It’s Official: Zola Is New Manager

Although there’s nothing on the club website yet, Sky Sports News has just broken the news that Gianfranco Zola has indeed been confirmed as our new manager. I’m about to go on Setanta News to greet the appointment!

I cannot understand all this rubbish from some people about not wanting him because he played for Chelsea. Get a grip. So did Ron Greenwood.

So, use the comments to outline the hopes you have for the new regime. I hope you’re all as positive and excited as me!


51 Responses to It’s Official: Zola Is New Manager

  1. Dano says:

    plz bring in di canio as no2 or a coach!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. devo says:

    its been a lot of ex Chelsea and current Chelsea staff making unsettling remarks

  3. PC says:

    Looks like Nani got his way and appointed an inexperienced Italian manager that he will be able to influence far more than an experienced and/or English manager.

    Got nothing against Zola and the chelsea link isn’t a problem for me either. I’ll fully support him and wish him the best of luck (what a great player) but he’s not even managed a senior football side (only assistant coach to Italy under 21’s) let alone a club side. How the board can honestly believe that he’s ready to manage a Premier League club without any experience of senior or club football management is beyond me.

    I’m not convinced that this is the right answer for our club and I think that a lot of the players might have their doubts too!

    Sorry for the negative comment and I sincerely hope that I’m wrong!

    Very worried WH fan.

  4. Russ says:

    Totally agree with you Iain…….there’s been far too much negativity round the club all summer and leading into the new season. If Zola delivers everything he promises, we are in for exciting times. He’ll have my full support to make a success of the job. Sadly there will never be any pleasing some people but I would hope the vast majority of us give Zola every chance of making a real name for West Ham by getting behind him 100%. If he brings back the style, flair and excitement to our games, that’ll do for me!!

  5. Excellent! Zola played good attacking football whilst at Chelsea. I think we could be in for some exciting times

  6. Dano says:

    we got to give zola a go and see what happens. i would have prefered bilic but will see!

  7. Scalyback says:

    Yes, I think Zola will be good. He is an honest intelligent man and although I would always prefer a manager who has worn the claret & blue, as you rightly say, Ron Greenwood played for Chelsea. We will have to work on Zola to convert him!

    As regards his No2, I hope it is Paolo. That would do a lot to win over the more vocal and diehard amongst us, and I happen to thinbk he would do a cracking job. I would also add a plea to retain both KK and Ludo.

    Has Mervyn Day officially gone? The web site were still showing him as Assistant Manager earlier today although AC had been removed.

  8. Pete says:

    di canio no2 or on the coaching staff

  9. Brian says:

    Welcome Gianfranco,
    I can’t wait!
    Just remember the last flair Italian at the club
    And on that note, Lets not treat Di Canio like we treated our biggest legend Bobby Moore, he so obviously wants to be at the club, so lets pull out all the stops and give him a coaches job.
    Just the effect and passion of having him around Upton Park will be worth his wages alone.

  10. afcam says:

    What are the Board Doing , Nani might as well have appointed himself as Manager

  11. afcam says:

    Since when were Managers intelligent? , get a grip there uneducated no brainer ex footballers

  12. Ray says:

    I have been a Hammer for 55 years and grew up in the area, so have seen and been around for a lot of the ups and downs.

    I think that we should all remember that Ron Greenwood, an ex Chelsea player and arguably our best ever coach/manager, was also manager of our national under 23 team when he was appointed. Mr Greenwood’s coaching career started at Eastbourne and Oxford University, not exactly glamour clubs. before being assistant to George Swindin at Arsenal

    I hope that the parallels with Zola bode well for the future. It is my opinion that Zola is a good move for us and we should all get behind him.

  13. alan says:

    well said Ray, spot on!!

  14. Frank Rotterdam says:

    so he’s inexperienced? Curbs was experienced. Right now I reckon the way Zola thinks about football, the way he thinks it should be played, actually, is more important than a few years of management. He has to start somewhere innit? COYI!!

  15. Wes says:

    I assume as soon as he dons the claret and blue that all ties to former clubs are subordinated. He has been deemed the right man for the job and should be treated as such unless shown otherwise by something he does post appointment.

  16. hammeredcalv says:

    the smart move would be di canio as no 2 ! just think how much our youngters are gonna learn! great move for the club! zola can hopefully pass down his tricks! we will be an awesome side in 2 yers time !!!!!!!!!

