Olympic Stadium Talks Back On

BBC Sports Editor reveals that West Ham are about to enter preliminary discussions about taking over the Olympic Stadium in 2012. Earlier talks between the club and Ken Livingstone, when he was, had foundered despite the club offering £100 million to take it over. That, apparently, wasn’t enough for Red Ken. The other stumbling block was the plan to scale back its capacity to 25,000. The new idea is to have a 50,000 capacity.

Anyway, read the full article HERE and leave a comment with your views. I have an open mind. I love Upton Park, but I do think if we have ambitions to enter the big time we need a bigger capacity for the big games.


12 Responses to Olympic Stadium Talks Back On

  1. danny bee says:

    A must if we want to compete,the olympic stadium would be fantastic.Replace the seats to claret and blue and we are in.

  2. I LOVE Upton Park. I wish they could turn it in to a 50,000 capacity stadium – buuuut – looking at Man City with the City of Manchester stadium, after the Commonwealth Games, you have to appreciate what a good deal the club got. If it makes commercial sense then it’s likely it will happen – no matter how much we feel our spiritual home is the Boleyn ground.

  3. Biffo the bear says:

    Not registered on that site to leave a comment.

    I think it’s a great idea. Ken Livinsgstone was thinking about the whole olympic thing and the values of the games and wanted to make sure the promises given to the ioc were kept. Now that Boris is in the chair he can smell a brown envelope and we’re in!

    Great idea, if they want an athletics venue why don’t we do a swap? put a running track in at Upton Park and we’ll turn the Stratford stadium into a football ground. I don’t think developing Upton Park is the right way to go, Stratford’s perfect, transport links, plenty of room in the olympic park. Hope it happens.

  4. Swiss Hammer says:

    i heard on the evening news that the developers of the site believe that West Ham will not have enough money to pay for the stadium. He alos went as far as saying that they would not entertain teh idea because they dont want West Ham supporters hanging around in the new mall they are building at the entrace to the stadium. What is so wrong with west ham supporters? they are promoting the idea of having Rugby there instead. sounds like the toffs are having their say…….we dont want those awful working class oiks around our new shiney shopping centre!!

  5. arjan drissen says:

    as long as it is within our ‘area’ and it’s got a proper west ham name I don’t mind.
    how about naming it; the ironworks?or the moore memorial ground?

  6. Roshi says:

    It will not happen. The stadium is to far advanced now to make preliminary alterations to turn it into a football stadium.
    The City of Manchester stadium was designed from the outset to change into a football stadium.
    What I would say though is, bearing how much space there is on the Olympic site we should be able to build a new stadium there of our own design. This would increase the usage of the site for future years into a fantastic sports park. Prem League football and rugby, grand prix athletics/swimming and other events with fantastic public access and transport.
    It all seems a bit to simple though.

    I guess Sheffield Utd would oppose it on the grounds of “it might give us an advantage, because the wind that blows up the River Lee on Saturday afternoons could assist us when attacking in the first half and defending in the second half”

  7. jon.london colney says:

    ian,carlton cole arrested at 4.30 in the morning for drink drive.

    here we go again.

  8. brooking still the best says:

    It would be a great idea if we could get rid of the track, removable seats across the track has been mentioned? If it’s an 80 thousand seater before that, how big would it be then? 90 or 100 thousand. I know we have a tremendous fan base but that would be far, far to big.
    I was still hoping that we could build our own purpose built stadium, but i fear thats gone down the swannie due to the credit crunch and Sheff U trying to fleece us.

  9. irontc says:

    I dont want to move to a heartless x-Olympic Stadium.

    What ever happened to the idea of sticking a few more bits on top of the boleyn and bringing the capacity up to 45,000 -50 000? Transport links i guess stumped us?

  10. ironsmith says:

    I see little point at all in a 50,000 capacity stadium wherever the site may be as they may as well increase the present ground to that capacity. I am hoping they overcome the problems at the Parcel Force site as it is absolutely perfect in every respect and a purpose built stadium of 60,000 minimum could be constructed to show that we mean business!

  11. Van Der Elst says:

    We need a new, purpose built, Boleyn style stadium with the stands close to the pitch. Atmosphere is all important and it would be seriously lacking at the designed for athletics Olympic Stadium.

  12. Goatygav says:

    Don’t think we’d fill a 60k stadium. We’re an extremely well supported club but that’s a bridge too far at present. A good compromise would be 50k with the option to extend up to 70-80K (you never know – we may play regular Champions League one day – we can but dream)

    Transport links are also an important point. Although nowhere near as bad as the Spuds we still struggle with public transport to and from the Boleyn.

    I would love to hear the roar of 50 thousand at Upton Park though – what a sound that would be!!!! That’s presuming the law courts and government don’t rule that “Only polite applauds” are to be allowed at future matches. Everyone to stay sat with their hands on their laps until a goal is scored then “Now Clap” messages flashed up all the way round the grounds.

    The way things are going we’ll all be given heart rate monitors when we enter and then if anyone’s heart goes over 100 bpm they’ll be ejected from the stadium. Can’t have people getting passionate and excited at football now can we? We might upset the corporates.

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