West Brom Preview

It certainly looks like Steve Clarke is on his way to Upton Park, doesn’t it? I suspect we all take some enjoyment out of the fact that the traffic is from Stramford Bridge to us, rather than the other way around for a change.

Today’s game at West Bronwich Albion has taken on a new significance. We have had some good results there in the recent past, if my memory serves me correctly. I hope Bellamy and Ashton can make a rare start together. Will Di Michele get a start in place of Mark Noble? I suspect not, and he will start on the bench with Mullins or Behrami coming in to central midfield. The other quandary for Kevin Keen is whether Walter Lopez is ready for a debut at left back. If so, does Lucas Neill revert to right back or replace Calum Davenport in the centre, which is certainly the place I would like to see him occupy in the back four.

The good news is that James Tomkins is fit again, and will no doubt figure on the bench. Persoanlly, I would play him ahead of Neill or Davenport, but maybe it is best to ease him in from the bench.

We have a run of games now against some of the lower sides. We need to get a good haul of points over the next six weeks. If we do, who knows what might happen?!

The best of luck to Kevin Keen.


34 Responses to West Brom Preview

  1. freddyfreddy says:

    just out of interest Iain, why would you place Neill in the middle ahead of Davenport? I’m not trying to start an arguement at all here, I am genuinely interested in your opinion!

    Davenport was immense against blackburn and he is so good in the air. For me, Neill turns like a battleship and is lacking in pace.

    As far as I am concerned, Neill can stay on the bench!

  2. Student Hammer says:

    Do you think Steve Clarke will bring Joe Cole with him?

  3. jon.london colney says:

    davenport has been superb and with more games he could become the first name on the sheet.neil is a regular problem with poor passing and no turn of pace.
    i would like to mention here that kev keen should and i hope does stay with the new set up.west ham through and through and will give zola the help in understanding what we are all about.coyi

  4. Chipper Harris says:

    Yes, Steve Clarke will bring Joe Cole with him. In fact the whole Chelsea squad are fighting among themselves to join him at West Ham. Also coming with him are the entire backroom staff and Roman Abramovich. Clarke is that influential that there is even talk of dismantling Stamford Bridge and rebuilding it on Green Street brick by brick, as the place will never be the same without him. Seriously, why would a coach bring a player with them?

  5. Biffo the bear says:

    According to an interview with Curbishley in the sun, the coaching staff, which presumably included Kevin Keen, had looked at Lopez on trial and decided against him, then the board signed him anyway, part of the undermining Curbs cited as reason for his resignation.

  6. e1 says:

    Chelsea have got the hump and are reporting us for tapping up all because Kia can’t keep his mouth shut ,that dick could cost us again possible point deduction or at least a fine. This guy needs to be distance from the club or at the very least told to keep his F**king mouth shut, if statment are to be made to the press they should come from someone with authority not a parasite like him !!!!!

  7. brendanmac says:

    could not agree more …davenport deserves his place in the middle on his recent form … he looks a better player than neil at the moment… playing good westham football

  8. Student Hammer says:

    just to make my point from the last post a little clearer, I was taking the mick, I know Zola wont have any problems persuading Joe to come back 😉

  9. Dave Hall says:

    Skysports are the most biased hypocrits around. Not only did that daft panel all predict a Wba win,they talked negative about the Zola appointment and then said we have a small squad since we sold players. Yet these hypocrits said sometime ago we needed to trim our squad. Biased morons. I hope Zola proves these lot they are wrong.

  10. djclipz says:

    i agree with giving davenport a go at the min, however when collins and tomkins back to full fitness then we’ll have to see!!! That lopez story i do wonder about, i feel sorry for curbs but there has been so much talk between him the board and players that we will never really know what is the case and what isn’t. I think its best we move on get behind our new boss and watch bellamy and ashton bang them goals in!!!!

  11. Paul Anderson says:

    If Neil is spending time on the bench, maybe it needs reinforcing. Can anyone really see introducing Neil from the bench altering the balance of the game (in a positive way). He is just too slow to play anywhere across the back 4, and is likely to get slower no he has turned 30.

    Before Curbishley’s departure I had this game marked down as a defeat. It will be interesting to see if the change of management motivates the players. Away from home you really need to put in a shift, and fight for everything – otherwise pretty much any team will turn you over. It will be very interesting to see what Zola does (rather than what he says). To play good football you need good players, and a bit of pace.

    I am still sceptical about whether the club will make funds available, and to be honest have lost confidence in the board. But I would love to be proved wrong.

    Fingers crossed for a good result at the Hawthorns.

  12. chris says:

    WWhy have we not started our strongest team,whys bellars on bench,whys faubert not a fullback…..for godsake negative attitude negative result,,,ashton off injured as usuall should of took the money!!!!!! hurry up Zola!!!!!typical english managment attitude negative…….games a shambles thats why we need a foreign manager with flair!!!!!!

  13. chris says:

    I eat humble pie and a mighty gulp,,the games now come alive since ashton went, di michele is a wizard!!!!!!! he oozes class!!!!! their great these dodgy italian satelites!!!!!!!!

  14. chris says:

    LBM do you ever score!!!!

  15. chris says:

    our defence is shocking!!!!3 goals to WBA thats poor upson is the only defender we have got!!!! neil will get dropped by Zola I hope please!!!!!!!! tomkins back we should look like this…..lopez tomkins upson faubert…why faubert never plays right back is beyond me!!!!!!