  17. Matthew says:

    Zola said, “I know there is a rivalry between Chelsea and West Ham but that is not a problem. My playing career is my past.

    “I only know one way to play – on the floor, attacking football, the way things should be done.

    Go on the Z-man!! & Good luck!

  18. HammerMalta says:

    Let all stick behind Zola and give the lad a go but for God`s sake it MUST be Paolo di Canio as no 2 or on the coaching staff .I ,ve said it long time ago the man is magic he knows the trade , we all know what he can do and what he can bring up .What if Zola fails ?Bring on Paolo .COYI!!!!

  19. Roshi says:

    It’ fresh, it’s exciting and it could be just what’s needed. The club was stale, the players got rid of Curbishley (rightly or wrongly) because they were frustrated with training, negative tactics and a stand offish manner towards them. Mervyn Day trained them at cup tie speed, no wonder they were constantly injured and knackered in the last 15 minutes of a game.
    It won’t be all roses and cup finals, sure we will have our up’s and down’s, but hey! we support the Hammers and thats what it’s all about, I just want to see flowing football again not Charlton “kick it and we might win” football. The success will come from players going into training and seeing an ex player who was a credit to his sport, a fabulous player and by all accounts a bloody decent bloke.
    I salute the Board for making a very bold decision, it would have been easy to go for a tried and tested manager….young blood, enthusiasm and new commitment will do wonders for our club…I can’t wait! can you imagine how excited and “up for it” the players must be.

  20. JMan says:

    I love the majority of the positiveness, I’m excited as he was one hell of a footballer and if he can bring a smidgen of that to the Boleyn, boy are we in for a treat. I too hope they can find a role for PDC, west ham till he dies and that would help us believe that the Board realise how important us fans are and that we do know a thing or two about the game and our beloved club. They need us on their side, a united club will be a force and if I were one of the senior players I would be really looking forward to Zola’s input. As an aside Bilic really got shown up tonight, torn apart by England and no answer, doesn’t make him a bad manager but maybe not wuite as good as everyone thought, still a lot to learn.

  21. e1 says:

    great choice !!! I wonder if he will change from a 4-4-2 ? or will he play ashton, belleamy and Di mitcel up front. I think he will try 4-3-3 if we sign aphia not sure about back 4 other than upson, mid field berhami parker aphia, still it’s all good news and something to get excited about at long last,we the supporters have got to do our bit and get behind the team and zola at least untill christmas to get to the january window and stable top half place. new players in for the second half of the season and push on and finish in the top 8, see I’m running away with myself I hope the players do the Same HAPPY DAY’S!!! COYI

  22. Lamb Behrami says:

    Well done Iain! I can’t wait either! We should let him settle first though.

  23. colney says:

    ian im so disapointed in posted a heading saying you hoped it wasnt an italian manager and then your post says your well up for zola?

    Please help me understand your headlines?

  24. Iain Dale says:

    Jon, I would still have preferred Sir Trev, but if it has to be anyone else I am quite happy for it to be Zola. I think he will relate to our traditions and style of play and I dont think he will turn us into a team of 11 foreigners. To be honest I am glad it is him and not Bilic.

  25. Trappisto says:

    I’d rather have an inexperienced but promising young coach over an English manager from the middle-of-the-road mediocre merry-go-round any day. Good luck Zola – so long as we’re playing good attacking football I think you’ll win the fans over!

  26. Van Der Elst says:

    Zola is the new Greenwood. Official.

  27. Paul Nixon says:

    I am very happy Zola is our new manager. I swear some people could find something wrong with anyone and just enjoy moaning – I have the feeling that we will lose about a quarter of our fan base when we become successful: the pessimists won’t be satisfied. They’ll have to support Spurs instead. 🙂

    Zola and Clarke would be a great team: look where we were two weeks ago – Curbishly in commmand and on the recieving end of a mugging by Man City. It couldn’t have been any worse.


  28. iron lung says:

    I posted here on Friday hoping for Zola and Clarke. I still hope so. With their contacts we would be in great shape attracting the right class of player to the club. I think we will be easy on the eye and I’m very optimistic for the future. Welcome, were a credit to the sport as a player…good luck at WHU

  29. chris says:

    Just got home and pleased to here the news its zola,hope di canio is involved to but I doubt it.Guess all the bilic fans will shut up now after their slap in croatia,Zolas name attracts as I keep saying(sorry) hope some big names join now.He will definetly get the respect of the players he was magic!!!!

