The Nightmare Begins

So, the nightmare is coming true. It looks as if we will be fined £30 million over the Sheffield United/Tevez saga. It’s difficult to take in the implications of this. Will the fine have to be paid in one go? Has it been properly budgeted for? Has the lack of transfer activity this year been entirely due to money being put aside, just in case? Certainly, we seem to have had a net balance of about £11 million over the summer.

I’m slightly in shock over this so haven’t quite got into rant and rave mode yet. But give me time.

I’m now about to head down to Watford. I say, down, as I am driving down from Manchester where I have been spending a day at the Labour Party Conference. For the first time in my life I will be sitting in the director’s box (note to self: change out of usual jeans) courtesy of the lead investor in my company, who just happens to own 42% of Watford. Not quite sure of directors’ box etiquette if we score though…


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  1. Eddie Chappers says:

    Many possible ramifications but I don’t believe we will end up paying anywhere close to 30mill or that this is anywhere close to being resolved…

  2. DaDon says:

    It’s not a fine, it’s compensation being sought by Sheffield United from West Ham and as such will be the subject of fierce contestation.

    What I’d like to know is how our representation could have screwed this up so much as to lose it? How can we come through so many other appeals and judgements only to lose this one? Apparently there is no right of appeal, yet McCAbe and co have been allowed to appeal on every occasion it’s gone against them.

    I’d like to see the evidence/arguments as I don’t believe it is possible to come to the conclusion as I have read it so far – you cannot quantify the contribution of one player so scientifically. And in any case, they don’t seem to have remembered the 3 points we gave them with Tevez in the team when we played at Bramall Lane. This is a monumental injustice and I shudder to think of the consequences.

  3. Ed Turvey Used to live in Essex now Camberley says:

    Here we go again, the moment we get a glimmer of GOOD press it is always closely followed by BAD press in shovels. When is this nightmare going to end, will it be another 2 or 3 years??.

  4. John says:

    A strange decision because it is not based on fact only on probability, but who knows what could have happened if Tevez had not been playing? Probably we would not have stayed up. Possibly another player may have risen to the occasion and saved us. Nobody knows, and because of this I find the independent( ?) tribunal’s decision surprising.

  5. Matt says:

    So, West Ham are to be fined up to £30M for something that ‘might’ have happened.???
    Are they saying that no one else contributed to their survival?
    How about Green making numerous saves at Arsenal? What about Zamora scoring in that game? How about us getting stuffed at Bramall Lane?

    If West Ham are hung out to dry in all tis, then it sets a very dangerous precedent for the game. You will have teams claiming for all sorts of ‘wrong doings’ that caused them to be relegated, or preventing them from winning a league or European spot. If Watford fail to get promotion to the Premier League by one point, will they sue the linesman that got the decision wrong at the weekend?

    The game is in danger of becoming a joke.

  6. Big Casino says:

    I think the club has seen this coming, hence the surefire sales of Zamora, Ferdinand and McCartney (hardly the fringe players we would’ve like to have got rid of). However, as you righlty point out, this only covers a third of the potential costs we could be forced to pay Sheff Utd.

    At the end of the day, we broke the rules, and deserved to be punished. However this is hard to take considering we’ve already been punished once by the Premier League, in the region £5m, and also because I find it hard to believe any court in the world can rule on one player costing another team £30m in lost revenue over a season of 38 games?!!??!

    The courts are basically slapping every other WHUFC player who helped keep us up in the face – dismissing their contribution in obtaining 21 points from a possible 28 in the last 9 games of the season. Would West Ham have stayed up without significant contributions from Green, Noble and Zamora to name but three? No they wouldn’t have. Would Sheff Utd have gone down without those players contributing to West Ham, no they wouldn’t have.

    So how any court in the land can justify or decide that one player and one player alone has cost another club £30m in revenue is simply ridiculous.

