Should Neill Have Curbed His Anger?

The Independent reports a clash between Lucas Neill and Alan Curbishley after the Blackburn game in which the West Ham captain urged his manager to show more leadership and told him the team had kept him in a job.

It is understood that, in front of the West Ham team, Neill told Curbishley that the players had “kept you in a job” and that the manager himself needed to do more to lead the team.

The clash came despite the second victory of the season for the West Ham manager and was with one of his more vocal, if not popular, first-team players. With a squad full of difficult personalities to manage, feelings were running high in the immediate aftermath of the game when Curbishley was told by Neill that he needed to “inspire” his players. West Ham had snatched two goals in injury time to make the scoreline look lot more comfortable than the match had been.

There was a stand-off between Neill and Curbishley, although it is not expected that the player will be disciplined for his outburst. When he spoke to the press after the Blackburn match, Curbishley admitted that it was “a bit lively in the dressing-room afterwards because we [were] a little frustrated” at letting Blackburn get “back into it”. According to sources that was an understatement, with Matthew Upson and Craig Bellamy also involved in an angry exchange.

Read the full article HERE. Angry exchanges in dressing rooms are nothing new,  but this adds fuel to the Mail rumours that Curbishley is looking for an exit. If he feels he has lost the dressing room, he may feel it is his only option, especially with the way he feels the Board has treated him.

Apropo of nothing, KUMB is reporting that West Ham rejected a £10 million bid from Spurs for Carlton Cole, saying they value him at £12 million. That surely has to be a windup.


27 Responses to Should Neill Have Curbed His Anger?

  1. Biffo the bear says:

    £12 million a wind up? They paid 16 for Bent!!!
    Anyway, how do these stories get in the papers? If they are to be believed there must be someone who’s in the dressing room after the game who goes straight to the papers and blabs. Who does this person believe they are helping by washing the clubs dirty laundry in public?

    If it was happening in my dressing room and I found out who it was they’d be having dinner through a tube. I think it’s disgusting that anyone would report a dressing room row to the press. Whoever it is should be ashamed of themselves.

    I did notice that Rob Green gave Skippy a word or two on the pitch at one point, all good I reckon, nothing wrong with a heated exchange. There were holes in the performance and the scoreline did flatter us and I think it’s a good thing that they can all ‘have it out’ in the dressing room. The sooner the grass is outed the better though.

  2. Biffo the bear says:

    I’ve upped my offer for LBM to £7.50 as long as West Ham still pay his wages

  3. bazza says:

    to show some leadership he can first rip neill of the captains arm band. i for one have never seen the point in appointing the aussie. apparently from other internet sources and reports it is said that the rest of the players are happy to have him as captain, and don’t believe there is any-one better. according to this report, that’s b****cks. curbs, i like you but your job will only get harder. unless you can gain full control of the players then i think your time is up.

  4. UpperEast says:

    I think Neill has got some neck! As captain he is as responsible for keeping the players motivated on the pitch, which he is sh*t at doing, especially come the second half. His pace is embarressing to watch and he gives possession away far too much. Curbs is keeping Neill in a job. Give the armband to someone else and put Neill on the bench.

  5. Oskar Butcher says:

    firstly i think it is not great of the ‘captain’ to do this in the dressimng room. he should have taken curbs aside and not made such a fuss about it. We are not in the dressing room so to be honest we will probably never know what curbs is like back there. If curbs got tyhe sack my ideal next manager is Slavan Billic the croatia manager but i think he has a contract until 2010 with croatia

  6. Rob says:

    Lucas Neil is SH%T! ‘orrible skipper, ‘orrible right back, even if this story is rubbish, Neil is a hack. Give the armband to Parker, or Upson. Why couldn’t it be Neil’s missus that hated London?

  7. aussihammer says:

    Regards Cole, I am sure it was an error on fax, 1.0M offered and we wanted 1.2million.

    Reference the arguement, I am a manager of a sales team and believe that everything is always best out in the open, I don’t like polotics, secret chats and back stabbing as problems never get resolved that way. Hats of to Neil in feeling comfortable enough to voice concerns and after a win which demosntrates to me that they do care and are aware of misgivings. Perhaps in future however he will temper this in light of the young and inexperienced side we have in teh dressing room, time and place and all that.

    Curbs is oviously being stabbed in teh back by the Board and you wonder how they, the press, got this tit bit but I am happy it is out in the open. if players do not feel inspired they will not perform and if Curbs is not aware they are not inspired he wont change anything to inspire them. I am hoping that the enourmous amount of Public bad press we have attracted over the last 18months will bring the squad closer together as a unit, almost the underdogs mentality.
    We have to learn to start loking at positives rather than negatives, the injuries seem to be coming to an end, we have in Tomkins, Sears, Hines some real talented youth with every opportunity of making the step up, players playing out of position are beginging to demonstrate their ability to work as a team and we, I hope, have got rid of the Bentley Brigade. Give Green his pay rise with the money we saved on transfers and lets look forward.
    Lets try and make a week of only positive web blogs to counteract the gutter press.

