What WAS Carlton Cole Thinking Of?

I have zero tolerance towards drink driving, and it’s not just because I don’t drink myself. For Carlton Cole to be found over the limit at 4.30am, driving through Westminster is a disgrace, and he needs to be made an example of, both by the courts and by his new manager. Zola will be horrified and see it as a personal insult. Cole is an athlete and should behave like one.

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78 Responses to What WAS Carlton Cole Thinking Of?

  1. supernumbersix says:

    Agree 100%. When all were calling for his head I backed this player and have enjoyed watching him come good (as we all have ) and now he does this, during our worst week for ages. Just what we need. What a w****r.

  2. Josh says:

    If true (big if).

    I agree it’s a total disgrace and totally inexcusable.

  3. freddyfreddy says:

    clearly a crap player with what now seems a crap attitude.

    I do not know why we ever signed him and I do not know why he is still pulling on the claret and blue each week.

    should have got shot of him as soon as we realised is a physically unable to score goals

  4. t sealey says:

    fine him 3 months salary plus play him in reserves for 3 months an insult for club and fans

  5. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    I am not a moralist, so I would leave the drink and drive issue to courts.

    But from the West Ham point of view I am hugely disapointed with such an ignorance.
    Our player is driving drunk 4:30 a.m.?
    There is no excuse for professional, paid milions GBP with responsibility to the club and its fans for this.
    He also could have not choosed worse timing to do it.
    Manager must punish such a behaviour anytime, but in seccond week of his managerial carrier in the club has Gianfranco to take it as a personal insult from the player fighting for his place in the squad and from the player he singled out as one with huge perspective.
    I am sorry to say it, but no mercy with Carlton. Let him pay the price. Huge fine should take place.

    I know people are making mistakes, but we all must pay for making them and professional footballer must pay huge price for such a behaviour if you ask me. I just hope that drinking in 4:30 a.m. is not a standard between our players.

  6. edi 2 spuds says:

    ‘Stones’ and ‘glass houses’ and all that… not that I’m suggesting you have done that yourself Iain, but that we’ve all done stupid stuff in our lives. Yes, a years ban from driving, etc, is what he deserves. But it shouldn’t be Zola, but his family and peers who should be giving him the dressing down.

  7. jonnyhammer says:

    edi to spuds you are wrong. He is employed by West Ham not his family. He was not playing because he was supposedly recovering from injury. Going out on the razz, drinking over the limit and driving around at 4.30 am is hardly the best way for a professional athlete to recover from injury is it ?

    West Ham pay his wages and should fine him heavily. Hopefully the courts will thern throw the book at him as they should with all who drink drive.

    Im fed up to the back teeth with the disgusting attitudes of some players on our staff, without mentioning those who have thnkfully already moved on.

    Time for a serious moral shake up at the club becuase we loyal fans who fork out thousands each year to support the club are getting seriously miffed with the goings on!!

  8. Richard says:

    I agree that we should not all hound him about this, people make mistakes, but he should be made to pay a considerable amount to the Bobby Fund. 3 months pay would be right. Let him continue to play if he earns his place on the pitch through training etc.

    It is about time someone started making examples of these young people.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is very bad, but is nothing compared that w%$£er Barton at the geordies. He doesn’t deserve to walk onto a 5 aside pitch let alone be paid tens of thousands to so! A repeat offender and what a great role model!!

  9. Eddie Chappers says:

    I have to agree that (IF this is true) he has made a gross error, and as a professional footballer this is always going to be highlighted and heavily criticised- justifiably! Though I also have to say that it is a foolish mistake made by a lot of young people in this country and is proof of the social culture we have created. The law should punish him as they would any other, the club should punish him and then move on.

    As for the criticism of his football, not sure what west ham you have been watching this season to base that on but we missed him one hellofalot against watford- lost the game, MOTM against Newcastle for me 3-1 win!!

  10. Matt says:

    If it is truem sack him.

    No excuse for this behaviour.

  11. One would think most companies would love to come in as sponsors of our Club at this point since there is no shortage of media coverage.

