The Hypocrisy of Sheffield United

It’s not often I say something nice about the Daily Mirror, but today will be an exception. Read this piece by Ian Wilwood….

Sheffield United have a double standard for West Ham and Iain Hume
By Ian Winwood 28/11/2008

Sheffield United were unusually blasé this week following the FA’s decision not to take any further action regarding defender Chris Morgan’s elbow smash to the head of Barnsley striker Iain Hume earlier this month. Speaking on BBC Radio Sheffield, Blades assistant manager Sam Ellis said his club now consider the matter “closed.”

Actually, make that almost closed, because Ellis couldn’t resist one final parting shot. “We didn’t think there was anything more [to the incident],” he continued. “We think people have made a little bit more out of it than they should have.” Oh really, do you?

It’s a fact of football journalism that interviewers don’t ask those being interviewed to expand on their answers, so we don’t know who Ellis thinks these “people” actually are. But let’s try and have a guess.
Could Mr Ellis be talking about Iain Hume himself? Leaving aside the question of intent, the facts of the incident are as follows: Chris Morgan planted his feet on the ground and swung his elbow into the Barnsley player’s head with enough force to fracture his opponent’s skull, leaving a scar the size of a breakfast bagel.

It’s probably safe to assume that Iain Hume did not undergo this life-threatening misfortune so he could get himself on the telly. Is it, then, the FA who have made more of this matter than they should? No it’s not, because the FA have done nothing at all. Chris Morgan was awarded a yellow card for his foul (rather than a three month prison sentence) and that’s how it’s going to stay. The Football Association would consider further punishment were the ‘circumstances’ more ‘exceptional’, but everyone knows that in the Championship fractured skulls are as common as throw-ins.

So it must be that Sheffield United are referring to Barnsley Football Club as the people who have made too much of the unpleasantness at Oakwell. It is, after all, Barnsley who are threatening to bring a civil action against Morgan and his club. United obviously think this is all wrong, and that the FA’s ruling should be a final end to the matter.

This, by the way, is the same Sheffield United who refused the official ruling on the West Ham saga, and are using their own lawyers to try and grab £30 million. The double standard at work here is both hilarious and pitiful. If Sheffield United can have their day in court, then why can’t Barnsley? If an official ruling is the end of the matter in one thing, then why not in everything?

Why not? Because Sheffield United’s talk of fairness only applies when it’s fair to them, that’s why. Anything else gets the elbow.


53 Responses to The Hypocrisy of Sheffield United

  1. Yeah, but who thought McCabe did anything out of a feeling for fair play to begin with?

  2. Goatygav says:

    Here Here!! Shame Mr Winwood stopped short of pointing out the hypocracy outlined by Ray Moore in your “Sheffield Utd win Temporary Injunction” post.

  3. TC says:

    The key question in the light of current events it seems to me is, how many goals and therefore how many points could he be expected to contribute? Based upon his previous consistency and considering we are dealing with Championship football, I reckon he would have made the difference in at least 3 games, leading to a wins in all 3. This opinion is based on a number of newspaper articles plus some cod, half baked opinions from untalented experts who are ex-managers or footballers. Therefore, Barnsley will be entitled to the prize money for 9 points above where they are and if this includes play off positions then they have to take into account potential winnings/moneys lost that they would have got if they had gone up and stayed up for 2 years. Adding to that ALL Barnsley players can also sue for lost earnings/bonuses as the role of the said player would have guaranteed that they got them. Of course all other clubs displaced by this ‘judgement’ can now also apply for compensation. And of course all other clubs who have similarly lost out due to ‘cheating’ or ‘breaking of rules’ (even if they had been punished) can themselves build a case for a breach of ‘duty’ of care and therefore claim compensation from all other clubs.

  4. the headmaster says:

    TC – that is one of the legendary contributions.
    Seriously, well said, sir!

