Watching the Man U Game in Tel Aviv

Does anyone know a bar in Tel Aviv that is showing the Man U game? Preferably near the beach!


50 Responses to Watching the Man U Game in Tel Aviv

  1. Col says:

    More holidays Iain?

  2. Roshi says:

    You’d have more luck looking for a Spuds game Iain.

  3. Iain Dale says:

    Col, er no, it’s work. I havent had a holiday this year, so far as I can remember!

    Roshi, care to list any more stereotypes? Frankly they all support Chelsea, Liverpool or Man U here.

  4. paul says:

    mikes place or the buzz stop. Both on the beach.. Ill be there. WHU

  5. paul says:

    mikes place or buzz stop both on beach,, ill be there WHU

  6. paul says:

    mikes place or buzz stop both near beach,, ill be there WHU

  7. Eddie Chappers says:

    There are plenty of foreign channels showing it according to LJ’s live sat so you should be ok finding a bar that leans towards the Red side of Manchester instead of London

  8. daniel says:

    there’s this pub called Mike’s Place. right on the beach.

  9. Mile End Paul says:

    Iain, Look at first post on Harry – couldn’t give a monkeys blog as Phil in Israel asked if you wanted to watch the match and knew where to go ?

  10. 10no6 says:

    Hi Iain, I remember seeing this on your blog re Harry Redknapp perhaps he can help


    phil Says:

    October 26, 2008 at 11:28 am
    See Harry says he’s happy to finally have a chance at a “big” club. So he’s going to be quickly disillusioned.

    What you doing in Israel? If you’re here for the Man U game I can let you know where to see it.

    Phil in Israel

  11. julian says:

    watch the game online here its were i watch it if im not lucky engou to get to the match

  12. julian says:

    its free

  13. phil says:

    The best place to watch games is Mash – its at the northern end of Dizengoff Street (walking distance from beach) and its the only one really dedicated to sports.

    The other bars that will probably be showing the games are Mike’s Place, Buzz Stop or Molly Blooms but they often have music on so you can’t hear the commentary.

  14. colney says:

    duno … you hum it and ill play it !

  15. Paul Morfey says:

    Is it just me or is Julien Faubert crap !!!!!! everytime i watch him he gives the ball away, tackles like a girl with his eyes shut and runs around like a chicken with no head.
    6.5 mill for him was an absolute disgrace, if we have no one better than him to step up, god help us.
    Come on Faubert, step your game up mate. Hope someone knows him or he reads this cos he really needs a kick up the arse.
    Thought ginge was very good on his 1st game back but Greeny was England class, must be due his turn soon in goal for the 3 lions.

  16. chris says:

    But paul at least he tackles!!!! coz hes got pace,or its lucas with no pace against ronaldo which means lucas neil pulls his shirt until hes red carded!!!!!

  17. chris says:


  18. chris says:


  19. colney says:

    call me old fationed but ffs cant we play likea normal team? we are so disjointed and cant sem to see our own players on the pitch? single figures would be a result

  20. chris says:


  21. chris says:


  22. chris says:

    why are we paying so much much money to average footballers!!!! I mean what I say here this is not just bull!!!! but over the last couple of weeks I have seen some fantastic African footballers over hackney marshes with more pace and skill than any of our lot.

  23. colney says:

    if we are playing attacking football why the f==k are we not scoring?

  24. chris says:


  25. Smiley says:

    Nice pretty passing. It looks so lovely and happy (as long it’s not more than five passes in succession). Zola even smiles and laughs during the post match interview he’s that happy. Four losses in a row? don’t worry at least they’re playing happy. Can’t string a decent number of passes together? don’t worry as long as they play with a smile. Seriously though it wasn’t until at least 38 minutes of the match that i actually realised Bellamy was playing. Just goes to show that Cole is our best forward and we missed him. And as for Di Michele, he’s useless (his 2 goals so far were against Newcastle so don’t really count) I will go out on a limb now and say that he won’t be extending his loan with us. Behrami is out injured – Hooray!! Result!! Collison should replace him permanently. Boro, Everton, Portsmouth and Sunderland all up next, and all of them play with more passion than the shower we’re lumbered with. I can’t see more than two points in total from all those games, which will see us sliding down the league faster than a greased up pole dancer. Buckle up!! we’re in for another relegation battle, But at least Zola will have them smiling all the way through it though.