  30. Plaistow54 says:

    I fully agree with you Iain, this a positive appointment by the board & sets the tone for the future development of West Ham United. We all know Zola well. He isn’t a mystery. His passion for attacking football & his experience with & respect for young players can only be to our benefit. Our squad would be just as excited by this as some of us are. I thought about his past as a player & read everything that he said over the last few days. I came away with nothing but good feelings about him. I am just as excited as you are. In years to come, these days that we are living now could very well be seen as a major turning point in West Hams history. I as many others welcome Gianfranco & am fully behind him. All looks good to me.

  31. e1 says:

    Well said Iain, I think that is how most of us feel and bilic got taught a lesson last night and inexperience showed through. He will be here one day no doubt, but thank goodness not yet. Do you think zola will change formation ? and who would you like to see as no 2 ? Can’t wait for saturday and a possible 3 points. COYI

  32. Dave Hall says:

    Agreed Iain, we need to get behind the new manager and team, all the negetivity is ridiculuos. I don’t care where Zola played for in the past, the fact is he will want to get the team playing attaccking football, he is good in interviews, and has a genuine hunger to manage our club.

  33. Dave Hall says:

    I notice Derek Mcgovern in the mirror on newsnow west ham united is having a dig at our club and Zola. If that journalist had a brain he would speak common sense, but guess we can’t expect that from a numpty like him.

  34. Paul Morfey says:

    If Zola is a success all the doubters will say well done to the board and what great man Zola is. Given the mans background, I would say he will be very good for West Ham, but for how long ? We may be lucky enough to attract some top players now because of the respect and contacts he no doubt has. This can only be good for West Hams future. OK he will move on later, they all do, players , coaches and managers, lets get behind him NOW, while we can !!!
    If he had gone to the Spuds and turned them into a top 4 team (hahaha) we would be kicking ourselves, he has to start somewhere, why not for us ? I believe this is a brave and bold move by the board, but it does show they want to progress and that to me sound GOOD. Please Franco, let the team football the West Ham way and bring back the style of play hammers fans crave for.

  35. chris says:

    Just had these letters put on back of shirt ZOLA…looks flippin great!!!!!!couldn’t give a stuff what anyones else thinks!!!

  36. Salesh says:

    Good luck ZOLA.

    Btw- please play 2 strikers up front at home at least 😛

  37. Goatygav says:

    COME ON U IRONS!!!!!!!!!
    Zola needs to make a wise choice for a number 2. DiCanio is definitely the fans favorite. Whether he makes a decent number 2 or not I don’t know. Personally I think he’ be worth taking the risk on. I reckon he would understand what Zola would like to achieve (based on what he’s said about attacking football played on the floor) and would work tirelessly to achieve that end.

    EXCITING TIMES AHEAD I FEEL! Can’t wait for Saturday!!!!!

  38. Vince says:

    This Chelsea business is not warranted. Lets get behind both the Team and Management. Zola says that he is going to get the Team to play attacking football, our tradition!
    Let’s get behind him.

  39. Geoff Pikey says:

    Will someone please notify West Ham United Football Club PLC that they have employed a new manager/coach, as it seems, judging by their ‘official’ outlet, that they are unaware of this minor detail.

  40. hammeredcalv says:

    did they put him down as a player/manager ?? hope so, coz he could still run rings round all our first team! COME ZOLA DI CANIO NO2 !!! COYI !!!!!!

  41. Bedd Gelert says:

    But isn’t he, er, Italian ?!* Or have you now performed a volte-face ?

    [ I daren’t refer to as a ‘U-Turn’ as I don’t want to offend your sensibilities…]

  42. clack says:

    I think it’s a strange appointment.

    Ok, Ron Greenwood played for Chelsea, but he wasn’t a legendary Chelsea player or so readlily idnetified with Chelsea as Zola is.

    Of course, he gets my support, but I’m sceptical. It’s easy tp talk about attacking play than to produce it.

    And all the new manager stuff, has distracted away from the fact we have a much weakened defence now, since sales of Anton and McCartney.