  8. Jess Lawrence says:

    If Neill did have a go at Curbishley then it is cowardly and another example of unnecessary yobbish behaviour. Why didn’t he talk to him alone as captain and voice the feelings of the team. My advice to Curbs is to go, held head high and accept that you are a victim of the politics and infighting which has hit Wesr Ham. Perhaps Neill should be berated for his below par performances.

  9. e1 says:

    Neil should if he felt he had somthing to say have done it in private ,however I did’nt see him do much to save his own job I would rather see him go than curbs and if it is true he should be dropped.
    As for cole at the moment he is worth his weight in gold, surley Iain your not saying we should have sold him as well, the offer came in very late and we would’nt have had time for a replacment.

  10. I’d say Neill is showing obvious signs of frustration with his own performance, certainly as a player and possibly as a captain.
    We’ve all seen it thousands of times – a goalie and a fullback, both misplaced, yelling at each other for causing the goal.
    This is no different.

  11. Will says:

    This is all dressing room stuff that goes on week in week up in every club just that it only ever gets reported when a manager or team are on the wrong side of the gutter press as we are now and they are looking for everything and anything. and this doesn’t have to be a grass in the dressing room there are litteraly loads of people walking in and around the dressing room areas in the back ground and a heated debate in a dressing room is going to be heard outside.

    Neil is slow, Neil is not the best we have at the cklub to be captain but the players seem to accept it and listen to him so he must have something to inspire, but what I will say about him is that he reads a game fairly well and the ball he laid up there for Bellers which no one has mentioned yet was a piece of vision worthy of mention.

    Lets get behind them all and give us and the players a lift, transfer window has shut so there is no point harping on about that and in the end we did get in 2 fairly decent players from the you tube clips etc I have seen (although that doesn’t mean much) .

    We need things to calm down and get another win under our belts and move on, we as a fan base love attractive football but what makes league winners is grinding out results when you are playing badly and this is the thing the Mancs have and if we can win 4 – 1 and barely be the better side then I am not to concerned right now.

  12. GeeDoubleu says:

    I expect Curbs was having a pop at Lucus and criticising his mistakes during the post game analysis and I reckon Lucas just lashed out with something spitful. Its probably all forgotted about now.

  13. John says:

    Perhaps if Neil worried more about his fitness, and improving his game, and less about management of the team there wouldn’t be so many goals developing from his side of the field.
    Lets face it playing for a club like West Ham, in front of supporter’s like us, and for the wages they get, should be all the inspiration the players need to do their very best every game of the season.

  14. chris says:

    LIKE I ALWAYS SAY NEIL IS S–T!!!! carthorse,and is gunna look even slower when llunga plays his oppisite.Now you’ve got an excuse curbs drop him!!!

  15. Mark says:

    Lucas Neil should keep his big trap shut, as he was possibly the worst player on show
    against Blackburn, he is probably the worst defender I have ever seen at West Ham.
    He is certainly no Thomas Repka. I would strip him of the captaincy, and give it to someone with a bit of class. (Matthew Upson)

  16. JMan says:

    Fine thing coming from one of our underperforming players. In public the captain must back his manager, in private they can have their discussions and thrash out the issues at hand. I am a Director and have over 500 people I am responsible for through a team of Managers, if any one of them berated me in public they would never work in the industry again, it is not something that would be accepted. Neil should concentrate on his leadership ability and his performances which are currently not good enough. The only one coming through this cesspit of crap with any dignity and integrity is AC. Bilic, I wouldn’t let him wipe my backside, not good enough a character for West Ham, never liked him as a player for us and would not want him as a manager. Give AC the proper resources and he will succeed.

  17. Paul Anderson says:

    I had reservations about Curbishley’s appointment at the outset, having been an occasional watcher of Charlton. Their football was so insipid, and their cup record lamentable. Like others I had also noted their sharp drop in form once they reached the 40 point mark. Additionally, even at Charlton his transfer record was somewhat dubious – I think Darren Bent was his one notable success.

    What amazed me when he took over at West Ham was that, initially he changed nothing, putting out the same team against Man United., and retaining Reo Coker as captain despite the fact that he was playing badly, was clearly sulking, and this appeared to be rubbing off on his teamates. Then what does he do, he hands the captaincy to one of our worst players. What sort of message does this send out to the team?

    It simpossible to know with certainty, but many suggest that Curbishly has little contact with the players and its hard to imagine him inspiring them, that’s for sure. What he does seem to have done is to organise the team, and he has improved defedning at set pieces. Unfortunately its open play where we seem to struggle – and in particularly against anyone who can run with the ball – either out wide or through the middle.

    I do not understand why Lucas Neil is in the team, particularly at full back – he is so slow its embarrassing. His fitness is also suspect, although he looks a little trimmer this season. Aston is another who seems to lack both pace and stamina. You can, to a degree except one or the, but you don’t really expecta professional footballer to lack both attributes.