  26. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    It’s not even pretty to watch! We have no idea! No passion! We’ve got nothing! I agree, we are an average Championship side….a very average Championship side! Di Canio would never have stood for this shit! At least the season will hold our interest for much longer than last year as we fight to stay up!

  27. Roshi says:

    I’m sorry to say, but I find the whole situation at West Ham an embarrassing calamity of total stupidity.
    It started with the Brown saga and has not stopped going from bad to worse.

    The board it seems, (although I was an admirer for a long while) has gone into free fall, hardly surprising when you look at the problems they have had to face. Football as an investment is not for the faint hearted, sure the millions banded about as income sound great but the outgoings are ridiculous and when your core business is financed on the financial markets, you’re asking for trouble.

    As much as I admired the “speak when we need to” policy of the board, isn’t about time we really knew what was going on with all the side issues the club is going through. Rather gleaning bits of info from various papers and websites I feel as a loyal customer base,( us), should be better informed.

    The team performance last night, albeit against one of the best teams in Europe, was dire and it’s correct some of the players are either not bothered or to be frank “bl**dy awful.

    What the hell is actually wrong with Ashton, is it easier to be injured than play, again we don’t know because we are not told! Surely a regular injury update would be possible on the website.

    And one more thing on the Bobby Moore situation. Nobody was a bigger ‘Bobby’ fan than me, I saw him play most of his games for West Ham and as a boy idolised him. I was disgusted with the way he was jettisoned from West Ham, due mainly to the Blackpool drinking incident but he was our greatest son, he wasn’t even allowed to park in the club car park when he returned to spectate after his retirement (fact).

    Roll on a good few years following his untimely passing and the marketing men get involved, number 6 is retired and a picture of Bobby in his famous captains pose is placed in the most prominent place in the ground. We then get the Bobby Moore BM6 range of clothing, of course a percentage is going to the Bobby fund as it should, but a bigger percentage is going to West Ham’s fund, I just find the whole No.6 thing a marketing strategy to boost shop sales rather than the club gesture it was promoted as.
    My views entirely and probably not what the majority think.

  28. old biddy says:

    Iv not posted on here before but always read whats being said on here with great intrest,iv been a Hammer for my sins for over 30yrs,and i really do fear for us this season and what the implications of relegation would mean for us in the long term i dread to think bearing inmind our finances at this time…….theres seems an element of Roeder about us as a team at the moment,nice guy in charge give him time!!!……..WE LOOK SHOCKING AT THE MOMENT and i cant see us “trying to play our way out of it” as a short term solution,wev lacked steel and determination for years,and that needs to come from the top,how we could with a Martin Allen in midfield as well….we play people out of position too,did nt Bellamy make a name for himself scoring goals by playing down the middle? Faubert the most half hearted player i think iv ever seen at our club for a number of years is never in a month of Sundays a defender!……i think we would be more of a threat to anybody playing 442 especially at home…i live in in an area full of Stoke fans,they cant wait to play us believe me,not alot of quality in the side but boy do they fight for every scrap?…and i think that mentality is what we are going to need in the next few months to survive,because theres no way we have the stomach as a team to get out of a relegation scrap

  29. old biddy says:

    Keep up the good work Iain,i think you run an exellent blog here mate…oh and keep slapping on the factor 30 in Isreal……….no such luck here its freezing!

  30. Mile End Paul says:

    Phil – after last night’s game probably best to have watched it in Israel in one of the bars with music so no commentary, and hopefully no picture also !!!

  31. chris says:

    Some great comments above guys!!! just cant understand why we are playing this attacking christmas tree formation,because we dont have that many goalscorers in the team especailly midfield,parker dont score noble dont score behrami dont boa morte dont mullins dont, faubert dont, bowyer every now and then, the list is endless!!!! bellamy is best on the last defender not tucked inside,bellamy says hes adapting to this new role,BOLLOX we a’nt got the time,lets get back to 4 4 2 or 4 5 1 and be hard to beat ,well done to ginge hes been good!!! hope tristans good but bet hes legs have gone like di michele shame coz di michele has a great touch,hope BG sells to a trillionare coz we need goal scorers LOTS OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE IN IT BELIEVE ME!!!!!

  32. chris says:

    Does anyone know whats happening to dyer is he gunna play again how long is he away?

