Let’s Attack Hull From the Start

Under normal circumstances we’d be hoping to get three points against Hull, but they are on a roll at the moment. However, they have had one tanking at home, so there are reasons for optimism. I think we need to attack from the word go and put them under some real pressure.

The team almost selects itself and I only expect one change to be made, with Bellamy coming in for Di Michele. Rob Green is said to be fit after his minor injury scare with England. By all accounts James Collins had a stormer for Wales against Germany so he may make the bench, although many of us might like to see him in defence alongside Upson replacing Lucas Neill. Ain’t gonna happen though.

I don’t know why, but I fancy Cole to score at Hull. Preferably more than once!


39 Responses to Let’s Attack Hull From the Start

  1. Parkers performance will be crucial as usual. He has a confident Hull midfield to handle and his defensive abilities will be as vital as his creative side to make sure that Geovanni will not be as successful as in his last games.

  2. Sam H says:

    I personally think that we need to play the same way we did against Bolton. I realise we lost that game, but that’s because Bolton literally had 9 or 10 men behind the ball at any given moment.

    Hull will be different, they wont park the proverbial bus, and should allow us to play some decent football on the ground. Should be a good game

    Did you get my email Iain about the BMF fundraiser?


  3. Plaistow54 says:

    A good game coming up here Iain. Hull have done well thus far. They don’t really have any big stars but they play a good team game. Everyone contributes. Take notes McCabe. We can take the three points but i reckon only a goal difference in it. A close game. I agree Bellamy & Cole. We need a big game from Carlton, with him looking for Bellamy. He can do it. I agree with your view on Collins too. He played well for Wales. Neill is a good leader but he needs to find some consistency or i think that we may see Parker with the armband. To beat sides like Hull, who are in form, you need to be motivated from the whistle as you said. This is a chance to move up a spot, & the lift we all need. I hope we take it.

  4. Goatygav says:

    I’ll be happy if we play like we did vs Bolton. I reckon if we can do that then, all things being equal, we’ll get a win. We just need to take our chances and keep it that little bit tighter at the back – especially on dead ball situations.

    1-3 to the Mighty Hammers today for me.

    COME ON U IRONS!!!!!!

  5. Goatygav says:

    1-3 tomorrow too (he says hoping we’ve got youth or reserves playing today) – DOH!!!!

  6. jon.london colney says:

    any reason why were playing at 3 tomorrow? were not on tv so ?

  7. chris says:

    wheres bellars gunna player? you cant swop him for di michele,bellars does not play inside,new formation? cant drop cole.

  8. DevoDevo says:

    Looks like being an open game with goals and I will be buying overs accordingly.

    Agree that Bellamy will obviously replace Di Michele and, like you, I would like to see either Collins or Tomkins replace Neill at some stage – looks impossible, given Neill is captain.

    One needless free kicks in dangerous areas as wedid against Bolton. Geovanni will punish us if we do.


  9. chris says:

    Agree this is a game made for collins,if we play neil he will be out jumped at some stage.

  10. Rob Marrs says:

    What are your thoughts on the reported ”fire sale” in the January Transfer Window? Parker is being linked with a move to Spurs etc.

  11. jon.london colney says:

    just seen the goal,green and the man on the post just looked at each other,surely green has to go 4 it and take no chance?bad result but acording to some reports we played well? easy one next week,i wish!

  12. djclipz says:

    first half was promising, lacklustre second half giving the ball away too easy and once they got 10 men behind the ball we werent going anywhere

  13. chris says:

    nobles had his chance

  14. Gorgonzola says:


  15. Plaistow54 says:

    Overall, we got beat by a well drilled side who were at home. Phil Brown has them playing well. They don’t give you any time on the ball in midfield & they go from defence to attack quickly, they can catch you out. Unless the wheels fall off, they will push for Europe. Cole was dead unlucky. We could have taken a point but for lady luck. Cole was my pick for best player, again. Some positives, Green took the high balls well. We did work hard but Hull have those inswinging corners worked out to a tee. The harder matches come now & maybe we’ll lift a bit for those. We’ve had what we thought were the eight easy games start & twelve points to show for it. We are up there, but time for Zola to hit the bundy clock. From now to christmas is important. It’s easy to let things slide away.