    And then there’s the failure of this other club in question (Sheffield United) to actually earn enough points themselves over a season to stay up in the first place? How is their inability to secure enough points to stay up the fault of Carlos Tevez?

    Finally, we need to look at Sheff Utd’s own failure to follow the rule book in the case of Steve Kabba joining Watford and not being eligible to play against the Blades? IN fact there’s a whole can of worms waiting to be opened regarding other players at other teams where a third party was involved last season. Let us not forget the infamous dropping of Tim Howard by Everton for the game against United, in which the deputy keeper had a nightmare and gifted Manchester United the 3 points, and in doing so, also the title.

    Is there not a case to be answered here? Are Chelsea not owed millions of pounds for not winning the title last year because of this?

    I am not bitter, I accept we broke the rules, and I accept we needed to be punished, but if we are to be punished in the way that we are, then other cases need to be looked at and similar verdicts need to be reached.

    I would like to sum up this piece, by saying that I wish Sheffield United all the best for the future…. Indeed I hope to see you back in the Premiership very soon…. Simply for the fact it will be so satisfying to relegate you again!!!! IRONS!!!!

  7. Kim says:

    Hi Ian. Unlike you I went instantly into rant and rage mode. I also dread the implications for the future of football in this country. It seems as though Sheffield United have just kept going with case after case until they got the answer they wanted. Surely we didn’t have to agree to independant arbitration as they had lost their appeal previously. Why did we?

    Finally, can somebody please please tell me why we have employed the charming and ever so honest Kia as a transfer advisor? Grrrr!!

    Enjoy the game tonight. I hope you have lots of reasons to have to stifle the cheers!

  8. Dont blame West Ham for the FA's decision says:

    I don;t quite understand how Shef Utd can demand money from West Ham??

    Yes the Tevez deal was not quite right but we were punished by the FA and fined 5.5 million pound. It is this decision to fine us that Shef Utd are unhappy with so surely it should be the FA that they take to court and not West Ham!! We didn’t decide to fine ourselves, the decision was nothing to do with West Ham. We presented a case and they punished us.

    Maybe the punishment was wrong so blame the person that gave the punishment not the club that received it.

    Funny how no one cared when Tevez didn’t score for about 20 games, and when Shef Utd thumped us 3-0 at the end of the season. Simple fact is they needed to beat Wigan at home to stay up and they couldnt!!

  9. devo says:

    they didn’t complain while we were struggling with Tevez and Masherano

  10. Prince H says:

    It seems to be som much filth in this never ending story. Is it really only West Ham who is to blame in this? What about other transfers (to the big four for instance). ANd why should we have to pay to Shitty United? The 5,5 milions already paid, who can say that was wron andnot enough? Fa gave WH permission to play Tevez in those three last games, so is therefore not FA to blame? And with Tevez West Ham lost 3-0 to SU? Shouldn’t we have the right to deduct them points for that?
    I can’t believe that this arbitration has this outcome. They must have been paid a lot by SU. It is to unclear what this will lead to, not only for West Ham but for the whole football community.

  11. TC says:

    This is complete and utter nonsense and we should go to court. If this stands what’s to stop the other clubs that went down from doing it? What’s to stop anyone from taking Liverpool to a ‘tribunal’ for playing a weakened side v Fulham. Or even getting results turned round. Maybe Watford should be going down this route.

  12. Paul B says:

    We paid the 5.5m fine at the time and that was that. It’s also an insult to Rob Green, Banayoun and the others that had a major contribution in the great escape. The fact that Shefield Utd did not beat Wigan is not our fault and they only have themselves to blame. I hope WHU fight this madness.

  13. supernumbersix says:

    I agree with you Big Casino. The whole thing is an absolute farce. Will WHUFC appeal to the Court of arbitration in Laussane where alot of transfer ‘problems’ are sorted?

    I believe also that Mcabe has announced the panel’s decison before they have made their findings public which is in breach of regs. They should fine him 5 million quid.

