Noble Out for a Month

More bad news on the injury front today. Mark Noble has torn a calf muscle and will be out for around four weeks. It will be interesting to see how Zola reforms the midfield four. The obvious replacement is Mullins, I suppose, but I wonder whether Lee Bowyer might be brought in from the cold instead.

I don’t really see the team for the Arsenal game changing very much. Reports suggest that James Collins is pushing for a place, having had an excellent game for Wales against Germany the week before last. But I can’t see Zola dropping his captain.

Just a word about the snide comments in the previous post. I don’t need advice on how to run this blog. If people don’t like it, they cam frankly bugger off elsewhere. Unlike some other blogs I don’t just post for the sake of it. I also have a very busy schedule at the moment. I’ve thought about having a couple of people helping me with it, but it wouldn’t be the same then, I don’t think. There have always been periods when I don’t post so often, and the last few weeks has been one of those. That’s life.

I won’t be at the Arsenal game. I will be flying over the Med on my way to Israel for a few days. Just a shame it isn’t a holiday.


29 Responses to Noble Out for a Month

  1. Gorgonzola says:

    Bad news? A blessing more like it. Noble’s been awful recently making a number of mistakes.

    Bowyer or Mullins I don’t mind….at least they would have put their head on the ball on the goal line for Hull’s goal unlike Noble… it again, it’s hilarious!

  2. richard says:

    Ian, your blogs are always readable and enjoyable.

  3. richard says:

    sorry Iain not ian

  4. daniel says:

    Israel? it’s lovely there.
    bussines or pleasure?

  5. Ross says:

    Iain, dont let the tossers who criticise upset you this blog is some of the most balanced comment around.

  6. David says:

    It had to happen – the doom merchants at our club, who seem to be hitting out at everything right now, have started on this blog. If you think you can do better than Iain I suggets you start your own blog (no whining please!)

    I would rather have fewer, well written articles than put up with Total Football’s lightweight scattergun approach.

    Keep up the quality Iain!

  7. Hammer says:

    A bit worried for us at the moment. Despite some good play, we don’t have a cutting edge. We should have wrapped the game up in the first half against Hull and paid the price for not doing so. We lack in defence as well, nothing new for us there but after watching the Arse and the Mancs mid week i can see us having a rough time of it. Hope the lads can step up to the plate and start to get it together as a unit as this week will give us the chance to have a steady season or could throw us down abit for a battle to stay out of the bottom places. I have to be honest, I would just like a nice steady season again after all that’s happened.
    Not to bothered about Noble being out as he has not been playing that well. It would be nice if Bowyer was back in form as a bit of experiance could help steady things and he can grab a goal, something Mullins is unlikly to do.
    With regard to your blog Iain, take no notice of those that winge, if they are that bored why don’t they start up their own blog? I’m too busy to be on here all the time so your blog suits me fine, keep up the good work.

  8. Tony Titan says:

    Iain, I have to say the blog is a great place – long may it continue !

  9. Brian Sains says:

    I read with interest your blog Iain, and do appreciate that you have other commitments. Your thought’s are worth listening too. Keep it up, Brian.

  10. Hammered in Singapore says:

    As a long time West Ham fan I am well used to the ups and down of following the team. As an overseas Hammer who tries to see 2 or 3 games a year at Upton Park your site is a good place to read about how fans feel before and after a game. Keep the blog going it’s an interesting read and a counterpoint to the increasingly cynical kumb forum.

    As for this weekends game, the optimist says we could take the points given Arsenals recent frailty at the back, however cannot see it. I’d like to see Bowyer ahead of Mullins in place of Noble or Jack Collinson.

  11. Brian Sains says:

    Another thought, the lask of a shirt sponsor. It was a rumor a few weekes ago that something would be lined up for this week as the game is on the telly. As it’s not, that worries me a bit, how about you or anyone else ??

  12. colney says:

    mullins for me,he will put his foot in and break up there attacks,bowyer is better going forward though but we aint gona be doing that much.coyi

  13. chris says:

    agree with others could be a blessing,nobles well out of sorts i think hes struggling physically, and against arse ee hole the pace of their players might be to much for him,mullins just sitting there going nowhere might be a good option.

  14. Hope Noble can use the time on the sidelines to gather strength, I think he’s looked a bot off lately.
    I was about to advocate Bowyer in in stead of Noble for this game anyway.
    Lets hope it’s not worse than it looks/they say.

    Iain, about your blog comment – good for you – as the yanks would have said.

