The Two Faces of Harry Redknapp

“I would not want to say if it is a role I would be interested in, because I have got a job to do at Portsmouth,”
Daily Telegraph

“Alan Curbishley may have gone as West Ham boss — but there’s no way I’ll replace him.”
The Sun

And all within a few hours. How to explain it? The Sun article is unlikely to have been written by Redknapp. It will in all probability have been based on a two minute conversation with a Sun reporter. Harry will have been paid around £2-5,000 for it. I doubt he even saw the final version, so I wouldn’t believe a word of it. He’s gagging for it.

Remember how he said he would never leave Portsmouth for Southampton. Or Southampton for Portsmouth?


61 Responses to The Two Faces of Harry Redknapp

  1. Jimbo says:

    You poor desperate west ham fans, on your knees hoping for Redknapp to return having spent the last decade slating him, you have my pity.

    It’s hard to see why he would leave an established, wealthy club where he enjoys a solid relationship with the owner, a squad of his own players and the adulation of the fans to go to a club in some disarray with interfering owners, a dog’s breakfast of a squad and a fanbase who will at best be divided on his return.

    You never know but I think there may be some straws being clutched at the Boleyn.. it’ll be Souness or Allardyce or O’Leary 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. JMan says:

    Jimbo you dick, go pull your pud somewhere else as don’t need the likes of you slagging us off we can do that ourselves. You have one thing right though, why would Harry leave a good relationship to join one that would have you always looking over your shoulder. By the way we’ll beat you home and away this season.

  3. lastword says:

    And when he left us as manager he said on a few occassions he couldn’t manage any other club but West Ham, then promptly joined Portsmouth. Let him stay where he is he had his chance.

  4. lastword says:

    his exact words on leaving west ham were ”this will be my last job in football” he used that line at both pompey and southampton too if i recall.

  5. DaDon says:

    Which is it? On our knees hoping or at best divided – we can’t be both. And frankly we’re neither. Your logic is as faulty as your assertion that Pompey is a wealthy, established club. Just absurd. Personally I hope harry never comes back but I’d rather have him than any of the halfwits you’re suggesting. And you know nothing if you think Pompey’s owner doesn’t interfere.

  6. Incey says:

    My fave was his – ‘i don’t want your job bonzo, honest’. then he stabbed billy right in the back. now thats a judas. does he ever tell the truth.

  7. Elio says:

    You can have him if he really wants to go. I’m pretty fed up with the rumours and Harry’s way with the media. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate everything he’s done and I doubt we’d be where we are without him but nobody is bigger than the club and sometimes he makes out like we should be polishing his turds and bottling his breath, as fans. If he wants to stay, say so and get the fuck on with the job. Or better still, shut the fuck up and get on with the job Harry.

  8. PompeyNeil says:

    Dream on JMan – Its late – Wet Sham have never beaten us home and away in the prem and you aint gonna start this season you half wits. When are you east end slags gonna realise you are a spent force. Sod off and go and eat a shed load of pie eels n liquour and we will give you a good whooping on the pitch home and away this season too. Fortunate for you that you got a whole point off us last season. It wont happen again

  9. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    the last thing pompey is is wealthy, they’re having to sell to buy and it’s such a tiny ground that that donkey crouch can see the beach from the centre circle. harry won’t be coming back though for 3 reasons, there’s no money, it’s a long commute and his grand kids. i doubt it will be bilic either. we’ll end up with either a little known european manager or someone like stuart pearce, could even be nani.

  10. PompeyNeil says:

    No point slagging our ground off Marleeeeeen – You still cant beat us there but funny enough – we can beat you at yours no worries every single time. So sod off and dream on

  11. PompeyNeil says:

    Ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Its all gone very quiet there – Truth hurts dunnit boys n girls?

  12. Jay-Alabama Hammer says:

    Pompey Neil……Can you read? Your annual report is a great little mes – you are up to your eyebrows in debt mate – turn in a loss every year, have a championship ground and no basis to be giving West Ham shit at all. You are second rate and this season will prove that. I wouldnt want Harry back – he bought some absolute crap durig his tenure at UP – he has proven to be a better manager with limited resources than when he had money at WH.

  13. westlowerstandup says:

    getin very bitchy boys
    arry’s goin nowhere, i recon gary johnson would be a good choice. Giv an englishman from the lower league a chance instead of al these hasbeens. Bilic would be my number one choice but he loves coaching his country too much. ‘gary johnsons claret and blue army’ !!!

