McCartney: The Board Lied

George McCartney has today accused the West Ham board of not telling the truth about his transfer request. He says he never made one.

McCartney also stressed that he would have been happy to stay at Upton Park. “I have seen on the West Ham website I handed in a written transfer request. I never did anything of the sort,” he said today ahead of his country’s World Cup qualifier against Slovakia. “Probably the board at West Ham are trying to cover their tracks. I did propose that for family reasons I would like to move back north. But the manager said no, I wasn’t leaving and just to concentrate on West Ham. I was happy to stay. That was on the Friday and I played my part in the Blackburn game on the Saturday.

“The thought of leaving was finished as far as I was concerned but then something changed. I got on an indication on Sunday that I could be on my way. These are strange times at West Ham and no one really knows what is going on at boardroom level.”

Well that certainly puts the cat among the pigeons.

UPDATE: The Club has just released the following statement…

West Ham United have responded to the claims made on Thursday by George
McCartney that he did not hand in a written transfer request.

Having previously declared their interest, Sunderland approached West Ham United at the end of last week with a renewed offer to sign the player. Both McCartney and his agent were made aware of this development. However, as was demonstrated by the rejection of a previous bid and with the subsequent agreement of a new five-year contract, West Ham United had no intention of selling McCartney. Following this offer from Sunderland, McCartney handed in a signed written transfer request on Monday 1 September which stated “due to private, family reasons I wish to accept the offer to move back to Sunderland AFC”. West Ham United are astonished by the claims made subsequently by the player that there was no written request to leave with McCartney having also
repeatedly spoken of his desire to return to Sunderland to both the manager and senior club officials. On Sunday 31 August, a senior club official wrote to McCartney stating: “No one wants to sell. If you are happy to stay, great, it ends here. I thought you were unhappy and wanted to go.” The
player then restated his desire to leave before handing in the written transfer request on Monday.
After the transfer was completed, McCartney spoke via to confirm the reasons behind his departure. He said: “I had two great seasons with West Ham and I’d like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to play for a club with the history they have and their fantastic supporters. But
for personal reasons alone, this is the right move for me. “My wife, Elaine, didn’t settle in London and Sunderland have offered me the chance to return to the north-east, where I spent ten years after joining the club as a youngster.”

It’s quite simple. Why don;t they post a PDF of McCartney’s letter on the club website?


45 Responses to McCartney: The Board Lied

  1. Dagenham Dave says:

    No surprise there then, if Scott Duxbury gets sacked he could find employment in the Labour Government.


  2. col says:

    Will the board come out and say they publicly lied though, no, they’ll keep quiet and hope it goes away but one thing is for sure, they have lost the trust of each and every West Ham fan in the World.

    If Macca put in a transfer request, let us see the paperwork.

    Duxberry had better not turn up for the next match because his safety could well be at risk the way he has lied to the West Ham faithful.

    This is a downright disgrace.

  3. Seb says:

    Don’t think this is a big deal at all to be honest. So Linda made a verbal request rather then a written one. He was happy to stay but he was also happy to go. There is no way he is worth 6 million (Villa paid 3 for Shorey!) so i think its good business from the Board. Roy Keane says he would be off if his Board interfered with signings but hes given us 14 million for players prob only worth 8 combined. maybe his Board should interfer!!

  4. brooking still the best says:

    Like Linda say’s, “no-one knows whats going on at board level at West Ham” We as fans certainly don’t.
    What does appear likely is that the board wanted Curbs out. His signings wasn’t the best after all. Under Pardew, nearly every player he brought has been sold now for sometimes huge profits. How many of Curbishleys signings would we even manage to get the fee paid back if they was sold? Not many would be my guess.
    Curbishleys buys was risky, given that they nearly all had track records of being injury prone, unlucky or not, he has paid the price now.

    One of my concerns now is, is there going to be any money for signings in the next window for the new manager? The board has clearly made major cuts and in doing so brought in millions in transfer fees. It appears this wasn’t enough as on all accounts they told Curbishley that another had to be sold to bring in a couple of loan deals, then sold McCartney anyway.

  5. Metcow says:

    Anton said they lied about his contract offer.
    George says they lied about his transfer request.
    Curbs said they went against their word on his control over playing staff.

    What on earth is going on in that boardroom? Whatever it is, I don’t like it.

    They can release these positive spin statements as much as they like, but I don’t think I believe a word of it anymore.

    Right now, I can’t see who would want to work for them as a team manager. Harry and Roy Keane hit the nail on the head today when they said that the manager needs to 100% in control.

    I never cared too much for the football we played under Curbs and for the first time in a while I decided against a season ticket on the back of it, but I really feel sorry for him over this.