  14. PC says:

    If this is upheld surely WH will, in turn, have to sue the FA for granting permission for Tevez to play in these matches in the first place.

    I think that SU are barking up the wrong tree, they should be taking on the FA not us!

  15. Biffo the bear says:

    Directors box etiquette demands that, should we score, you must throw the contents of your glass skyward, shout obscenities interspersed with the word ‘yes’, get right up in the faces of any opposing supporters in said box whilst laughing like a madman.

    This kind of behaviour will let you quickly find out your position in the box hierarchy.

    Out on your arse in quick order means you’re fairly low down the list by the way.

    Let me know how it goes 🙂

    with regard to the northern whingers, I feel an appeal coming on which will, no doubt, include many of the points mentioned here. If we do end up having to pay them they will only waste it on whippets or something.

  16. irontc says:

    We dont know what is going to come out of the tribunals findings yet – but could the club have lied or f@@kd up the paperwork, a 2nd time, after the original 5.5M fine?

    Otherwise the tribunal is finding us guilty of something the PL gave us specific permission to do-continue to play Tevez.

    And if the club didnt cock it up, then surely the PL is liable for SUFC complaints or compensation issues?

  17. The Academy says:

    Nightmare. But not entirely unexpected.
    What is frustrating is the pathetic battle fought by SUFC. The previous board misled the Premier League and the fans. The club were punished. However, not beatng Wigan on the final day of the season is not the clubs fault. Just as beating Man United was not ALL Tevez’s doing. Despite his involvement it is a team game. This is where Ifind it hard to understand. The league were happy with the fine, further appeals proved it. Why should we pay Sheffield United anything. They went down. Full stop. Get over it.
    So frustrating.

  18. irontc says:

    The BBC are claiming that West Ham United are considering taking the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.

    Look on the bright side – we could be in Europe!

  19. Joe the Feast says:

    Have to say that i found it amazing they’ve ruled in their favour. I don’t believe we’ll be fined anywhere near £30 mill, but to determine a case on what might have been is beyond stupid in my humble opinion. We got punished at the time, they beat us 3-0, they didn’t win enough games to stay up, end of story.

  20. Roshi says:

    I realised a long time ago, what you read in the papers is generally wrong. Wait and see, it could all be nonsense. Just because its been found in their favour does not mean that the recommendations of the tribunal include anything monetary.

  21. Graybo says:

    … and so to the more important issues of the day… such as… don’t forget to cock little finger whilst sipping Directors’ Box Bovril, Iain.

    And if we score, let’s hope it’s a proper goal, unlike that other fiasco at Vicarage Lane. However, on that front, I was really pleased to see Tony Cottee saying during some heated debate on Sky: ‘It was a goal, because the referee said it’s a goal.’ Exactly… well said, Tony. Whether the linesman continues to officiate at this level remains to be seen, but their decisions made honestly (albeit hugely erroneously) must be respected. But that’s a completely different topic, so I’m sorry to have gone off at a tangent.

    Have a good game, boys (as the two old War Vets used to say outside the ground as one played a tune on his squeeze box while the guy on crutches held his hat up for money). Anyone else remember them?

  22. Baggs says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if the Man U kid who won millions was not mentioned during this. from what I could tell his case was based on assumptions over years of his life and he won! He can still walk and work, just can’t play football at the highest level so why did he win, that set a very dangerous precedent I think!

  23. Baggs says:

    I just had another thought, they have won, surely now every team that was affected by any points we got can now sue us! All thier arguments would be as solid as the farce that has just one this case! this is a scary time.

  24. Dont’ go getting yourself thrown out now Iain!

    On the Tevez thing –

    1. We’ve already been fined by the Premier League for Breach of THEIR rules. The matter is now closed as far as the Premier Leauge is concerned.

    2. Spurs were the first team to fall foul of this Premier League Rule, that being “Non club ownership of a player,” and they also got a fine. They did not get a points deduction. They were not relegated. It’s quite clear that a financial penalty is the method of punishment for it.