  14. KentHammer says:

    I’ve Just stuck a fiver on Di Canio being our next Boss at 8/1

    Bilic is staying put with Croatia, Harry would be mental to come back!!! – with the team we have now, we are not going to be pushing for a top 4 spot – top 8 at best but certainly not in the relegation area – so give Di Canio a bash at Managment, he’s got the badges – he’ll motivate the players & he’ll be a maniac in the technical area.. and as for post match interviews………..

    fingers crossed


  15. Dave Hall says:

    You know what makes me sick about idiots like you pompey neil. You were a nobody club and just because you get a bit of success you come on here spouting garbage. Pathetic

  16. westlowerstandup says:

    year Id be happy with the fiery italian master! To ends of the spectrum, curbishly turned us into charlton of old, mid~table yawning football. there would never be a dull moment and if a cup game went to pens he could bring himself on in the dying seconds and chip the winner in!!!!!!!!

  17. aussihammer says:

    As this is supposed to be a west ham site i can only presume fans from other clubs have so little of interest they need to join our debate. re Portsmouth, yes Harry you have so much say in who stays and who goes, that you sold all the quality you had in midfield this season

    it is pretty much obvious that Nani has his feet well and truly under the table so expect a Italian partnership for management, Mancini and DI Canio would be my first choice over Billic as he has no expereince in dealing with puffed up egos of premiership players. Getting the best out of Croatians, a fiercly nationalistic bunch may not be as hard as people think. Bentley boy egos is a different matter however. What we need is a quick decision, claification on available finances for january and some positive news. I read an article this morning that said BG has invested 40m net into players purchase, my calculations are however nearer 15 when you take the sales into account. Can someone come up with a defined list of comings and goings since BG has taken over so we can put the record straight

  18. Dave Hall says:

    You want a good bet then try Mancini

  19. Dave Hall says:

    Agreed Aussie hammer, Mancini and Di canio will be the best bet

  20. Dave Hall says:

    Look we all love Di canio for his love of our club and his achievement with us, but seriously he has no managerial skills whatsoever. His roll would be best suited as coaching the players, and let the job of manager be left to someone like Mancini.

  21. westlowerstandup says:

    Good point dave but is mancini gonna come to us after leaving one of the biggest clubs in europe.
    Also glad the pompy pR##ks gone to sleep!

  22. Dave Hall says:

    Its a possibilty westlowerstandup. I know we have all been through the doom and gloom, but we really don’t know what the owner is really up to at this stage. Regardless of what has happened I personally think there will be progress at our club, and I think it’s being done behind the scenes. I believe, and of course i could be wrong, i’m not a psychic, but it all adds up to a jigsaw puzzle that has been put in place and fixed together ,although I don’t agrree with the way Curbs was outed. But the writing was on the wall, and he must have had some knowledge of this regardless of what he said in the interview. If it turns out to be big Sam, i’ll fall into depression.

  23. Dave Hall says:

    This may just be me having a over imagination, but lets look at this from yet another angle. Curbs says that he wasn’t happy with George McCartney going and he basically had no say, but the guy wanted to go.Ferdinand, went, he didnt want him to go,yet it was well documented they never got on. The board have gone over his head, and at a time when we have a near 2 week break, and strangely he now walks out. No onme really kniows whats going on, but I know one thing, and that is that players and managers etc say one thing and do another all the time, not just our club. Here’s my opinion in a nutshell,and I still think this was already in place regardless whether Curbs had a idea or not.

  24. Dave Hall says:

    And as i stated before i dont like the way curbs was outed…but thats if it is the way it has been suggested. I just want to see this all end and just get on with the season. Our club don’t deserve this turmoil and nor do the fans.

  25. westlowerstandup says:

    We (the fans)certainly dont deserve this,
    the board have got to get the next few decisions correct, i agree it seems like they have done a dirty on curbs-who for all his negatives is still your own. Im a life long supporter and season ticket holder and am becoming dissallusioned by the club i love

  26. terry phuket says:

    dear o dear

    it comes to something when a no mark pompey fan can start digging at fans of a club way above them in every respect when it comes to history,support and tradition.
    5 minutes in the premier league and they cant help themselves, nice one sailor boys..

    can only see 1 name heading our way lads, former liverpool boss gerrard houllier

  27. PompeyNeil says:

    terry phuket – do me a favour and go away and read up on history and tradition. Pompey have won more FA Cups and been English League Champions more times than Wet Sham and we have been in the top division more years as well. In other words you have had less success, less silverware than us, and the only thing you have done better than us is been 2nd rate for longer and got a more modern stadium but by 2012, our ground will make yrs look like the Chadwell Heath training ground and will be a World Cup Stadium for 2018. You heard it here first

  28. terry phuket says:


    which history are u reading from master bates??, nelsons guide to cross channel tourism??.
    do us all a favour pugwash fuck off back to that great club that was pulling in league crowds of 10000 before u hit lucky street.