  6. Plaistow54 says:

    I believe McCartney is telling the truth. He has admitted that he asked for a transfer. He was prepared to accept Alan Curbishleys decision & stay. It would appear that the board has lied. The implications of that are massive. The first lie is always the hardest. It gets easier after that.

  7. PeteH says:

    I agree with Seb 14m for 2 average players is a great piece of business.

    I look at the situation like this…… Curbs had the opportunity to purchase players and made decisions on who was coming and going in the first January and last Summer. Overall he made a number of stupid signings and the board have had to do a lot of clearing up from that (Freddie etc). In any normal job he would have been sacked for the poor judgement shown.

    At the end of the day Linda has gone, he admitted he wanted to go and Curbs said no. But 6m for him – i’d drive him to Sunderland myself.

    I just hope who ever the board brings in they back 100% and he know how to play good attacking football.

  8. What manager worth his salt is going to come to West Ham after this debacle? I’d say that the board of directors have some work to do to regain our trust. Do they seriously think that we would believe their word against Alan Curbishley’s – or Anton Ferdinands or George McCartney’s (who they’ve all contradicted)?

    Paulo Di Canio seems to be the only candidate who has openly said that he wants the job – and he hasn’t got his coaching badges yet (Despite comments from previous posts he’s going through the process to get them at the moment).

    Credibility and Integrity are vital to the running of a football club. They may have decided to make AC’s position untenable. If they continue to leave their heads buried in the sand then they’ll soon find themselves in the same awkward spot.

  9. mac says:

    Blimey, sounds to me like anyone even vaguely hints they might fancy it elsewhere will be let go.

    Would it have changed things if WHU told Curbs what they were going to do in an upfront and professional manner, because it’s all very well having a chat four months ago about reigning in the purse strings, then suddenly selling two players while the manager sits in his office like a prize lemon oblivious to it all?

    WHU’s strategy of taking 100% control away from the manager, so that if he leaves it doesn’t leave the club in limbo, actually isn’t that bad an idea. It’s just the way it’s been conducted that is.

  10. brooking still the best says:

    If you read the They have just released a statement confirming Linda did hand in a written transfer request.

    As fans, we either pull together and get behind the team, the new manager and the board or we walk away. I strongly believe we should unite behind the team and everyone at the club and adopt a siege mentality. The press has had it in for the club since the Teves affair and it’s about time we stopped taking notice of this negative and harmfull compaign to wreck our ambition of becoming a top team in the premiership!

    Curbishley, is a decent man, who done a decent job while at the club but we have now moved on. Lets all move on together and be stronger for it. It’s the rest verses us from now on!

  11. JT says:

    And now the board have come out saying he wrote one!

    Whose the lier here……
    The let down star player
    The board


  12. moley says:

    McCartney trying to make himself look good but the thick idiot forgets when you write something it leaves proof!!!

  13. moley says:

    Not the brightest of buttons our Georgie you know.

  14. Freddie says:

    Surely the most telling aspect of McCartney’s comment effectively calling the West Ham board liars is that no one was surprised. In fact have the Icelanders been fooling us all along? The press continually refer to West Ham’s spending “spree” last Summer when the net spending was just a few million. This year there were various hints but no one of significance arrived. Apart from a junior we have two players on loan that few of us were heard of – and even those deals appear to be in some doubt due to the late timing. We were told that the squad would be reduced but did we expect the likes of Quarshie and BM to remain? So do the fans trust either the board’s commitment or its competence to produce a top club? All we get are the mealy mouthed platitudes churned out which seem to be little more than condescending pats on the head designed to placate us and get us to renew our tickets. Who now looks forward to the next transfer window with the slightest degree of optimism? It is a really depressing scenario.

    The final result of the interminable proceedings with Sheffield United is due this month and for the first time I do not care if the club loses. The board does not seem to want to push the club forward. So should they not (if ordered) just pay up, sell up and then push off?

    Bring back Brown? Well not quite!

  15. brooking still the best says:

    Keep the faith lads, soon a new manager, a new era and a new start!

  16. Hammer says:

    Agree in principle with seb on this one. Does it really matter? The money they got for linda was very good business for an avarage player, especially if they already had Ilunga lined up. I just feel Curbs should have been kept in the loop. All in all the club seems to have done fairly well in getting young promising players in and using the up and coming youth from the acadamy, I think they-and this includes Curbs. just made some bad mistakes in the transfer market at the beginning. All of this is probably a reaction to that, with them not wanting to make the same mistakes again, it’s just seriously backfired on them. My hope that they had someone lined up seems to be a no go, so as brooking still the best says, the best thing we as fans can do is show our support for OUR SHIRT and the team that wear it, let’s face it they are going to need us and we can give them something to play for by letting them know we’re there and getting right behind them. COYI

  17. Metcow says:

    This latest statement from the board is just plain stupid anyway. It’s not really the case of whether George wanted to go or not is it?
    If Curbs said he didn’t want to sell him, and baring in mind he just signed a new long contract, the board should have backed the boss and not sold him.
    It’s that simple and it’s this that I would like to see this shambolic board explain.

