The New Manager: Where Are We Now?

OK, I’ll put my cards on the table. I’d like to see Trevor Brooking as manager with Paolo di Canio as his assistant. Ian Rush was on Sky this morning extolling PDC’s coaching abilitiy, which he has seen at first hamnd as they are both playing in the Charity Match tonight at Wembley (6pm ITV).

However, it ain’t gonna happen. The Sunday papers are full of stories about where things are, with many conflicting accounts. The most accurate article so far is ont he website which quotes Mike Lee, a Director at Upton Park, in an interview with 5 Live.

“There’s no favourite at the moment, we have set up a proper selection process. We have been surprised and pleased by the number of applications we have had and we are moving towards a short shortlist, and will ideally have a manager in place in time for the West Brom match next week. Slaven Bilic could potentially be on that shortlist but it depends very much upon his availability. If for whatever reason he was not available until January in terms of working with us, I’m afraid that will rule him out. We have a very strong shortlist and it’s going to be a tough decision with some exciting candidates. From the meetings that have taken place so far the two that have really shone have been Donadoni and Zola.”

Let’s assume this is the real shortlist – Bilic, Donadoni, Zola, Collins, Laudrup. Personally, I would go for Zola with PDC as his nmber two. The two of them were good friends in London and PDC would provide the man motivation skills which Curbishley and Day seemed to lack. However, Bilic is clearly the number one choice. I suspect there may be a compromise in which he continues to manage Croatia for their October qualifiers as well as managing West Ham.

The whole process seems to be bening handled very professionally, although perhaps a little too publicly for my liking. It seems clear that an appointment will be made this week.

UPDATE: The Mirror is reporting that David Moyes and Frank Rijkard are on the shortlist.


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  1. Lamb Behrami says:

    Making it public is good for the fans. Why hide things they don’t have to? Just be upfront and honest. Everybody was criticising the club for not coming out and saying anything over and after the transfer window and now you’re criticising them for being open.

    May be the one thing Lee should not have said is that they were “surprised” by the number of applications as this may lead people to think that he means West Ham is not as an attractive proposition as other clubs. Apart from that, as a fan, it’s irritating when you’re not being told what’s going on plus it fuels speculation and gossip.

    They’re doing it openly and in good time – I think that’s refreshing.

    P.S….”extolling”, I think that’s one for your political blog and not this one!

  2. hammermolder says:

    Brooking,you better get of the wacky backy Iain

  3. Upton Spark says:

    As I understand it,Laudrup has become available because he resigned his managers post recently,so I don’t feel he would suit us as if the going get’s tough he’ll be another one walking away.
    I would definately go for an Italian influence with hopefully Paolo in the mix somewhere.
    I read in the Sunday Mirror today that Curbs was interested in selling Deano to Spurs!!! WHAT!!
    I think he walked before he was set upon if that one is true.
    We must not sell Deano.(not yet anyway)

  4. StainesWestHam says:

    I can’t believe you want Zola and PDC – no management experience at all between them – a big risk! I wouldn’t like the idea of a Chelsea legend holding the reigns at UP either. I agree that PDC should be brought in as number 2, maybe working with Mancini or if not perhaps Donadoni. I think the reason the board are being so public is to try and lure Bilic in to realising he needs to show his interest quickly as there are other good candidates. Therefore, I think no matter what they say it will be BILIC, hopefully with PDC as his no.2. I also agree that it seems to be conducted professionally, unlike last time when Eggy only interviewed Curbishley for the job and announced him as the new manager within 3 days of Pardew going.

  5. richard says:

    agree that being open is good, though not sure its right when we’re in the middle of the process. how does john collins feel i wonder learning of his likely fate through radio 5

    anyway i think we have a really good set of candidates, and like mike lee have to admit to being a bit surprised

  6. Josh says:

    The four names on the shortlist (which I assume it’s official as it came from a member of the board on 5 live this morning) are


    I honestly think we cant go wrong if that’s the list. Donadoni is probably the least desirable and he’s still an international legend with an impressive couple of seasons as a club manager before his really disapointing national stint.

    Laudrup really seems like a West Ham man to me, go look up Getafe vs Bayern Munich in the UEFA cup last season to see why.