  15. EastHammer says:

    Dont’t think Noble missing is bad news to be honest. He is way too inconsistent and a very patchy performer. He runs like he has lead in his boots. It is bizarre why he seems to think he is the main man for free-kicks when you have the likes of Faubert and Etherington in the team.

    Bowyer/Mullins? Don’t really mind, you’ll know what you get with them two.

    I’d be happy with a draw.

  16. EastHammer says:

    Dont’t think Noble missing is bad news to be honest. He is way too inconsistent and a very patchy performer. He runs like he has lead in his boots. It is bizarre why he seems to think he is the main man for free-kicks when you have the likes of Faubert and Etherington in the team.

    Bowyer/Mullins? Don’t really mind, you’ll know what you get with them two.

    I’d be happy with a draw.

  17. Raffaele says:

    It’s my first post though I’ve been reading this blog for so long. Please keep it up Iain. Raffaele from Livorno (italy).

  18. mickeyhammer says:

    No worries about Noble being out; definitely off his best at the moment anyway. Iain, your articles are a pleasure to read, intelligent, well thought out and with high quality spelling and grammar. 10/10 in fact!

  19. lastword says:

    Watching the reserve game against Arsenal the other night, which both Zola & Clarke attended, the three stand out performances were Boa Morte, Mullins and Collison. So expect to see all those three involved at some stage. Yes, Boa Morte missed his obligatory sitter, but he was a workhorse, popping up every where, even helping out in the 90th minute with a crunching tackle in defence to ensure our win. For workrate alone he should be a starter, as another lazy performance from us in midfield and we will get battered. Thankfully Noble (who admits it will take him 2 years to learn a new way to give the ball away) is injured so that’s a plus point in my book.

  20. Kennet says:

    Firstly, don’t waorry Iain, good site good ideas and comments.

    Noble out? Big deal, I have not been impressed so far this season at all, if he played as well as he has doen int he 21’s then I would be happy, but I must say I think it may be down to his midfielf partner who I think can go do one, all he does is turn sircles and go backwards, yes is a great blocker of a ball but it is usually one he has given away.

    For me I would put the B man in the middle and Bowyer on the wing, and maybe drop Parker for Mulins ( Puts on tin hat).

  21. chris says:

    You all might think I,m crazy but this just might be the game for LBM,lets use him as a messer in midfield hes probably the only player with pace enough to deal with vengers! lot

  22. Van Der Elst says:

    Boo! Dale out! Welcome back Iain. Collison in for Noble I hope.

  23. The Headmaster says:

    It is a brave shout indeed Chris but not one that I would particularly expect, even tho GFZ has shown some belief in the player. More likely he will be on the bench and come on for the last 20 minutes or so. I expect Mullins to be in there as a spoiler although I have to say that he is a player that I personally don’t rate at all.
    Welcome back, iain and have a good trip to Israel.

  24. Richard says:

    I like reading the blog. I think you have interesting comments to make Iain!. Don’t let the negative readers get you down. ! let them to P Off!

  25. Paul Nixon says:

    Keep up the good work, Iain. Enjoy the sun!


  26. Goatygav says:

    Let’s hope that Mark Noble works hard to gain his place back and his poor run of form comes to an end with this injury. He’s a fantastic prospect for the future and the club should continue to look after and nurture his talents with a mind to making him a regular international. I personally think he’ll captain his country one day.

    As for the blogs, Iain, I’ve enjoyed them immensely and I agree wholeheartedly with Richard, Ross, David, Hammer, Tony Titan, Brian Sains, Joppe, Rafaelle, MickeyHammer, Kennet, The Headmaster and Richard. You’re building a well balanced and articulate readership with some enjoyable debate coming out of them. Please don’t let the B”@*£!rds grind you down. Most folk with anything about them realize you’re a busy chap and post when you can.

  27. martin keech says:

    I cant believe people conplaining about your site. I think it is admirable that a man as busy as yourself gives time to talk with such love and passion for the mighty hammers. Fair play Iain, keep up the good work.

  28. Graybo says:

    Yes, it’s a good blog.

    Noble is still learning his trade, isn’t he? People are going to push him out the door the same way that Lampard was ushered away. Then who will have the last laugh? He’ll come back to haunt us with one of the top teams if the boo boys have their say.

    Typical of the lack of balanced thinking by some of the terrace thickos who shout loudest.

  29. hakanrylander says:

    Keep up the good work, Iain. Those complaining about your site are clueless. I’m not a Hammers fan, but this is one of the best football-blogs I’ve come across.
    As for Noble, maybe he can use his convalescence to learn the 4-3-3 system.

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