  18. Bas Happy Hammer says:

    I think the board have lied. Why would McCartney unnecesarily spout off? Well with Keegan resigning today what’s the betting we get him as manager?
    Any thoughts?

  19. Ian the Hammer says:

    Surely the board used the McCartney transfer to push Curbs out, simple as that. They where growing disallusioned with Curb’s noises & if we believe what the papers are saying, so did the players. The fans had never really taken to him & he was the favourite to go in the sack race. Curbs was a good man & i’m sorry to see him go like he did, but now the time has come to push on & make sure the next manager’s name is used in front of ” …… claret n blue army!”
    Lets all pull together, forget about Linda’s comments, get fully behind the team, ALL PLAYERS, & make Upton Park an away teams nightmare.

  20. Zvezda says:

    Just saw Bilic on Croatian TV News (HRT Dnevnik) – he looks torn…he so wants to go to West Ham, but he won’t leave his Croatian lads. Now that Paolo has said he’d love the job…..I think it’s all over……(well, it is now!)

  21. Peter says:

    I’ve been a Hammers fan for over 50 years and have lived through many crisis at UP. I now live in the States, so that may give me a little bit different view as to what has happened, looking at it from a distance, so to speak. Early on on Monday it was rumoured that McCartney was in Sunderland taking a medical. This was reported on several sites. The announcement of his signing by Sunderland did not take place until after 11:00pm. Why? This would indicate to me that the Board were only willing to let him go once they had found a replacement (Ilunga?) They have admitted that they took some time to announce the signing of Ilunga due to formalities, but the deal had to have been made prior to midnight Monday. If I am correct, then that would support the board’s statement that they only reluctantly let McCartney go.

    The first three games of this season were on TV here. What I saw was very disturbing. Forget the points total, we were outplayed by Wigan, could (should) have lost by five or six at City, and were lucky to get away with a win against Blackburn (missed penalty and a disallowed “good” goal). It was obvious that the team were not responding to Curbs. Reports of a loud “discussion” in the dressing room after the Blackburn game would also suggest this. I have been a Curbs supporter, but after seeing the way we started this season, I wanted a change as quick as possible.

    We have a good squad of players, and when fit they can play with anyone in the Premiership. What they need is leadership from the bench, and that has been lacking. The appointment of a top coach from abroad would be the best approach. Overseas, the set-up of a Football Director (i.e. Nani) and a Team Coach is very common. The English set-up of a manager that controls all is old fashioned, and is dying. We could be ahead of the game if we appointed a Mancini or Donadoni, coaches that are used to working in a two tier set-up.

    Let’s not overly criticise and undermine the board based upon rumours and statements taken out of context from the press, especially those rags that seem to have it in for West Ham following the Tevez drama. We have some astute businessmen running the club, and coupled with football people such as Nani, I still believe we are on the right track. So let’s get a new manager in who can fire up our team and make us proud again.

    Just my two-pennies worth.

  22. Ian the Hammer says:

    Good post Peter

  23. happy hammer says:

    seems that everyone is blaming curbs for the bad signing but when he brought players like Neill, LBM, Quashie etc it was a january window and we where pretty much favourites to go down. It stands to reason we had to pay top dollar to get players in who would keep us up!

    I think he believed we where doomed and a few of the players he brought in where for the championship like Quashie. So talking about them being bad signing out of that context isn’t really fair!

    I can’t believe the spin the club is putting out.. If there really was a handwritten statement it would be there as a pdf

    Just a matter of seeing whats next! Seems that Nani is pushing for a top class italian coach – they are world renouned for there attacking flair!! I think we could be missing curbs style sooner that we realise!

  24. John J says:

    We don’t really know do we, and how many of you were Curbishley supporters anyway? I’m no board supporter, but you have to be realistic when things like this happen. The board could publish the letter if they really do have it, but I doubt they would. If they do, they could sue McCartney for libel too, but I doubt they’d do that either.

    For years many of us shouted ‘Brown Out’ and then were delighted when we were saved by the Icelanders. Do we really want to dump this board now too and find the really perfect billionaire? Do me a favour.