    3. This is a compensation ruling and as such will never result in any points deduction

    4. The current board were not in situ at the time of the signings – this may mean that they have legal recourse to recover their lost funds after the ruling concludes. So the club may end up no worse off (if there’s any justice then Terry Brown or Kia Joorabchian will end up having to cover the cost.)

  25. hammeredcalv says:

    Disgusting decision ! a bit of a joke really, we were fined 5.5 mil for this and it should have finished there, the FA should be fined for this as at the time they agreed it was ok for tevez to play ! i hope kia stumps up some money for this aswell,we wouldnt be in this situation if we had steered clear of the parasite ! i hope the board ban him from west ham and have no more dealings with him!! i urge our club to fight this all the way,which i believe we will, this will open one BIG can of worms !

  26. rohan daft says:

    Might the fine have been bigger if we had played Mascherano more and Tevez earlier on? It was suggested to me last season that we knew for some time that we were going to get into some sort of trouble over the ‘signings’ of Mascherano and Tevez and that was why we saw so little of them. Tevez only really appeared when we were all but down and – taking the cost of relegation into account – had nothing to lose by playing him.

  27. Tony Titan says:

    Erm – Hold up ! Even if it is applicable and it does stick – Brown would have had to have given warrants to the men from from Iceland (the country not the freezer supermarket) – to cover for any skeletons in the cupboard ???

  28. irontc says:


    The 32p was for the effect Boa Morte had.

    Had to laugh at this from another site.

  29. Hammertime says:

    No use speculating people as no-one knows what is going on. I am totally confused and in this case you can create many arguements. Us fans don’t even know one certain fact out of all this issue and something seriously needs 2 be done to finish this. Don’t worry about it all just sit back and see wat happens in the future cos none of us know wat is going on. Just focus on suppporting the team in games and eventually we will know wat is happening at boardroom level. I am so confused and have no clue about this all, Sheff U are scum and it is their own fault they are plying their trade in the CC. COYI!! Don’t let this deter us from wat we wish to achieve. We will show them tht football is decided on the pitch not on paper or at an office building.

  30. Wes says:

    “# TC Says:
    September 23, 2008 at 12:11 pm

    This is complete and utter nonsense and we should go to court. If this stands what’s to stop the other clubs that went down from doing it? What’s to stop anyone from taking Liverpool to a ‘tribunal’ for playing a weakened side v Fulham. Or even getting results turned round. Maybe Watford should be going down this route.”

    THIS. How far down a ridiculous chain of events should a club be allowed to go? The tribunal’s decision is eminently illogical but, if it is upheld, should logically lead to more such claims. Don’t rest your stars clubs, you may be sued for it.

    The fine should come from the League for the actions taken by West Ham. To extrapolate any further than that is to institute a dangerous (and idiotic) precedent.

  31. Dominic - Malta Hammer says:

    Didn’t Sheefield go down cause one of their defenders handled the ball in the area and a penalty was conceded? If not Wigan would have gone down instead. – i think this makes more sense than calculating that Tvez might have contributed to an extra 3 points.
    I think we must raise our voices to point out this issue.

  32. Roshi says:

    I’ve had a terrible afternoon!

    If this travesty of justice sends my beloved Hammers down the tubes,


  33. E1 says:

    Correct me if I am wrong But were’nt Shitfield United 10 points clear of us at one time and who is to say we would’nt have the same amount of games without Teves ? Did Teves go to shitfield and noble the whole squad and the manager, this just seems wrong we wre punished, £5mill fine and then given permission to play teves, so what are we paying for !!!!! surly the FA should pay if they got it wrong !!
    Anyway it will take more than £30 mill to get that s**t back in the prem.
    COYI !!!!!!!
    Heres looking forward to tonight, are Shitfield still in it ? A home draw against them would be fun,

  34. bob clark says:


  35. The Headmaster says:

    Anyone spot weasel Warnock’s pathetic ‘I’m just glad that the whole truth has finally come out’ line? What a prick of the first order. Crap man, crap football, crap manager. Relegated SU from a position they should never never have been relegated from and then looked for a scapegoat with moneybags mccabe.
    Look at the position of a so called promising palace side if you need any evidence.
    We will recover from this. We have clearly budgeted something for it and my best guess is it will be nowhere near the 30m mark. One thing tho, how the hell does it drag on for yet more tortuous months before the level of the fine, if any, is announced?

