Here We Go Again

So Dean Ashton is out for a month and Craig Bellamy has a groin and a hamstring injury. Unbelievable. So we now only have two fit strikers in Carlton Cole and Freddie Sears. Not exactly a strike force to frighten most Premiership defences, is it? It wouldn’t surprise me if Zola started with Boa Morte up front tomorrow, alongside Cole. Indeed, it may not be such a bad idea. Boa Morte may have a point to prove. No, let’s reword that. He DOES have a point to prove.

I’ve also read that Zola intends to play Lucas Neill alongside Upson in central defence. I think that is a good move. He wants Faubert at right back with Behrami on the wing. Again, I think that’s worth a try.

Can’t wait for 3pm tomorrow!

UPDATE: I have egg dripping from my face, having forgotten that we have a certain David di Michele to choose from too. I’ll just get my coat.


26 Responses to Here We Go Again

  1. matt says:

    Did we not sign italian David Di Michele? who played last week!

  2. Hayden says:

    We also have Di Michele.. and Hines at a stretch. It’s poor luck as always but…. trying to look on the bright side – the Faubert / Behrami switched right sounds good to me – I’ve always thought Behrami needs to go there. Coley will be wanting to impress as well!

  3. djclipz says:

    What about di michele up front with cole? I didnt see a lot from WBA but i heard he was quite promising. I also like the sound of swapping the defence around a bit however we all kno Neill’s tendancy to take out the person who just ran past him, hope tht isn’t gonna be a factor on weakening our central defence!!! Lets hope tomkins gets some more playin time soon

  4. Perth Hammer says:

    Di Michele too, Iain. At least for 15 minutes before running out of puff.

  5. Paul W says:


    I think you are being a bit unfair about Boa Morte. By all accounts, he was our best player up at West Brom and I can remember a couple of really good performances last season, despite him getting booed. For example, don’t you remember in the Villa game that he was the hardest working player on the pitch AND he took our Reo Coker twice. I think he has lacked confidence, but he is really trying hard and it certainly doesn’t do anyone any good to keep knocking him. I think he will play tomorrow and will be, for one, cheering him.

    Agree on the strikers front, albeit don’t forget Di Michele who could well start for us now. I am starting to lose faith in both Ashton and Bellamy. Both are wonderful players, but Bellamy clearly has a serious career threatening injury and Deano (probably because of his build) does seem prone to getting knocks.

    Tomorrow, I expect us to play a 4-4-2 that will probably be

    Green, Faubert, Neill, Upson, Illunga, Behrami, Parker, Noble, Boa Morte,Cole, Di Michele.

    There is plenty of pace in the team, but I would prefer a pacier centre back to play alongside Upson. For me, the only one at present capable of doing that is Gabdidon (who also reads the game really well), but he is injured. Tomkins needs experience and Collins/Davenport are too much like Upson, albeit I do rat.

  6. Al says:

    Don’t forget Di Michele. I think Zola will start him with Cole.

  7. Lrdzz says:

    What about Di Michele, I bet he will start over Sears…..

  8. Jay-Alabama Hammer says:

    how did Bellamy get injured?? Surely not in training,he hasnt played a friggin game for 3 months! Jesus I am beginning to think we did something bad in a previous life or something….when is this run gonna change? I agree with the tactical moves, Lucas Neill gets caught for pace too much playing wide – brining him inside will help that I reckon. Did they play a sweeper when Zola was at Chelsea?

  9. sam ham says:

    I think our midfield will be crucial tommorow plus I think Di Michelle and Cole might be a better start with Sears on the bench. LBM on the left wing may add a bit more thrust to our attacks and I agree with the changes in defence letting Behrami get forward more .Lets hope we are up for it and the team do their best to impress the new boss. I really do think he can get more from our squad and hopefully some of Zola’s
    magic will rub off. COYI!!!

  10. gary says:

    Please G.Z. sell both Bellamy and Ashton for 2 fit strikers neither have given us good service ……yet more crocks purchased by A.C. .He wasted all that money last season on injured has beens….

  11. col says:

    I have to agree that I’ve always wanted to see a central midfield pairing of Neill and Upson but I’m a bit hesitant about Faubert starting at right back but at the moment if he chooses those two in central defence he doesn’t really have an option but eventually I’d like to see Behrami in central midfield alongside Parker or Noble and Faubert on the right, look like we need to buy a new right back now.

    Anyway, congrats on the mention in TIME magazine, not that many people get mentioned in there unless they know what they are talking about, your getting to be known world wide Iain.

  12. JP says:

    Tube delays on the district line today due to someone requiring medical assistance at West Ham station.

    What do you think the odds are that it was a west ham player falling down the stairs?

