The New West Ham Chant

Sing loud, song clear…

From Stamford Bridge to Upton Park .. We’ve nicked your Zola and your Clarke …


47 Responses to The New West Ham Chant

  1. Hayden says:

    Haha I love it !

  2. HammersWest says:

    Love it – COYI

  3. Keith says:

    FANTASTIC !!! C’MON YOU IRONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kall says:

    no more boos more chanting cmon u irons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Biffo the bear says:


  6. Plaistow54 says:

    Seeing as it’s a blog, in longhand… lots of laughs.

  7. Sydney Stu says:

    Why have we ‘nicked’ Zola and Clarke? They have moved to a bigger, better club than Chelsea….

  8. Zvezda says:

    Petty…I’d rather a victory, some entertaining football and a trophy…get real!

  9. alan says:

    lol………love it ian

  10. Tony Titan says:

    Not quite “knicked” – more like purchased – I’ll stick with the original words !

  11. nr2iron says:

    That is very clever!

  12. Roy says:

    OK, we don’t like Chelsea but it’s become an obsession. Let’s concentrate on the Irons and get properly behind our team.

  13. blue claret says:


  14. Stuart says:

    maybe “got your zola and your clarke” would be etter.

  15. Pepper says:

    Blimey lighten up people Iain is only having a laugh


  16. The kinks – Lola

    “He comes from italy and he’s 5ft 4,
    he makes west ham play like we never saw
    la la ZOOOOOOLA
    la la la la ZOOOOOLA
    la la la la ZOOOOOLA!!!”

  17. Robert says:

    Well, we could sing that…….while we were losing 3, or 4 nil
    Who cares! As long as Tots are bottom of the league!!

  18. Matt Ryan says:

    What’s all this “we don’t like Chelsea” lark???? I have been a Hammers fan for 29 years and my uncle played for them for a while and all this “we hate other teams” is ridiculous! So we were a feeder club for Chelsea for a while, well done Chelsea for spotting great talent and securing their services! We are a feeder club for Sunderland at the moment! Do we hate them as well now?

    Like it or not we have a great football team here in East London and we grow some great players in our academy! Do we REALLY expect them to stay with us forever?

    Chelsea have also been somewhat of a feeder club for us in the past too!

    I, for one don’t hate Chelsea or any other team for that matter! Why can’t we all just support our own team and let other teams do as they wish to enjoy a good season?


  19. kyle says:

    Up yer arse! Up yer arse!
    Stick your blue flag up yer arse!
    From Stamford Bridge to Upton Park,
    We’ve got Zola and Steve Clarke!

    Up yer arrrrssee, up yer arrrsseee!
    Stick your blue flag up yer arse!
    They left The Bridge for Upton Park,
    Gianfranco Zola and Steve Clarke!

  20. colney says:

    ryan,shut up you plank !

    ian is that ryan from the other night?

    hate i a strong word but not strong enough for totscum,chelski,wall,mancs,mickey mousers and sheff crying utd.

  21. Darren Broxbourne says:

    We were singing a different song at West Brom on Saturday. It’s to the tune of ‘You’re just too good to be true’ by Frankie Valli. There were other versions by Andy Williams and an 80’s remake by The Boystown Gang. Change the lyrics of the chorus from ‘I love you, baby, And if it’s quite alright, I need you, baby, To warm a lonely night etc etc etc’

    Gianfranco Zola, he’s only 5ft 3
    Gianfranco Zola, he comes from Italy
    Gianfranco Zola, ain’t with Chelsea no more

    (repeat a few times to fade)

  22. brooking still the best says:

    For now, I just want us to string a few wins together, was that 3 points lost on Saturday or what? OK i like end to end football, but losing 3-2 isnt great, I hope those day are long gone where we entertain and get nothing. Lets win in style.

  23. Matt Ryan says:

    Jordan, shut it! You muppet!

    You know NOTHING about football if you think you hate other clubs!

    Oh and by the way, it’s pronounce “IS”!!!


  24. Ian the Hammer says:

    Bwah ha ha ha outstanding

  25. nelly the hammer says:

    Christ Ryan, get yourself a sense of humour, you should have one being a hammers fan. Its only a bit of fun, don’t get a hard on over it

  26. Upton Spark says:

    Matt and Jordan,ooh……… Let’s kiss and make up please.(not with me by the way)

    As far as I can see,everyone plus all the so called “experts”are very excited at the partnership of Zola and Clarke. If it goes pear shaped who do we shout at?
    I personaly beleive we are going to enjoy the ride once they get themselves settled and playing the way they want us to.
    Clarke will galvanize the defence and Zola will play bright attacking football.
    Can’t wait for Saturday.

  27. Matt Ryan says:

    This is my point exactly! I totally embrace the appointments of Mr Zola and Mr Ckark! I think they will bring about a very exciting attacking style of play and I am so looking forward to the next few months!

    All I was trying to say is that we should concentrate on the greatness of our club rather that the downfalls of other clubs! Football was once a sport but it;s now a business! Why should we “HATE” clubs that can see a quality player and want to buy him, no matter what club it is???

    I was merely stating my point when JORDAN decided to flame me! So, kiss and make up?? No thanks!