    We are in a state of flux right now and need to attract the best manager we can to take us where Curbs was never going to. We’d do well not to follow the Geordies ‘heart on the sleeve’ example and keep supporting the club we love. We are the club – not the board, not the manager and not the players. They’ll come and go, but we’re stuck with it.

    So, COYI and here’s hoping for a decent manager.

  25. Chris says:

    What effect will all this have on the key players who remain – Deano, Green, Nobes and Upson etc. What will they want to do in the January window when the vultures come calling?

    The club looks ready to sell anyone to the highest bidder, trash its players if they conradict the corporate line and undermine the manager if they don’t immediately realise unrealistic expectations.

    The new manager is key – but who’s going to want the job given what appears to have happened?

    Would love to be proved wrong but it looks a complete mess and the frantic and overblown corporate spinning e.g. The reaction to McCartney, doesn’t help.

    Wonder what Bobby Moore,John Lyall and Ron Greenwood – the kind of people who made our club – would make of it? Not much, I suspect!

    Can’t help but agree with Curbs that some of the foreign owners could be the death of many of the best things about English football.

    And if all this is due to the profligacy of the Egg, what were the owner and the rest of his cronies doing? More than one newspaper piece quotes the owner as being someone who has an unusally strong grasp of the detail of what’s going on in his companies. Some grasp!

  26. Scott Duxbury: Hi George, someone told me your old lady wanted to move back north.

    George McCartney (Not looking up from the PS3): Well, yeah but don’t worry about that I can take care of it.

    SD: Keene called.

    GM: OK

    SD: He really likes you George!

    GM (still not looking up from the PS): OK

    SD: You get to keep the pay.

    GM: (now showing some interest) And a signing bonus?

    SD: Yeah, but only if I can make it look like you were the one wanting to leave.

    GM (now back on the PS3): OK Scotty, you do what you do best and I’ll sign it!

    SD: OK, cheers mate!

    See? Nobody lies!

  27. Andy says:

    Email the website and ask them to publish the letter of resignation if they have it.

  28. Iain!
    On July 24:th you posted a letter from a reader that you thought made some good points.
    One of the points were:
    Everything is, it seems, done in a calm manner with no media frenzy, statements are put out in a very business like ” believe what you read in the Sun..if you like, but these are the facts”. I quite like it, it seems to elevate our club into a superior level.

    Well that changed didn’t it?

  29. E1 says:

    The whole thing ferdinand,mccartney ,curbs seems very wrong but we only know what we are allowed to know or what people want us to hear. Why did’nt curbs hold his ground and keep his position and then come on tv and say the things he said,surley he would then of had to have been given his own way or the club would have to have sacked him and we then would have a clearer picture . We Are being treated like MUSHROOMS!!!!!!! kept in the dark and fed S**T !!! Nothing much we do or say is going to change anything so we will wait and see who the new manager is. Mancini is nanni’s mate, so he will be in with a shout if he did’nt get it a few months ago he turned down chelsea so how bright is he or did he all ready know something. onething for sure he won’t be british and it won’t be bilic. Terry Brown has still got a lot to answer for and I not so sure he’s not still involved.

  30. Doc H Ball says:


    Tevez/arbitration/new stadium/Pardew sacking/Egg man sacking/Ljunberg/Anton and McCartney/Curbs quits/late registrations/written transfers or not….. and all in the space of 2 seasons at one of the previously most stable clubs in the country.

    Duxbury’s fingerprints are on every one of these deals. The man’s a lawyer for Christ sake!

    Worse of all, for me at least, is the thought that Kia Joorbachin is employed by us as a ‘transfer advisor’ and he has the front to preach about Curbs handling of affairs. This is the man who up to a few months ago was willing to help Sheff Utd get us relegated, who tried to sue us for millions and who was an integral part of teh Tevez fiasco!

    Our board have proved themselves to be an utter disgrace. How Peter can post the view that we have ‘astute businessmen running the club’ is beyond me. How Seb can think it’s good business to sell the club’s ONLY left back is also a mystery to me. By all means let’s stick together, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that we are now, officially, a complete joke.

  31. moley says:

    You lot only want to believe Georgie boy as it fits your agenda. Why would the club go to the bother of putting up an explanation over what some half wit footballer said in a throwaway interview? They don’t listen to you mugs, they wouldn’t normally answer to this nonsense. The only reason they put out a statement is because they have written proof, and no they don’t have to show it. It’s not the f**king hunt for a serial killer now is it? So believe the half wit if you must, though i strongly suspect he will myteriously go all quiet on the subject now. Quick georgie delete those txt messages as well!!! Shame Lampard, Defoe or Ince didn’t get this support from you mugs when they left.