  5. Eddie Chappers says:

    Well worth posting to your site Iain- a well written and thought provoking piece without doubt. Thanks for bringing it to my attention

  6. Roshi says:

    What a strange club Sheffield Utd are, driven by an equally strange bully boy who thinks his tin pot club, who have won nothing and only ever had one decent player in their history (Tony Currie) can actually condone the thuggish behaviour of Chris Morgan.
    Anyone who saw that incident on TV was sickened by the incident, even my, wife who’s last comment on football was “oh! not Match of the Day ..again” thought it was disgusting that he only got a yellow card.
    For heavens sake lets get rid of this cesspit of an excuse for a football club and it’s vile chairman out from under our skin and get on with playing football.
    I pray they will not get promoted and hope their season collapses after Christmas and they end up in league one…..they can blame me then for putting a curse on them!

    Thanks for posting this article Iain, it shows not all the press are against us!

  7. Roshi says:

    Good post TC.

    Perhaps it would be sporting of West Ham to contribute legal fees and assistance to Barnsley to set up a case against Sheffield Utd based on your excellent comments,

    Pot..Kettle..and Black!!


  8. Doc H Ball says:

    McCabe said today that operating profits for 2007 were 44.2m and 32.1m for 2008, a deduction of 12.1m. So where does this 50m bull come from?

    S Utd are reported to have extended their claim for 2 seasons! In other words not only were they relegated because Scott Duxbury didn’t come clean about Kia Joorbachin having the right to sell Tevez, but they couldn’t get promotion because of it either. Is this for real?

    Mr McCabe strikes me as the sort of bloke you wouldn’t want to invite out for a drink. If you did, you’d end up buying and he’d sue you because of a dodgy kebab you bought him later.

    I for one cannot wait until we next play these clowns.

  9. Geordie says:

    Headmaster, your right, TC’s comment is legendary,especially in that it has got a response from a WHU fan presuming that its meant to be serious. I’m not sure, and forgive me if i’m wrong but I suspect a hint of sarcasm and irony in the legendary comment and, now i’m presusming again here TC but would that refer to Tony Currie??

    All this moral high ground from a bad challange, yes I feel for Hume, and yes morgan should be punished but it was an unfortunate out come of the sort of challene that is seen in most games and no more. Can you lot remember Julian Dicks?He hardly played like a saint and was more lucky than anything that none of his challanges ended in serious injury. Get real and deal with your own problems, if West Ham hadn’t have cheated in the first place there would have been none of this Tevezgate nonsense!!

  10. claret bobby says:

    As far as the fall in turnover is concerned, surely the fall in expenses should be included as well as they can pay their players less? We should be looking the profit figure which only fell by 6.2m

  11. claret bobby says:

    I also think its funny how news off mcabes ‘offer’ of 25mill to settle it came out on the same days as the accounts? hmmmm…..

  12. Goatygav says:

    Geordie – don’t think you’ve quite grasped the point here. The post and majority of comments are not about whether West Ham are taking any moral high ground. We’re talking about the Hypocricy of Sheffield Utd’s comments.

  13. Doc H Ball says:

    Geordie – Tony Cottee methinks mate.

  14. supernumbersix says:

    Yeah I read this earlier today. My thirty-year loathing for the FA is strengthened again by the appalling decision to allow an offence, that in any other walk of life would be punished severely, to go without any serious reprimand. Absolutely disgusting.

    As for the ongoing saga, well fellow fans, as I see it, the problem we have, is that there is a bigger agenda here. The Sweet FA are determined to make an example of us. To show who is boss in the tussle with the Premiership. We can talk about already being punished once, we can talk about Steve Kabba, we can cry hypocrasy til we are claret and blue in the face, but there will be no seeing of sense. I for one do not believe, by any means, that we are innocent in all this but I’m incensed by the ‘kangaroo court’ shenanigans. Now I just want it be over.

  15. Glen says:

    a chip on the old shoulder…..i’m not supportive of sheff utd (chris morgans actions) but i find that most articles wrote by west ham fans to be incredibly petty and it just reads as you whining about anything and everything. last month it was steve kabba, this month its ian hume…next week something else will be in the media and west ham fans will jump on the old band wagon yet again. you fail to see the point that you have no one but yourselves (as a club not fans) to blame…in the tenure you cheated and continued to play a player who should never have played….had you never done any of that none of these petty comments would ever need to be posted!!! the old west ham management should be ashamed of themselves and be made to play up any costs to sheff utd!! and the matter should be closed!!!

