Di Canio Makes His Pitch

In today’s Sun. HERE. He really wants it, doesn’t he?


37 Responses to Di Canio Makes His Pitch

  1. Jay says:

    Would love to sing ‘Paulo Di Canio’ at Upton Park again but not sure if he is ready yet. I guess we will never know untill we give him a chance.

  2. JMan says:

    And with someone like mancini alongside him boy I would give it to him.

  3. james says:

    i think this is the way forward. the club won’t work well with an old school manager like curbs if we’re keeping a technical director so we need someone young fresh and dynamic. i prefer di canio over zola anyday, send him of to chelski, paulo bleeds claret and blue. we have the talent on paper but some flakes on the pitch, di canio would light the fire under them they so desperatly need. i’d love a billac or mancini as would anyone but under the current direction i’d love to see paulo given a chance.

  4. Paul Nixon says:

    Iain: I think Mancini would be the best bet and Donadoni a close second. Di Canio is too temperamental: perfect at a player, but I don’t think he could keep himself in check with an errant player. He makes Roy Keane look like Mother Theresa by comparison. I know you don’t want an Italian manager, but Mancini has dealt with big players, big teams and did well. He lost his job, but not because his team didn’t win the league, because they were old, tired and unable to make the Champs league final. Mancini did the best he could with what he had…getting Inter to their third straight title. It’s clear that if he wasn’t in litigation with Inter Milan, he would be here. The likes of Ashton, Green, Upson and others would have instant respect. Plus he’s young. I think this guy has a lot going for him. Bilic isn’t likely to want to leave his national team in the lurch – I doubt that would make him popular: besides it would always give him an OUT, which is the wrong sort of motivation to keep a manager.

    Just my tuppence worth. Paul

  5. richo says:

    Just returned from a week away workin’ heard the news about Curbs’ on the radio. I was quite critical of Curbs lately but have to say I was disappointed and shocked to hear the news. Cheers for all your efforts mate and best of luck.

    I can’t believe we ever thought Mancini would manage our club I think it was all smoke and mirrors, his ego is too big to coach a club that realistically won’t finish in the top 4. When I heard talk of Di Canio I thought it sounded a bit risky but after reading the article in the Sun it reads like he would bring a lot of passion to the job. Whoever gets the nod all the drama makes for an interesting trip to West Brom on Saturday.

    Oh yeah pretty happy with the signings just before the window closed, especially Di Michele. I think Neill will be looking over his shoulder considering the young backs we’ve signed.

  6. Plaistow54 says:

    He certainly does & we all know why. He loves us. Would love to see him involved in some capacity. If we want to go to Europe or even win the title maybe, Mancini is the man. He has what it takes, we all know that, & we will get results this year. It would be great to see a former West Ham player in charge but if we want to get in amongst United, Chelsea & Arsenal, as i’ve learnt in the last few days, it’s easy to be sentimental. Mancini would make a difference slightly sooner than instantly.

  7. Biffo the bear says:

    I think Roy Keane is a perfect example. Gareth Southgate too, neither had done the job before but seem to be doing well. I’m impressed with what Paolo has done, he’s got his coaching badges from the top place in Italy and came top of his class. You’re right Iain, he does really want it.

    I think that in itself should get him at the very least an interview and he should be taken very seriously. As opposed to an already succesful manager who doesn’t really know the club and would turn up and do what he did at the last three clubs he was at in terms of training sessions and the like, let’s have a go with DI CANIO’S CLARET AN BLUE ARMY!!!
    I reckon the half time talk at Man City would have been a little more ermmm shall we say… expressive?

    You certainly wouldn’t put in a half hearted performance with Paulo watching from the touchline.

    My initial reaction was that he hasn’t got the necessary about him but I’m becoming more and more convinced he could do a job.

    If Allardyce is given the job I’m going to the Orient

  8. Dave Hall says:

    If I had a choice it would be Mancini as manager, with Di Canio as his number 2. DC may have got his badges, but he still has not been, a proven succesfull manager, and being number 2 would give him that guidance with Mancini at the top. But I will say this…if we don’t get Mancini and that failure the Donadoni is a choice, i’d rather take my chances with Di Canio.