  16. chris says:

    should of played di michele from start,he would of had the guile to unlock their tight defence,instead of the ball dozer approach,we played quite well I thought,but how important it is to have a world class striker up front,zola get your boots on!!

  17. hammeredcalv says:

    has zola got the balls to drop lucas for collins now?

  18. lastword says:

    Zola…talks a good game, seems happy to have a squad of youths next season when all the first team has been sold, likes to field a team that flatters to decieve, all pretty passes but no sting. Now when we lose they just parade Zola and let him yap on about playing with a smile. Yeah right. While after an hour of play and a goal down he just sits there with his arms crossed clueless and oblivious of the need to change tactics and/or formation to get back into a game against inferior opposition who stopped our ever so pretty passing by nothing more than hard work. (Noble, Behrami, Faubert etc take note of that phrase… HARD WORK). If the likes of Bolton and Hull can see us off so easily then what chance have we got against teams that actually play football? The emperor has no clothes on everybody!! There, i’ve said it, now you can’t say you weren’t told.

  19. Plaistow54 says:

    Doubt that he would at 42. Pity. We have a few options now though. If you get time, watch the middle youtube in this link.
    He was a genius as a player.

  20. chris says:

    first bad bit of managment by zola(still behind though) starting bellars he would of been a better impact sub for last 20 mins, bench gave us nothing.

  21. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    There is a distinct lack of skill in our side. Why is it everytime our players have the ball they look like they can’t hang onto it! How slow is Lucas Neil! Why does Parker only know how to pass side-ways! There never appears to be any urgency on the bench, a complete lack of ideas, just like our game…how many more points do we need to be safe?

  22. hammeredcalv says:

    Plaistow54 thx for the you tube footage ! We should be honoured to have one of the best players in the world managing our club ! i hope he can teach our players how to take free kicks ! cant beleive some people are already knocking him !

  23. lastword says:

    He’s a yes man bought in to distract the more gullible amongst us. By agreeing to the conditions set when he signed, he compromised his own ambitions as he knows he has to preside over a massive player cull. Therefore his often repeated quotes at his love of bringing young players through are designed to prepare us for the worse. Yet you don’t see him giving any of these players who are going to be thrown in at the deep end in January a chance, bringing Sears on with 7 minutes left is his sole attempt at bringing youth through so far. Apart from prettier passing what exactly is different than when Curbs was in charge? It was Curbs after all that got us up to fifth, so Zola can take no credit there. 3 points dropped from here on in and we’re right down amongst the relegation fodder, happy smiley football won’t be enough then especially if the players you’ve got, (Cole and Ilunga excepted) don’t even know what the word WORK means. Good coaches drop underperforming players and create competition for places, Zola doesn’t even want to substitute the worse culprits let alone drop them. Time will tell, but i fear the worst.

  24. djclipz says:

    agree with Hammers & Zvezda we are lacking class but whos fault is tht, its not as though zola was in charge before the close of the transfer period! and to be honest ilunga looks like a great signing for the board. Zolas only acquisition so far is tristan and although im dubious as he seems to have fallen off the wagon in the last few years there is no doubt he did have quality and great footballing mind. So hopefully he can show the players how to finish and maybe recapture his form. He didnt work in italy but then premiership is a hell of a different game. Other than that though i have been impressed by our new style of play, The first half against hull was good, the passing looked nice and worked well and we could have ended the match by half time but obviously we couldn’t keep it up in the second half and the passing became sloppy while hull took their chance! But still its early days and im sure we are going to see extra from what has been positive for us so far!

  25. Upton Spark says:

    Ian; Any chance of some new info soon please as this is getting boring.
    Not enough on here now to keep people interested.

  26. Bullingdon Beggar says:

    Will the last person to leave this blog please turn the lights out, we don’t want to attract squatters.

