Sheffield United Win Temporary Injunction

Sheffield United have succeeded in the High Court in their attempt to prevent West Ham taking their case to the Court of Arbitration in Lausanne. The BBC has the full story HERE.

Very worrying development, which can only hasten the sale of the club.


30 Responses to Sheffield United Win Temporary Injunction

  1. West Country Hammer says:

    I still can’t understand why the FA are not part-culpable for Sheffield’s relegation in the eyes of the Courts etc.

    It was the FA’s decision not to effectively relegate West Ham with a significant points deduction. Instead they awarded a significant fine as an effective punishment. That is a decision firmly outside of West Ham’s influence.

    A world in which two arbitrators ( the FA and the Courts) can impose different penalties on football clubs is a very murky world indeed.

    I hope the FA will back West Ham if the ruling to pay compensation is enforced – suspect they won’t though


  2. Goatygav says:

    Denying West Ham access to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) is blinkered.

    It was a Premier League rule that was broken (concerning 3rd party ownership of players).

    We were punished by the FA with a fine for that breach of rules. Since then it’s been decided that Sheffield Utd were relegated as a direct result (what fact this was based in god only knows).

    So who would be better placed to decide what’s fair and just than an organization that sits in judgement on thousands of sport related disputes than the CAS?

    It stinks!!!

  3. colney says:

    can we get the 5.5 mill back?

    why not? it seems like we paid the wrong people.

    any chance sir trev can pull sheff utd out in that hat for the fa cup draw?

    this has become the biggest joke for years and someone at the top should take the rap for this.

    solotion…go backrupt,change the name slightly and move on leaving the greedy northern muppets with nothing.

  4. Hammerite says: Colney must be joking or not thinking straight. That would get us thrown out of the Prem! No, now that the Blades have opened the door to the Courts deciding what happens/happened on the playing field, lets hope that Barnsley take the northern whingers to the cleaners for the damage done by their thug of a captain to Iain Hume. The Blades assistant manager, Sam Ellis, has said the incident is now closed. How convenient!

  5. irontc says:

    The FA give the original 5.5million fine to SUFC. end of. thank you and good night.

  6. clack says:

    WEst Country,

    Because West Ham lied to the FA prem league (twice!).

    It’s not the FA’s fault if they believed WHU had removed ‘all the 3rd paty’cluses’ as they were required to allow Tevez to play in those last 3 games.

    That’s my understaning of the case, anyway?

    It’s the fact that we lied (again!) – told the Prem league one thing, but secretly kept the deals with Joorabchian – so that Tevez could play in the last 3 games – that is the crux of the matter.

    And I don’t really see how the FA or Prem league can be cuplable for that?

  7. irontc says:

    Only we could lie a second time and get caught! If that is in deed the case.

    I hope the judge(s) didnt just take verbal evidence from Kia and /or his lawyer at SUFC’s arbitration panel in regards to the tearing up or not tearing up of contracts.

    There are two things for certain though.

    1. The full (and now getting very tedious) story behind ‘Tevezgate’ is not yet in the public domain.

    2. Until this is sorted a takeover is very unlikely.

    We are stuck in a disruptive holding pattern until further notice.

    Hopefully Zola and the boys can ignore all this non-football crap and we should back them 110% rain or shine!

    Come on you Irons!

  8. enlightenedone says:

    Good i’m glad. Supporting a team doesn’t involve me standing up and condoning shady practices. We lied consistently even after a change of board. Accept it.
    For the good of the club BG needs to immediately sell, with a £30M reduction to cover the payout. Then after Sheffield have been paid off, let the new owner get rid of everyone involved in all the various lies we told (Kia, Duxbury etc). Then that’s it, story over. And that ridiculous gollum lookalike, Joorabchian, will have no hold over us ever again,
    Only thing is though from now on anything between clubs, no matter how minor, will be settled in a court of law. Relegation and promotion issues will now be resolved in a courtroom, as will contested results of important matches, and the most important members of any club will now be it’s legal team.
    I think BG needs some good old east end “encouragement” at all of our home games to sell up so we can move on from this highly disreputable affair with a clean slate.