  16. Badger says:

    How many of you commenting have bothered to even watch the challenge, as per the article “planted both feet on the ground” it was a challenge in the air!

    As for the punishment for it, youve seen similiar incidents over the season, some get a red card, some get a yellow and some get off with nothing – the actual extent of the injury has never been part of the punishment consideration. Personally thought it should have been a red but no moe.

    How it can be compared to West ham, wilfully deceiving the Premier league about ending a 3rd party agreement is beyond me – we are comparing an administrative deceit Vs on the pitch ‘tackle’ – for west ham to have been fined a huge £5,5million for the first offence, being given the opportunity to put the registration right and then failing to comply with the terms of the £5.5m fine is beyond me. I dont have anything against West Ham but this is surely shear stupidity from the west ham management to think no-one would notice the 3rd party agreement hadnt been ended. What did they think Kia would do when he didnt get all his money!

    I’m guessing out of court settlement – if sheff utd were to push for the full damages it could put west ham out of business which is no-ones interest least sheff utds who would then get nothing.

  17. Kim says:

    My West Ham christmas wish list:

    – The FA to wake up to the fact that McCabe is a nasty self-serving manipulator who has lied through his teeth about absolutely everything and for him and his team to be thrown out of the entire league
    – West Ham to organise a special christmas charity event. Put Duxbury, Brown and Kia into stocks and the fans can throw anything they like at them. All donations to the Bobby Moore fund
    – A wealthy but West Ham loving buyer to be found for our beloved team
    – A straight run of wins against Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs and Villa. If I can choose only one then please please let it be Spurs
    – Cole to score a hat trick

    Oh well – I can dream

  18. al roberts says:

    poor article, misleading, bad investigation but hey,1/10 for neatness.

    Sue any club who lies, is deceitful & deliberate in ther criminality, now that`s fair.

    Sue for accidents where intend can not be proved, sue for incompetent referees, sue because you were robbed by a poor linesman etc. etc, sorry west shammers, these are just plain hardships that we all go through., no planned criminal activity , just huan mishaps

    Now deceit & deliberate criminality, they should be penalised at the highest level. That`s you lot then . But then misguided & straw clutching is your forte

  19. the headmaster says:

    Geordie, mate, you must be the only contributor on this post who cannot recognise the brilliance in TCs post steeped as it is in irony which is clearly poking fun at the so called moral majority who are simply unable to see the ramifications if this ludicrous claim by SU is allowed to succeed.

  20. the headmaster says:

    Geordie, mate, you must be the only contributor on this post who cannot recognise the brilliance in TCs post steeped as it is in irony which is clearly poking fun at the so called moral majority who are simply unable to see the ramifications if this ludicrous claim by SU is allowed to succeed.

  21. chris says:

    forget all this bollox,whats more important is,we need 4 points from our next 4 games,otherwise we could be bottom 3 at christmas!!!!COYI forget sheffield its a hole,I,m confident our appeal will come through,sports highest body will see sense and sheffield will end up with nothing,so BG dont give these 2 faced gits nothing!!!!!

  22. Dave Hall says:

    I am so tired of this whole saga and them lot bleeting about injustice. I love football, but I hate this long drawn out affair, that has nothing to do with this great sport, but all to do with money. If we stay up this season and that lot stay down, then the proof is final…and it will be.

  23. Stavros says:

    Bless you all… It’s nice to see you all having a healthy interest in a game involving Barnsley v Sheffield United. A fixture you probably don’t even, normally, know has even been played. It’s good to know fans of such a ‘big’ club take such interest. Why? Is it a guilty conscience?
    I’ll admit Morgan was very lucky to get away with it & I also share your mistrust… OK hatred of the FA, but as a poster said earlier, Julian Dicks wasn’t a saint. You should think yourselves lucky that TV didn’t scrutinise football as much then as it does now. Julian would have got even fatter sat in the stands watching.
    Getting back to the point…. Tevezgate has got nothing to do with what Chris Morgan did, so just pay what you owe…. I’m sure you’ll have enough left to stay in the Premiership; where, if the FA had have had any minerals, you wouldn’t be now.