  27. Goatygav says:

    There’s an impatient new breed of fan at West Ham that wouldn’t be out of place at St James’ Park giving their team absolutely no chance of success by calling for the board/manager/coach/director of football’s head after 5 minutes in the job.

    I’ve posted this many times on blogs but I’ll do it again. STATISTICALLY clubs who stick by their managers do better than those who have an American style Hire and Fire attitude. I really hope that West Ham don’t turn in to Newcastle and hound out good managers and coaches before they have a chance to build the team that they want and give that team time to gel properly.

    COYI!!! Can’t wait for the visit of Arsenal and the trip to Manure. Perhaps a similar post for the game this Sunday Iain – I hope Zola has the confidence to stick to his principles and have a proper go at Wenger’s boys.

  28. Paul Nixon says:

    I’m with Goatygav: too much whining and not enough patience. Results come after putting in the time, hard work and faith. For instant gratification, please go to the Chelsea blog.


  29. Gorgonzola says:

    Iain, get a deputy…there’s plenty of west ham bloggers out there, some even leave their link on your blog. I think you should invite them to post, it’ll take some weight off your shoulders. It’s not easy blogging when you got other things going on as you quite clearly have. You’ve left it a bit long I think.

    I volunteer myself…what do you say?

  30. Plaistow54 says:

    I didn’t mind Curbs. He was from around Forest Gate & he wanted the best for the club naturally. I thought he had genuine reason for grievance when he went. However, he’s gone. This is Zolas first real position where his head is on the chopping block. He knows the stakes. He knows what we want, & what he has to do. I,m one for giving him a chance & backing him while he has that chance. Clarke is no fool either you know. Yes, Arsenal are there for the taking. When their season gets wound up, they are hard to beat, but they are inconsistent at the moment. This weekends fixtures may be in doubt though, illegal betting. Fourth paragraph down.
    We should call International Rescue to find Iain. Send out Thunderbird 2.

  31. chris says:

    dont buy pro ev 09 its pig awful,and bellamy has black hair.

  32. Plaistow54 says:

    Couple of things. I nearly bought Pro Evolution for my boys but they set me straight. I think they got F.I.F.A. Bellamy should get his hair dyed black to line up with the game. I agree, Iain should get some offsiders who have time to contribute & some moderators or something to keep the blog ticking over. This is a good blog, thoughtful comments. I like it here & presume a lot of others do too. There are people here who know how to run a blog. Iains business but. I thought about lastwords last words. Yeah, i’m worried about selling experienced players. Nani says no sell off but then he says he has players in mind & we do have one of the biggest squads. We have some fine young players in their late teens. Sears, Hines, Stanislaus, Bajner & young 14 year old Hall, just to name a few. It is a risk throwing young players into the first team. Older players can carve them up at times. I reckon Sears will play a big part but not till next year. Some are pushing to get into the first team but Zola has to be cautious. I know 16 year olds have played in Cup Finals but that’s a few years ago & football gets more competitive every year. Looks good for the future for us, as long as we can hold on to them.

  33. Hammerhead says:

    Getting bored now Iain.

  34. Graybo says:

    I think there has been a bereavement recently, so give Iain a break, guys, while he and his get over it.

  35. oik says:

    pro evo is still better than fifa, but then i din’t buy my copy lol.

  36. oik says:

    was only a matter of time until the novelty of this blog wore off on old tory boy.

  37. simon R says:

    Iain just a quick note to do with the tevez saga if i remember rightly sheff fielded a weakened team when they played at old trafford, surely thats got to be noted as those 3pts could have kept them up after all we won there and didnt just give up the ghost.

  38. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    Can someone direct me to a more active and informative blog?

  39. NobleYourTimesUp says:

    How dumb is Noble? He’s really shown himself as being quite thick. Saying it will take him 2 years at least to learn Zolas new formation and tactics. Special needs or what? No wonder he’s playing total rubbish, he’s too dumb to play the system required.
    Zola!!! please get rid of this 24 carat fool.

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