  32. moley says:

    Now shut up about it.

  33. Plaistow54 says:

    Good idea Iain. That would clear it up either way. Doubt that it will happen though. Under the circumstances that Curbs & Keegan have gone, it is obvious that foreign owners want complete control of clubs & all the say. If that’s the way you want to go in British football now, count me out. McCartney is one of the best fullbacks in the Premier League. Keane is no fool. Our board just saw dollar signs. No player is safe now. Is that what you want ? As Redknapp said “Curbs quit because he feels he has been undermined and shown a lack of trust by the owner. I take my hat off to him for sticking to his principles.” What was said before is correct, Joorabchian was the bloke who not long ago was going to present new evidence in court that the board lied. What a tangled web we weave. Yes, we need to move on. Understood, but i have a nasty taste in my mouth about this. I hope you don’t shut up Iain. I don’t pick you as the type to.

  34. Brian Sains says:

    Sorry guys, i believe the board. George said he wanted to return up north for family reasons. A pdf or the letter would probably break some laws so that is not a possibility. I do trust BG to get things right. Anton did not want to renew his contract, and he obviously thinks he is as good as Rio, and 8 mil for him was great. As for George, a difference of opinions i think.

  35. hammerron says:

    The time has come!!!!!!!
    Sack the board

  36. chris says:

    5 6 million for mcartney thats good money
    ZOLA said to the upton park job,,,grab him at all costs!!!!!
    thats a big name to attract players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the man was one of the best players ever!!!!!

  37. HAMMEREDCALV says:

    Who cares about Linda going, llunga is twice the player, people need to do there homework, Di Michele tore us apart when we played Palermo,i should know i made the journey to Sicily, wish i hadnt but thats another story, i wish people would stop panicking, clearly it wasnt Curbs who identified these 2 players, he didnt even know who Tevez was !!!! We will move up to next level,Curbs wasnt going to take us there,i would like to think the next move would be Mancini or Nani with Di Canio as asst, we seem to be getting a lot of negative press and the only way to unite the fans,players and the board is to bring back Di Canio in some kind of role !!

  38. HAMMEREDCALV says:

    Think of the shirt saleas and the feel good factor if Di Canio was back in some way for the club!! upton park would buzz like never seen before ! think about it mr gud !!!!

  39. HAMMEREDCALV says:

    ih in response to a previuos message Paulo now has his coaching badges ! come on west ham GO GET HIM !!!! whatever role it is, even if it is created especially for him.

  40. chris says:

    Iain Zola said yes to the west ham job,do a blog on this please,the guys got the name we need to attract the players and would command respect,he was one of the best players ever!!!!!!

  41. HAMMEREDCALV says:

    Zola manager Di CANIO ASST ! WHAT A DREAM TEAM !!!!

  42. Roshi says:

    If I could make sense of what is going on at West Ham, I would attempt to make a sensible comment, as I can’t, I going to put the kettle on.

  43. tim says:

    I thought Peter’s ‘ letter from America’ made some very good points.

    How quickly we forget what utter tosh (totally against the clubs grain) football we have been playing under Curbs. I went to the blackburn game and we could so easily have lost that.

    And what about the departed…..

    Have we forgoten Anton’s total disrespect for the club, manager and fans last year? He had problems focusing and was often at fault at corners and set play. Why should we/the club pay his inflated wages for another 3-5 years to see if he gets anywhere near as good as his brother? (and then he pisses off anyway!)

    And although it maybe a little unfair to say – Georgie boy only looked good because he was our most consistant player last year. He obviously wanted to move on.

    As I said before – The board hs orchestrated Curbs demise, because they obviously lost total faith in his ability to take the club forward. Curbs and Eggy made some very bad signings. imho

    Bring on the new era. Bring on Mancini !

    Ps. Finding out Kia is working with the club was a bit alarming, but I guess its a case of ‘keep your enemies closer’ Iv got a nasty feeling about Tevezgate2. I hope I am wrong!

  44. Steve B says:

    One thing has become clearer recently – apparently Curbs wanted Ben Thatcher, which was why he got the trial game. So, Thatcher was to replace who? Well, thankfully that didn’t happen. Forward to the Italian era – maybe now we’ll see some good passing & possession, and with Bellamy, Ashton & Di Michele we certainly could have goalscorers too. As for the CCC players who have left, no great losses there. And the other loans are useful-looking too [Ilunga, W Lopez] . Now just need to move other mediocre players on too and bring on a couple more youngsters.

  45. hmm interesting site. Sometimes I can’t help but surrender to my drenched cold I have a good fresh joke for you! What do you call bedtime stories for boats? Ferry tales.

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