    Now some players have understood the importance of keeping us in the public eye and taken steps of their own to ensure a good sponsor deal.
    This is the latest addition I guess
    How on earth could we get rid of Anton?

  12. Alan says:

    Richard the most important two words you used in your post were “role model” Carlton Cole ,if guilty, has failed in his responsibility. As a club West Ham also have a duty to act as they are his employer and very much in the public eye. He should be punished by the club as he has brought them into disrepute, your idea to donate to the BM fund is a great idea. This week it appears that another act of gross stupidity has dragged our club down yet again. Cole should be thankful that his ignorance has not caused much more dire consequences the like of which we have seen recently (Plymouth ‘keeper’) making Barton’s thuggery seem almost insignificant.

  13. John J says:

    Obviously very disappointed, but he’s not the first and he won’t be the last. Remember Frank Mac?

    Sure a club fine would be appropriate for bringing WHU into disrepute etc, but at the moment we need him to play for us until/unless he’s replaced. With Ashton and Bellamy continuously crocked and Sears lacking experience, it has to be Cole as first choice alongside D Michele.

    Big slap on the wrist from the club – let the Court decide the punishment for the crime, but in these difficult ‘Tevez saga’ times, we need to concentrate our attention on the football as much as possible.

  14. Percy Bogtrotter says:

    If this was a clear cut case he would had been charged. If he opted for blood or refused then he would had been bailed. This may not be a clear cut case at the moment

  15. ohmygosh says:

    Not condoning it, but I’m sure that I have read somewhere that he was only just over the limit and these machines are not 100% accurate. The most dissapointing thing for me is that you have yet another young ENGLISH footballer who thinks that drinking during their career is acceptable. If I was lucky enough to have been a professional, my body would be a temple!

  16. Scott says:

    He is accused of, and not yet guilty.

    Stop hammering everyone at any given opportunity

  17. Danny P says:

    Steady on guys…. He has made a big mistake, he will be punished by law if guilty, on top of this he will suffer public humiliation, and rightly so.

    Further punishment, such as suspension, or even sacking, means the club will lose as much as Carlton Cole.

    We are short of cash, and strikers.. we need him playing?

    Role Model?…. How much responsibility do we want to give footballers, as parents there can be no bigger role model than ourselves, he will shamed with his name in the papers , on the radio and on TV in connection with this crime. Surely we can use this publicity to educate our children that this is not the way to behave.

  18. edi 2 spuds says:

    what a load of old tosh… my firm own me between the hours of 9 to 5, and what I get up to in my spare time – even at 4.30am in the morning – is my business… same for Carlton Cole in my view. Let him be punished in the courts like anyone else, not by Zola, WHU or even a “tribunal” kangaroo court and holier-than-thou do gooders

  19. Plaistow54 says:

    Sounds like he’s gone out, had a few, started to feel better & taken the punt on driving home. Miscalculation, gone low range. He’s not Robinson Crusoe, but it’s illegal & socially unacceptable because it’s dangerous. Get a driver, it’s cheaper. We all love days off but 4.30am ? The fans are going to paste him & Zola’s going to cut his nuts off. We all make mistakes though. Once.

  20. Paul Nixon says:

    He’s a role model: no steady on at all. Tons of youngsters look up to him because he wears the shirt. With all the rewards that being a premiership player grants him comes a responisibility.

    On another note: what a slap in the face to Zola. 4:30 am, drunk. Cole needs to sit out and watch bellars/ashton/sears/de Michele etc… An applogy to the fans would be a start.

  21. chris says:

    What a time for this to come ! stupid boy,,,thats him finish,so now we’ve no strikers

  22. Roshi says:

    So what if he’s been caught for DD, He’s not the first West Ham player and he won’t be the last to be caught.
    It’s his private life and if he thinks its OK for a professional sportsman to be out clubbing till 4 in the morning, fair enough. Just so long as he doesn’t mind the stick when he shoots wide of an open goal or his first touch lets him down yet again.