  43. e1 says:

    Tomkins is fit and we have 2 new left backs so as yet we don’t know if we have a weaker or stronger defence !! A win on saturday will put us in good stead for the Newcastle game and give Zola a chance to see what he’s got and how if at all he needs to change it. we have a decent squad now and nearly all fit, when dyer is avaliable he will be like a new signing, the next 3 games are all winable then zola will face a real challenge when we play Arsenal who blow hot and cold and Man u we did it last year so why not again confidence plays a big part as we saw last night with england, the suppoters must do our bit for the next few weeks and give the team and manager 100% . we will all get our reward and push on ,ROLL ON SATURDAY !! COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!!!!!

  44. madders says:

    This is great news. Should be an adventure at least and I can’t wait. I thought Curbs carried himself well but I never really took to him and I don’t think he was right for us at all.

    So I am OVER THE MOON that we’ve got Zola. A brave decision by the board but he wants to play the right way and is a real gentleman so worth a pop for sure. Reckon he could attract some players with a few juicy skills too. No more Quashie and LBM hopefully!

    The only thing I didn’t like the sound of is terry’s comment “he can get experience at west ham and hopefully come to chelsea later”. Bugger off terry you wizzened-faced prat!

  45. West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    To all those who listen to what has come out from ex and current chelsea players look at who it has come from the like of Le Boeuf a beef in his own head only and a complete fool and Terry well I don’t think we are talking international masterminds here just small minded fools and thugs. Desailly and some others have been far more dignified and understand that although it is a brave decision to appoint someone with limited experience and it could be very positive for all parties regardless of what the future holds.

    Hopefully Zola can bring Steve Clarke with him as he demonstrated at Newcastle and Chelsea that he can through coaching and tactics provide a foundation that allows a team to perform at a higher level consistantly.

  46. brooking still the best says:

    I am getting quite excited hearing and seeing on the blogs that most of us fans are positive, it makes a very nice and welcome change.
    One thing for sure, Zola will bring the type of football I pay my money to see!

    Zola’a claret n blue army!

  47. e1 says:

    nice to see zola is not looking to bring a no 2 straight away and he’s going to stick with KK for the time being, makes sense as Keen knows the players and has done well with the reserve team and is working hard to bring the youngsters into the first team squad, Tony Carr no doubt will continue to nurture the young un’s and all in all it looks a pretty good set up I like the idea of a new fittness coach as this can only stem the injury problems.We have five games that we should get points from WBA 3pts Newcastle 3pts fulham 1pt bolton 3pts Hull 1pt. 11 from a possible 15, I really think that we can finish in the top 8 this season and even nick points of the top clubs. MY PREDICTION IS 32 points on 28thDecember, and finish with 52.
    COYI !!!!!!!!!

  48. martin keech says:

    Zola has a great personality,he is a genuine honourable and very likable man.He was a great player who played with many great players.It will be fantastic for the WestHam players to work with someone of such stature. Gianfranco’s Claret and Blue army.

  49. DaDon says:

    Whichever way you look at it this is a step forward for the club.

    GZ is the most high profile appointment in the history of West Ham and should be welcomed with open arms. It is a risk, but is it any more of a risk than say Bonds, Macari, Redknapp, Roeder, even Pardew at the time of their appointment? I don’t think so. And look where playing safe with Crubishley has got us.

    Zola was a top top player yet blessed with a humility, honesty and charm that suggest he has a better chance of succeeding than other high profile players like, say, Ruud Gullit. My only worry is that he might be too nice a guy, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough how much steel there is in him.

    We already have good players – if he can harness their ability and inspire them to play with the passion and commitment that we’ve been lacking for a long time (qualities he had in abundance as a player) then we might just have found our very own Wengeralike. And lest we forget – as a kid he played alongside Maradona.

    Can’t wait for the Newcastle game – the atmosphere at UP’s gonna be electric.

  50. CFC says:

    Glad to see you guys get Zola as a manager, he will be a great addition to the team and will be aided in this by his no2 Steve Clarke, who once CFC agree to let out of his contract will be moving to upton park to assist Zola, trust this from an inside source 😉

  51. DevoDevo says:

    I think the only negative comments regarding Zola’s appointment come from illiterates like Afcam.

    Zola is a young, progressive coach who, as a player, conducted himself with great dignity. He is also a shoe-in for any “best ever” Premier league side, such was his skill.

    I’m overjoyed to see the back of Curbishley, although I was less than impressed with the way the club conducted themselves.

    Under Zola, I expect a much more expansive game, something that has been lacking for over a season now.

    3-0 at West Brom will do nicely. 🙂

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