  9. colney says:

    tounge in cheek when the bankrupt came staement was made.i know the rules.just pisses me off that were gon suffer as fans for all this bull.

  10. the headmaster says:

    Clack, eh? By the arguments the very same chap I know from another forum I’ll wager. And you know, I do accept what you’re saying but on an emotional (and a footballing) level, I just cannot get past the injustice of Sheffired United claiming an entitlement to this money. Why?
    Can people not realise that they beat us 3-0 with Tevez in the side, lost to Wigan on the last day of the season and were basically a shite side?
    If we’d had points deducted in January, who is to say that we would not have adopted the seige mentality sooner and escaped relegation anyway?
    Sport is not science. You can’t just do the retrospective maths and say that if we’d had the points deducted then Sheff would have survived. It is an argument devoid of the emotional factors which is conjecture only.
    We are in deep doodas now tho, for sure.

  11. chris says:

    Hope we play sheffield utd soon or any warnock team,I’am ready ALL GUNS BLAZING!!!!!!!!!! whole thing stinks big time!!! this can of worms will be massive,you will see people suing for everything now.hope we go down now just so we can take a trip to sheffield.

  12. TrevorH says:

    There is one person responsible for this dragging on. It is McCabe of Sheff Utd. It has become personal and spiteful and it is about greed. Look at him and Sheff Utd up in Wikipedia. Last summer he sold his stake in a building company for £850M and Sheff Utd have a considerable stake in the rest of the company.

    If you don’t believe me, look it up. Sheff Utd are a well run club that are asset rich and with a very rich owner. Ask yourself this Sheff Utd fans, if he thought so much about his club, why didn’t he invest in the squad to challenge for promotion.

    When Sheff Utd were in the PL, they were party to all the rules and were bound to accept decisions whether they liked them or not. McCabe is the cheat, not West Ham. I have no problem with Sheff Utd fans, it is not their fault but what happened on the last day of the season was in their hands and they blew it.

    McCabe, you are motivated by grred and spite. Football doesn’t need people like you.

  13. Stephen says:

    I agree with irontc we need to back Zola and the boys more than ever. Forget this Tevegate disruption there are enough good players in the squad to move up the table a bit and have a half good season. The club have tried to be positive with the Zola appointment lets hope we can offload the players that obviously don’t improve the squad, Quasie being one of them and let some of the youth step up to the challenge. Bit gutted that reports are saying Kyle Reid is of to Blackpool .I think he has done well for the reserves and deserves a chance here and I thought Zola would give him a go.

  14. paul says:

    Iain, You say a worrying development which can only hasten the sale of the club. Surely this is what is required as soon as possible before the January transfer window. If not even more players will be sold leading to probable relegation. I would have thought the sale of the club was imperative for the future.

  15. Roshi says:

    Nobody in their right mind will buy West Ham at the moment. Sure, there are plenty of vultures circling just waiting to pick up the pieces following this ridiculous Sheffield nonsense. Plus the fact that our chairman will inevitably be forced to nigh on give the club away due to his mounting financial situation just to stay solvent if the Tevez saga does go against us. I said some time ago on this blog that we are in a very precarious situation at the moment and I hate to say it again but we could actually be forced into administration sooner rather than later for no other reason than stretched financial backing, that was to dependent on large borrowings against other businesses and of course the stupidity of getting involved with Kia Joorabchian.
    I just wish I knew more about the dealings between West Ham and Joorabchian, because it seems so underhand and sleazy that I am sure there is a another story that runs under the the Sheffield case that certain people are desperate to keep under wraps almost to the point that they would rather put our fine club into free fall than let the whole story be known.
    I feel sick to the stomach when I think of the terrible decline in standards of a club that was once held in such high esteem by the football world.

  16. colney says:

    some sites are reporting were allready 40 mill in debt? have i missed something?

