Bring Back Jeremy Nicholas!

The only negative from today’s game was yet again the awfulness of the pre match announcer. Can you believe that he actually forgot to welcome Gianfranco Zola to the club and allow us to applaud our new hero? Unbelievably crass.

And he keeps playing Bubbles at completely the wrong time. There is an art to whipping up an Upton Park crowd, and this guy, who ever he is, hasn’t got a clue. Jeremy Nicholas lives and breathes West Ham. he is one of us. And he’s an entertainer who can feel the pulse of the crowd.

Bring him back!


16 Responses to Bring Back Jeremy Nicholas!

  1. Kim says:

    He was bad. And the sound quality was crap. How about ‘There’s only one Jeremy Nicholas’ for the Bolton game as a chant? It will totally confuse the coach and a half load of away supporters!

  2. 100% agree, this guy has no connection with the crowd. Bring back Jeremy!

  3. Scalyback says:

    Can’t agree more; the announcing etc was a complete shambles.

  4. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    i’m sure he’d have gotten franco to give us a wave too.

  5. Tony Titan says:

    Iain – Bang on the nail – timing is key when it comes to whipping up an Upton Park frenzy with “bubbles” – today was truly pants of the first order ! The football however was decidely refreshing – few balls off the ground – moments of fluent passing – confidence – Etherington loose on all sides – 2/3 touches – it looked good – Di Michelle got a tad too cocky trying to tee up Sears 2nd half – Illunga didnt look to clever at all – the real issue for me was “Rigors” finish to Sears’s inch perfect pass – these things shouldnt happen at this level – and I dont expect Mazola to tolerate this tosh – The market would be a better place with Rigors talent released to it – geordies made us look good at times – but with serious opposition – would it be as good ?

  6. Tony Titan says:

    Sorry – tad carried away – yeh Jeremy Nicholas for President of USA ! (& announcer at Upton Park).

  7. Keith Holland says:

    Thought I read that Jeremy will be coming back. PLEASE let that be soon. Current bloke has no charisma at all.

  8. steve says:

    Jesus, we as west ham fans have managed to find something else to moan about!! For f*** sake lets talk about the positive performance!!

  9. Richard whufc says:

    couldn’t agree more! What’s going on with that? I thought it was meant to be just a one off surely he’s not been lied too as well 🙂 the new guy doesn’t even give you a chance to cheer the players as he reads out the team! Bring back jezza!

  10. Simon LEwis says:

    But why was Jeremy sacked? Anyone know?

  11. tommo says:

    This geezer is a pumphead!

  12. Hook End Hammer says:

    Not sacked , we off loaded him to Sunderland , as is the current way of things at the moment

  13. Colin Gray says:

    Bringing Nicholas and his ego back is not the answer – or an option in my opinion

  14. Upton Spark says:

    Yes,I agree. I have emailed the club and given my support to Jeremy.
    The new bloke is not very good. Get rid in my oppinion.

  15. E1 says:

    Jeremy has done a great job, BUT if the team continue to entertain and get results we should be creating our own atmopher after all we always did before ? We can make upton park a fortress if we the supporters put in the effort ,FLAGS SCARFS and PLENTY OF NOISE !!!! COYI !!!!!

  16. hammersfan01 says:

    We love Jezza!!!!!

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