Memorable Extra Time Moments

Can anyone help?

I’m a writer for an advertising firm. I am currently working on a project recounting the greatest moments of added time during a Premier League match for each club.

West Ham is proving to be quite tricky. I am thinking about using your 4-1 victory over Blackburn this season but I’m worried it’s not momentous enough. Saying that I’m struggling to find any others and I don’t think you would appreciate a write up of your last minute defeat to Tottenham in 07.

Seeing as you seem to be quite an expert on all thing West Ham, I was wondering if any added time moments during a Premier League match spring to mind?

I would be extremely grateful for any pointers.


16 Responses to Memorable Extra Time Moments

  1. Goatygav says:

    The Noble penalty vs Liverpool last year is one that springs to mind immediately.

    Not in the premier league, so not within your brief, but worthy of note was Gerrards Equalizer in the cup final. Quite frankly it felt like my life-force was being sucked out of me as I gazed on in total disbelief at his strike to take it to extra time. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. I was massively proud to be a Hammers fan that day though. The assembled Claret and Blue army were amazing. Could you hear Liverpool sing afterwards? I could only hear our fans letting the players, coaches and manager know exactly how proud they were. Never felt ambivalent like that before – gutted like a fish but warmed inside at the same time.

  2. How about mark Noble’s last minute penalty against Liverpool last year.

  3. They Think It's All Over says:

    Not Premier league but most significant one off the top of my head was Gerrard in the FA cup final. This is West Ham you’re talking about, even if you went back to before the Premier League you would struggle, we don’t exactly do last minute, if it does occur it’s generally in the oppositions favour. Does Hurst in the World Cup count?

  4. Ad Man says:

    It’s funny, some clubs seem to have a history of monumental goals in added time, but you’re right West Ham isn’t one of them.

    Saying that Noble’s penalty looks like a good one.

    Unfortunately, Hurst’s goal doesn’t count for a few reasons.

  5. daniel says:

    how about Yossi sinking Spurs to fifth on the final day of the season 3 years back?
    as well as being momentous, it was a beauty.

  6. Gary Singh says:

    How about Marlon Harewoods last minute goal in a 1 nil win over the arsenal few seasons back and Pardew and wenger start fighting!!!!

  7. Ben Duggan says:

    Anton Ferdinand’s equaliser at White Hart Lane in the 2005-06 season

  8. Ben Duggan says:

    I do believe Ian Pearce hit a screamer for an equaliser at White Hart Lane in 2002 in the last minute…

  9. persona non grata says:

    Why not Green’s penalty save last season against Pompey in extra time? Surely just as exciting as a goal.

  10. pjd says:

    when the ball came over and frank fell over

  11. Gorgonzola says:

    What about tomorrows game when Tristan will come off the bench and save us in the dying seconds?

  12. chris says:


  13. colney says:



    why are we disgussing the old when the new is far more an issue?coyi

  14. Tevezgate says:

    You lot are obviously all too young to remember the 1981 League Cup Final then – 1-0 to the then invincible Liverpool in the last minute of extra time, when Terry Mac deliberately handled a corner to prevent a certain equalizer. Step forward Ray Stewart, who must have been the hardest kicker in the league of a deadball… 1-1!

    Unfortunately we lost the replay 2-1 at Villa Park… like my dreams, they fade and die…

    PS Yes, I know it’s outside the brief but nonetheless a truly momentous last minute reprieve

  15. Raz says:

    I reckon Noble’s 94th-minute penalty would do the trick… either that or if we’re going for not be flattering towards West Ham, you go for the reverse result again the scousers and Steven Gerrard’s injury-time strike to get it to 3-3 in the 2006 FA Cup Final.

  16. Goatygav says:

    Tevezgate – that should’ve been 1-0 to us in ’81. Sammy Lee was lying down in an offside position for their goal. He was deemed offside as he wasn’t “Interfereing with Play” despite the shot practically shaving his leg-hairs as it went past him.

    Wish I wasn’t old enough to remember that. As well as being younger perhaps I wouldn’t be so bitter about it either.

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