  23. Jamie Burgess says:

    He’s 24… he’s old enough to have made this ‘mistake’ by now- we are short on strikers and it shows his immaturity at an age when immaturity is beginning to be an embarrassing character flaw.

  24. Gorgonzola says:

    Well you can’t just blame him can you? Every drinker and the government is responsible for making our society what it is. Alcohol kills and is the cause of more deaths, marriage break ups, emotional problems etc etc than anything but I know, lets open pubs 24 hours. Genius!

    Yes, people should be mature and blablabla, but when you know people are NOT going to be but you still legislate for 24 hour drinking then who is to blame?

    God bless our teetotallers!…a breath of fresh air to society!

  25. Rod says:

    I think that Sheffield United should be paying his fine as I am sure that the recent ruling processed by Sheffield United influenced his choice of drinking one or two more. Clearly they are responsible here!

  26. StainesWestHam says:

    Never a dull moment for West Ham is it? Just when you think the club is going to move forward in to a bright new era under Zola and…our sponsor goes bust gaining masses of negative media publicity, the independent FA commission uncover yet more club lies and say we owe Sheffield United somewhere near £30million and now Carlton Cole is caught driving along the Embankment at 4am drunk! Oh dear, not really very bloody bright after all is it?

  27. Bish says:

    Not sure if anyone else has seen it, but the Daily Mail had pages from the arbitration
    hearing posted up on newsnow. Sadly the page has now been removed.

    The crux seems to be around whether the agreement was actually ‘given up’ or not.

    There arguement seemed to centre around whether Carlos was actually ‘legal’ to
    play, suggesting that the non disclosure was the reason behind the award

  28. Max G. says:

    The reactions on here are ridiculous. He’s a young man who made a bad mistake – and if he was barely over the legal limit it is an understandable one, albeit still a mistake. You can rationalize holding athletes to a higher standard than you would yourself or your own kids by claiming that it’s because they are “role models” or because their bodies should be “temples” but deep down you know you’re just jealous of their money and fame. If your son or daughter got pinched for drunk driving would you think their employer should dock them three months pay on top of whatever penalties the law meted out? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  29. Elmo says:

    Carlton Cole is not the best player and by the looks of it isn’t the smartest guy going. But 1 pint can put you over the limit.

    Do I not remember Englands captain John Terry getting arrested for drink driving some years ago and then score a winning header against us in the cup??

  30. The Headmaster says:

    Max G – a voice of reason in my view.
    Not great, I’ll grant you, bit just over the legal limit equates to about 2 pints or a couple of small glasses of wine. Time to get real on all of the sanctimonious hypocracy some are espousing.
    I used to be Carlton’s greatest critic but he has certainly made me eat most of my words, albeit that he still isn’t going to trouble the scorers too often His work rate and fitness levels are about the best on view so far as I can tell, so I don’t think he’s suddenly become the Greavsie or Best of his generation on the strength of this misdemeanour.

  31. jon.london colney says:

    hang on,hes used to making stupid decisions…he signed for chelsea once !!!

    to be just over the limit is very easy and at 4.30 in the morning he must have drunk bugger all all night .

    maybe this is why he dont score? hes allways battered.

  32. brooking still the best says:

    Funny people here are calling for the club to sack him. Yeah thats good sense, sack an asset thats worth maybe £5 million or more. I can’t see that happening really can you?

    Whatever you think of drink driving, or Cole being out at that time of the night is not relevent. He won’t be sacked. A big fine will be the most action the club can do. The courts on the other hand could send him to prison although unlikely. A two year driving ban will be enough to teach the fool!

  33. holier than thou says:

    Even the worshipped bobby moore enjoyed many a late night drinkathon,sometimes even the night before a game, wow big deal. As in everyday life you only hear about it when someone gets caught. He was bailed so it’s unlikely he was actually legless or they wouldnt have let him go on his merry way. When or ”IF” he is actually charged with anything then maybe you can slate him. Why not slate etherington and the many gamblers in the squad if you want to start moralising, gambling destroys just as many lives as alcohol. Zola hasnt sacked him or even beheaded him so you can calm down now, until that is you find something else to moan about. Which knowing this blog will be in about a day.

