The Chairman Needs to Speak to Us

October 13, 2008

The weekend papers carried all sorts of lurid rumours about the likely fate of West Ham now that its chairman’s fortune has been devastated by the credit crunch. Much of it was probably ill informed speculation, but it is nevertheless very unsettling for all who have the club’s interests at heart.

I have no inside information about what is going on, but I do know – as someone who has a background in media relations – that the lack of any firm statement from the chairman will be seen by journalists as an indication that he is looking to sell. We’re told on C’Mon U Irons that he would rather sell any of his other assets that sell West Ham, but there are no quotes at all.

So let’s stop the speculation, let’s have some facts. We deserve no less.


Behrami Out But for How Long?

October 10, 2008

Valon Behrami, according to The Sun, has suffered an injury while on international duty with Switzerland. He’s likely to be out for several weeks. I suppose the saving grace is that we do actually have cover in his position.

Spurs Win At Last

October 8, 2008

Eider Flies to London

October 8, 2008

A correspondent emails to say he Saw Eider Gudjonsson on flight in from Luxembourg to London City last night. Off to see his old mate Zola, perhaps?

Breaking News: West Ham Owner’s Bank is Nationalised

October 7, 2008

It was announced this morning that the bank owned by West Ham chairman BG has been nationalised.

I am not an economist and can only guess at what implications this has for our beloved club. And my guess is that the implications are far from positive.

If anyone knows anything about BG’s financial structures and would like to enlighten the rest of us, please feel free to leave a comment.

The Steve Kabba Question

October 6, 2008

A reader writes…

A question.

In a response to your Icelantic Banking crisis, Doc H Ball asks why West Ham have not pushed the Kabba affair. I have the same question.

We are alledged to have had a clause (unused) that could have been enforced by a third party. This did not happen, and we were fined £5.5m. In the eyes of the arbitration committee, this lead to a three point advantage.

In the Steve Kabba affair, it was supposedly on the SUFC website and also in the Watford programme notes that the clubs had agreed he would not play. This is not potential third party influence, but actual influence. Yet, no action is taken. Surely, this is worth more than a 3 point deduction.The result was a win for Sheffield United, so if the points are removed, then this would negate the so called arbitration result.

So the question! Why are we not pushing this and using it to mitigrate the current action?

Any enlightenment would be gratefully received.

Indeed it would.

Bolton Match Report

October 5, 2008

Oh dear, oh dear. Every goalkeeper has an off day once in a while and boy was this an off day for Robert Green. We all see him as Mr Reliable but today he was certainly at fault for two of Bolton’s goals, if not all three. The first was unforgivable, the second one a spill and the third … well, I have seen it several times and I still can’t understand how we can let in a goal from more than forty yards – yet it still seemed unstoppable.

But it wasn’t just Rob Green. It is difficult to pinpoint any West Ham player who had an average game, let alone a good one. Perhaps Ilunga was the exception, especially in the first half, but the rest did not perform anywhere near their abilities.

It seems to me that if the two central midfield players aren’t on song, it affects the flow of the whole team. Noble had a nightmare. Perhaps he didn’t feel able to commit himself fully after being booked so early. Parker was little better with two many passes going astray. Etherington didn’t impose himself on the game and Behrami, although committed, seemed very hot and cold. Faubert’s crosses were either too long or too short, and too often he lost the attacker on the left.

Up front, Cole did OK, holding the ball up and nearly bagging a superb goal which the Bolton goalkeeper somehow palmed away. Although the goal went in off his shoulder, he was in the right place at the right time, something which happens all too rarely. Di Michele had a couple of long range shots but didn’t really make a huge contribution before he was subbed for Bellamy and I suspect he will be dropped for the next game. Bellamy was on for most of the second half but was largely anonymous. Sears only had ten minutes but barely got a touch.

I think we have to put this down to a bad day at the office and not read too much into it. But it did concern me when the commentator said that Rob Green hasn’t had a clean sheet since February. That needs to change, and change soon.

Green 3
Ilunga 7
Upson 6
Neill 6
Faubert 6
Etherington 6
Behrami 6
Noble 4
Parker 5
Cole 7
Di Michele 5
Bellamy 4