  29. kennyhammer says:

    If it’s DiCanio then we will never get into europe, he hates flying.

  30. Pricesboy says:

    Why would Harry want to return to West Ham? He’s got a better side and better owner to work with down at Fratton Park, where he has created the best Pompey side in half a century.
    The arrogance of the London-based media and bookies is breathtaking in assuming that somehow Upton Park, despite his long association with the Hammers, would somehow be more attractive. Why are Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, and Phil Scolari not on the list of potential managers to move to West Ham? Because there is no way they would go. So why include Harry, who has already turned down Tottenham and Newcastle?
    For what it’s worth, my money is on Roberto Mancini. He has a brilliant track record, is out of a job, has played in England, and would be used to the financial system that caused Curbishley so many problems.

  31. Brian Sains says:

    Sorry Iain, no way for Harry. Let us go forward, not back.

  32. pompeyinoz says:

    Girls, girls girls, calm down. I’ve always had a lotta time for the hammers brigade, but really why would Harry go back? It doesn’t matter which club is better or worse than the other the fact is that Harry is 61, is at a club that he gets well paid, as if he needs anymore, adored by most of the fans, is revelling in being the FA Cup holders etc etc etc….. now lets all take a reality check and stop getting so excited over FA.


  33. chris says:

    portsmouth where’s that? is that the other place near southampton?

  34. chris says:

    Harry loves a challenge,your right hes gagging for Iain,portsmouths a boring place I lived there myself for a while couldnt wait to come back to london!

  35. Alan says:

    I personally think that getting Harry back would be a step backwards too often we view the past with rose coloured specs. Also he is more than happy at Pompey where the 20 odd year promise of a new stadium has kept people like pompeyneil (who thinks 2 FA cups is more than 3) happy. As for who I want as a new manager he has to be someone who understands the club and the demand for attractive football. We have a massive fan base whose loyalty, historically, can not be questioned however abused by successive boards. I would also like to see a senior figure at UP come out and clarify the backroom situation and update us on their plan for the club. Broad brush statements “that we are committed to bring success to West Ham” are not enough How do they intend to fulfil these promises.

  36. brooking still the best says:

    I wouldnt think Harry’s average 33 players turnaround a season would sit to comfortably with our Board at West Ham. I like Harry, but lets be honest, when he left us last time the club was in a right old mess with his legacy on transfer dealings. Alledgedly,he is as dodgy as a 10 bob note! Just ask Billy Bonds.

    We have employed managers in the past without no managment experiance, The Rodent, aka Roader. He must be the worst mistake ever in the history of any club and a bad example to give when talking about giving people a chance!

    Di Canio would come with much better credentials then that muppet! Di Canio would have Nani behind him and would also come with one thing most others would not have, the complete admiration of the fans! Surely that would give the place an instant lift that may inspire everyone from the tea lady to the first team! No one could lable us as a Charlton then.

    Bilic would command almost as much respect as Di Canio, Why that is, when he jumped ship at almost his first chance as a player is a tad strange, He has done very well with Croatia but he also comes with no league experiance and questions remain about him wanting to leave Croatia. I reckon there would be a good chance given a decent enough offer.

    Mancini has all the European experiance you could want. My only fear with him is, Capelo has turned England into a dour Italianesque style team, would Mancini be the same as Hammers boss? I think we all have had enough with the safety first style.

    Di Canio, at this moment would be my first choice, he would bring the excitement back and the unknown. He would be a massive gamble but if it worked, it would be the joy ride we all could do with. I crave for Upton Park to be jumping again! Bilic my 2nd choice.

  37. Tony says:

    Sorry I dont want Harry back.
    To many dodgy deals.

  38. Bedd Gelert says:

    Perhaps Yazz and the Plastic Population will re-record a version of their eighties hit to commemorate Curbishley leaving and re-name it ‘The Only Way is Down’ ..

  39. Roy says:

    I have to say, Brooking Still the Best, that ten bob notes were certainly not dodgy. My auntie used to give me one every year for my birthday and they were very acceptable currency. Could have bought a half decent striker with half a dozen of them in those days. Now a nine bob note – that was a completely different kettle of fish……………..

