Where are the Buyers?

Congratulations to Matthew Upson for his goal and performance against Germany. And wasn’t it nice to see Craig Bellamy bag a great goal for Wales? One on Sunday at Sunderland would be nice too!

All the papers have been full of speculation in the last couple of days about the future ownership of West Ham. The Holding Company, Hansa, has gone into administration, which has no direct effect on the day to day operation of the club, but is a very worrying development, nonetheless. It shows why two of the directors felt the need to resign recently for personal liability reasons.

Everything points to the fact that the club will, sooner or later, be sold. The longer it takes, the more desperate the board will be, and buyers clearly know this So they will take their time. The price is said to be £150 million, not far off twice the sum the Icelanders paid only two years ago. In a normal market, this would not be an unreasonable price, but we are not in normal circumstances. The papers have been remarkably free of speculation about the identity of potential buyers. You can interpret this in one of two ways. Either it is a good sign of a leakproof sale process. Or that there are no buyers’ names to leak.

I have no idea which is true.


20 Responses to Where are the Buyers?

  1. djclipz says:

    yes well done to Upson, thought he looked very comfotable and solid at the back last nyt, and the goal was an added bonus, glad it was terry tht had to mix up with carson lol!! Yes it does only look like a matter of time now until we sold, im not too happy about the lack of official statements however on the website, although im not sure they would want to come out saying yes we are desperate to sell either!! Hopefully what we hear about the club being safe is true, and we can move on further come January with maybe new owners willing to spend!!

  2. Ted says:

    why not us, the fans. Iain knows what im talking about

  3. hammeredcalv says:

    lets hope this is the start of a Bellamy goal scoring run ! all 4 of our players put in good performances last night, will do there confidence the world of good ! shame Scotty dindnt get a run out ! All this negative news about finances and fire sale of players ect… not sure about you, but its really starting to become boring to me ! lets keep it on the pitch and support the players and Zola, and let the money men do there thing ! All i know, is that there will always be a” west ham united” team to support !

    COYI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Johnny Hammer says:

    Agreed, a sale sooner rather than later can only be a good thing if only to stop internet gossipers like me worrying

    I would suggest that if £150m is the price and he only spent £75m + £30m as share equity to replace loans, both he and the Hansa liquidators should be happy with £100m. I would suspect that a buyer would like to retain an amount, say £20m, in case Sheff Utd do eventually manage to extract some money, but this looks less likely by the day.

    In that case, can I offer £80m via any connections you might have at the club. I will borrow the money from some Icelandic or Nigerian bank and ask Tony Cottee to front for me!!!!!!

  5. Kim says:

    Three cheers for Upson. He played brilliantly. Didn’t get to see the Bellars goal but all of the West Ham players involved in international games must be full of confidence after last night. Sadly Neill will be even worse with jet lag but hoping that the rest of them will take their experiences into the weekend and give us a convincing win (or even an unconvincing one) against Sunderland.

    Can somebody please tell me how Capello can leave Green out after seeing him play last weekend and give butter fingers Carson another chance?

    Please please can we win this weekend!!!!

  6. Goatygav says:

    They can dream on. £150M is stretching it a bit. I’d be surprised if they get near to that figure.

    Who knows whether they’ve got anyone lined up or not? I hope they have and I hope that whoever it is can continue to grow the first team, the academy, the ground, the training facilities, the scouting team and every other part of West Ham in the right way. Sooner would be better than later but not at the expense of finding the right person. All of this is presuming that they will have any control over the sale – which they might not.

    Agree totally with hammeredCalv – I’m bored of hearing about all of the players who are going to leave us in January as well and believe it’s time to really get behind the manager and the team. I’m enjoying watching West Ham at the moment and completely believe in what Zola’s trying to achieve. KEEP SMILING GIANFRANCO!

    Brilliant Performance from Matthew Upson. Not just his goal and the defensive aspect of his game but his passing and distribution of the ball were superb too. It would be hard to dislodge Rio and John Terry as the first choice at CB for England but what I reckon he’s done is establish himself as the first choice behind those two. Well done to Bellars, Neill and Behrami too.

    Can’t wait for the game on Sunday – should be a superb one to watch.

