Eider Flies to London

A correspondent emails to say he Saw Eider Gudjonsson on flight in from Luxembourg to London City last night. Off to see his old mate Zola, perhaps?


30 Responses to Eider Flies to London

  1. Hayden says:

    Or visiting friends / family? Small vacation?

  2. Gary - North Wales says:

    En-route back to Iceland maybe? After all, their Government has called for all Icelandic foreign investments to be returned home.

  3. Sceptical says:

    Is this the same ‘correspondent’ that told you Mr Appiah was taking a medical at West Ham ‘as we speak’?

  4. The Unforgiven says:

    Or coming over to sign the Docs for the take over!!!!

  5. Steve C says:

    I hope he isnt coming, he has had numerous chances to join us, is now just looking for a final swan song. can we really afford to take on board his wages at the momment and is he really that good anyway?

  6. Mike says:

    Its academic We have no money…….

  7. Rob Marrs says:

    With the news this morning that Zola will have no money until he raises it, I would imagine that that was extremely unlikely.

    That said, if Zola can raise the cash – he’d be a great signing for a season or two.


  8. Glenn Roeder says:

    Look at you – still speculating about transfers.

    Don’t think you will be signing anyone, anytime soon.

    See you in the Championship.

  9. pjd says:

    totally agree with steve c. lets buy younger hungrier players rather than those looking to fatten their pension fund

  10. Gorgonzola says:

    …and we’re going to afford him how?

  11. Plaistow54 says:

    Yeah, i never thought that one was over. I don’t know, i think we can do better. He’s a bit old for a striker now. By the way Glen, even if we did go down, which we won’t, you won’t have to play us as you’ll be in League One.

  12. Freddie says:

    This rumour has gone on for far too long and with the owners now saying that new players will only be funded by sales it does seem to be unlikely. In fact all WHU fans must now be asking what are the expectations of the owners? Clearly merely “swapping” players can only have a very limited benefit. In fact, allowing for settling in, it would probably have an adverse impact on results in the short run.

    The reality is that even before this crisis the investments by the owners were largely offset by sales. Accordingly the future doesn’t look too bright and a change in ownership might be best for all concerned.

  13. Gary - North Wales says:

    Or perhaps Eider Gudjonsson shouldn’t be mistaken for Barcelona’s Eidur Gudjohnsen ……… ?

  14. 10No06 says:

    hi glenn not much going on at norwich then….

  15. Paul Nixon says:

    Eider: no thanks. We did that already: didn’t work. Lets go with young, keen, cheap and committed…Noble, Sears, Stanislaz etc…

    Since there’s all this talk of selling before buying, anyone got any suggestions?


  16. me says:

    Eider who? Eider Down? Not needed, not wanted. Will only hapen if the club get planning permission from Newham Council to build ‘The Sunnyview Ex Chelsea Players Retirement Home’ Looks like it could be a useful diversion tactic though, as you blogged about it, it looks like it’s already diverted some people already.

  17. Van Der Elst says:

    What are we going to pay for him with? Buried puffins?

  18. JT says:

    I don’t see how it makes a difference if we want him or not – he’s under contract at Barcelona, he won’t be able to come until January when we are supposed to have Ashton back. Its a waste of money that we dont have, and also a waste of space on the bench that could be filled by a youngster.

  19. me says:

    Shock horror! rich footballer with lots of free time (on account of being crap) seen on a plane!!
    An accquantance of mine last week saw Keira Knightley on a plane near London, i’m sure she’d look more attractive in the kit than Eider Joined-You-Earlier But-I-Never-Liked-Your-Coach, but i doubt she’d sign.

  20. John Smith says:

    If we can sign Gudjohnsen it would be great. He is better than all these striker West Ham has at the moment I mean Ashton is always injured. I think is better to buy player like Gudjohnsen who knows the premier league well and he has won it 2 times now rather the some young player who is not ready for the big games.

  21. Goatygav says:

    Probably wants a word with BG & AF about his savings account!?

  22. devo says:

    Eider Duck on his annual migration

  23. E1 says:

    Paul , if we can get a good price Ashton would be a good one to get rid of, followed buy quasie,bowyer, Neil, ethrington ,Gabbidon , Davenport the list is endless when you really look at it but we do have a good crop of younsters coming through so a few old heads might tide us over for a season or two.

  24. JT says:

    John Smith –
    Do you watch this Gudjohnsson?
    The one who was prefered behind Hasselbaink & Zola in his time at chelsea, and the one who is a bench warmer at barcelona.

    Or do you watch the one who is made to look good cos he’s played with Ronaldinho, Zola, Messi, Henry, Et’o?

  25. arnor says:

    Eidur is probably loosing a lot of his life savings with the Iceland banks going under, I’m guessing he’s here to talk to some bankers….

  26. Paul Nixon says:

    E1: I have to agree. Ashton has been a trooper, but I get the feeling he is made of glass. Bowyer, Quasie, Davenport, Morte etc…time to go. I’ve always liked Gabbidon, Collins, and Etherington seems to be UP right now. I think Neil is doing better at central defence. I’m hoping Bellamy can have a solid run now. If he breaks down again, then perhaps we should say bye bye in January too.

    Now what about Dyer? Is he through? Things were positive in August, but he’s re-awakened some latent fracture again. I don’t think we’d get much for him, it might be best to stick with him and see if he regain some fitness by March or so. Might be crucial for the tail end of the season.

  27. DevoDevo says:

    A friend of mine was on a plane from London City to Barcelona and Nigel Quashie was on it. looks like a straight swap to me.

  28. Roshi says:

    Here’s a strange fact, Diego Tristan a 32 year old unfit and constantly injured player has turned down the opportunity of a second weeks trial with us.
    This is of course would have been a body blow to Curbs and Day, who of course loved to sign a player who spent his time in the treatment room, they would have fought tooth and nail to keep him!
    Lets hope Zola and his team were instrumental in his going.

  29. E1 says:

    Paul: I don’t dislike gabbidon and think collins should stay but ethrington is two inconsistent to be in a small squad i agree with you on dyer and bellamy spector is another who we could get rid of and dimichele is not worth keeping we should try to get ilunga on a permanent deal. neil I feel is over rated and over paid and we could get a good price for him. As we stand I feel we only have 18 worth keeping and 6 of them are youngsters so we have 12 inc 3 keepers my out field players to keep would be ilunga dyer parker cole upson noble mullins collins behrami stokes reid tomkins collison and sears keepers green stech and lastuvka. THE REST IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT LET THEM GO, zola says he only wants 20 max 25 in the squad. HE will need to give harry a ring for tips on the wheeling and dealing part of managment.

  30. Van Der Elst says:

    I once sat next to Coronation Street’s Roy Cropper on an easyjet flight to Barcelona. He didn’t sign for them.

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