Martin Samuel: Hero to Hammers Everywhere

THIS article by Martin Samuel in The Times today is one of the finest pieces of sports journalism I have read in a long while. It single handedly demolishes the kangaroo court which found us guilty yesterday.


44 Responses to Martin Samuel: Hero to Hammers Everywhere

  1. colney says:

    tevez is STILL owned by west ham or kia so how the hell do the pl justify that one?

    great read and i think that this commision has not thought about the future of there actions.this could mess up football forever.

    if you turn the pl into america where you cant wipe your arse without a lawyer saying you can the whole season wont finish for 3 years after every season.

  2. Prince H says:

    Yes. Excellent read. Where will the sport of football end if the clowns from SU can ruin a club on loose assumptions??

  3. Matt says:

    Yes, it was a very good piece. Mind you, my dog could see that the tribunals ‘verdict’ is wrong.

  4. Neils Love Child says:

    Er..West Ham agreed to the ‘Kangaroo Court’ didn’t they? But maybe that was on the understanding it found in their favour.

  5. irontc says:

    FACT: West Ham United (full team, club and fans) played their part in one (if not THE) greatest escapes from relegation of all times.

    Anyone who witnessed those run in games will never forget the feeling.

    FACT: What ever happens next in lawyer world – Sheffield United weren’t good enough to stay in the PREM, and Macabe is taking us all into a compensation/ blame-everyone- else-HELL.

    I dont blame the fans, its the snakes in boardroom (and private boxes !)

    Would our people have done the same in the Blades position ? Of course they would.

  6. irontc says:

    Shame Henri Winter made such a fool of himself.

  7. Dale Penney says:

    “We all think that Tévez was a huge player for West Ham that season, but we cannot know for sure. We cannot faithfully evaluate his goals against the saves of Robert Green or the performances of Matthew Upson in central defence.”

    Matthew Upson barely played that season.

  8. I don’t think West Ham have described it as a Kangaroo Court have they. Do you really think that they had an agreement to enter into the process with the proviso of a favourable outcome? How well connected do you think they are.

    Truth is they agreed to the tribunal to be judged on matters that took place before they even owned the club. Sounds pretty open and fair minded to me.

  9. Englands number 6 says:

    Question.. when a club breaks a rule and is punnished by a 3 points deduction(where do they get the number 3 from) when does this deduction take place ?
    Answer.. it takes place the following season. Can we have our 5.5 million back please

  10. Kim says:

    As the club seem to be sticking like glue to the ‘old regime’, can the fans have a vote on who wants Duxbury and slimy chops KJ out of the club – oh and Brown on a lifetime ban with sto cks available if he is ever spotted within 10 miles of Upton Park. To coin a phrase – Duxbury has a face you would never tire of slapping!!

  11. Phil says:

    Excellent piece, sack the lawyers and just send the article to the Court of Arbitration.
    Sheff Utd lost 8 of their last 11 games after being comfortable near mid table.
    Neil Warnock could not even get his side to manage a home draw with Wigan in the last game of the season to save them.
    ‘Factor’ that in to the Tevez effect and tell me how West Ham were responsible for a second rate side being relegated in company with a second rate manager ( Watch out Palace fans it won’t be Colin’s fault when you go down this season) who proved they were not good enough the following season and this!!!

  12. Freddie says:

    WHU were instructed to take part in the arbitration proceedings. They had no say in the matter. In fact the case had already been reviewed three times. On the first occasion they were fined. It was then re-heard and the penalty upheld. Then a court was asked to intervene but ruled that it had no jurisdiction. Does anyone seriously believe that they wanted it heard a fourth time?

    Read the Henry Winter article. Total nonsense. He appears to claim that he won the case for Shef U and that it all hinged on the goal against Man U. He seems to forget that without that goal it would have been a draw and WHU would still have had more points than Shef U. Of course if Shef U had beaten Wigan it would have avoided the drop. I wonder if we will ever know what Warnock told his players before that game?.

  13. Paul Nixon says:

    Great article: wow. He sums that up cogently, Iain. I can’t help but think that the arbitration panel will now get “serious” and fine us an appropriate amount, say the difference between the gate receipts for the “Bladders” last year in the Championship as compared to the previous year in the Premiership.

    I think we could handle that.

    Then it’s time for the right honourable QC to look into the Kabba affair…

  14. chris says:

    Calm down everyone!!! we wont be paying nothing, we will win our appeal,the big boys behind the seens will make sure of that,because this is a dangerous and stupid ruling.