    I think this opportunity has just come too soon for Paulo, though he shouldn’t be too disappointed. With the continental management structure it’s unlikely our next boss will survive more than a couple of seasons.

  7. Plaistow54 says:

    I think too that it’s a wise move for them to be open about it, considering. The list appears to be Zola, Donadoni & Bilic. I don’t reckon Di Canio will get in yet. I read somewhere that Zola has had a second interview. He seems to be favourite. One thing is for sure, it won’t be an English manager. I thought that i heard on skysports that Man City had spent all up 500 million pounds. I’m nearly sure that’s what i heard. If that is right, it makes 18 mill for Ashton pale into insignificance. I don’t believe Curbs would have sold him to Spurs after everything he said. I can’t even think about losing him, especially to Spurs. Maybe these changes are for the best. We have to move forward. I wonder how much control any new manager will have though.

  8. About the great impression the two Italians made on Mike Lee.
    I always thought that actions speak louder than words. I’ve also been on enough job interviews to know that what you get out of those is not much more than a feeling for the blokes personality. If you’re lucky, or good, you probably will find out if the guy is a complete fraud (although “human resources”- people say that you will not be able to spot the psychopaths…).
    Granted that the board came to the conclusion that these people are not complete frauds, I’d say toss the rest of the impressions and go for their track records!

  9. brooking still the best says:

    I don’t think we will find out until the end of this week. I have a feeling they will want to wait to the internationals are out of the way before they make a final decision. That would also point towards Bilic, I think they would atleast want to talk to him without the pressure of the upcoming fixtures to find out for sure what his position is.

  10. Paul Anderson says:

    The one thing that struck me about the Mike Lee interview was his reticence to say that money would be made available to the new manager. Furthermore he referred to the fact that we had a string squad (if fit) and had recently invested in that squad.

    I would disagree with him about the strenth of the squad, and surely it would be more accurate to say that we had actively been weakening the squad rather than investing in it over the Summer months.

    No manager will be able to move forward without any further investment in the squad. Current indications are that players are more likely to be leaving in January than arriving.

    If you accept the board’s version of events on McCartney and Ferdinand, at the very least that money, say £14m should be avalable for a new manager. If the board did not wish to sell McCartney, it follows that they didn’t need the money, and that the proceeds from his sale were a windfall.

    Personally I have always favoured Brooking as manager – but that doesn’t seem remotely likely. He seems to regard management as a poison chalice.

    I haven’t been at all impressed with the way matters have been dealt with by the board. If the club were unhappy with Curbishley’s stewardship of the team they should ahve replaced him at the end of last season, and made an appointment over the Summer. That would have allowed a new manager a chance to mould a team over the Summer, and to be involved in the reshaping of the squad.

    Selling players in an attempt to deliberately undermine the manager cannot be the correct way to operate. The only thing that has changed since the end of last season is that we have won 3 out of 4 games, albeit somewhat fortunately. It smacks of paralysis and penny pinching at board level.

    I was not a great fan of Curbishley, but I take no comfort or encouragement from the way the board are current;y running the club.

    I suspect we will probably get Billic, as I suspect he won’t be able to resist the huge salary rise that will be coming his way – maybe £2m a year as opposed to his current salary of 100k. But whoever takes the job will struggle to make headway unless the board changes direction, and invests significant sums of money in the squad.

  11. Crazy Hammer says:

    I dont think Donadoni is the right solution for Hammers. But all the rest will certanly do. LAudrup has very much a attaking mind set and so has Zola. I really dont now if Bilic will fit the bill.
    If Laudrup comes it will be with John Jensen as his no. 2. His has played for Gunners in the 90’ies and is all aboth hard work and commitment, They could be a good match to fit WH values.

  12. Nails says:

    Shame would have liked to have seen Mancini! Would have to be Bilic, Laudrup, Donadoni and Zola in that order- Don’t want a Chelsea idol leading my team out thanks! Rijkard who are they joking! would be graet but like Mancini it ain’t gonna happen. PS Ashton was at Spurs training ground on the transfer deadline day- deal fell through at the last moment. I personally think there was a lot more going on there that we will never hear about!

