Spurs Go Top


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  1. Richard says:

    So what you’ve done is notice Tottenham are bottom, rotate the BBC website’s Premiership Table 180 degrees, and post a ‘comedy’ entry on your blog. The Telegraph and BBC are lucky to have you, truly.

  2. Richard says:

    not only are they top but their fans are pretty smart too

  3. PC says:

    Get a life Richard! Oh and a sense of humour as well while you’re there!

  4. slc says:

    Is it that obvious Dick oop’s I mean Richard

  5. HammerGimp says:

    Laugh it up ladyboy…

    you truely should enjoy it while you can especially as we’ll be lauging at the hot air bubble boys when we pass you on your way down. 🙂

  6. Hammeron says:

    Actually Richard…..It made me chuckle!

  7. irontc says:

    The local council has refused Sp*rs permission to build a new ground on Northumberland Park.

    A council spokesman said ” a fun fair once a year is one thing but a permanent circus is out of the question.”

  8. Hayden says:

    Hahaha – very funny.

  9. andy says:

    I’m a Spurs fan, but I actually thought that was quite funny! It won’t be that way for long though….

  10. PC says:

    Yeah righto Gimp boy, Bentley looked like great value for £17m at the weekend!! ha ha ha!!! With players that good you’re bound to be flying up the table real soon!! (not).

    Yet another cracking summer of Spurs ‘quality’ signings for inflated prices.

  11. PC says:

    No trains running to Tottenham for the foreseeable future due to a severe points failure… Boom boom!!

  12. scott says:

    Lets all laugh at tottenham, lets all laugh at tottenham. la laa la la, la laa la la!

  13. WHU Kim says:

    Richard, it’s just banter so stop taking things to heart. And yes, I had a laugh at Spurs expense and if it was West Ham rock bottom you’d be laughing too.

  14. col says:

    What do a tooth pick and Spurs have in common?

    They’ve both got two points…boom boom

  15. Intruder says:

    The only thing that will make the spuds smile is that Arsenal are bottom here!

  16. Spurser Man says:

    Wow 5 games and you post soemthing as stupid as this. Why dont you wait till at least 20 games to Complain about teams that are clearly better than yours.

  17. tommo says:

    Spurs mugs! Sod off back to your own site!.Your just a bunch of wannabe hammers!.

  18. nat clark says:

    dearest “pc”

    i couldnt help but notice that you say we pay inflated prices…have you seen your wage bill lately?….just remember this, you are the ones who offered darren bent ridiculous money to come to you hammers but instead for less money he came to the mighty tottenham. Oh and dont say glad we didnt get him because your club tried desperatly to get him and they still want him.
    so sit down and shut up.
    look at the table at the end of the year mate not after 3 or 4 games…we have been in the all of its history…imagine if west ham went BACK down the the CHAMPIONSHIP…that really suck for you guys

  19. Peter in Wales says:

    loved the banter from newcastle fans, “You stole our holiday”,

  20. Leroy Lester says:

    What a wonderful article, just reading it cured my hemorrhoids. Do you have any trouser press stories about Joe Cole?

  21. Dave Hall says:

    Dream on nat Clarke.More delusions,only this time its not about how you’re going to be top 4.lol

  22. PC says:

    Nat, let’s look at last year’s table instead that’ll prove your point.


  23. Ironssssssss says:

    Marvelous all neutrals hate spurs as their fans are so deluded its not even funny. Get on http://www.pushandun.co.uk and abuse the mugs on their website. Spurs are pure scum

  24. Ironssssssss says:

    Marvelous all neutrals hate spurs as their fans are so deluded its not even funny. Get on http://www.pushandun.com and abuse the mugs on their website. Spurs are pure scum

  25. Ironssssssss says:

    try it one more time http://www.pushandrun.com get on their and abuse the scum

  26. Geoff Pikey says:

    Correction: Curbishley wanted Darren Bent, with a cheque signed by Eggert. Both those transfer dealing geniuses have now left the club, so i’m afraid he remains Tottenhams number one striker for the foreseeable future, or until MK Dons come in for him. Any gamblers amongst you lot out there, get on Ramos to walk, he’s issued a denial so that definitely means he’s already set a timeframe to bail out.