  34. Bakunin says:

    I have zero tolerance towards tories. If by the slim chance any West Ham player were ever found out to be a tory, i would canvass the club to punish, humiliate, and fine them a years salary before neutering their first born. I would also expect Zola to take it as a personal affront and challenge the said player to a duel. Or i might just think i was slightly over exagerrating it all. Having said that, Cole has not been charged with anything so why the big fuss?

  35. mac says:

    If he was just over the limit means he could have had as little as two pints. Yes, it was stupid, yes it was the middle of the week, but the guy’s 24, fit as a butcher’s dog so the effects would have been minimal. Didn’t Mooro used to turn up early at training after a bender to sweat it out? As for disrespecting GZ, it depends on what edict he sent out to his players.

    And wasn’t it Bobby Charlton who used to have a lit ciggie waiting for him at half-time?

    BTW just seen Gerry Francis on Sky. Now he should definitely be arrested for that hair…

  36. E1 says:

    If it is true then the courts will decide his fate and that will be the end of it, I am sure he will not be feeling to proud of himself and will take any fine the club give him,everybody makes mistakes and being young with pots of money and spare time I would think it quite easy to forget yourself ALL clubs should be doing more to safe guard their young stars. On a more personal note I feel very Disapionted as I feel when on the pitch he gives his all and does a good job for the team and I would much rather watch him than ashton. Carlton LET THIS BE A LESSON AND REMEMBER THERE ARE A LOT OF KIDS OUT THERE THAT LOOK UP TO YOU AND A LOT OF SUPPOTERS WHO ARE 100% BEHIND YOU AND WE AT THE END OF THE DAY PAY YOUR WAGES. GROW UP !!!!

  37. Rod says:

    I still think that it is the fault of Sheffield United…we should take them to court, fine them, whine that any losses over the course of his consequences are directly a result of their actions…

  38. Tony Titan says:

    Sing to Spandau Ballets “Gold” – Carlton Cole – Your in a F**kin Great Hole – Its time to sign on the dole – Your such a wanker – allways believe it !

  39. Roshi says:


  40. What he’s done is deeply wrong and indefencible. You’ve done your crime now pay your time Carlton.

    In no way defending him or condoning his actions however I know many people who have drunk over the limit and driven. They were lucky not to have been caught. It was many years ago and not as much a social taboo as it is today.

    Bit of one to ponder for you all – if you saw a mate drink more than 2 pints and then drive home – would you grass him or her up? Judging by the indignation of some of the comments here I would guess that you would but I may be wrong. Something of a moral dilemma – eh?

    Another one – is it as dangerous for someone to text while driving as it is drink and drive? By the same token is there the same taboo associated to text/driving? Rhetorical questions really – I already know the answers. Kind of double standards though?

  41. Clive Smith says:

    Sack Carlton Cole now make your stand Zola and make your mark Get thses unfir players out of the club as soon as possible

  42. Paul Anderson says:

    I think the reaction is way over the top. I suspect the vast majority of drivers have been fractionally over the limit at some satge in their life, some knowingly and others unwittingly. Its not behaviour to be applauded, granted, and being out at 4.30am isn’t the best way to receover from an injured foot. The irony is that Carlton Cole appears to be just about the fittest player at the club. He certainly isn’t overweight or lacking in effort over 90 minutes.

    First and foremost players should be judged on what they do on the pitch. West Ham need players who can deliver on the pitch, not team of saints.

    With regard to fines my understanding is that in most circumstances the maximum fine that can be levied is 2 weeks pay. Remember Joey Barton actually got paid whilst serving his prison sentance.

    Maybe Cole was only drinking to drown his sorrows after the Arbitration decision in any case.

  43. Rod says:


    Text/Driving will be illegal here in California next month…

  44. chris says:

    SERIOUS TROUBLE thats what we’re in ,,,ashton out bellamy out dyer nowhere to be seen,theres no way we can survive this without spending big in jan.