  36. brooking still the best says:

    I can sum this mess up in one word, BOLLOCKS!

  37. Freddie says:

    The ruling does not surprise me. Two of the main characters involved in the original deal were Messrs Brown and Jorabchin. That deal was found to have breached F.A. deals, abeit on a technicality. Much as I had concern about Brown’s treatment of fans I do not believe that either would have deliberately entered into an illegal transaction.

    Nevertheless, if newspaper reports are to be believed, they both were, allegedly, going to give evidence against WHU. The next we hear is that there has been a financial arrangement with Brown whilst Jorabchin has been appointed as an agent. Nothing illegal about either arrangement. However it just had the appearance that the club were buying off witnesses and that must have weighed against them.

    Despite this I find the decision baffling. The reason given is that Tevez played a vital role in the last few games. However, as far as I am aware, he was perfectly entitled to. These were games after WHU had been fined and he had been cleared to play- so the full verdict should make interesting reading.

    The most nauseating aspect is Warnock piping up. He was the Manager as Shef U plunged into in the relegation zone and was in charge when they managed to lose on the last day to a Wigan team in freefall. Whatever the verdict on WHU, the performance of Shef U was poor that year and Warnock, like Shef U, has yet to make it back to the Premier Division.

  38. Plaistow54 says:

    There are heaps of reasons why this decision is incorrect. Tevez had been cleared to play before that match, Warnock fielded a weak side, Wes Brown handled the ball & we should have had a penalty anyway, etc. The main one is, that it has opened up a door that no one wants opened. Litigation based on results. Watford take notes for the end of season. Sheffield will never be forgotten for this. The results that day were in the lap of the gods. That’s football. You can’t predict results in this game with 100% certainty. If they hadn’t have gone down, no case. I feel sorry for Gudmundsson. He inherited this & has suffered the consequences. I don’t think the judgement will be anywhere near 30mill. Tevez was one of eleven that day. In fact there were 22 players that day that affected the result. Plus the Ref. McCabe has opened Pandoras Box. All of the monsters are going to come out. Clown.

  39. Chris Davison says:

    Oh dear !!

    I can’t believe this judgement. I thought courts/arbitration panels etc. needed EVIDENCE rather than just guesswork before passing judgement. Considering how well we did the seaon before , i would say the disruption caused by the arrival of the two Argentinians actually LOST us more points than it gained us. Why is this judgement only looking at the last few games of the season and not the season as a whole?

    This stinks to high heaven……

  40. Doc H Ball says:

    I bet Terry Brown and Paul Aldridge are cacking themselves.!M’be they’ll be the one who eventually have to cough up?

    My understanding is that if they hadn’t lied saying there was no 3rd party ownership of Mash and Tevez, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Of course the huge irony is that they lied to convince us W Ham fans that we could sign 2 world stars despite everyone knowing we didn’t really.

    And where does the slippery Scott Duxbury and the spivvy Kia fit into all of this? Both of them were a party to this, Duxbury as the in-house lawyer and Kia as the previously litigatious agent and now they’re both firmly on the payroll. No wonder the banking world’s gone kaput!

  41. HammerMalta says:

    On a political scale here in Malta we have seen so many farces , mind you from the conservatives in power ,but the Sheffield- Tevez saga tops them all.West Ham have already paid if there was any wrong doing so it`s up to the FA ,don`t be a laughing stock.West Ham survived on their own ability and with 10 points adrift Sheffield should have done the same.