    With regard to the alleged row. I guess this goes on all the time. You would expect it to.

    However Curbushley isn’t noted for burying the hatchet as Paul Konchesky will confirm. He might tolerate poor performances but I don’t think he will accept this. I expect one if not both to leave sooner rather than later.

  18. brooking still the best says:

    I first read this story from the Mail last night, as the Mail has done nothing but try to stirr up trouble and has had nothing good to say about the Hammers for as long as I remember, I can not believe it.

    Curbishley, Neil may have had words, Curbs maybe considering his position but as far as todays stories go, dont believe a word, the press are trying to cause trouble.

    This season just may just turn out to be a good one, something it seems the media are hellbent on trying to dis-rail. Hasn’t our club been through it enough in recent months.

    Other clubs around about now would either get torn apart or close ranks, I would rather we close ranks and become a tight nit outfit determined to prove them all wrong. What do you think?

  19. Alan says:

    I used to teach leadership in the armed forces. Lucas Neill has leadership responsibilities as club captain. One very important attribute of any leader is loyalty, that is not to suggest that you must always agree with your superior. however you must be seen to support them. To undermine the manager in the dressing room whilst wound up is not the way to conduct yourself. Lucas Neill must surely have access to the manager during the week. A constructive meeting on Monday morning after a couple of nights to consider his points would have been better way of getting his opinion across. This would also ensure there were no ugly scenes in the dressing room avoiding the danger of polarizing opinion. Then there would be no story for the gutter press, giving them the opportunity to yet again drag the name of OUR club through the mud. I actually agree that the manager should be inspiring the team but so should the captain.

  20. lastword says:

    West Ham United home dressing room. 4:50pm.

    Curbishley: ”Lucas, you were at fault a couple of times out there today, try and remain focussed ok?’
    Neill: ”F*** you, we saved your job you idiot”
    Curbishley: ”and i saved your bank managers job”
    Green: ”actually you were crap quite a lot of the time, you always are”
    Behrami: ”how you say? you make me look like Roberto Carlos you are that bad”
    Boa Morte: ”a few improved performances and one day you might be as popular as me with the fans Skippy”.

    Thats exactly how it happened.
    Curbishley is the master at the slow burn, cross him and he won’t say much, but eventually you will be gone. So theres a silver lining.

  21. West Ham Fan no 32 says:

    I don’t agree with what Lucas Neill did if it is true whats been reported, but it does show that the players are still passionate if it all kicked off. Lets hope that it has cleared the air and given some people the shock that they needed to up their games. We may have won two and lost one but we are lucky to have done so nearly squandering both home games. As for Neill he does read the game well the trouble is he is so very slow that he still gets done for pace every time. We need pace in that team, it looks pretty slow at the back, Upson although good is slow, Davenport is slow, Linda was slow, They all look like Usain Bolt compared to Neill though. Our Midfield is paceless also apart from Faubert, Dyer or Kyel Reid when they play.

  22. JMan says:

    Totally agree with Brooking and Alan (I was a Rocape Officer for 9 years). This club is the best club in the world and the media shites can do what they want but they will not break the spirit that this club has in bundles. We have some new blood coming in, hopefully with Appiah about to join, let’s get behind the team and get them producing on the pitch. We mustn’t be blind to what is happening off it and ensure we let the Board know how we feel, both good and bad; but love him or hate him we have a manager who loves this club and I know will be doing whatever he can to make it a success. Those who compare with Charlton are not taking in to account the differences in the clubs and that is a mistake. Like all of us AC is still learning, this is his first manger’s role at a big club, one that does have ambitions beyond staying in the Premiership and so far he was saved us from almost certain relegation followed by a 10th place finish, so why can’t he take us further if he is given the resources and the squad remians by in large fit. With the new blood and hopefully Appiah to come I feel a lot more positive than a few days ago, so COYI.

  23. JMan says:

    Lastword, bloody brilliant my friend.

  24. WESTHAMWAYNE says:

    Lucas Neil is a fat overpaid aussie millwall wanker!! I cant believe he is the Captain of west ham !! he has no pace and cant tackle ! Scott Parker if we can keep him fit or Matty Upson toss a coin both would be ideal captains!! we need to get Appiah desperately !!

  25. pjd says:

    neil is a liability,his defending is shit,he is too slow ,does not mark his for being captain dont get me curbishley i am starting to have sympathy for him,i think there is a witch hunt in the press and the board are not exactly helping him either.i am still waiting for the board to live up to their promises but i do not hold out much hope.promises promises.

  26. […] Should Neill Have Curbed His Anger? The Independent reports a clash between Lucas Neill and Alan Curbishley after the Blackburn game in which the West Ham […] […]

  27. Mark Koolers says:

    “I think Neill has got some neck! As captain he is as responsible for keeping the players motivated on the pitch, which he is sh*t at doing, especially come the second half. His pace is embarressing to watch and he gives possession away far too much.”

    I Agree

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