  45. Nick says:

    Insulting…what a clown.

  46. chris says:

    OH YEAH if we get relagated this season can we sue and do arbitration against these strikers for pretending to be fit ,coz if we had bought some fit strikers before transfer dead line we would of stayed up,,,this lot cost us at least 3 points at least….(DANGEROUS THIS RULING)

  47. DevoDevo says:

    Didn’t the great Bobby Moore indulge in a little D&D?

    Until the final details are revealed, I’d reserve judgement.

  48. Noble OUT says:


    It is a cultural problem. European players have brains, our lot do not. Clubbing and drinking iw what they live for. Most them are uneducated imbeciles who can barely speak English properly. Look at the players and managers that come to our league, they make a concerted effort to blend in and yet our media portrays them as aliens.

    Alot of my mates drive premiership players around when they are out on the town and the stories I have heard are shocking.

  49. jon.london colney says:

    who calls themselves noble out?

  50. richo says:

    Yeah sure what he did was wrong. Lets be realistic we all make mistakes, most of us learn from them. Who cares anyway scoring against Fulham more than makes me forget about it.

  51. Goatygav says:

    Glad to hear it Rod. I hope it has some social stigma attached too. Sometimes that can be more effective than the law.

  52. Rob Marrs says:

    I’d hang him out to dry – drop him to the reserves, fine him heavily and get him to meet some families whose relatives have died at the hands of drink drivers.

    The police, obviously, can do whatever they’d like to do to him but the club can and should come down on him like a ton of bricks.

  53. Whoever called themselves Noble Out, jon, must be mad after yesterday’s performance. How many defence cutting balls did he put through? He was a class apart.

  54. Glad to hear it Rod. The social taboo helps in stopping people too.

  55. E1 says:

    I am sure that all of those calling for cole’s sacking must be pleased that Zola didn’t listen, the fine seemed to do the trick and cole again put in a good performance he still needs to work on his finishing but does seem to be getting better each week, he will keep his place at least untill jan. SO he will know what to do and how long he’s got.
    Noble and parker are looking good together and with a decent run of games can only get better, Di micthell looks like he is going to be a home game player and bella’s looked bright, bit ring rusty but will only need to keep fit and get a few more games under his belt. The system zola want’s gives us the type of football we want to see but once we have shipped some out and brought in some new faces we can only get better. The next 2 games are important we need to make sure we get points before we play the Arsenal & Man U confidence will give us a good chance of picking something up. Upson will only get better when he has someone next to him who he is confident with Neill is to slow and very sloppy . Sill afterall said and done 3 more points 5th in the league and spurs bottom a good start to the season long may it continue, COYI !!

  56. supernumbersix says:

    He’s made a statement. He admits he was wrong. He’s apologised. The boss had a word and I think he’s been fined. He scored on Saturday. It’s done and dusted. 54 comments later time to move on.

  57. spidermonkey says:

    Good to see you’d do all that Rob Marrs. Though you forgot ‘get a life’ in your list of things you would do. Good to see that Zola was in charge of selection on Saturday and not you. Do relatives of those killed by drunken drivers have regular meet and greets? don’t those relatives of people killed by sober drivers not have any socials? What about those killed by drunken pedestrians while being nowhere near a car?

  58. Noble In says:

    Noble has to many poor games. He is slow and gives the ball away too much. Certainly should not be starting.

  59. DaDon says:

    Christ. What depressing reading these comments make.

    Carlton Cole is a young man who’s screwed up. It happens. I’m not excusing it but I am also a realist and once in a while people will mess up. Hands up who never has? Thought so.

    He’ll take his punishment on the chin, move on and hopefully learn his lesson.

    However, on the pitch he has always worked his socks off and contributed masively, even if his goal count is on the low side. He’s been a brilliant deputy for Ashton, he loves playing for West Ham and given time I know he will do even better for us.

    And chris – ‘serious trouble’? 4 wins out of 6, 5th in the table, playing some enterprising and watchable football? Gimme a break.