  9. Alan says:

    Just read the sun article, Di Canio’s passion is infectious. Everything that Curbs lacked Paulo has in spades, only question is, has he some of the qualities that Curbs undoubtibily has. To be the complete article passion will not be enough, he has the qualifications now needs development. I would love him as manager and think that maybe Keen could be his ‘straight man’ to keep him on an even keel. Is he on the shortlist i somehow doubt it.

  10. E1 says:

    sven done well for city and brought in some decent players I would’nt be to upset if he got it. If we can’t have british then lets get the best avaliable mancini or sven

  11. jon.london colney says:

    slight subject change,,,im swear words galore here…off with sky .i pay 40 quid a month for football and films and now i cant watch the england match tonight as they now want another 8 quid i think to watch it on setanta.ive got 4 pubs in my area that have dumped sky due to the 11k a year to have it shown.my mate said blx to them and is cancelling the sports channels.

    am i the only one in thinking this is totaly out of order?

  12. simon hann says:

    i think di canio is just what we need, he knows how we play, give the players with the wrong attitude a rocket up there arse and what a passionate role model fot the younger pros, upton park would be rocking if di canio was in charge.

  13. Nick of Stur, Dorset says:

    Give Di Canio a shot – he deserves it, a true Hammers legend. With a steadying hand and guidance from above he has the potential to be absolutely awesome. Just look at what Brian clough achieved through the motivation of a team devoid of ‘stars’. Worth a gamble.
    And you’re right about Sky, Jon – absolute robbery now with a cr*p service to boot.

  14. afcam says:

    Di Canio was just about my all time fav player , but at the moment he has no experience . If he were to take over now , i reckon he would gain lots of it in a lower division next year , with us.

    We shouldn’t discount John Collins , he is a truly great Manager , but a similar Di Canio type temperament , if fact there were big playing similarities as well . People misunderstood his tenure at hibs , he took a bunch of under performing and un- fit bunch and turned them intoa force, over a short period of time.
    He beat teams by changing tactics and formations , something you have to do when you don’t have world class players on the field.
    after research , Mancini won the league with Inter , really due to a massive budget and just about zero competition (Juve and Milan not there!)

  15. It’s Paolo in a nutshell isn’t it?
    First making his wishes to be the West Ham manager known to every newspaper/site known to man and then comes out and say he is flattered to be connected… he’s just too much!
    Anyone but me that remembers how he could be totally absent during 95% of a game and then be totally furious because everybody didn’t give 110%!?
    One with his sence of reality isn’t fit to be manager.
    “A rocket up the arse”? certainly, but where do you find players that enjoy that 365 days a year? (that last question was retorical… 😉 )

  16. afcam says:

    Joppe , Kind of Agree with you ,( like when he wanted to be subbed V Bradford cause some decisions didn’t go his way) , this is Ok on the field (at times) but this type of personality is dangerous in the dressing room

  17. E1 says:

    Mancini won the title 3 years on the trot and didnt spend much after the first season which is why he was sacked the team were getting old and not to much money was avaliable, look at this year Mourinio ain’t spent much or bought much. Mancini ,if we must have an italian is the best choice in my opinion. di Canio not ready and I can’t see him being happy as a no2. However mancini or donodoni with zola could be interesting.

  18. Jaime says:

    Might as well let Di Canio have a shot, sack him if he doesn’t work out. The West Ham traditions died when Iceland started doing buy two for 10 mill deals

  19. martin keech says:

    Come on west ham give us something to celebrate, bilic or mancini no.1 and mad Paulo has got to be no.2. What fun!

  20. Zvezda says:

    Salute maestro Di Canio! You have the job in your pocket son!

  21. mantra says:

    Hahaha he isn’t even in the running. After six games lost in a row with a season of fighting relegation beckoning he will soon become a hate target. I’m a bit passionate and i really love computers so i’m going to apply for a management role at Microsoft, i’ve never worked in management before but i’m certain they’ll employ me once they see how good i can rant and rave like a nutter.You lot make me laugh.

