Bad News on Obama

Most of us were rather pleased that the Americans elected a West Ham fan President last night.

Except they didn’t.

This month’s GQ magazine has a piece on the US election in which Barack Obama denies supporting the Hammers.

Oh well. Nice while it lasted.


34 Responses to Bad News on Obama

  1. Josh says:

    He’s been in power 1 day and I’ve already completely lost my faith in him.

  2. Tophammer says:

    Not your most exciting submission Iain. Are you, by any chance, turning into a grumpy old man?

  3. Graybo says:

    We’ll work on him. There’s hope.

  4. Keith Holland says:

    Well, pre-election he would say that wouldnt he ? (cant offend floating voters who may support spuds or mancs). With your political hat on you’d know that Iain.
    He’ll probably “come out” when he visits London. Maybe you can use your contacts to get him invited to a home game.
    While you’re at it, can you arrange for The West Wing to be reintroduced ?

  5. Roshi says:

    Fair weather supporter! just because we have lost a few games on the spin, he’ll be back

  6. Of course he’s a Hammer. Be honest Iain, all of us life-long attendees at the Academy have at some time felt tempted to deny our allegience to the most frustrating team in world sport. He just doesn’t want to offend all the other lucky sods who support a reliable club. See you in the DML…

  7. hAMMER@MAN says:

    hopefully hell be the better than our (my counrties) last president but until then then i will continue to watch the funny little game that is only played in england the SOCCER!

    glad that yall register me as one of ur greatetest EVER supporters of soccer!!!

  8. Goatygav says:

    So who do I believe – “The Sun” or GQ Magazine? Bit of a quandry.

  9. The scary thing about this is that GQ has readers…

  10. Col says:

    He only denied it because he thinks McCabe will sue if he admits it.

  11. colney says:

    he will be far to busy screwing up the world economy so leve the little pumpking over there with the egg chasers

  12. Dave Hall says:

    I would take what gq say with a pinch of salt to be honest, let alone most papers.

  13. Prince H says:

    Maybe you are more Tory than West Ham Iain? And supported the “beautiful” couple McCain/Palin? And therefore now want to miscredit Barack? Of course the forthcoming President is a West Ham fan! We all know his sisters husband dragged him to Uton Park. And once there…. ypu can’t be nothing but a hilarious fan!
    For once I trust The Sun (and other media): Yes we can!

  14. Iain Dale says:

    I supported Obama.

  15. Oskar Butcher says:

    deep down he knows he’s a hammer.

  16. HammerObama says:

    Well done Iain.


  17. HammerObama says:

    Let’s hope he can bring Obama Girl to support us too!

  18. the headmaster says:

    some things transcend even the might hammers; congratulations obama. I couldn’t give a stuff who you support but I am mightily glad you won that election!

  19. pelipar says:

    was there even anyone running against Obama in these elections?!


  20. colney says:

    back to more important issues…..

    west ham are all over the web saying bg is buggered again.another one of his companies up the sh111ta.

    any news out of west ham yet?

  21. Graybo says:

    Terrible to think that, even as we write these comments, some CIA or FBI minion is trawling through web entries including the name Obama to uncover any potential plotters.

    To our friend who is doing just that, we greet you, sir or madam, in the name of the Happy Hammers and we invite you to take a deep interest in our little club from the East End of London.

  22. moffdub says:

    Racist? Fine. Socialist? No problem. Jew-hater? No sweat. Authoritarian? Who cares? But not a West Ham fan? Impeach!

  23. timsdd says:

    I hope he sticks it to Americans so bad (of which I am one) that they vomit up the bile in their stomach for having voted for him! (I’ve also done that (the bile)).

    Yet another case of “say anything” just to dupe the idiotic voters.

  24. morsec0de says:

    What is West Ham? A type of sandwich?

    (Sorry, cannot resist a horrible joke.)

  25. Mosh says:

    Poor bugger. So far you’ve lost your sponsor, your manager and your presidential candidate.

    Never mind, things could be worse. You could be a Newcastle supporter. Like me.


  26. Liam Spencer says:

    where is the middlebrough match report

  27. niall says:

    he is a fan
    we just need to show him
    maybe he could like take us over?? lol

  28. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    timsdd……so Bush didn’t say anything just to get elecetd!!!! He even went one further, where were the weapons of mass destruction????? Talking of weapons of mass desturction, rather than having them on the pitch, up-front and in the no.9 jersey we have them in the boardroom and our owner continues to play with them.

    Mark my words, I’m not being negative…I’m a realist… The day football turned into a win at all cost, capitalist business it takes on a different look and feel and is subject to different economic forces. Right now our business looks poor, held togerther by false hopes…what they’re not telling us is more important than what they ‘are’ telling us…..when the bomb drops on us it should not be a surprise…WHAT WE MUST DO IS DEMAND ANSWERS NOW!!!

  29. Prince H says:

    BBC: Obama to receive West Ham invite

    West Ham are to invite US President-elect Barack Obama to watch a game at Upton Park when he next visits the UK.
    Obama saw West Ham play during a visit to see his half-sister Auma in 2003.
    “We are very proud of what Barack Obama has achieved and respect what he has done,” West Ham director Mike Lee told BBC Sport.
    “We plan to send him a letter of congratulations and invite him to come to game at Upton Park the next time he is in London,” added Lee.

  30. Bill, Sydney, Oz says:

    What a slack post.

    Where is the link to the CQ article?

  31. julian says: he is a fan thats why we sent invo to him

  32. D&G says:

    Come on! What person of his stature is going to admit to supporting us hahaha.

    Man U, Real or Barca yes but the President of the United States supporting a club in crisis and free falling? Hang on maybe he does? It mirrors the States right now.

  33. Goatygav says:

    There’s the thing D&G. Obama is very much for the average punter or, as they say Stateside, “Joe Plumber.” I get the feeling he’s not the sychophantic, social climber, type who just follows what’s trendy to follow. I hope he stays true to his admission to supporting us as much as I hope he stays true to his stated principles. Rumour has it he catches games where he’s able and gets his “People,” to keep him updated on the results.

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