  33. colney says:

    chris,it was mentioned a week ago he is in full training and may be a few weeks away,so that means…breaks down in training with a pulled hammy and out for 2 months!!!.

    As for ginge,i think he and upson are the 2,as for neil,maybe shouve him out right again and push julian 4ward? hes crap at right back and can cross the ball,so shove him forward while biriani is out.

    any chance we can sell ashton? put the dosh in to a fit player that can make sence to me and a few mates,what you fink?

  34. Goatygav says:

    Hope you managed to get a decent seat for the game Iain.

    I was up there last night and I don’t think they played TOO badly. I like what Zola’s trying to do. It was clear that they’ve started to play more balls in to feet, with plenty of clever movement, at a higher tempo. There were one or two weak links with Lee Bowyer not looking at all at the races. The bloke just didn’t have a clue what was going on around him – four or five times he was rooted to the spot while a pass in to him was easily intercepted when he had plenty of time to go to the ball. He was completely unaware of what was going on around him. Sorry to say it but Di Michele had an absolute howler too – I can’t think of a single occasion he found a team-mate or retained possession.

    On last night’s evidence Chris is right – When we did put a move together it broke down when we got to the final third. By contrast Man Utd looked like they were going to score every time they came forward. We’re missing Deano and (I never thought I’d hear myself saying it but) we missed Carlton Cole too.

    I hope Zola continues with the quick, clever interchanges and high tempo passing although there may be something to gain in a 4-4-2 instead. Having lost 4 in a row let’s hope Zola doesn’t lose his bottle – something tells me he won’t and he’ll continue to play “The West Ham Way.”


  35. JackHammer says:

    Calm down lads, last night was always a massive ask.
    Concentrate on SUPPORTING YOUR TEAM with the games we can win.
    I am not happy about the last few results, but thats football and you are supporting West Ham.
    We have always struggled and given the financial state of the current owner will continue to do so.
    Would you prefer to be a big chq book club that buys its success for short term glory at the expensive of massive debt? I hope not.
    Iain will be back shortly and comments might get POSITIVE and REAL again

  36. E1 says:

    just got back from manchester (work in between) first half pure crap and lacked consentration hench 2- 0 2nd half much better and IF we had some quality upfront might have nicked a draw. There support is bo***c*s we were great and a good time was had by all. we just need to spend on forwards.

  37. old biddy says:

    I do believe we cant be thinking of this “Long term plan”we need to stop in this division for the safety of the clubs future……..if it means playing ugly but winning so be it

  38. Matt says:

    the only postive last night was collison coming on and showing boa morte and mullins how to pass the ball, he was awesome. maybe with behrami and parker out we shud look to start him instead of boa morte or mullins where behrami played last night

  39. chris says:

    Sorry guys I try to remain positive but the amount of money we have wasted on average players hurts it cuts like a f—–g knife.Spending that 30 million west ham had to get it right, but sadly we got it jackhammer yes I think i wanna be a big cheque book club, have the best players sink loads of bevs when we beat the spuds and arse ee hole.When your ten year old does not what to go no more coz “dad we always lose”try telling them its about the shirt not the result, it never works.

  40. Iron Lung says:

    I think you lot are over-reacting. The gulf in class between the top 4 and the rest is the embarrassment. We were totally outclassed, but we aren’t the first, and we won’t be the last. I thought they were much improved in the second half, but then again ManU had pretty much given up by then. Collison looked good. I think Faubert is ten times the player going forward. But it doesn’t matter how pretty we play if we don’t start scoring again soon…that’s the real issue here. None of our strikers are any good, really, except the perpetually-injured-will-he-ever-play-again Ashton. I will stick my neck out and say that IMO Collins is one the top half dozen centre backs in the premier league, never mind just WHU. Will Zola have the balls to drop Neill? If we could tighten up at the back, we will stay out of too much trouble. There are some horrendously bad teams in the PL this season…we’re not one of them. Let’s get behind Zola!!!!

  41. DevoDevo says:

    Agree with Matt, Collison had a very good half and could have had a penalty.

    I also think there’s a lot of over reaction to a game that we were never going to get a result from. We were missing Ashton (again), Dyer (don’t laugh), Parker, Noble & Cole.
    Arguably, that’s half of our best team.

