Some Interesting Player Stats

Player Fouls won
Behrami 32
Noble 10
Faubert 8
Etherington 7
Parker 6

Player Tackles won
Behrami 26
Parker 17
Faubert 11
Noble 9
Etherington 5

Looks like some of us, including me, have been underestimating Mr Behrami.

UPDATE: The TIMES has a profile of Valon Behrami.


8 Responses to Some Interesting Player Stats

  1. Goatygav says:

    He’s a good player and will do well for us given time. In fact nearly all of the players brought in recently are quality – Ilunga’s got a bit about him for sure.

  2. lastword says:

    No we haven’t underestimated Mr Behrami. The ability to fall over in the vicinity of an opponent is not, i suspect the reason he was bought to the club, plus those tackles he made must surely have come from him playing in midfield as i don’t recall even one when he was in defence (the position he was bought to play at) owing in large part that he couldn’t catch any opponents to actually tackle. Also seeing as the next most prolific tackler in our squad is another midfielder only illustrates further our defensive frailties. Maybe if he completes two passes in a row in the same match i will admit to being wrong about him. A big ask of him i know.

  3. colney says:

    yep,getting better every game.he was poor at southampton pre season and was worried but now hope to keep him.

  4. Col says:

    Not sure why you were underestimating him to be honest or even if you were at all. He has been our most consistent performer so far this season.

  5. chris says:

    Hes been great,but Ive been so disappointed with noble,hes neat and tidy but is so slow and at this level and does not score for an attacking midfielder,but times on his side and he can play the forward pass so jurys still out.

  6. says:

    Behrami’s been alright, hopefully will find some consistent form coming up.

    I think the numbers are a little skewed there though Iain, he gets involved in a lot of scuffles getting two or three bites of the cherry that may be propping his numbers up a bit.

  7. Paul Nixon says:

    I think Behrami was a fabulous buy. He never stops! And you can’t beat the price! We’ve had our share of transfer duds, but he isn’t one of them.


  8. Upton Spark says:

    Have I missed something? Who’s not happy with Behrami then?

    I think he will actually get even better and be one of our better buys.

    Think he’ll do well against Arsenal.

    I predict a 2-2 draw.

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