  24. Tony says:

    Geordie, Its not WHU taking the morale high ground it’s McCabe that has been and his hypocrosy has been shown up with how he has dealt with the Kabba and Hume situations in regard to Tevez.
    We were punished by the Premier League for Tevez, Sheff Utd have got away with Kabba and Hume, so far.

    Great post TC.

  25. Sean says:

    “One can only ponder as to the potential turnover and profitability that may have been achieved were it not for the circumstances and events emanating from the Tévez affair,” McCabe said.

    Would you tell that to the geriatric judge who used the same reason for KNOWING T that Tevez playing the last few games meant we gained more points ?

    Double standards.

  26. WHU Kim says:

    A good piece by the Mirror and I’m all for hypocrytes being exposed. I hope Iain Hume makes a full and speedy recovery and when he’s well enough sues that scum Morgan and his fithly club for every penny they’ve got. If any of us did what he did in the street we’d be eating our Christmas turkey behind bars.

  27. chris says:

    Stav you an’t comin up so go back to the crap league that is the championship!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. colney says:

    can we have the 5.5 mill back and give to the filthy northern grubby scum bags and end this complete waste of time.
    1 s.utd lost ,got relegated,and couldnt get promoted.get over it and start realising the truth.your not a prem team and never will be.

  29. Liam says:

    Good to see not all Blunts fans are as bitter, twisted or hypocritical as Stavros or Kevin McCabe;

    Hats off to Paul Heaton out of the Housemartins on Soccer AM this morning.

    Asked about the legal stuff the Sheffield United fan said “I wish they’d drop it. It’s embarrassing. I can understand the club being after the money but as soon as that match was over I thought ‘if you’re not good enough to beat Wigan you’re not good enough’ :

  30. Brisboy says:

    I have been following the Tevez debacle from Australia on the news now web site, the Daily mail have been doing a good job for McCabe and his cronies, they announced the FA tribunals decision even before it was official. In a recent article they even suggested McCabe was magnanimous in accepting 25 mil out of court. What a load of bollox……probably worried of what the arbitration panel may find in their dodgy books.

    The ‘lobbying’ of the media influenced the FA’s decision, why would Sheffield United want arbitration by CAS who are far enough away to consider the facts rather than opinions of the media.

    If it doesn’t get to CAS and the FA makes the club pay for Phil Jagielka’s rush of blood and Sheffield Uniteds inability to beat Wigan at home. I would hope the FA arbitration ‘pools’panel at least have the sense to consider the very large part the blades played in their own relegation in the determination of losses (did you watch the Blades v Wigan game they were playing with a beach ball, it never touched the ground).

  31. WHTID says:

    Good article Iain.

    I am so fed up the back teeth of the whole situation.

    We messed up and paid a price for it- whether that was fair or not.

    Sheffield Utd had their premiership survival in their own hands but didn’t play well enough on the pitch in the final game of the season (and a lot more than that which is why they were down there in the first place).

    They then decided to take it to panels and courts before (after several attempts) they got their own way- a ruling against West Ham.

    Now the simple fact that they appealed decision after decision should mean that we get to appeal the latest one?

    In my opinion we should have been punished more severely in the first place BUT WE WEREN’T- deal with it and move on FFS- it was 18 months ago and Sheffield UTD weren’t good enough to come up last season- not because Tevez played for us the season before in exactly the same way Tevez playing for us didn’t make them go down.

    Should Barnsley and Hume have the right to seek justice in a court of law for an act of violence- yes of course they should- Are they asking for one case to be closed (which is much more serious- a player was left scarred for life here- I know what that is like having suffered a fractured skull myself and having had seizures as a result 12 years on).

    The main point of the article isn’t West Ham fans being bitter- it’s us pointing out the double standards by which Sheffield Utd appear to conduct their business.

    Why should 1 rule apply to them and another to everyone else- fairs fair I say.

  32. Upton Spark says:

    Totally agree with WHTID.
    Every word a good ‘en.
    As for Sheff Utd; Im dare not say what I think of them.

  33. Miccky D says:

    I seem to remember a fat welsh bloke who used to play for WHU kicking a little israeli bloke in the face during a training session once. What I don’t remember is the outrage of the WHU fans insisting that the welsh bloke be sacked or jailed.

    How times have changed.