  13. Doc H Ball says:

    I called you right when I posted a reply to your ‘I don’t want an Italian manager’ piece. Ideally I’d go for Sir Trevor and PDC as his apprentice too. I’m worried about this sense of agreement between us because I loathe the Tory party. Oh well, neither of us are going to get our wish, we’ll have a foreign manager and an entirely foreign team in a year….

  14. Lee Macca says:

    I’m watching did canio on soccer aid and my heart is definately overuling my head. The sheer passion this man has for west ham is second to none, frankly I’d hate to see a Chelsea legend in a west ham tie. If do canio were to get the job and it goes horribly wrong , well it’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all. If southgate can do it then anythings possible.

  15. Upton Spark says:

    Doc H says we’ll have an entirely foreign team in a year? Sorry,but how can you know that?
    It’s all guess work even with the press and telly sports etc. Everyone seems to be an expert but no one knows for sure what will happen.
    The ONE thing we do know is,we are definately getting a new manager,but as for the outcome or what players we will have in a year then I’ll just wait and see.
    As I said earlier on here,there are exciting times ahead I’m sure.

  16. chris says:

    READ ME READ ME READ ME…….We always struggle to attract the best players,I know its not everyones liking but I think zola involved somewhere would be fantastic he would attract big names he was one of the greatest players ever!!!!! pdc involved as well of course.managment skills tactics blah blah blah thats all b——xs!!!! good players win games not managers,tevez kept us up not curbs he didnt wanna play him!!!j cole 2 goals against andorra,good managment or just a good player thats better than downing.

  17. chris says:

    Cant believe we want bilic why? who would he attract whats he achieved apart from beating a second string England back 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. chris says:

    Feel the need to say this again!!!! Bilics done nothing cant believe his ahead in fans poll,you think idiots!!!!!!!!! good players win games not managers,,,,let us the fans manage man utd for the season and Alex ferguson manage hull see if he can keep them up!!!!!!!

  19. aussihammer says:

    can anyone tell me if Day actually resigned as well or jsut Curbs??, I don’t buy into an Italian manager unless he is ex WHU, I would like the ex Chelsea manager Avram grant i think as he has both experience and knowledge

  20. E1 says:

    Sven with PDC sounds good to me

  21. richo says:

    I agree with you Chris, Bilic manages a team that defeats England and negotiates the group stage of Euros and suddenly he’s a master coach who’s going to fix all our problems, Croatia were a decent team before Bilic became manager.

  22. Brian Sains says:

    Iain, you say you think it is all being handled to publicly, but surely if it was all being kept quiet we would all moan that nothing was being done ?? I do like your point of Di-Canio coming in as a number two, that would be great.

  23. Brian Sains says:

    Chris, calm down mate !! Agree with you re Bilic.

  24. Really like the sound of Zola taking charge. He has a very good football brain and would no doubt obtain the respect of all the players and staff. Di Canio as his number two could also be a smart move. Of course, the only worry is their actual experience at the highest level but I think if these two combine effectively we could see a winning partnership.
    Its very refreshing to see West Ham being the subject of some positive Managerial candidates. Its very exciting to say the least!

    Up the mighty hammers……

  25. colney says:

    gutted billic is not taking it.however mr di canio as no 2 could be far more important than the zola,donny or who the f…k wants lumpdrop ! maybe the side show.

  26. Roy says:

    The shortlist is impressive but of course it is highly possible that we don’t get any of them as there could be substantial drop out when they realise that they probably won’t get any money to spend. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we back peddle to John Collins or some other lower profile manager who has not even been mentioned yet.

  27. e1 says:

    HOOOOORAY !!!!!! no bilic thank goodness now purhaps we can start to look at the other candidates with are more open mind and seeing sense. it looks like we are to have 3 tier managment structure the only one for me as the director of football is trevor brooking but that ain’t gonna happen so we’ve got nani, manager Harry would be my choice again ain’t gonna happen, so mancini or donnadoni ? No 2 would be Di Canio or zola but the new manager will pick his own No2 so who are we going to get.
    Zola is more likley to go to the barcodes cos of wise and the chelsea conection. so we may have no chance of getting anybody we the supporters would like. At the end of the day as with Terry Brown this lot know that we will still be coming whatever they do, OR WILL WE ?