    P.s Nelly. I was quite happy to just plod along until Jordan the muppet decided to start being offensive 🙂

  28. E1 says:

    i HAVE SUPPORTEDWEST HAM FOR 40 YEARS AND i’am sorry but I do hate spurs and millwall, Ryan if your uncle played for us have achat with him and I am sure he will explain it all. COYI

  29. irontc says:

    Please, Please, Please dont let them go out on Saturday with those patches!

  30. Happyhammer says:

    Plz people we need a new That’s amore seeing Bobby Z has gone. Keep the songs coming I enjoy them and i’ll be looking forward to hearing them through the tv set on the weekends due to me not living in London.

  31. Matt Ryan says:

    E1 my uncle is now in an alzheimers home! But thanks for the advice you heartless fool! And for the record, hate of ANY other team is just plain dumb! As you clearly are!!

  32. Troo Blue says:

    ha ha amusing but not exactly the same as us nicking lamps and coley is it???

  33. Troo Blue says:

    … and actually winning things off the back of nicking em

  34. Lovin’ this. Am going to text it to my nephew right this second!!


    4-1 to the Mighty Hammers on Saturday!!!

  35. BTW – shame about many of the comments on this blog. Up until now we’ve had people with a sense of humour and an itelligent, sensible outlook. Football fans have songs about other clubs – always have – always will. It’s called banter and it offers the opportunity to display a sense of humour and wit – who can invent the cleverest songs and can give the quickest retorts back – there have been some classics down the years that have made me laugh and smile.

    The banter is here to stay – LIVE WITH IT!!!

    Right now my nephew is doing his bits trying to work out who sent him the text. Once he susses it out he’ll come back with something – won’t be funny or clever though – never is from Chelsea fans.

  36. Tony Titan says:

    Chelsea fans ? Not Funny ? Not Clever ? hardly surprising – The little “Ruskiettes” should be given a break – after all – its only to be expected – from anyone walking round with a blue flag wedged up the preverbial !

  37. E1 says:

    Matt Ryan, Self pity is a cowards card to play how could I have know about your uncle and why are you using him as a refrence other than to try and add weight to your argument, as far as being heartless is concerned I think you win that title, however for anybody who suported the hammers through the 70’s and 80’s spurs, millwall and to a degree chelsea will not be teams that are liked they may be admired at times but that is through respect. something that you should have for your uncle rather than using him as fuel for an argument . You sir are a no nothing , disrespectful upstart your opinion is worthless.

  38. E1 says:

    Matt Ryan Who is your uncle anyway and when did he play for west ham ?

  39. colney says:

    e1 so right and ryan should stay at home with his cup of horlicks and a rich tea biscuit.
    ian has run questions on here as to who we hate the most and all west ham suporters how the hell can you embrace what chelsea have done? they are the scum from the west with fake suport and gobby muppets.

    mr ryan who ever you think you are you are no west ham suporter from the 70’s or
    80’s as you would understand and im not talking about hooligans b4 you go on your soap box..bed time muppet and leave the hateing to every other true suporter.

  40. Ian Smith says:

    Sorry lads for going off the subject, but this is important. What ever is happening with our sponsors, at the moment, please sign the petition that is flying around at the moment. The petition simply asks the club that they considering putting the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK on the front of their shirts for the rest of the season. The petition has already attracted over 3,000 signatures. Just go to to sign up. What a great idea. I am sure it will sell more shirts than enough. Plus the club can donate 50p for every shirt sold.

  41. Joe the Feast says:

    Blimey boys, theres some cracking chants on here but the banters gone a bit lemon?! Course some of us hate other clubs, i’d sell my house and spend it all on a party if spurs got relegated, so no need for some lads to get all serious its just a part of the game.

    Most of the best clubs in the world are famous for hating their closest Barce/Real, AC/Inter rival etc so lets not pretend your a friggin outcast if you hate another team as the majority of fans do hate other teams!! Its just a shame Millwall are too shite these days to warrant the effort haha!!

  42. Joe the Feast says:

    Nice idea Ian mate, would certainly shift a lot of shirts and make a great tribute to our greatest player, especially in this year. Just signed up now and its over 4500 signatures now.

  43. Darren Broxbourne says:

    Ian Smith Says:
    September 18, 2008 at 10:17 am

    Well done Ian. I have emailed Iain to ask him to use his influence to promote the idea. Apparently he knows people in high places 😉

    I would hope that a donation of more than 50p per shirt goes to the Bobby More Fund though!

    The full link is:

  44. Gorgonzola says:

    I have to agree with you MATT RYAN. It is very easy to hate and some people just love to take the easy option. They just want an identity, to be part of something , in the crew, the posse…”yeh man we hate Chelsea and bla bla bla”.

    The fact is, people who were saying they didn’t want Zola before he was appointed because of his Chelsea past are stuck now aren’t they because Zola is our manager. What are these haters going to do now? Stop supporting us? Just shows how silly this hating thing is. Yes, support your team but you don’t have to be a bloody hating thug to do so.

    These same haters called for Paulo Dicanio as our manager but they somehow manage to ignore that he played for Charlton, another London rival. This proves the flaw in this “logic” they have.

    So don’t worry mate, you keep taking the more intelligent option and keep supporting the irons with tolerance for other teams….it’s not worth arguing with them because they’ll just get together with their posse and start mouthing off as if they are the only true West Ham fans. Iain was right when he said that this ex-Chelsea hate thing was just rubbish.

  45. bob says:


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