And the Number Two Is…

I must admit I am getting quite excited by the prospect of Signor Zola. I just have this slight worry that Dennis Wise might manage to poach him at the last minute. let’s hope we get a confirming announcement sooner rather than later.

If Zola does come, the question of his Number Two will be crucial. The top three candidates are Casiraghi, Steve Clarke and possibly Paolo di Canio. The choice should be Zola’s but I don’t mind admitting that I woukd love it if he picked di Canio. I suspect he won’t though. I also hope he keeps Kevin Keen involved in some way. It may be a new broom, but there should still be a degree of continuity.


35 Responses to And the Number Two Is…

  1. GoatyGav says:

    Paulo DiCanio, Paulo DiCanio
    Paulo DiCanio, Paulo DiCanio

    COYI!!!! Let’s put all this behind us now and get on with securing a place in Europe either in the league or by winning a cup!!

    I don’t like the fact Zola’s ex Chelsea but I do love the fact it annoys the shit out of their fans. I reckon he’s gonna do well for us.

  2. Metcow says:

    Deal agreed. Great news I think.

    Now lets unite and support him and the team. A chance for a fresh start.

    Forget that he WAS a chelsea man and focus on the fact that he is now a WEST HAM man.


  3. Claretandbluepoo says:

    Q: Why did Zola choose to become Manager at West Ham instead of Newcastle.

    A: Because in this early stage of his managerial career he wants somebody to look up too.

    Boom boom.

    I’ll get me coat…………

  4. Wicksy says:

    I have to agree with you iain on di canio should be his number two but i can`t quite see this happening. i think this would also bode well for the furture in Zola does come then goes to Chealski in a couple of years Paulo could the move up to manage the team. The thing with clarke he has worlked under some decent managers and may bring some good ideas from the west end.

  5. Tuckshop says:

    Why are you excited about somebody whose sole experience is assistamnt coach to the Italian U”!’s though? I know he was an exciting player, but unfortunately it doesn’t necessarily translate to management. I would much rather we had got Laudrup personally. Bit worried that we are getting carried away with image here.

  6. Prince H says:

    As much as any other I loved to see Di Canio as a player – when in mood – as little I wanna see him as manager here.
    Can’t see his temper suited for managment, can’t see his brain suited for tactics, can’t see his proud support of fascism suit any modern team.
    I know he loves the team and thats fine, but can’t see him connect with players, the board and probably not Zola either. Allright he may have grown since the deaprture from England. But I doubt.
    I think Steve Clarke would be good, or someone who is really specialised in the defensive parts of the game (maybe not Tony Adams, but someone second like that). Somethng Zola probably don’t have.
    I really looking forward to see West Ham the Zola way!

  7. Sunny Hunny Hamer says:

    I also am very excited by the appointment of Zola. I remember watching him when he played for Chelsea and thinking he was one of the most exciting footballers I had ever seen. At a time when there were so many worthless foreign imports, diving, moaning, (or like Marco Boogers going AWOL), he was a great example of how the game should be played. His disciplinary record is worth noting also.

    Whether he turns out to be a great manager or not, only time will tell. But even if we are not hugely successful, don’t qualify for europe this year, even struggle against relegation, I guarantee it’s going to be much more fun to watch!

  8. For the future,lets hope it,s Di canio.

  9. Hermit Road says:

    I agree with Tuckshop. We should be getting a manager with a proven track-record and experience. Zola may be a success but there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that he will be. If he is successful it’ll be just pure luck and little judgement.

  10. bob clark says:

    all the moronic so called west ham fans who didnt want zola because of the chelsea conection , dont know the clubs history RON GREENWOOD played for chelsea , enough said i think , great news for proper hammers fans , lets hope di canio is number 2

  11. afcam says:

    F-ing Crap , This Oh has no reputation , not to say that i hope it doesn’t wok out . But i have a serious feeling Nani (Who i can Appreciate as a businessman) is trying to put someone in that he can have control over.

    We ain’t wigan or bradford , this is WHUFC , THIS IS A TOP JOB ! and needs a top manager with pedigree.