  42. chris says:

    BG will sue terry brown surley!!! there can be no other out come,so revenge after all!!
    but the thing that really gets up my hooter is how sheffield utd were not bothered about it when they beat us,the whole thing stinks!

  43. chris says:

    If we get you next in the cup be prepared SHEFFIELD YOUR GUNNA GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Roshi says:

    The whole thing is based on assumption. Who on earth can make a logical decision based on the fact that if Tevez had not played we would have gone down.
    It takes a team to play a game of football, if Tevez had not been playing against Man U is it fair to assume that Zamora would have got a hat trick and Ashton would have thrown his crutches away and scored from the half way line. You see my point anything is possible if you assume what could or indeed did happen.
    If anything, Sheffield Utd should be venting their anger at Man U for playing a match in a half hearted fashion which without any doubt gave us the advantage!
    As for that motor gob Warnock firing his bullets about this decision, the slimy little git soon turned and ran when he knew he had failed to be a success as a prem manager. Crystal Palace is hardly the place for a manager with ambition to ply his trade.
    I do not think for one minute we will be ordered to compensate Sheffield for £30m, personally I think West Ham’s legal team although unable to appeal will be looking at the legal position of taking action against the FA for a/Sanctioning the deal for Tevez to play. b/fining West Ham and keeping the money themselves, not passing it onto Sheffield Utd and c/allowing a deal to go through for the purchase of West Ham knowing there was a potential problem with player registrations.
    In real terms my feelings are that the FA have made a massive cock up with this whole affair and any monies that we are ordered to make in compensation should come from the FA.

  45. chris says:

    We got fined for tevez so whats the problem!!! how can sheffield say that because tevez played we stayed up, what about all the other players! they couldn’t beat wigan!! cant believe they ruled in favour on what might of been,,bollox!!!!

  46. Phil says:

    Grayboy – I remember them. used to stand on the corner next to the bus station

  47. Randisco says:

    guess you dont have to worry about etiquette when we score….

    Losing to Watford… what was that like live in the directors box I wonder…

  48. chris says:

    No strikers no goals ,no bothered!!!! keep going freddie you’ll be good enough one day son!!!!

  49. Graybo says:

    Phil… they were part of the whole Upton Park package, weren’t they… well, they were for me, at any rate. Nice couple of old boys with terrific smiles. Glad someone else recognised them.

  50. claire says:

    And – remind me – just how many gaes did Sheffield Utd lose on the trot before getting relegated?

    Dear Iain, you wouldn’t have had much cause to celebrate tonight in the Watford directors’ box, would you? I was sitting among the Watford fans and was thinking the same thing.

  51. WESTHAMWAYNE says:

    Im totally in shock about this!! for a start we was fined by the prem league they gave us permission to play tevez so why are west ham being blamed when its obviously the prem league’s fault!! at the end of the day sheff utd was 9 points clear of at christmas and all they had to do was lose to wigan on the final day and as they expexted west ham to lose to man utd but we beat them for the 2nd time in the same season!! lets be real sheff utd and wigan instigated the result and it back fired !! oh a blatant hand ball by a sheff utd player and wigan score a penalty and the result stays the same then its lets wait for 3 points for man utd!! well it back fired cant no one see it???

    And today neil warnock claims he would be still in charge of the club?? no way they would have gone down the following season!! he is sticking up for them now even though sean bean abused his family and blamed him!! says it all really no sheff utd fan in there right mind wanted this to happen its just totally embarrased them all!! Like west ham deep down they just wanted to get on with it knowing there team just wasnt good enough!! SHEFFIELD UNITED you have ruined football by doing this! your going to end being the most hated club in britain when the knock on affect kicks in!!

  52. WESTHAMWAYNE says:

    Oh yeah forgot to add yeah we lost to watford so what!! thats west ham all over! but losing to a bunch off 16 year olds? and you think you can play in the premiere league?