  22. supernumbersix says:

    PDC talks alot of passion but I still remember the days he didn’t turn up (literally) and all the games he missed through ‘illness’ and sorry but I still ain’t happy about fascist salutes don’t give a monkey’s what anyone says.

  23. Andy Bertrand says:

    He really knows how to tug at the right strings doesn’t he…. I do feel we need more experience, but as for getting anyone with the same degree of passion? No chance old boy, no chance.
    For that alone I’d give him the job if I was on the board. If there’s one thing that’s been missing these past couple of years it’s passion. And when we saw it in Tevez after slotting away his beauty against Spurs, I deny anyone to tell me their heart wasn’t filled with absolute, unashamed joy.
    It would be an honour Paolo, and we’d follow you to the ends of the earth.

  24. hammeredcalv says:

    would like to see him get it,but dont think he will, not enough experience,poss a no 2

  25. Ian the Hammer says:

    I’m sitting here, after reading the DiCanio article, with tears running down my cheeks. (figuratively speaking). What a true legend Paolo is. I almost dont want him as a WHU manager, like Brooking, because if it all goes wrong it would mean unhappy fans angry at them. Do we risk giving him the job, not sure. I’d love him as a second, under one of the italians, being groomed to take over. What a WHU hero.

    God bless you Paolo, true WHU legend.

  26. Ian the Hammer says:

    PS, sitting here, at half time of England game, watching on PC. What a complete load of SH*T. Truly, truly awful. It doesn’t matter that we’ll probably win by 3 goals or more. Our national team is nothing short of embarrassing.

  27. brooking still the best says:

    The names being linked is very exciting, won’t get to carried away because we might end up with that sour Scot, Collins or Allerdice.
    Be typical West Ham if we did, get me going and then let me down big style!

  28. jon.london colney says:

    if mancini or donny have been to the same school as capello then f”k were in trouble.

    joe cole is the best english player by a mile and hes sub!!! ffs wat a shower.

  29. Mr says:

    What a sorry state of affairs when the fans’ two top choices are an Italian self proclaimed fascist and a Croatian apologist for his countries fascist fans. One who said in 2006 after meeting Italian holocaust survivors ..”I’ve listened to the stories but I still have my ideas, my thoughts remain the same, but I don’t want it to sound as if I believe in violence”.. What a way with words he has. While his rival for the job, Bilic, explained his national teams fans’ rather frequent habit of displaying swastikas and singing dodgy racist songs as ..”no big deal because it’s not “serious” and anyway there are way more racists and Nazis in England”.. I suppose it must take one to know one. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that these two shady characters are being linked to the job or the fact that an alarming number of West Ham fans are totally blind to the damage these two could bring to the club in the future. Oh well, at least it appears that neither of them stand any chance of getting the job, but just having them linked is damaging the name of West Ham.

  30. hammeredcalv says:

    i read sir trev artical in paper on his fears for west ham! all i say is come and sort us out sir trev ? with Di canio no 2 !

  31. E1 says:

    mancini with zola as no2 I like the sound of that, or better still Terry venables with paulo di canio. Getting a bit fed up with it really and suprised that Sven has not been mentioned.

  32. eleeNYC says:

    Mr makes very good point. They maybe good coaches and although DiCanio is legend he did do something that he’s more famous for. It’s ammo for other clubs and supporters.
    We shall see…

  33. supernumbersix says:

    Spot on Mr Says. However I think we are in the minority amongst WHU fans.

  34. GoatyGav says:

    PDC as 1st team Coach and Manager’s right hand man. I’d be very happy with this and would love to see the prodigal son’s return. If he became the Manager then it would end in tears. I’d hate the thought of not remembering him for the things I currently do.

  35. fabrizio says:

    I was one of the 53’s in Coverciano Academy. I lived and studied there together with Paolo Di Canio for 6 weeks. I didn’t know him personally and I found him a great man and with a lot of leadership skills, great football knowledge and very balanced behaviour. I’m sure he could be the best choice for Hammers because he loves the club more than the others on the shortlist.

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