  28. saniholidays says:

    Zola with Paolo Di Canioo as his number two would be superb

  29. colney says:

    looks like zola the only one left !!! oh yes dony hasnt said no yet,2 left.

    at this rate paulo will get the job coz hes the only nutter out there that will be left !!!

  30. Jaime says:

    Would be worried about PDC using us as his first club to manage. Can’t deny his passion drive and desire, but like Ince he should start in the lower leagues and work his way up.

    Having said that, would love him as a number two to Zola. Not too keen on Zola (same reasons as before) but I think the two off them might just be able to pull it off.

  31. brooking still the best says:

    I can’t write Bilic off until after the England game. Why people are writing him off as a bad manager is beyond me. I would much rather Bilic then Zola. Zola, no matter what he does with us would aways be regarded as a Chelsea man. That’s not for me!

    I would love Di Canio, but that’s not likely, I would love Brooking, that’s even less likely, so my choice would be Donadoni as Mancini looks to hae been ruled out. Both these have bags of experience and know-how.

    For those who are complaining we would be full of foriegn players in a couple of years, Why? If our youth team is producing good young players, they will always get in the team. They are looking to improve the Acadamy, not distroy it.

    Give me a choice of managers at the moment, I cant really see any out there that could live with these guys. Even if we could lure Davis Moyes or the like.

    Saying all this, I can still see us employing a Collins or a Sam Alladice. If they was cheaper, this current board could go for it!

  32. Woking Hammer says:

    The way things are going the shortlist is sorting its self out.

    The strong fav looks like it’s Zola.

    Ok lets forget about the obvious negative of Zola (that will go when we win 2 – 1 away!)
    what will Zola bring to the table. I think he will appoint PDC as his No2 they were close friends when playing in London and are attack minded players who like to play with flair. I know there is a lack of experience but if the management side (as it looks like) is taken away from them and they are left to coach and pick the team they will be fine. They will undoubtably bring the best out of the younger players and those on the verge of breaking through. The major advantage they both have over any other candidate is they know the club, the Prem League, speak good English and other languages and more importanly they know us the fans.

    The one area they will need help on is with the defence they will need to bring in someone to work with the defenders. I would think they would bring in an ex player someone of standing within the game to raise the profile even higher (I beleive Maldini is kicking his heels (if only)).

    What we have to do is play are part, as the most loyal supporters in the country, things are not going to happen overnight and there will be times when it looks bad, but they will learn from the mistakes, we have to stick with them.

    As mentioned in other articles, times are changing in football and with foriegn owners and investors they will want to do things the continental way. So let us be pioneers in this with young fresh blood, you never know they may hang around for longer than 5 minutes and we could pick up a trophy or two.


  33. StainesWestHam says:

    READ THIS>>>If you check out the Gianfranco Zola entry on Wikipedia it already says “Gianfranco Zola is Manager of West Ham United”!

  34. chris says:

    Jamie like roy keane yeah!!!!!!!

  35. chris says:

    Donadoni started lower down,worked his way up,failed then failed again,so what does stating lower down prove!!!!!!!!!

  36. Van Der Elst says:

    Is Bilic really out of the running? Mancini too? If so, I like the idea of Laudrup – he did some good things at Getafe and plays the game as it should be played. Zola was a great player. As was Di Canio. But they have zero experience of managing. And Donadoni’s management record isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination.

  37. Eric says:

    Looking like Zola.
    So what if PDC and Zola don’t have enough experience. I think they should get a chance.Maybe tey will bring in new ideas and points of view. Sorta like another Hammer fan….Barack!

  38. e1 says:

    What happened to mancini ? we know about all the others or so it seems, is he out of the race or has he got the job and we are being thrown of the sent. I will be miffed if we get zola I can’t see the difference experience wise between him and Di Canio.
    Why can’t we just have Harry back and get rid of nani. I really now have not got a clue were we are going with this. Moyes would be a good option he might be happy to take PDC on as no2 or get him involved with the youngster’s. Still we should all know in the next few days and then what will we talk about ? The boo boys will be happy they can get back to work and find someone else to s**t on . WE ALL NEED TO GET BEHIND THE TEAM AND THE MANAGER and push forward to 1 top 8 finish.