  53. irontc says:


    We didnt sound too hot last night (from the radio). Luckily we have Fulham on Saturday! Although that might turn out to be a bit tricky.

    As this tribunal thing sinks in, I am becoming very, very angry indeed.

    OK we are not fully aware yet of the ‘evidence’ the tribunal looked at, but its incredible how many commentators and journalists have not grabbed the basics of this case.

    Warnock obviously hasnt got a clue, what a total c>>>.

    We/The Club not only have to fight this all the way for the sake of football, but just for the sake of common sense!

  54. johnj says:

    The bit that makes no sense with this judgment is ‘why’?

    Tevez was legally entitled to play and the Premier League Panel said that in their findings. Unless there’s some new evidence that changes that, how can the chair of the arbitration panel say ‘Tevez’s contribution was worth 3 points’. So what?? He was properly registered and not illegally so as the lazier sections of the press keep repeating. It was the breach of the 3rd party influence rule that was broken, but that did not make his registration void.

    Lastly, whose idea was it to go to arbitration?

  55. Graybo says:

    … yes, Claire, it certainly solved the old ‘What do I do when we score’ dilemma :o(

  56. colney says:

    a night to forget .oh apart for the kfc on the way home which was lovely.

  57. Brian Sains says:

    Iain, surely if the FA gave permission for Tevez to play, then they should be held responsible for any fine ??

  58. Roshi – There will ALWAYS BE A WEST HAM. Personally I’d follow them if they were in the Isthmian 2nd division. AFC Wimbledon had to re-start after the McDons stole their League Status. West Ham would do the same.

  59. Neville says:

    There is no way out of this for West Ham- apart from maybe….administration?

  60. JT says:

    Why dont we sue Terry Brown the 30 million + lawyer fees??
    Was all his fault.

  61. supernumbersix says:

    Neville I just looked at that link. The strapline ‘same old bulls**t’ in the blog title is the only accurate thing about the whole blog.
    It ain’t over yet. Read the article in kumb and read Martin Samuel in the Times today. Should make you feel better (and also very angry about the whole fiasco.

  62. West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I think its an absolute farce, now their players are looking to sue us also. I don’t see wy we should be penalised for a decision made by the FAPL, if they had deducted us points we would have been relegated so surely theoretically they should be sueing the FAPL for full costs or alternatively we should be sueing them for loss of money and legal representation. We should also sue the Daily Mail most of this drivel and perpetuation comes from them alone. Guess there reporters are either Milwall or Sheffield Utd fans… they certainly are biased

  63. Freddie says:

    If in the excitement of WHU avoiding relegation I got my partner pregnant can I now sue WHU for all the costs involved in bringing up the child?

    The suggestion that the Shef U players might sue actually shows how farcical the decision was. No wonder the Chairman of the F.A. now tells WHU to be good little boys, pay up the £30 (or is it 40 or 50) miliion to anyone who feels agrieved and not bother with lawyers in trying to appeal. This decision has major implications.

    Does Fulham now complain because it got less money for ending up below West Ham? Even more significant is the repurcussion of placing so much emphasise on one player. If, for example Man U take a tactical decision to leave out Ronaldo and not play their strongest team then that is a technical breach. If Man U lose to, say Arsenal, and Arsenal end up above Chelsea, could Chelsea sue Man U if they lost the league by the magical 3 poiints?

  64. Doc H Ball says:

    Kafka apparently used to play in goal. Now he seems to have written a football drama. What a palava!

    You’re right about the Daily Mail having pursued this. It was also a Telegraph jorno who voiced his rubbish opinion about the Tevez effect. Bloody hell, he should of been there during the dark days when Tevez never scored. Fu*&wits!! I’m boycotting those 2 papers for starters.

  65. Neils Love Child says:

    Freddie 26th Sept 8.42

    It looks like Fulham (and maybe Wgan) ARE going to sue WH. Many a true word………..

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