort or another. i thought that’s what Alan’s appointment was all about. It was, and still should be ” a work in progress “. Rome was not built in a day’
    It kills me when we get relegated , with all the asset stripping that goes with that situation. We could now easily be at risk again i’m afraid, and yet we were close to getting together a half decent side. Accepting the poor way club boards up and down the country are behaving towards managers and supporters in general i often wish our own supporters could be a little more supportive and patient with what’s on the pitch in front of them . Once we had the reputation for being some of the most knowledgable footy fans in the land but now the image is getting rather tarnished with all the press led moronic rubbish we get around , let’s say Paul Ince, as just one example. Let’s face it , Micheal Carrick and Frank jnr have both suffered badly at the hands of a section of our own supporters’s whilst still at the club !
    What would have been said about the late great Bobby Moore if Ron Greenwood had not blocked his dream move to Brian Clough’s Derby County in ’71/’72.
    i still want to see the Cantwell , Musgrove and Allison dream for winning , stylish football , laid out in pepper pots and salt cellar’s on a table in some Barking cafe with steamed up windows , to come to fruition one day but is it do’able in todays modern game ? .
    i just hope who ever we get in to manage the side will appreciate what the Hammers are really all about.

  75. Dagenham Hammer says:

    Gutted what has happened today but not suprised. I’m not a fan of AC, there were many, many times last season when I he made me want to scream with his tactics and bizarre substitutions but I thought he should be given time. West Ham used to be a special club, we didn’t sack our managers. Now we’re just like the rest. It deeply saddens me.

    In terms of the new manager:

    1. Redknapp
    2. Bilic

    He simply has to have a solid West Ham connection…

    I think the board can feel grateful for the international break, AC may not have been popular, but the majority can see that the penny pinchers from Iceland have shafted some who I have no doubt is West Ham through and through… a game at Upton Park this Saturday with no new man in place could have turned ugly…

  76. Dave Hall says:

    Believe it will be Mancini. He’s a friend of Nani, he’s out of work, and the owner has recuperated a lot of money. I think they already know who the next guy is, but they are not going to just come out and say it right now are they, regardless of their lining up candidates quotes.

  77. The Unforgiven says:

    Just heard on Talksport that Strachan is also in the running with Keane taking his job

  78. The Unforgiven says:

    E1 I do agree that we need a quality manager and I know Bilic has only proved himself on the International front but he is still my Fav. – for your info I have only supported WHU for 38 years!!!!

  79. West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Kevin Keegan could be looking for a job soon, at least we’d play attacking football then !

  80. E1 says:

    unforgiven, as a supporter of 38 years I note and respect your comments I am now in my 41st season and stil feel that a more experienced manager would at the present time make more sense ie Terry Venables Harry Redknapp with a no 2 of less experirnce to be groomed to take over much the way it used to be in west ham and do you feel the need for adirector of football I think the money would be better spent on part time scouts around the world. We in english football are trying to mend somthing that really is not broke it’s change for change sake still what do we know.

  81. Graybo says:

    Someone’s touting Joan Collins… we must be desperate to sell season tix ;o)

  82. The Unforgiven says:

    E1 – A Director of Football is a joke, a way of saying we don’t really trust the Manager!!!

  83. The Unforgiven says:

    ‘West Ham dream ticket is Mancini as Manager, Di Canio as Assistant and Nani as Sporting Director – Hey its the Italian Job!!!!

  84. The Unforgiven says:

    or Donadoni instead of Mancini

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