Behrami Out But for How Long?

Valon Behrami, according to The Sun, has suffered an injury while on international duty with Switzerland. He’s likely to be out for several weeks. I suppose the saving grace is that we do actually have cover in his position.


13 Responses to Behrami Out But for How Long?

  1. Sir Trevor says:

    According to official source he is not injured and will play at the weekend.

  2. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    Don’t panic beacuse of Sun articles, please.
    Valon has minor knock and will play for Switzerland.

  3. Gorgonzola says:

    You should visit the official site more often Iain.

  4. colney says:

    im more worried about the injury to a certain persons wallet !!!!

  5. djclipz says:

    thankgod sounds like good news about his injury, hopefully he don’t fully injure it in the international match

  6. The Headmaster says:

    The good old currant bun strikes another blow for fair, unbiased journalism then!

  7. Prince H says:

    “According to the Sun” hehe, I thought you were more mature than that 😉

  8. Rob Marrs says:

    Under-rated player, methinks, you chaps need him.


  9. Gary says:

    Hi played the full 90 mins! lol lol

    sun = joke paper

  10. irontc says:

    Talking about joke papers. The telegraph and mail definately have it in for the Hammers. Sunday’s T’graph is reporting as (almost ) fact that we are going to pay SU £50m. Do they know something we dont or is this more sloppy (and biased) journalism?

  11. Maybe get off Iains back?
    You all know this blog is the one with the best “track record”.
    Thats why he has those 1000 000 visits.

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