  12. appyhammer says:

    Now that it is done & dusted I will get fully behind Zola although like many others i hoped Bilic would get it.
    The question now is who will be his number 2, and for my money it has to be someone with a west ham background to so some tradition which is always important for a club like the hammers.
    I think Di Canio would be a good choice as he has achieved all his qualifactions and apparently came top of his class!! All the players there would be aware of his disire for training and commitment from his time there in the past.
    If not I would go for Mad dog if it would be possible

  13. brooking still the best says:

    Wasn’t my first choice but then, now we have him I think Zola could turn out to be the best choice. I do like the fact Zola said he knows only one way to play, the ball on the ground going forward. Suits me sir! That’s our way isn’t it?

    I love Di Canio, but I could see the crowd chanting his name more then Zola’s, how would Zola cope with that?

    Zola is his own man, he will choose who he thinks is best to bounce ideas off ect, That could well be Di Canio, as it has been reported they are good friends. If it does happen, I just hope we chant for them both equally. Doing that will at the very least give Upton Park more atmosphere. It hasn’t been the best of late. Hopefully Zola’s team will also give us something all to get excited about because Curbishleys style never would.

    C.O.Y.I : Zola’s claret ‘n’ blue army! (It sounds quite good!)

  14. afcam says:

    Di Canio Great Player , Probable loony Manager or Assistant will be fighting with Zola within the month, WHUFC Fan have no ambition , we deserve better

  15. Mikef says:

    My heart says PDC but my head says Steve Clark.


  16. afcam says:

    Next time we loose three in a row , Zola dont a no what a do , never been there befo. This is a Huge Mistake.

    Ps. Ron Greenwood was a different story , and it is insulting to compare him with Zola

  17. I would love to see di canio because he has had experience with the club and he probably watches the west ham games so he knows his way round the squad he knows
    how to give advice at what players to choose for each game

  18. Stu says:

    Steve Clarke would be awesome. Solid and very experienced. Zola charismatic and with flair. A winning combo.

    I’m getting excited now too – COYI.

  19. PETER,G says:


  20. Lamb Behrami says:

    I think Clarke will be good for us. Compliment Zola’s attacking as he is defensively minded plus has great experience in dealing with top players and being in the champions league. Plus it would mean we robbed Chelsea….twice!

    Paulo’s time will come in the future- no doubt. Let’s put him on the waiting list for the moment….next in line.

  21. Leon says:

    Cautiously optimistic about Zola, Great footballer down to earth and trained like hell if i remember rightly. As for him being Chelsea? Greenwood was also. As for PDC being his assistant i am not sure, I used to watch him and adore him i used to love the way he used to boss Minto around but i also remember how he used to always want to play for Man u and then not turn up for weeks on end. Ego? you better believe it and i thought when he was first mentioned i thought yes then i pulled the rose coloured glasses off. Also i heard that Appiah was waiting to see whether PDC was getting involved…

  22. Biffo the bear says:

    Why would Steve Clarke, number 2 at Chelsea, a club he loves, leave to become number 2 at West Ham? Ain’t gonna happen. If the club want to pull of a major PR coup they’ll have Di Canio as number 2

    Gianfranco Zolas claret an blue army?

    Doesn’t quite feel right as yet.

    Having said that, the man knows how football should be played. Had a few Chelsea boys on the phone, they’re not happy… which is a good thing! They tried to balance it out by saying we’ll train him up into a good manager so that they can have him back at the bridge. I countered that with ‘ He may be a Chelsea legend but once he realises what real supporters are like he’ll be a west ham man all his life’

    We shall see.

  23. Biffo the bear says:

    And I bet Bilic is kicking himself after England done Croatia tonight!


  24. chris says:

    afcam judge zola when his bought in his own players not the sicknotes the other fella bought……

  25. Dave Hall says:

    ffs, the guy hasn’t even been given a chance and out come the whinging brigade. Get behind the guy or f..k off elsewhere, we need positivity not negativity and false pride.