  15. clack says:

    It is a good article, but it doesn’t really deal with the issue that West Ham lied. Twice it would appear.

    Tevez could only play in those last 3 games if the 3rd party agreement was ripped up. Did West Ham do that? I don’t think they did,

    There seems quite a lot of stories sayig Duxbury lied to Prem league , while maintaing the 3rd party agreement with Joorabchian (Greame Shears, Kia’s lawyer seem to have testified to that at tribunal).

    Of course, it’s impossible to say, but the tribunals task was to evaluate how much influence Tevez had on results, points etc

    They called on so called ‘experts’ (Allardyce and Peter Shreeves testified for us apparently) – don’t know who the others were? – I heard Phil Thopson and Alan Shearer and Henry Winter amongst others.

    WE, as West Ham fans, may not agree, but the tribunal after consulting their ‘experts’ have concluded that Tevez’s presence was worth at least 3 points.

    They have concluded that Sheff U were good enough to stay in Prem. It was only because one of their main rivals were playing a player they should not have been in the last 3 games, one that they lied about, that Sheff U went down.

    I’m not saying I agree with it, but there is a logic to it.

  16. Brian Sains says:

    Totally aggree Iain. What makes me laugh that this was the 3rd hearing, and Sheff Utd didn’t accept the verdict of the first two !!!!

  17. Ray Moore says:

    SU got relegated because they slacked off in their last eight games because they knew they were rubbish and decided to press hard against taking WHU down with the Tevez affair. It clear to see how cr*p they are when they cant even beat an Arsenal side full of 17 year olds.

    Paddy Kenny in goal has anyone ever seen a smaller keeper!!!!!! SU are a Joke, this ruling is a joke.

  18. 10No6 says:

    Sheffield United are a joke Warnock is a pathetic joke – talk about a man that can’t admit he screwed it up. As for IronTC comment no I don’t think we would do the same I cetainly wouldn’t want my club behaving like that never liked crybabies and still don’t.

  19. kevin mousley says:

    martin samuel is just the best sports journo that ever lifted a pen ( metaphorically of course) if you don’t read his wednesday column in the Times then you know nothing!

  20. supernumbersix says:

    Talking of pathetic jokes, anyone read what that Lord Triesman bloke is spouting? Think you need to you use your powers to get one or two messages to him from us Mr Dale

  21. Neils Love Child says:

    West Ham were toast from the moment the Tribunal discovered Duxbury had lied to the Premier League about tearing up the Tevez agreement.

    You were sold down the river by your own Chief Executive – live with it.

  22. Mike says:

    Excellent piece of journalism, the only flaw being that when he asked how we could compare the goals of Tevez to the saves of Robert Green or the performances of Matthew Upson in defence, he somewhat forgot that Upson was injured for like all of that season! Still great to see someone who isn’t jumping on the horrifically anti- west ham bandwagon.

  23. Stuart says:

    Very well stated article. But it misses the key point – that Tevez was cleared to play for West Ham, making it meaningless as to whether he was worth x number of extra points or not.

  24. West_Ham says:

    The whole judgement does seem to hang on proving that Duxbury lied about tearing up the old contract. I would like to know how Sheff Utd proved this.

    The only thing they seem to have done is present witnesses, but what did they witness exactly? Duxbury saying he would not not tear it up or even honour it’s agreements? This is not a crime. At worst it is a lie because he didn’t honour the old contract as far as I can tell.

    Kia still owned Tevez but that isn’t illegal and wasn’t required to change. Only the offending parts of the contract needed to be terminated. Kia tried to sue us for lack of payment, this possibly suggests that the old contract was not fulfilled. The PL are still happy that all required changes were made.

    So I would like to know what this convincing evidence is that proved Duxbury lied.

  25. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    He perfectly sums it up.

    How the f..k can anyone say what would have been if……..?
    And how can anyone judge the season on last six matches only when season consists of 36 matches?
    How can these experts know how many points we would have comming January if we did not play Tevez (maybe 12 more)?

    It is not to argue if we broke some rules or not. It is just to argue with decission of this pannel and with the explanation which is ridiculous.

  26. Jay says:

    Lol why does this always happen to West Ham. We always seem to get crapped on by someone or another.