  60. Roy says:

    The calls for him to be sacked are ludicrous. If everyone who committed an offence was sacked from their job the unemployment figures would rocket. Fining him is fine if there is a clause in his contract that allows it. Footballers are, after all, employees like most of us (even if they earn ludicrous amounts of money) and should be treated basically the same. It’s down to the courts to punish him – if he is found guilty – and the club to leave him out of the team if he is not fit, either physically or mentally.
    Also, having been to five of our six games so far this season, I would say he has been our most consistent performer so far. The loss of Ashton seems to give Cole the confidence he sometimes lacks as he knows he has a greater responsibility and is also more likely to play.

  61. jackie says:

    Iain you gotta write more blogs, your falling behind mate.

  62. brooking still the best says:

    Ian, I know your busy with your Tory chums, but get real and write another blog mate. Call yourself a Hammer? An away win, lots happening and your not bothered a jot while high rolling with all those grey suits who have not got a clue on life outside of the old school tie club!

  63. Van Der Elst says:

    I too have zero tolerance towards drink driving, and it’s not just because I don’t drive myself. (Or anyone else, for that matter.) Ditto supernumbersix and DaDon.

  64. jon.london colney says:

    noble in?out who ever you are….muppet.lets look at where we are in the league? he is at the heart of what zola is crating and he makes penty of splitting balls but thats not how to judge a player !its the all round effort and performance and nobes is right up there

  65. chris says:

    THANKS deano for some great goals,hope you find a new career,shame you would of been a legend.

  66. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes, i am also suffering withdrawal symptoms. Looking forward to the Bolton preview.

  67. Bazhammer says:

    Give the lad a break!! He’s young and he will learn from this, I’m sure. He’s an out and out grafter for the team, and I’m sure he’s like that in real life. The more support he gets the stronger he will become as an individual. At the moment he needs an arm around his shoulder, not the constant slating from the ‘ Holier than thou’ group. If this is true, he will be punished, and then ‘end of ‘. OK? Anyway, if he ends up with any points on his licence, it will probably be more than the amount Spurs will get this year. COYI

  68. the headmaster says:

    Re Iain’s absence, the words ‘tory’ ‘party’ and ‘conference’ spring to mind!

  69. Van Der Elst says:

    What is the situation with Deano?

  70. jon.london colney says:

    our leader has deserted us,maybe he has gone to the dark side and started a chelski blogg?

  71. E1 says:

    shefield United must be holding Iain for ransom call the A TEAM !!!!!

  72. Rapidhammer says:

    Hi Iain,
    I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms too – and I’m suffering twice: I’ve been so busy this week in my new job that I wasn’t able to blog until Friday, and it seems you’ve been equally busy, Iain. I’m trying to blog again today, hope you’ll also be able to find time to write about our beloved Hammers. Good luck and thank you for blogging !

  73. E1 says:

    Bolton preview same team as last week same result 3pts totscum loose again happy days another great week we move up to 4th !!!!!!!
    There Who needs iain dale anyway I still say shefeild ave got im ?

  74. chris says:

    BOLTON PREVIEW………..forget Iain I’m taking over for now
    I guess the team picks itself,hope di michele has a good game fingers crossed,if davis plays he always scores against us, should we play davenport just for extra cover in the air? just a thought,hope bellars is avalible and isnt feeling any niggles,gunna go 2 1 to us ,neil gives away penalty,IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIrons

  75. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes, we may have to pay a ransom if Sheffield send a finger through the post. Bolton is not going to be an easy game even at home. They will want to bounce back & still have a good defence. In all likelihood they will stick eight or nine players behind the ball & play the long one on the break. I still think that we will win by two & if results go our way hit fourth or even third.

  76. Auckland Hammer says:

    One very average player ! Not a centre forward by any stretch of the immagination could’nt hit a very large barn door ! I’d bite anyones arm off who made an offer for him. Were alot better off without him. Much talked about in years gone by looked to be half decent , did the rounds and never produced the goods for anyone. Ship him out in January and we will all drink to that !!!

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