Herita Ilunga has a Blog!

Now I don’t know how good your French is, but our new left back Herita Ilunga has a blog, which he updates very regularly (more regularly than me at the moment, I hear you say!). You can find it HERE.

Herita has asked a friend of his to email me with a message for you all.

The main goal of this blog is to talk about the integration of Herita in West Ham and to increase relationship between fans and players. To date, the articles are just in French but you can translate them with the Google traductor tool. Anyway, Herita wants me to translate each article into English as soon as possible.

I am afraid my French is useless. Now, if it were in German we’d be in business! Anyway, it’s a great initiative and I hope others players may follow his lead.


13 Responses to Herita Ilunga has a Blog!

  1. Catblack says:

    Some players do blog, tmostly abroad though. If i remember the German squad were banned from blogging, amongst other things, during the last world cup. This is another reason, not that any more are needed, why we should sign Herita full time as soon as we are able to, i’m loving the cut of his jib more and more. Having had a look at his blog i have a sneaking suspicion he’s fallen for the Hammers in a big way already lol. He’s even got a vote for if we can beat Man U on Wednesday, so go on over and click on OUI. Then his dressing room stories of the joys of blogging may spread the idea amongst some of the other squad members.

  2. Markt says:

    Just had a look and this has real potential. They have some Enlgish translations on there now which contains some real gems such as:

    “We must acknowledge that Herita is impressed by the noise of english stadium. He is used playing in full stadium (more than 90 000 in Africa Stadiums) but he never had so much sensation !!!”

    and commenting on the build up to the Arsenal match:

    “It will be difficult to win this team made of young and talentous players (Fabregas, Nasri, Adebayor, Van Persie) but nothing is Impossible for the Hammers.”

    Fantastic stuff. You have your work cut out to match this Iain.

  3. If he needs a friend to send an understandable e-mail,
    how on earth does he communicate with the other players?

  4. Biffo the bear says:

    I think he must realise a lot of west ham fans are checking it out cos his mate has translated lots of it into english.

    Very good idea, wish more players would do it. Mind you, some of them would have to go to ‘string a sentence together’ classes first!

  5. chris says:


  6. Catblack says:

    An extract from little Mark Nobles Blog:

    ‘Well, like, erm i was injured innit.erm so i cudnt erm play genst arsenal innit. erm. An like, this erm zola geezer erm man, his erm training and stuff is well ard innit. it does me ead in innit. Erm, thats all, will erm rite more when i erm finish playing on my erm PS3’

    Somehow i think a badly translated french blog is way more preferable and understandable.
    Ilunga communicates in the dressing room in English, but like most people, i’m sure he finds writing in another language rather diferent than speaking it.

  7. Me says:

    May i just say that Herita is a shining example of a modern day footballer.
    By his own admission he may not write the articles on his blog (for now at least as he gets to grips with the language), but he does leave comments thanking everyone, oh and he answered an email i sent him too, even though he didn’t have to. Top man indeed, a total class act, i really hope we sign him full time.

  8. Gorgonzola says:

    I think we must give a lot of credit to Nani for the signing of Ilunga. Curbishley himself admitted that he had nothing to do with it, which is obvious because a) he’s good and b) he’s not injury prone.

    The fact is, our player of the season for many fans (McCartney) was sold and his replacement (Ilunga) has fitted in so well that we hardly noticed what was seen as a weakness at left back at the time.

    Well done Nani for that and for DiMichele. All that’s left now is to sign him before we get into a Wigan/Zaki situation.

  9. Reiner says:

    It’s nice to hear that somebody has a blog. That makes him an expressive person regardless of his/her position in society or weather he/she is a public character or not. A person with a blog is somebody that tells us about his life, even when the blogger publishes articles about events and relations that seem to be absent in the blogger’s personal life, he/she makes a decision, selects something between other known or ignored events.
    It’s cool that in the age of www 2.0 where everybody with access to a computer can blog, people speak up in their mother tongue or preferred language. This way many speech flows come together, sometimes not only on the same web site but also on the same page. I miss some french here, just as an example.

  10. BamaBrit says:

    My bruv has worked with Harry for a year now and he said that Harry is the most honest and caring person he has ever met. There are so many things that you will never hear. Like the time Harry gave up some of his FA allocation to a boy in a wheelchair and his aid that come to to watch the first team training. The sheer work ethic in watching reserve games home and and away. He is a football man thru and thru. He has always said that Pompy are two bob but what a great job he did for a shilling. Who can begrudge the man a last swansong with a big club, he could never come back to my beloved Hammers we all know that, too much water and too much bad blood. But he served us well on and off the pitch.
    Yes will will all look forward to beating the spuds and so much better with him at the helm than a spainard that in 18 months couldnt even say up your’s let alone up the spurs.
    Harry is a legend, let the legend finish his time at 62 give him a break. We love him deep down in our underpants realy.
    Call me a sentimentalist call me a Cockney Yank but give Harry a break………..
    But beat the Manks on wed Night

  11. hammeredcalv says:

    Be good to beat united tonight without TEVEZ ! that would prove a piont !!!!!

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