  27. simon hann says:

    darren bent ha, bentley ha ha, some russian geezer, a brazilian in goal, the boys from shite fart lane really do give comedy value, having that lot in your team should guarantee a sense of humour

  28. dRb says:

    How the F*”K does Barack Obama end up a Hammers fan? Or Dave Grohl (surly more appropriate would be ‘Foo Fighters’ too..?)?

  29. nelly the hammer says:

    Luka Modric. Doesn’t he look quality.

    Lets all have a disco, Lets all have a disco, tra la la la, tra la la la……………..

  30. wes says:

    is it just me or do other people really not find this funny?

  31. Daniel Donaghy says:

    lol as a spurs that made me giggle. We are shit!

  32. WESTHAMWAYNE says:

    What has happened to lennon and bentley??? bentley should have stayed at blackburn he will never play for england playing for them!! Martin jol was a great manager and you fucked him off for coming 5th twice you bunch of muppets!! you deserve everything thats coming to ya!

  33. Oskar B says:

    hahahaha… its all funny

    if you disagree leave

  34. Oskar B says:

    respect 2andy the spursfan

  35. dannyspur says:

    like it! that’s the sort of witty banter we need instead of the usual hate filled obscenities!

  36. E1 says:

    when you spuds taste a victory in the prem you will have some idea how we feel after 3 wins and we have not spent silly money either if your boys up top don’t drop the feeling of grandure your be doing a leeds Pleeease let that be so, unlike chelsea you don’t seem to be very good at fantasy football, come back down to earth and play with the real clubs stop thinking your something your not. COYI

  37. AllwaysAHammer says:

    “Wow 5 games and you post soemthing as stupid as this. Why dont you wait till at least 20 games to Complain about teams that are clearly better than yours.”

    Nice to see you in your rightful place, below us as usual.

    Just like you were for most of last season. Or did you miss that while you were fantasizing about the top 4.

    If you think you are better than us then u need glasses mate. BTW thats something with a some.


  38. Kev says:

    Why the hell do the Spuds supporters come to Hammers sites ? are their own sites that wanting ?. I wouldn`t dream for one second of looking at anything other than West Ham orientated material, why would I want to ? I`ve no interest whatsoever about any other team but the Hammers.
    Maybe we have prettier colours, maybe we use smaller words that are easier for them to understand ! , It beats me. Can anyone explain please.

  39. Spurs Hater says:

    You just have to laugh at Spurs and their fans. Every year, without fail, they open their big mouths and tell the world what they are going to do and how they are going to displace Arsenal from the top four and every year, without fail, they keep the rest of the football world oh so very happy with their constant failure. Long may the gloom reign – Spurs and their fans deserve everything bad that life can possibly throw their way. Horrible club, loudmouth horrible fans.

  40. hammeredcalv says:

    why do spurs fans still think there a big club ?? your mid table average at a push ! and your be lucky to avoid relegation this season !! no keano …! no berba ….. ! no chance…….! oh i do beleive they left for what ARE known as BIG clubs !!! lol !!!!!

  41. Alan Curbishley says:

    Lets concentrate our fire on the real enemy – Millwall and leave Spurs to fight it out with the big boys…

  42. Paul Nixon says:

    Dearest Nat Clark:

    If I were a spuds fan, I would be seriously worried that within the next three or four games your owner is seen in a bar talking to Alan Curbishly. and I would be seriously worried that you may grow roots at the bottom of the table, but most of all, I wouldn’t be making any hasty bets with Hammers fans just yet…keep a profile that matches your league position: LOW. As for your D Bent: I think our bidding ploy worked well: we seperated you from nearly 20 million and you got Darren Bent. Now it really would be ironic if you Alan Curbishly too, old salt.

    I’m reminded of several Lillywhite fans that were attempting to laud it over us a few weeks ago (one might even say they were abusive!); however, the silence was deafening until Iain’s little quip. Straw that broke the camel’s back I suppose.

    Keep it real, Nat. Paul.

  43. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    well i can see both points…….spurs only have 2 after all.