  17. Ray Moore says:

    I heard someone say on Sky sports news last night that Barnsley cant sue Sheffield united for damages, ” how can you calculate how much one player can bring to a team” was the quote. Surely Sheffield utd know how to calculate this!!!!!!!

  18. TrevorH says:

    There is no debt at West ham. The owners cleared it when they purchased it and subsequently invested another £30M some time ago.

  19. irontc says:

    It all goes to show how little we fans get to hear about whats really going on up in the yellow turrets.

    Maybe the radio silence is because of legal reasons?

    Or maybe as someone implied earlier – there is a lot more to Tevezgate than meets the eye. Why have our board mainly reamained silent and let everyone including that money grabbing c*** Macabe sh*t all over us and our once good name?

    Why the hell is that reptile Kia still being associated with the club as a ”transfer consultant”? Am I missing something ? he played a key part in one of the biggest transfer cock-up sagas in history.

    BG has lost lots of dosh in the crunch for sure, but is he really, personally skint? Or does it suit him to projcet that image for himself and the club (at the moment)?

    Come on Iain, YOU ARE OUR LEADER ! can’t you get some of your media contacts to shed some light on all this stuff ??

  20. Baa says:

    What? Whose leader? I don’t think so. Some of us can actually form our own opinions. If his media contacts knew anything then they wouldn’t keep it secret now would they, otherwise what are they doing in the media. I think you must be on the wind up, well i seriously hope you are.

  21. Leroy says:

    Further to Ray Moore’s post here’s the quote in question from the Sheffield Star.
    The guy is Garry Dickinson , sports injury claims expert;

    United will keen to prevent the issue overshadowing their
    preparations for Saturday’s trip to Ipswich Town. Dickinson said: “I have
    never heard of a club taking an action of this sort against another club. It
    would be unprecedented and I would be worried about its merits.
    “Feelings are running high and it’s a high-profile incident. I have been
    involved in lots of player-to-player actions before but nothing like this.
    “Iain was obviously an expensive acquisition and, as such, Barnsley would
    have expected him to play the majority of their games. “But he could have
    sustained a serious injury in the next game and so working out what him
    being unavailable might be worth would be very difficult to quantify.”
    United, whose relationship with Barnsley was initially damaged during
    negotiations over the transfer of Brian Howard, will analyse Dickinson’s
    opinion. But they were already celebrating the news they had been granted an
    injunction preventing West Ham taking their case to the Swiss-based Court of
    Arbitration for Sport. The Londoners, who despite this latest setback have
    vowed to press ahead, will attempt to overturn the ruling early next year
    while United will seek a permanent order.

    I sincerely hope Messrs Duxbury and Watkins have seen this.

  22. There should be an out of court settlement now!
    It would be very disturbing for the future, but let the future take care of itself.
    Here are some reasons for Sheffield to go for an out of court settlement:

    1. West Ham will drag this “case” to every legal body thinkable and then some, we’ve shown our determination to do so already. The new Tribunals verdict (the amount to be payed) will of course also be appealed against to all instances, dragging this painful story into and maybe beyond the summer transfer window. If Sheffield are promoted, money would be a great boost for their bid to stay in the premiership. A decent sum now may also enable them to bolster their squad already in the January transfer window, increasing the chances of a promotion.

    2. There is still an outside chance that this can be taken to CAS and that possibility may persuade Sheffield to accept a lower “payoff”, instead of risking it all.

    3. There is the chance/risk that the new Tribunal will come up with a very low sum for West Ham to pay, and that may also be a reason for Sheffield to settle for something less than their original bid, just to secure as much as possible. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

    A knee jerk reflex would be to say that “we owe those **** nothing so we should pay them nothing”!
    But let’s look at some reasons for West Ham to take a lesser blow now:

    1. The uncertainty of this issue is most likely a big stumbling block for the sale of the club. Any potential buyer would like this sorted before agreeing on a takeover price, and I want this club sold as much as BG does!

    2. A potential payoff would be reflected in the price of the Club, so the money is gone for BG any way you see it. To let this affect the takeover now, for a profit in the summer when he is not around is just not in his interest.