  26. Roy says:

    Every managerial appointment is, to a degree, a gamble. Experienced managers often fail at new clubs and inexperienced managers can be successful (e.g. Keane) in their first appointment so there is no black and white solution to this. At least we have appointed a guy with loads of high quality playing experience, who played the game in the right way and comes over as intelligent with a good personality. Results and style will be the ultimate measure but, for the time being, I am happy with Zola arriving and also felt that the short list that the club drew up gave an indication that there is an ambition to progress – something I have had doubts about over the past few months.
    The degree of success that Zola has will, to a great extent, depend on who he appoints to key coaching positions and the support he gets from the board. Those who have complained about his lack of experience and then wanted him to bring in Paolo as No. 2 are defeating their own argument as that would double the inexperience factor. I, personally, don’t have a problem with the lack of experience and would love to see Di Canio back in some capacity – if only for the post-match interviews!
    I am feeling pretty positive again.

  27. Markt says:

    First of all, obviously now that PDC will not get the top job, it would be madness for Zola and the club to appoint him as a number 2. We would have instability from the outset with PDC’s name being chanted ahead of the managers. At the first run of bad results the clamour for PDC to take over would start straight away. It’s a recipe for turmoil and that is the last thing we need right now. If Zola is not intelligent enough to see that then he is the wrong man for the job anyway.

    I don’t feel down about the appointment but I do believe its a massive risk and one that a club like ours should not be taking right now. Read Gabrielle Marcotti’s excellent article in the Times today. Appointments like this are ok if you are MK Dons, but for a Club like West Ham its a massive gamble.

    I don’t thing the Chelsea thing is too much of a problem by the way. You only need to look at how those with much closer links to the club like Redknapp and Curbs were treated at times by large sections of our support to know that those sort of loyalties mean very little to many fans. If he is successful people won’t care. The real gamble, and it is a big one, is how likely that success will be.

  28. Tom says:

    Its got to be Clarke for me and if it is Clarke i think we will have one of,if not the best number two around. He’s been a constant at Chelsea for a long time and every player who’s been questioned on the man cant speak highly enough of him!

  29. Josh says:

    I’ve read Keen is staying on, maybe Zola will use him as a no.2 in the interim until Casaraghi is free after the U21 finals.

  30. The Academy says:

    Afcam, please try to be a little less highly strung. Zola is a great appointment at this time. It may or may not work out, but right now the best all of us can do is be vocal in our support of him and the team. Great players will be attracted to the club by this appoitment too and that is no bad thing, whether or not we can afford it is another matter.

    Di Canio would be brilliant for the fans, but we do not have to work with him, whoch may be the straw that breaks the camels!

    Kevin Keen has been outstanding for West Ham. He has seen Pardew, Curbishley come and go, been loyal, plays the West Ham style and is a West Ham boy through and through. I know him well and would be delighted for him to be a major part of the set up.

    At last I am looking forward to a match for the first time in a long long while.

  31. bloody Limey says:

    Deighted to have him, Bring in Steve Clarke if he will leave Chelski and all the £millions,

    I can’t see anything wrong with hving an ex-Chelsea player as Head Coach (Not manager), He was class act and I for one will give himthe support to succeed.

  32. pjd says:

    welcome to west ham mr zola,lets back him,if we play anything like he did i for one will be a very happy for the chelsea connection,SO WHAT he is our manager now

  33. Just having Di Canio on the touch line would cause mayhem at Upton Park, the atmosphere would be electric! We could be a fortress once again! Just imagine it

  34. Kev Green Street says:

    Steve Clarke has just handed in his notice at Chelski, looks like we have our new No2


  35. Biffo the bear says:

    Humble Pie (and mash please!)

    I said it wasn’t going to happen.

    Seems as though Steve Clarke has handed in his resignation after Chelsea refused West Ham permission to talk to him.

    He’s an excellent coach who’s used to winning, he’ll be a great number two. Chelsea alleigances aside, it seems as soon as West Ham came calling he’s chucked his job, can’t say fairer than that really.

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