    I, for one am happy to see us attempting to play football again after the dire stuff we had to endure under Curbishley. Our early season positon was obviously false due to the incredible run of ‘easy’ games that we were dealt.

    What I am prepared to do, is give Zola/Clarke time to implement their plan. We will never move forward until we change our approach.

    Faubert hasn’t worked at Rb but he looked a lot better in the 2nd half when pushing up. Di Michele is a complete joke. No pace, no stamina and wasteful with the ball. Mullins never changes. Strolls around, doesn’t pick people up, loses the ball and can’t score. At least Bowyer attempts to get in the opposition’s penalty box. Where are our attacking midfielders?

    It’s evident that we are not going to challenge for Europe. I think it’s also evident that we won’t get relegated, so let’s use this season to progress with the new approach and bringing on the youngsters.

  42. djclipz says:

    all things considering, it was rotten luck to have our last 2 games arsenal and man utd, yes we should of got something from the game at Hull, but i really wasn’t expecting anything from man utd! Thank full it was only 2. Middlesbrough next and a great chance to get some points on the board so COYI!!!!!

    The only worry i do have is the lack of quality we do posess especially in midfield. Parker yes great but it is true he doesn’t like to look forward but then he should be holding man that mops up the midfield anyway. With noble out i dnt really see us with anything else to excite the midfield to create stuff and this is what we have lacked for last few years. Our only creative talent we did have in recent years was benayoun!! Bowyer is certainly not up to it, mullins doesn;t play tht role, collison looks good but is stil young, our wingers i find to be very hit or miss, ethers tries but he can also not be seen for an entire half!! Id rather see faubert back on the right wing as he has great technique on curling a ball in. Overall though we need jan to come as soon as possible so we can get some real creative talent in our midfield. (Appiah would have at least been a start) Plus a good centre forward who isn’t always injured!

  43. Roshi says:

    Just read on that Ashton is out till the end of the season.

  44. Geoff Pikey says:

    Wasn’t that the point of employing Curbishley in the first place? Premiership stability first and foremost, then to build on that stability. Zola inherited a team in 5th place so it wasn’t like Curbs wasn’t meeting his side of the bargain. Yes i would rather boring football and a top half finish guaranteed than some secondhand Chelsea tactic that the players aren’t good enough to implement. West Ham as a squad hasn’t got enough (if any) players with the necessary mentality where a new coach can come in and totally change their style of play. It’s a bit like asking hospital porters to suddenly start doing the jobs of highly skilled surgeons… A recipe for disaster,
    Whereas this recipe would avert that disaster:
    Use players in the position they were bought for. If they prove useless then raid the youth team for someone in that position. If you don’t throw them in the deep end you’ll never know if they can swim (ask Martin O’neill). And don’t be afraid to drop players no matter who they are. Finally, forget all talk of playing with a smile instead get them playing with a snarl… Nice guys don’t win.

  45. colney says:

    cant believe people are saying we should not expect something from old trafford? facts are the last six games weve 3-3 against utd.apart from the other night that is.

    we have an excellent record against them and i for one want us to be competeing with the likes of them!!! and basicaly we not sure why zola is asking them to play counter attack football and than put bellamy in the mid field? he should be right up there and cole drop off.counter attack footy must be played with a quickie up front and mr cole aint that.ethers had a poor one 2 and i think he needs a poke up the arse.boro aint gona be easy so im getting very worried with the system and lack of goals.oh and no cash in january aint gona change much fellers.

    any positives coz im struggling?

  46. Gorgonzola says:

    Errr, we played the best club side in the world; what did we expect? I think our passing was very encouraging and against lesser teams we’ll show what we’re about.

    I do hope that Faubert is pushed into right midfield as Behrami is injured now. I think we’re not utilizing his full potential at right back and you can see his frustrations during the game.

    O, I said it before and I’ll say it again, Collison is a better prospect than Noble.

  47. chris says:

    Geoff well said agree with everything,this christmas tree formation does not suit.

  48. Geoff Pikey says:

    Just a quickie for those that said we shouldn’t have expected a rsult as it was the mighty ManU after al!! Curbs was unbeaten against them and even did the double over them in the same season, the first West Ham manager to achieve that in 30 years (he also did the double over Arsenal). Still, he didn’t advocate football with a smile so maybe that doesn’t count.

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