    3. In analogy to the Sheffield point number 2 and 3 above, there is good a chance that CAS will never handle this and that the Tribunal will come to the conclusion that the absurd £50 m claim is justified. I mean this bunch have come to some mind boggling conclusions already, do we really want this in their hands?

    4. To drag this around the legal system costs us money! If this would drag on until the summer, the fees for Maurice and his lot will not be counted in thousands…

    5. The players need to be reassured that there is a financially viable future at the club, otherwise those we would like to stay may start to jump ship at first chance.

    But what is the amount that is the highest amount West Ham would find agreeable, and what is the lowest Sheffield would consider?

    Let’s hope they overlap!

  23. Roshi says:

    Finally some good news, Sheffield it seems (according to the Mail) are prepared for “the good of West Ham” to take an out of court settlement.
    That means there is an element of doubt beginning to creep into their case, now is the time to start playing hard ball, if West Ham do not get this down from the now reported £25m to under £10m something is wrong with the legal team.
    Come on boys, use the Barnsley claim as an example of how the brain of McCabe works, I think he is going for out of court because he has shot himself in the foot with the statement highlighted by Ray Moore above.

  24. Liam says:

    We must not settle out of court and it’s my belief that the club won’t. Why would we be hiring such a high profile lawyer in Maurice Watkins and continuing to fight it all the way?
    I’d like to think it’s because we can overturn this crazy ruling and the Iain Hulme /Barnsley case can only prove that if the ruling stands every other club will be in the court houses every other week, challenging every single ruling, fine and on/off the field decision.

  25. Barking Bob says:

    Talk about hypocritical. From that Sheffield Star piece previously mentioned re Iain Hulme, hospitalized Barnsley striker;

    “Iain was obviously an expensive acquisition and, as such, Barnsley would have expected him to play the majority of their games.

    “But he could have sustained a serious injury in the next game and so working out what him being unavailable might be worth would be very difficult to quantify.”

    Unbelievable. Tevez anyone?

  26. chris says:

    Joppe,some good points but wheres the 25m coming from!we have no money so lets look at possible sells….
    Boa morte………3m if possible
    faubert……3m thats good money for a headless chicken
    noble…….5m prefer to keep collinson
    dyer…..2 bob
    bowyer 1m….or close!
    Green…..dont want him to leave but for 10 …15m hmmmm
    leaves……sears cole tristan bellamy……..behrami collinson parker ethrington….neil collins upson lopez ilunga spector….plus lets promote the kids,they cant be any worse than our fringe players.

  27. Barking Bob says:

    Mc Cabe at it again in relation to recently announced annual losses;

    “Sheffield United are now a robust, strong and proud club, who will simply not back down or walk away from tackling head on those organisations responsible for the shameful actions and events that have tarnished English football.”

  28. Tony says:

    Sheffield United are two-faced b*£%ards as far as I am concerned and it is refresshingly nice to see a journalist that essentially agrees with this view for a change (see link below):

    At the end of the day the only thing West Ham are really guilty of is covering up a clause in a contract which, had it been effected anyway could only have done more harm than good (specifically allowing Jurabchian to to pull Tevez and move him on at any time without the clubs agreement).

    Conceding anything to those shisters sets a very, very dangerous precedent.

    Fight them all the way, I say!

  29. Tony says:

    Further to my previous comment: Perhaps Barnsley should sue West Ham anyway. It is, afterall our fault that sheffield United are playing them in the Championship anyway. ;-/

  30. Chris:
    I doubt the 25 m is Mc****s final offer. It could be much less.

    I think the money will come from the new owners, taken out of the money they otherwise would have given to BG.

    It’s vital to keep the pressure on Sheffield, letting them know that no deal means “hardball”, as the yanks would have said. Thats Maurice’s job. And of course if no deal can be made, Maurice is the man. He is important either way.

    All in favour of leaving this in the hands of the new Tribunal raise their hands now!
    I know that scares me.

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