  16. brooking still the best says:

    Why did K Keen play Boa-morte and leave Bellamy on the bench al the game. I can see why he wasnt offered the job full-time

  17. chris says:

    When the third goal went in the cameras went to zola reading his lips whilst he was shaking his head he said NO PACE!!!!!!! thats right ZOLA our back 4 has none!!!!!!

  18. chris says:

    well said paul agree with everything !

  19. luke says:

    dissapointed again, saw soom gud moments but just couldnt understand the line up, why was bellers on the bench i really dont know, ashton off injured again but should be back next week, hopefully zola can work out what our strongest line up is and play it cos keen cant. i agree with chris an would like to see faubert in place of neill. di michele looked gud tho when he came on. look forward to next week tho with zola in charge against a dire newcastle, i predict plenty of goals for us with the correct line up and some zola inspiration.

  20. jon.london colney says:

    allways look on the bright side…spurs are bottom ..wahoooooooooo !!!!!!

  21. Curbs says:

    For someone so fat, Ashton is such a lightweight. Get rid.

  22. Geoff Pikey says:

    Yet again as soon as Ashton went off with something minor we improved dramatically. Should have got a point at least though.

  23. afcam says:

    Jock Stein always said pick your best players then worry about positions!

  24. jon.london colney says:

    just a quick mention for bobby zamora.great game,great goal,miss you in claret n blue.

    why did he go?

  25. Zvezda says:

    A new manager won’t change a thing……we will just battle our way to safety, get knocked out in the FA Cup third round and Watford will surprise us in the Milk Cup, or whatever the f*** it’s called now…Rumbellows…???

    Football is a business, all the real action takes place where the money is and right now we look like a a corner shop!

  26. hammeredcalv says:

    i think if ballamy had played yesterday, we would of won, we have not seen Ashton or bellamy play together for a long time,a real shame as we all know how good that partnership is. But my patience has now worn thin, we will see a lot of players going in Jan and sadly i think we will see ashton and bellers gone! we need fitter,better,younger, and more reliable stikers, who REALLY want to play for the club! Be sad to see them go, but there are better players out there and Zola will get them.

  27. Plaistow54 says:

    I expected us to win that with room to spare Iain, but, usual story. West Brom came out determined to get points. Green went for the ball, not the player. We were dead unlucky there but Brom deserved the points. By the look on Zolas face, he knows he’s got a bit of work to do. There are rumours that Dubai Investment Capital are looking at us now the Liverpool purchase is unsure. A rich Arab to take over ? All too much for me. What about Chelsea. They reckon we are whingers because we have questioned the 5 mill they want for Steve Clarke. The more you have, the more you want it seems. They say we already have their greatest ever player. I pay my respects to Zola but what about Peter Osgood. Or do i just have a long memory.

  28. Geoff Pikey says:

    Zola is just window dressing. Something nice to look at to get your attention, then once you’re in you realise it’s still the same old tat. A few big spenders might browse around and pick up something cheap in the january bargain basement sales, thus opening the way to bring in cheaper continental goods. After all, mid table mediocrity is more palateable if you have a nice smiling Italian who ‘talks’ a good attacking game, rather than if you had a glum looking Englishman who took a more cautious approach. But Zola will attract players i hear you cry, well, yes he will, to a point, but only as long as the players in question don’t cost too much and their wages are low. So don’t be expecting the likes of Messi or Riquelme, instead get used to the likes of ageing ex Chelsea B teamers or Serie A journeymen. As for Steve Clarke… you could have the greatest trainers in the world but they still couldn’t make a grand national winner out of a seaside donkey. On yesterdays showing we are that donkey.

  29. jon.london colney says:

    why do people want bellamy to play if hes still not fit? we all know how he breaks down very easily so ffs let them play him when hes ready and not for 2 games and then out 4 a month.

  30. E1 says:

    We still have a long way to go, to get anything like a top 8 team we will need to buy heavy in the Jan window, we are very weak at the back take upson and green out and we look very average , mid field looking better but still no playmaker or star turn, up front, well say no more, Zola needs a magic wand think harry potter may be a better No2. I hope we can beat the toon next week at least then we will have 100% record at home and we can play our part. looks to me that we are going to have to wait another season before to much happens, I DO HOPE I AM WRONG if spurs want to pay 18 m for ashton it could be good business but nobody is going to buy him unless he proves his worth. Overall Very disapointed a real anti climax.
    COYI !!!!!!!

  31. jon.london colney says:

    ian please help…..

    clarke resigns.

    west ham want him.

    chelsea then say they want 5 mill for a person(not player) that doesnt work for them anymore?

    wtf is that all about?

    if he resigned and then sat at home for 6 months would the next team he signed for have to pay them 5 mill?

    im buggered if i can see why we are in talks for compensation with the second richest or is it 3rd now club in the world.

  32. Paul Anderson says:

    Its simple really, he’s under contract at Chelsea. Wouldn’t we do the same – get as much as we can whenever we can. Chelseas don’t owe us any favours and they are negotiating. They lost out on Robinho for the sake of a few million – why would they be more generous towards West Ham.

  33. Andy C says:

    Stevie Clarke is a top man and a top coach and will complement GFZ perfectly. Good luck to the Hammers from a Chelsea fan, it would be great to see a proper Chelsea – WH rivalry resumed.

    Chelsea are just playing hardball on the $5m, it’s not like we’ve done bad business between our 2 clubs in the past few years. $1m will get Clarkie, bargain in my opinion.

  34. chris says:

    All strikers injured again bellamys seasons over,might as well right him off with dyer,cant see us surviving this we,re down,,,,or spend big in jan no credit crunch excuses!!!!!!same old story why are we such a laughing stock,so glad we’ve gone foreign!!!!

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