    Ashtons injuries are unfortunate, the ankle break with England has ruined his general fitness. But you have to point the finger at Curbs for Bellamy and Dyer. They are great players when they are fit but you will only get 10 games (at a push) out of each of them a season. Money wasted in my opinion everyone know they have injury problems, no wonder we had no competition to sign them!!

  13. paddy says:

    where the hell has lopez gone,not shopping in green street i hope.
    in training kevin keen said he looked great,so wheres he at.

  14. Dr Sponge says:

    Ashton is a joke, we seriously have to get shot of this lightweight. He comes back from ”injury” then after the first half hearted challenge on him he collapses in a heap and is not seen again for weeks. And so this pattern continues again and again. Whether it’s that old career wrecker – cramp, or the equally debilitating – a grazed earlobe. Now it seems a blade of grass got the better of him during training. Our blood soaked bandage wearing warriors of yore must be watching on in utter contempt. Even his hair is getting embarrassed about being associated with him, and is departing at an alarming rate, peroxide or no peroxide.

  15. Neill is Australia’s regular central defender and plays better there. First good move by Zola. Can’t believe Ashton and Bellamy though. Are they fairdinkum! The two most on and off injured players ever to put on the Hammers jumper. Can’t hide the frustration…

  16. Roshi says:

    Does Bellamy actually have the desire to play football, if the guy had a physical injury like Dyer and Ashton I would have some sympathy, but all these mysterious groins, hamstrings and stomach muscles are beginning to get a little tiresome.
    Surely there is a timescale that a professional athlete should recover from such injuries, it seems every club he’s been at has had the same problem with him, how to get more than 15 games a season. Its a shame because he has a great talent and is a fabulous addition to the team, from what we’ve seen of him, but I think it’s time somebody pulled him to one side and asked what his commitment to football is, and whether he feels these injuries are career threatening, because after a year which has included a few pre-season games and the odd cameo appearance in the league, the return on Bellamy has been appalling. It will be interesting to see how the new management address the situation.

  17. supernumbersix says:

    Bellamy should be used as a ‘super sub’. He did well against Blackburn when he came on.
    Bring him on for the last twenty minutes. He is obviously never going to play a full ninety from the start . Bring him on when the opposition are starting to flag so he can run them ragged.

    Sell Ashton to the barcodes (not villa) he’s got to be worth 8 – 10 mill?

  18. colney says:

    taxi for ashton anyone?

  19. E1 says:

    why are we playing 4-4-2 ? with the players avaliable would it not make more sense to play 3-5-2 : Neill Upson Llunga, Fabuert Berhami Parker Noble Lbm( berhami and parker as holding players and cover for the defence) Cole Di Michell up front. Time to have ago we can always revert to 4-4-2 if it does’nt work but this would stem the flow through to Owen and that bugger always seems to score against us!!

  20. chris says:

    If we dont buy in jan we are down its as simple as that…bellars has gone hes pulling a fast one like dyer, both know they have career ending injuries so lets forget them both .Deanos the same bet this injury is the same one he broke….Listen mr chairman forget the credit crunch unless you spend 20million on a new strike force in jan we’ve gone!!!and you’ll lose a lot more so its worth the gamble,,,YES YOU WAS RIGHT TO SACK CURBS HE WASTED MILLIONS!!!!!!

  21. Matthew says:

    Looks like Day and Snowdin are no longer at the club, they have been removed from the clubs website. Maybe Curbs could be taking over the toon

  22. chris says:

    Will bellars announce retirement after this latest setback,after all the work and operations to fix this ongoing problem this must be the end of the road for him,whats the point of another operation,whats your opinion Iain?

  23. Eric says:

    They are on borrowed time and Zola/ Nani are already looking for replacements.

  24. Bazhammer says:

    I’m not sure I agree with Faubert at right back, with Behrami in midfield. Faubert is starting to look the player I’ve seen from two seasons back, going forward with intent and hitting the ball like an Exocet missile. He has started to show his calibre. You can tell that he is starting to get back to his best when you see him run at defences, his shape of old is coming back, and for a French league player he was always Premiership built. Believe me , this mans a tank when he goes and will frighten the ‘Granny’ out of most defences. Keep him on the wing, he never gives up a lost cause. I have been drooling to see him come back to his best and he’s getting there, he will be the perfect foil for Di Michelle. Only keep him at full back if he has the reign to go forward, overlap, and give some support to the forwards. This man is solid!!!

  25. richo says:

    Echo some of the other comments on our injuries, I know it’s proffesional sport and obviously professional medical advice is given but you have to wonder about some of these blokes heart and commitment.
    Playing Neill in centrel defence is a good move he plays there for Aus and ususally performs a good job i think that is his best position. Will be interesting to see Zolas’ formation and line-up.

  26. Mumble says:

    Dean who? West Hm just proved they don’t need the overweight peroxide porker. Italia!! Italia!!

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