  39. Zvezda says:

    Knowing the board at West Ham we’ll end up getting Glenn Roeder’s brother! In the end all of the hard work at training is on show on the pitch and I haven’t seen anything so far (apart from Green’s penalty save) that suggests we will challenge for anything in the short term.

  40. colney says:

    ian,since when has kia been a west ham spokes person? this stinks and im not comfortable with this,is he still interested in buying the club? what the f…k is going on?

  41. GoatyGav says:

    Whether he’d bring our club success or not – he’s a Chelsea man. Personally there’s not a club in the country I despise more than that lot from West London. Shit club. Shit support. No history. Will be left in the lurch when Abramovic gets bored and will return to where they belong in the 2nd tier of English football with 11-12,000 turning up to home games. The rest of their “SUPPORTERS?” will go back to Craven Cottage or Loftus Road, whichever are placed higher at the time or wherever they went before the aforementioned Oligarc took over at Stamford Bridge.

    The only way Zola could win us over is by taking the stick he’d undoubtedly get – install breathtaking football to the first team – keep playing academy players – get us in to Europe regularly – Win a Cup – and then finally admit the Mighty Hammers are a far better, more passionate, bigger club with more history than Chelskum. Yes – I think that would do it for me – I’d take him to my heart if he delivered that.

  42. GoatyGav says:

    E1 – Out of priciple Mancini won’t go to any club until he’s settled his legal case with Milan. A man of honour and integrity – Like Curbs in that respect.

  43. Van Der Elst says:

    Might Zola want Dennis Wise as his number two?

  44. moley says:

    Donadoni has had enough with the way West Ham have conducted their selection process. Gianfranco Zola is therefore, by being the only candidate remaining, West Hams new coach. Pierluigi Casiraghi looks likely to be his Assistant. Zola will be announced tomorrow and unveiled on Thursday.

  45. The rumour is that Donadoni have pulled out disapointed with the appointment process.
    This is what I have been afraid of since we first saw West Ham officials and people closely (?) associated (?) with West Ham (Kia…) going public with shortlists and their thoughts on the candidates before the selection process was finished and a contract signed.
    You tell people of the outcome AFTER someone have signed the contract. This is common sense as well as common practise at any company, and that for a good reason.
    If “the chosen one” pulls out at the last moment (or suddenly comes up with new demands that you cannot accept – which is not unheard of), you need to go back to number 2 on the list and at that point you don’t want him insulted by official statements!
    After some time it will also be apparent that you are going down a list so you don’t want people to know who you have been courting, so leaking the list, and/or confirming the names was another mistake.

    And I was the one to be grateful that, at least in a hiring situation, we had businessmen runnin this club – now I’m not quite sure who is.

  46. Plaistow54 says:

    Well, one thing for sure, we won’t be playing the long ball much any more. Zola will certainly have us playing attacking football. In the Telegraph today, they said that the club was thinking of bringing in Di Canio as a key member of his backroom staff to appease the fans. That would help. Zola might be alright. The players would like him & he would work well with Nani. He must have been positive in the interviews. The only reservation i would have is that in March this year, he said when asked about managing Chelsea,”I would be crazy to say no…I want to go there when i know i can give something back.” I don’t see him as a long term appointment but managers seem to come & go these days. If they put Di Canio on & then work him up through the ranks, then that’s not so bad. We need to get behind whoever it is they employ.

  47. e1 says:

    goatygav thanks for the mancini update I missed that one, but now more disapointed we are not getting him sounds like the type of guy we want , still Zola with Di canio may work and zola will want sucsess to get the chelsea job we will only be a stepping stone for him but if we have di canio in the wings and part of it he can hopfully step in and we go back to traditon funny old game ain’t it. I am still not convinced we could all be suprised and get somebody else that has suposably pulled out or even not been mentioned. Not to sure were we are heading ?