  44. Plaistow54 says:

    Iain that’s dead funny. I couldn’t believe the headline. I had to put my glasses on upside down to check that they were actually standing on the trapdoor. The boys & i are laughing so hard. Stuff like this takes the boredom out of life. They would do it to us in a heartbeat. Very funny.

  45. Nice one Iain. On this evidence if there were a league table of fan’s sense of humour then they’d be bottom of that!!!!

  46. S Jamieson says:

    never mind- you’ll be in this position soon when the FA deducts 30 points for playing Tevez and then you have to pay some £50m compensation to Sheffield United

  47. Zo-laa laa laa says:

    Superb, something as simple as turning a jpeg on its head and look at the response! They are sensitive these lillywhites arent they? 🙂

  48. supernumbersix says:

    My best mate is a spuds fan, he tells me it’s the best start they ‘ve had in years ‘table speaks for itself……’ he said ‘…..we’re three points behind Man. ure’ so they do have a sense of humour.

  49. Laurie in Spain says:

    This was the second thing to make me laugh today.
    Richard… top of the response list… must be about the smartest Spurs supporter on the planet… he worked out all by himself what you did with the league table!
    My Wife is a pain in the arse, the kids abuse me, my job is mad, Summer just finished rather abruptly here in S Spain… but I wake up every morning with a smile on my face (my first laugh of the day comes as my head leaves the pillow). I havent had to talk to a Spurs fan since the opening day!!!
    Long may it continue… hard to see how they turn things round without a midfield or a striker.. the new one looks like a poor mans Crouch, and Darren is so Bent hes broken.
    Happy happy days.
    Must be hard to be a Spurs fan… life gets in their way.

  50. Matt Ryan says:

    What a pathetic, ridiculous, unfunny post!!!! Get a life, you loser!!!!

  51. boleyn local says:

    What’s the difference between a Jim Davidson joke and a spuds fans saying they are a top 4 team?

    A Jim davidson joke is only funny the first time you here it.

  52. jon.london colney says:

    errrrrrr spudlies on here.yuck.

    im off to watch watford loose to west ham tonight. we need a long cup run to pay fro sheffield’s failures.


  53. DAVE says:


    Ricardo Rocha, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Adel Taarabt, Rebrov, Postiga, Thank you Damien thank you very much, PLEASE END UP LIKE LEEDS PLEASE END UP LIKE LEEDS. LOTS OF LOVE ALL WEST HAM FANS EVER……………PLEASE END UP LIKE LEEDS.

  54. Hammerhead says:

    Juande Ramos should be named the Manager of the Month for this. He’s doing a brilliant job!!!!!

  55. stefanvlieger says:

    Haha funny 🙂

    I was at White Hart Lane when Spurs thrashed Roma 5-0 (and I’m an Arsenal fan :P). I’ll be laughing my head off when the final standings in May are something like this.

  56. BTW – for dRb – Barak Obama has relatives in Kent who are all hammers fans.

  57. Spooky says:

    I like that table. Seriously, I’ll take anything at the moment than bottom of the table and if it means rotating the league like that, then that’s dandy.

  58. hAMMER@MAN says:

    Richard Matt Ryan and spurser man all be singled out as the LEAST interesting most UNfunny people in the world (but still not bad for a spuds fan) and to all u spuds fans it WEST HAM and not WEST sPAM! Cant wait 2 c floppy spurs go down.


    ps:Champions league indeed!! B)

  59. hAMMER@MAN says:

    Look at me im a spurs fan i dont have a sense of humour
    oh and our managers in talks with our board about his future at the club!!!!!!!

  60. hAMMER@MAN says:

    Spurs Fans Of The World said” i wish we could stop sighning flops and get a sense of humour!!!

  61. SwedeHammers says:

    Pompey-Spurs 2-0……another loss for mighty Spurs and their swing-door defense. What makes you even think you gonna pass us, your shite.

  62. Bedd Gelert says:

    Simple things please simple minds…

    Which is probably why I found this rather amusing…

    One wonders how long it will be before Iain is able to recycle this joke for Newcastle..?

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