    Why does Warnock say ‘Justice has been done?’ What fucking justice? Justice that they lost most of there games to survive in the PL? Justice that they EVEN beat us 4-0? If that’s justice then the game has got even more corrupt.

    Also if West Ham are fined £30 million then I suggest that Man United should be dealt with as well. How much is it for winning the Champions League and the PL? Because Tevez was still under contract under MIS but the FA said ‘they would work something out’

    The FA and this whole countries sport has gone out the window. Then people wonder why our National team is never good enough (different story I know)

    To sum this up, Warnock and Sheff United are grumpy old men who moan like old women and even though they tried and tried, the FA and courts gave in. Hopefully something good or better can come from this.


  27. 10no6 says:

    Neil’s love child go away you mug !! like you have to live with being a t*ss pot

  28. tc says:

    There is less evidence for the Duxbury ‘oral cuddles’ than for the fact that Kabba’s selection was based upon 3rd Party influence. One persons word against another is not evidence and is irrelevant.

    WH’s only offence was the 3rd party influence clause that was never put into practice and would have disadvantaged us if it had! So it was a theoretical crime. Kabba’s selection on the other hand, based on a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ but plastered all over the web sites was a bloody fact. The truth of it all is that Ferguson, Chelski, Liverpool and Man Utd have all had these sorts of agreements. A verbal contract is still a contract though and if this had gone through contract courts instead of the ludicrous sports arbitration process then you would find that they would all have been done. WH should have done this in the beginning. Bring it on is what I say …

  29. Andy says:

    If they deduct points for Tevez winning games, they must surely look into the ones where he was responsible for the squad’s loss of form or even the loss of a games. Perhaps, Tevez was resposible for more points lost than gained? Who upset the other players by walking out of the club on more than one ocassion because he was being left out of the team? Who could have been responsible for WHU’s drastic loss of form after being in the cup final the previous season? By upsetting the rest of the players, how many of them sulked or did not perform? Why has this not been taken into account by the judgement? Surely, this is a slur on the other players, like Green, who had a fantastic season and won them a number of points. For a layman, the panel), to even begin to decide how many points an individual was worth, surely he must look at the whole season and the influence he had on it. I couldn’t do it, could you?

  30. Mikey says:

    I sincerely hope Martin Samuel will post this piece to West Ham’s legal team.

    Despite the fact the whole ‘what if’ scenario is ridiculous and the final decision seems to have been reached by canvassing everyone from Gary Lineker, Henry Winter, Uncle Tom Cobbly and Orinoco from the Wombles speculating on what would or wouldn’t have happened had Tevez played or not I find the end of the article the most interesting by far.
    The Steve Kabba angle surely must be pursued. I haven’t heard 1 SU supporter bring that up when they bang on about Justice? Not once. How Strange?????

  31. Dave Hall says:

    Neil I take it your a blade fan…you’re in the fizzy pop league, so you live with that, and long may your lot stay there, or even better drift even further into oblivion.

  32. Dave Hall says:

    That’s because Sheff utd supporters are hypocrits Mikey. They disgust me the way they keep going on about justice. I’m glad our club is fighting this and I hope those lot up North don’t get a penny. And even if they do get something who would want to go to that club after they have sunk even lower.

  33. sudburyhammer says:

    strange how all the replies from non hammers fail to mention the watford stitch up i think the other teams relegated should take su to court and sue them for all the money it cost them to get relegated what a bunch of whingeing muppets

  34. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes Iain. It is a well thought out article. I agree with everything Martin Samuel says. We were cleared to play Tevez. We played him in good faith that it was the correct decision. It would be crazy & absolute folly to do otherwise. This should have never have gone to court in the first place. I have coached & refereed youth football for most of my life. Most of our weekends were & still are, football. I do not regret one moment of it. I have had responsibilty for some primary age sides. One of the first things that i tried to impress on these kids is that football is a team sport. No one player, no matter the ability, is soley responsible for a teams win or loss. That is the spirit of football. It is the code of conduct. You are taught that from the first time you kick a ball. So what am i supposed to do now ? Tell the parents we only won the game because of Johnny. Would i be right to do that ? They would tear me to shreds. What McCabe has done is taken every team coaching manual that was ever written, ripped it up, thrown it on the ground, & stamped on it, as far as i am concerned. FIFA should recall them & delete the word “team”. Money makes no difference to the ideals of the sport. I hope Gudmundsson takes this to Switzerland & wins for the good of the sport from grass roots level upwards. As Martin says, managers will be opening their end of season mail, wincing in fear. McCabe has let everything evil out of the box as far as football is concerned. There can only be one thing left in there, Hope.