    COME ON YOU RIP ROARIN – GOAL SCORIN IRONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Richard says:

    following on from Ted’s plan lets all buy West Ham

    I have made use of a music gig bidding engine to start the process off


    if we all bid £2000 then it should only take 40,000 of us to put in a reasonable bid

  8. Goatygav says:

    Good site Richard – Like your style.

    Another site I’ve just stubled accross today which I thought was pretty good


  9. D&G says:

    Yeah great performance by Upson. His price should top the 10million mark come January…..

  10. brooking still the best says:

    The current owners have done nothing for the club, even before the credit crunch hit. Would anyone really be sad to see them go?

    The only reason there has been no rumours of any bidders is simple, there hasnt been any. What has the club been able to keep to themselves yet.

    It’s all depressing, and I can see a relegation fight on the not to distant horizon. It’s telling that if we cant win when we are playing well then its going to be a stuggle.

  11. StainesWestHam says:

    Good blog entry Iain. I think that there has definitely been interest in the club, but the deal will be done on the QT like the Man City deal. As soon as a bid is accepted all interested parties will follow and put their money on the table. It’s also interesting that a couple of weeks ago the club officially said on the club website that it was close to announcing the new sponsorship deal. Personally, I think that this was shelved until the new owner deal is done. For example if our new owner was prepared to invest heavily in the team, we would be able to command a better sponsor deal.

  12. Gorgonzola says:

    Let us NOT buy our club! If Iain’s blog has taught us anything then it’s that we never agree on anything 100% as west ham fans right? No? See what I mean.

    Just pray it goes to someone who supports our traditions. On that subject, if BG did some how manage to keep it then I’d be happy. We don’t want no crazy Shinawatra type guy or comedians like Hicks and Gillett.

    I bet you Kia’s doing some underhand sly tictacs.

  13. chris says:

    Hope we find a mega rich buyer before next transfer window that would be nice,cant see shitefield utd getting any money after the latest developments.
    well played upson and a goal at last for bellars BRING ON SUNDAY!!!!

  14. David says:

    One thing to remember, the price is high agreed but what potential investor wouldnt be negotiating hard with an extra £30 million hanging over our heads. This has to worry any investor even those with deep pockets.

    No one knows the outcome of the Sheffield United saga but it cant be helping our situation…

  15. Infidel Castro says:

    Seriously dude, consider changing that so called ‘celebrity’ hammers fans bit.
    A} A large number of them, are quite obviously not celebrities and have never even been heard of by anyone i have shown the list to. And others are just plain dubious such as Rod Stewart who has had as many clubs to support as he has had wives.
    B} What proof is there that all the American actors and musicians are indeed West Ham fans (in the true sense of the word fan). Being told by the cabbie picking you up from the airport that a team called West Ham exists does not constitute support when you are then asked the ridiculous question ‘what soccer team do you support mr hollywood superstar?’
    C} Surely Reg Varney is now an ex celebrity hammers fan.
    D} Perhaps you could update it so as to make those here under the age of 30 feel more included, and adding the likes of James Corden (Gavin & Stacey) and Russell Brand, who is probably the most vocal celebrity West Ham fan there is.


  16. jon.london colney says:


    just read this.tony cascarino has just said john terry could become a better engalnd captain than bobby moore.

    i know im not aloud to swear ian but please forgive me…. what a fucking twat.

  17. chris says:


  18. the headmaster says:

    Infedel – which part of ‘Russell’ and ‘Brand’ did you miss then whem reading the celeb selection/!
    Having said that, I tend to agree with your post. As it goes, I for one couldn’t give a monkeys which alleged celebs support us

  19. Infidel Castro says:

    oops silly me, he is indeed there (my speed reading aint what it used to be), sandwiched between Ross Kemp and Sally Gunnell, a fantasy 3some if i ever saw one.

  20. West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Well done Upson, Bellers and Collison ( and Collins )

    By all accounts Iain the club is up for sale, who would want to risk their money when they don’t know how many compensation claims we will have to settle ? I suspect the buyers are waiting for us to go into administration once we have to pay up all the compensation for the Tevez debacle. Why is Scott Duxbury still here ?

    Also how can we be liable for a decision made bby the FAPL ? We were fined a record fine, surely Sheffield Utd should sue the FAPL not us. There must be more to this case than meets the eye, because it seems strange that no one is calling the FAPL to task for not deducting points.

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