Spurs Win At Last


21 Responses to Spurs Win At Last

  1. Plaistow54 says:

    Stop it Iain, you keep making me laugh, my ribs are hurting.

  2. Gorgonzola says:

    Are Spurs not following the same model as Leeds were when they were relegated and then regulated. Good luck I say!

  3. HammerRon says:


  4. jon.london colney says:

    about time 2.im getting bored of ripping it out ov them,ive run out of jokes and wind ups !!!

  5. Luke says:

    Hahaha, Classic!!

  6. chris says:


  7. Neil says:

    Hi I am a Spurs fan and that made me laugh… 🙂

  8. Paul Nixon says:

    An away win too! It’s nice to know that no matter what, Spurs are always there for our entertainment. Thanks, Lillywhites.

  9. Don Colina says:

    We have taken the p out of Spurs now lets do some thing posative look for as Much muck as we can find of McCabe he must have some skeletons in his closet that he would not like to come out….. come on lets find them

  10. Goatygav says:

    Lol! Loved the other site too Lester P.

    Well done Neil – Nice to see a Spud not take themselves too seriously. Could you have a word with some others who comment on these blogs?

  11. dazza says:

    we’ll take it!

  12. hAMMER@MAN says:

    So SO FUNNY LOL COYI 8) !!!!!!!

  13. Northern Cockrel says:

    Here’s hoping for the same result in the next 5 (easy) games : 0

    Stoke A
    Bolton H
    Ar5enal A
    Liverpool H
    Man Sheiky A

    I wish – very funny though

  14. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    personally i think walthamstow lost the game on some really poor decisions by the ref.

  15. jon.london colney says:

    yep i heard he was off side and it wasnt hand ball for the penalty.think it was the watford lines man again !!!

  16. Glenn Roeder says:

    Making jokes about Spurs when you are on the brink of oblivion…

    There is a god. RIP Iceland.

  17. Serbia says:

    No,no…you see…it was 1:0 fot the Walthamstov for the 90min. period of the game…than ref give them extra time to 503min…(read on the top)and because of the poor lads lack of fitnes(falling on the ground,couldt kick the ball…)tottenham turn over the result!! it’s a shame really!!!! 🙂 serbia! ! COYI

  18. Plaistow54 says:

    No,no,no Glen, we are not on the brink of oblivion. Things are not good, sure, but BG will sell. A lot of clubs are going to feel the pinch soon, not just us. We are a very saleable club. A lot of heart with a good fan base. A lot of things that were said to you, i thought were pretty s***ful, i didn’t agree with that. Not happy that we went down, but that’s in the past. The Spurs jokes have been going on for a hundred years. That will never stop. The arch enemy, & they mostly take it in good humour & give it back. It is a bit a funny i reckon.

  19. 10no6 says:

    Hello Glenn seeing as you are obviously bored and lacking a sense of humour perhaps a puzzle will amuse you “ouy era a tawt” it is an anagram see if it makes sense to you. Oh by the way you really come across as a bitter little chump and that isn’t an anagram.

  20. hammertime says:

    spurs are too good to go down.

    well it worked for us a few of years ago!!

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