  48. supernumbersix says:

    My apologies if someone has pointed this out already but I believe Ron Greenwood was at one time a Chelsea player and then a coach at Arsenal……….

  49. chris says:

    The name Zola attracts thats all that matters guys,tactics man to man skills thats all b—–ox!!! good players win games not managers they nick a living,,,lets give zola a chance if your an up and coming player and Zolas looking you in the face COME on you wanna play!! his skill along with di canios of course was sublime!!!!!!!!!

  50. colney says:

    the more this turns towards zola the more i feel sick.this aint right,off all the managers out there why an ex chelsea player? he has no management experience to speak of and he would use us as a stepping stone to move into the other job he has allready said he wants.this is a totaly wrong decision and another cock up from the board.+ he wants clarke as no2 also from the scum down the road.

    mr di canio,please have word with shake whoever and buy west ham and take on the managers role.

  51. brooking still the best says:

    Looks like it’s Zola, He was not my first choice and even may not be the boards. As far as we can see he is the only shortlisted man left.
    It is becoming more and more obvious that the officials at our club are clowns. Why bother drawing up a shortlist, then say who they prefer? What sort of crazy selection process is that?
    Donadoni has pulled out, who can blame him when it was becoming clear he wasn’t the boards 1st choice. If Zola pulls out now, maybe we are left with the sour Scot, Collins?

    Zola, will be a good manager who will bring in good players and play the right way. Can’t ask for more. My only concern is, if and when Chelski come calling. It’ll be bad enough the next time we visit Shamford Bridge with the chelskum fans singing his name!

  52. Bazhammer says:

    I was reading an update report on the new Hammers manager and noticed the name of Kia Joorabchian mentioned, as advising the club, during the selection process for a new manager on the Football365 website. Have I misinterpreted, or are we still using his services? Strangely enough I have trawled through most of the pages and reports tonight and cannot find reference to him at all. Anyone know?

  53. Hammer says:

    Well said supernumbersix. I can’t understand all this anti Zola stuff. I have admiration for any player that plays with flare and talent above and beyond the average, even more so if they play with a passion that we the fans can connect with. Zola had both in abundance, it’s hardly his fault that he never played in the mighty claret & blue. I love W.H.U. but I also consider myself a football fan and I beleive this is true of the majority of W.H. fans, look at the send off we gave George Best.
    If Zola is appointed I hope he does us proud and I honestly believe he will bust a gut for us, it is obviously in his interest to do so but I do believe he is an honest type with a great love for the game. I for one will be right behind him and the players. Don’t forget also that Zola was an exemplary professional and this will only reflect well upon our club, which is more than can be said when we have to listen to the likes of Kia talking about what is happening behind the scenes.
    I think that who ever is appointed , it is time for us to stand up and be counted. There was a time when rival teams were distinctly uncomfortable coming to our place, now it’s more forboding for our own players, come on guys, we’re WEST HAM and we are bigger than that, it’s time to be West Ham UNITED again and make positive noise that can be heard throughout a match and shakes the stands.

  54. 2kidsmeansnoseasonticket says:

    The board aren’t stupid in appointing Zola – it’s just another potential money making exercise.
    West Ham is the feeder club for Chelsea (fact?). We already do it for their players so why not now their next manager?
    No doubt Abromavich will pay the board a huge fee to get Zola once he has been trained up ~ 2years – it’ll be what the Chelsea fans demand once the Brazilian bloke has failed.

  55. Lamb Behrami says:


    Come on Zola! When they hear your first interview and watch our first few games then the fans will be on your side no doubt.

    Quality player, intelligent and polite man. Ex-chelsea but I couldn’t give a damn! We should be laughing at Chelsea for getting him…what a coup!

    Gianfranco Zola,
    la la la la la la,
    Gianfranco Zola,
    la la la la la la….
    Gianfranco Zola,
    la la la la la la,
    Gianfranco Zola,
    la la la la la la….

  56. chris says:

    everyones a flippin feeder club colney…..but we can use him just as much as he can use us!!!! hes name attracts. we all love brooking and di canio but lets get real!!!!!

  57. StainesWestHam says:

    Paolo for number 2 please – not Clarke!!!