  40. b.a.a.m says:

    Di Canio for West Hams Duce. He has an iron fist. Outsiders will quake at his strength. He will stare down any disbelievers and critics with his best Benito glare. He will fill the squad with players that are his kind and belong, and will expel those newcomers that aren’t the same. He accepts life and loves it. He knows nothing of and despises suicide unlike the weak managers before. He conceives of life as duty and struggle and conquest.
    Vive la morte.
    Credere, Obbedire, Combattere.
    Di Canio Il Duce.

  41. b.a.a.m says:

    Comrades around Europe pray for Di Canio to achieve this great post.
    War for man is like motherhood to woman.

  42. chris says:

    If harrys no good then who? there is no one just the usual names and failures!!Or do we gamble on someone new,I just dont no,all I know is that we need to attract good players,seems young players today respect their Idles, Keane etc

  43. chris says:

    christ!! your scarey!!!!!!!

  44. Glenn Roeder says:

    Laughing at you lot. Love it.

  45. HAMMEREDCALV says:

    b.a.a.m your weired ! di canio would cause chaos in the dressing room, good coach but a manager he is not ! i am a big fan of di canio but he hasnt the experience we need, he would be great for the morale of the fans,and would get rid of Lucas “slug” Neill,but could he inspire the current players? we need a very experienced “big name” manager to sort the current back stabbers out,and intice better players to the club. Mancini or houllier please

  46. HAMMEREDCALV says:

    IF THE CLUB APPIONTS BIG SAM I WILL HAND MY SEASON TICKET IN AND FOLLOW RUGBY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. HAMMEREDCALV says:


  48. tim says:

    From the names being touted –


    I agree with an earlier post – I think the board have orchestrated the whole thing.

    Curbs was one of our own , but im afraid he had to go. I can only remember a couple of games under Curbs where we looked convincing.

    all the best to him.

  49. Hack says:

    b.a.a.m is what we should expect more of if we appoint di canio, i.e, the attentions of those that see him as a modern day poster boy for fascism.

  50. Hack says:

    Roberto Mancini, Davide Ballardini, Pierpaolo Bisoli, Avram Grant (fresh from being narrowly missed by a passing plane), and Martin Jol top the West Ham shortlist.

  51. colney says:

    mancini is the obvious choice of nani and who do you think is going to be making the decision? nani or bg? im off to the bookies for this one.

  52. tim says:

    Ballardini has gone to Palermo today.

    People cant be serious about Di Canio surely?

    He would create chaos and would be moved on within weeks (or jailed).


  53. Hack says:

    Imagine the oaf celebrating a last minute winner at Tottenham with a fascist salute, a disaster waiting to happen if he is employed in any capacity.

  54. tim says:

    Di Canio is a ledgend make no mistake. But management material?

  55. BillyBondsIsAfterYou says:

    No to Redknackers, No to Allardyce, No to O’Leary – in fact a big fat NO to anybody British. With the exception of Ferguson they just can’t cut it. Of course if we want to stay as a mid-table team full of injury prone journeymen then a British manager will be perfect.

  56. brooking still the best says:

    I have to say Roy, you are right, there is nothing dodgy about a 10 bob note and you was a very lucky man if your Auntie could afford to give you them! My only suggestion would be if Harry ever gave you one, is to check the water marks, cos it would be dodgy!

  57. Matt says:<– Paolo is a true west ham legend. Not sure if by himself should be boss, but please get him involved. In fact, sign him up, I’d turn up to Emley in the freezing rain again just to see him in the claret and blue once again.

  58. DaDon says:

    I’m convinced PDC will make a great manager. He may have no experience as such but to say he has no managerial skills is pure speculation. He’s a natural leader, clearly a great footballer who will command respect in the dressing room, hugely charismatic, dedicated, hard-working, a great student of the game, has played under several big name managers (Trapattoni, Capello etc) and, very importantly, a West Ham man. He may need a stint as an assistant (like Mourinho was for Bobby Robson at Barcelona) but I have a strong suspicion he will be one of the few great players who successfully makes the transition to be a great manager.

    Dream ticket for me? Mancini + Di Canio. Fantastic.

  59. Matt says:

    DaDon, I agree – Let’s get on with the Italian job.

  60. Big Al says:

    Glenn your still desperate to be noticed by west ham fans did your mum run off with one?

  61. nobby says:

    What ever happened to PompeyNeil is he still reminising, twat! or did the twat just die.

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