  35. brooking still the best says:

    The things desperate men do for money.

    This isn’t about the rights or wrongs anymore. It’s only about how much McScab can get his filthy little pawlers on. Sheff U fans are only thinking about the huge, huge chip on their shoulders that because West Ham are from London it has to be crooked.

    I wonder what benefit they think the club will get out of this? McScab won’t pour it all in making signings, thats for sure.

    I just hope common sense prevails and McScab gets told to belt up and shut up, your not getting a penny. He will though, but not anywhere near the £30 million he is quoting.

    What I would really like to know, how much power has this court of arbritration. Is it as final as it seems to appear?

  36. E1 says:

    We Can’t apeal unless shitfield agree , what are chances of that !! What a load of boll***s !!!!
    Still we are still in the prem league and that’s not enough money to make that bunch of no hopers get promoted wrong guy up the top just like Terry Brown, McScab will look after No 1 ( himself ).

  37. Wibs - NorthWestHammers says:

    A question for Iain. I have heard that in the eventually damaging article by Henry Winter concerning the Man.Utd match he actually chose Robert Green as his MOM, can you confirm this and if so make the most of it !

  38. Andy Nicholas says:

    Great article from the best sports writer in the country. Can’t sympathise at all with Sheffield United they were atrocious if they get anything out of this it would be a travesty. There were 11 irons on the pitch at Old Trafford playing like their life depended on it, true United weren’t on top form but they had nothing to play for besides You beat us at Your place when Tevez wasn’t performing. Six points off us and six off the Arse. Suvival justified!

  39. Plaistow54 says:

    As said above, the Court of Arbitration for Sport said that both parties have to agree to come before them in writing. You have more chance of winning the lottery twice in a row than McCabe putting pen to paper on that. He has scoured the court system to find someone willing to give a bad decision. He wants it to stop now. Only after all the Sheffield players have sued as well though. These people are not footballers. They don’t love the game. They are a disgrace to every kid who took the field. Like i said, everything evil.

  40. Guy Hayward says:

    So the Sheffield players also want a piece of the action and want compensation for lost earnings. When will this stop ? Referees being sued for wrong decisions, how about the players who dive in the penalty area ? West Ham put their hands up to it and were fined, luck i know, but it must end there. If TEVEZ played on his own he would not have won anything, it was a team effort, endorsed by the premier league. Sheffield united should knock on their door, not ours !

  41. RIDICULOUS says:

    If we have to pay out on this, sheffield players will start complaining that they had reduced earnings because of it. They’ll want more money, west ham will end up skint.

    It was terence brown and alan pardew in charge when this all went through, why punish zola and gudmunnson?
    This goes through our season will go in the toilet… our players will leave because we have to reduce wages, what if influential players like green and parker have to be sold for the funds?

    When will sheffield let it go? they didnt have the class in their team to keep them up. We lost to them in the final 9 games, they have themselves to blame for going down, they were poor! Its sickening to think that one player is gonna cost us £30 million.

    Sheffield need to just get on with their season, work their way into the prem again. All this publicity won’t be good for their players AND ours. GET OVER IT!

    A great article.
    I’d like to thank martin samuel for getting the stupidity of this out to the public.

  42. RIDICULOUS says:

    I forgot to say however, 11 men. Not one. ]
    I’m not gonna lie and say he wasn’t influential, he helped lift our season. But so was noble and so was green.
    The players were showing real fight for survival and earned the ultimate prize.

  43. 10No6 says:

    seriously the more I hear about this then how independent is this independent enquiry. Why did we agree to it …I would have said sue me and I will see you in a proper court – of course the High Court had already rejected the whingeing crybabies claim hadn’t it. I hope we met them in the FA Cup and perhaps we can settle this out of court pitch or terraces I don’t care

  44. Graybo says:

    OK… so Sheff U players who missed out are going to sue West Ham now.

    This means that if they win, the current Sheff U players who lose their places in the team when Sheff U spend £30m on new players, will be able to sue West Ham for loss of earnings.

    And if they succeed, and have lots of money to use in their retirement, if they set up a newsagent’s business that puts me out of business, I’LL be able to sue West Ham.

    And if, with that money, I buy a bar in Marbella, and a Spanish person goes out of business … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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