  58. Geoff Pikey says:

    As Chelsea are one of the biggest clubs in Europe, then surely they are only interested in having a successful manager. So for them to want Zola some time in the future, relies on him being successful with us, which is a good thing. But the sting in the tail for Chelsea will be that after 2 seasons at Upton Park Zola will have found a new love and won’t want to leave, ever.

  59. Plaistow54 says:
    Despite Nani saying that the deal isn’t cut yet, i reckon Zola will be in the job by the weekend. A lot of us complained about boring football under Curbs. You can forget that if Zola is the boss, for however long he is here. This is going to make for interesting days anyway. Time sure is a tale teller.

  60. e1 says:

    Not to sure about clarke, but we need someone who’s happy as no 2 maurino stuck with him so he must have something to offer, I really don’t think Di Canio could handle not being the main man, can you imagine him not being happy with something and not flying off the handle ? I think we will get PDC in the future maybe when zola goes back to chelsea or is sacked. I wonder if billy bonds would fancy it or dicks some one with a bit of bite to go along side the skill factor. Still one things for sure we THE SUPPORTERS must get behind the new manager and the team to get max points before we play the Arsenal and Man U a confident team can get points out of these 2 games and then we have a good chance of a top 8 finish.

  61. hammeredcalv says:

    Im starting feel a bit embarrassed as a hammer fan at mo, everyone seems to know it is zola, the board need to make a statement asap, why is kia spouting his mouth off again, and we now have this guy as an advisor ?? was this done to keep him sweet over the tevez saga?, remember he pulled the strings in tevez leaving our club and didnt have a good word to say about us, the guy is a parasite and we shouldnt allow him anywhere near our club, he is a money grabber and he will cash in on our british players and pump it full of players that are on his books. Iain i think we need a blog on this !!!!

  62. hammeredcalv says:


  63. GoatyGav says:

    So it’s looking like it’s going to be Zola. He’d do well to bring in PDC in a senior coaching role. They were close friends in their London playing days and have similar ideas about getting the ball down and playing attacking football. I think they’d both get the best out of Nani’s talents for finding players too.

    I reckon Zola and DiCanio’s about the best outcome we can hope for now. Donadoni saw he couldn’t work with the Board of Director’s plans. By the sound of things Zola can. Despite my severe dislike of Chelsea I must admit that I’d get behind Zola as manager – I reckon he’d bring a much needed boost in morale and we’d see football that’s pleasing to the eye.

    There’s some great comments on this blog. You’ve attracted some intelligent, well balanced and knowledgeable fans Iain. Please keep it up mate.



  64. Eric says:

    This is going to be the guy. The best thing to do is get behind him and hope for the best. I know a lot of you are not taken by Zola but you can’t deny that we have new hopes and chances. We may fall flat on our faces but everything is up in the air. Don’t know . This is where we are. Makes no sense to me to be negative about it. Maybe with Zola we can attract different players. Chin Up. I can’t wait til Saturday.

    An like Plaistow54 says if Curbs was here, we would be complaining that our football is still boring. C’mon You Irons!!!!

  65. e1 says:

    I must admit that if Zola is our man it does look like we will get some decent footy, not sure we have the players to pull it of ,so I would expect some changes in the january window, an improvement and I will be happy untill changes can be made. Ithink 4-4-2 may be a thing of the past with the players we have 3-1-4-3 may be more likley. what do you all think ? Green back 3 neil upson gabbidon holding mid mullins cenral/wide mid feild Noble berahmi parker aphia up front ashton di micheal bellamey. change as players come back.

  66. Mikef says:

    I’m surprised by some of the comments on here and other sites. Why is Zola’s previous career anything to get steamed up about? He played for Chelsea – big deal. I guess the same “fans” were complaining about no signings on deadline day? How is a manager any different to a player? They have both plied their trade elsewhere. If a player can change his allegience, why can’t a manager?

    My first choice would have been Bilic, I still harbour unrealistic hopes he will jump after tonights game. But I will support whoever comes in. If it is Zola, I hope he does well (in the West Ham defenition of the word – good attractive football whether we win or not). Then we do not need to worry about Bilic in 2010.


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