    Incidentally, given that most of WHU’s decent players will have to be sold so that an icelandic biscuit factory can stay open I’m not sure it matters if SUFC win the case or not. The WHU fans who can’t wait to play SUFC should get their wish sooner than they anticipate.

    I like Zola but a big smile and a friendly personality does not make a premiership manager.

    Good luck chaps!

  34. Miccky D says:

    In addition, should the extent of an injury suffered determine the punishment handed out?

    My own opinion on that is that it shouldn’t. It would lead to a non-contact type of game with fewer people prepared to watch.

    Julian Dicks has been mentioned above. He was clearly a good player who occasionally stepped out of line but some of his tackles produced cheers as loud as some goals. If he were to have mistimed one and seriously injured an opponent I don’t think it would have been correct to remove him from the sport.

    It is not clear that Morgan intended to injure Hume (I appreciate some would disagree, only Morgan knows) and as such the FA’s decision should be the end of the matter. With the WHU affair there is evidence of wrongdoing after the FA made its decision and this is the matter in hand – not whether or not the initial punisment was correct.

    The two incidents are not really comparable and the reactions of the SUFC officials are therefore understandably different – not hypocritical!

  35. chris says:


  36. Roshi says:

    What is all this Julian Dicks nonsense, sure he was hard so was Billy Bonds, I saw the majority of their games for WHU. I cannot remember anyone suffering an injury like a broken skull through one of their challenges. I remember bloody good professional footballers who gave their all….rose tinted glasses maybe, but hard play and intent are totally different!

  37. DevoDevo says:

    Morgan should be serving a prison sentence. I’m astounded that anyone should think otherwise.

  38. jpt says:

    Sheffield Utd are making fools of themselves.
    From the moral high ground they have slid into the gutter.

  39. Rob Marrs says:

    Oh come on… all clubs use double standards and try and get the best out of each situation. It’s naive to think otherwise. We all do it. West Ham included and my team, Liverpool, included. We will moan about divers but then when we get a penalty from diving we’ll mutter and make an excuse.

    As it happens, The FA, by and large, are terrible in these instances. Drogba, a few weeks ago, was given a lengthy ban after throwing a pound into the crowd… but wait, the referee had seen it and he’d booked Drogba. So the principle is set – the FA can overrule something when they don’t think the ref has been tough enough…

  40. hammeredcalv says:

    FA cup draw today !!! please let us get sheff utd away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Miccky D says:

    Why don’t you want yo play them at home? You could put your prices up to help pay the compo!

    Unless you’re scared the northerners might mess your little ground up!

  42. steviethek says:

    You know, if they had beaten friggin’ Wigan at home on the last day of the season, none of this would have been an issue. It’s their fault.

    I have spoken.

  43. Miccky D says:

    Stevie Thick. It would have been Wigan sueing you then you nob!

    Then you would be slagging them off instead.

    You have spoken like a true hammer!

  44. 10no6 says:

    Miccky D go away or havent’t you got nothing better to do than show your fascination and envy of a proper club with proper supporters.

    We are not interested in your opinion or abuse tell you what come down the Greengate Victoria or Central one match day you arsewipe

    Where is your self respect you chump…

  45. Goatygav says:

    I agree with you Rob Marrs. We’re all hypocrites at some stage. When we are, however, we can expect to be criticized for it and that’s what we’re doing with this post – pointing out Sheffield United’s Hypocrisy.

    Hope to see a decent game tomorrow night. Can’t see it being a classic but you never know.

    COME ON U IRONS!!!!!!!!!

  46. jpt says:

    Ian Ridley in The Mail on Sunday today suggests that rather than pay compensation West Ham should give Sheff Utd a few players on loan free of charge until the end of the season and that should settle things!!

    That is SO insane on SO many levels that I hardly know where to start!

  47. Miccky D says:

    10 no sex. I am not an SUFC fan. I am however not close enough to meet you at a tube station for anal sex but thanks for the offer.

    As regards WHU being a proper club, who are your kidding. It’s muppets watching muppets!

    I completely understand that you are not interested in my opinion, What I don’t understand is why you are engaging in a conversation if you have no interest in my opinion. Do you understand what a conversation is?

    Any hoo. I wish you all the best in the Chumpionsip next year. And I hope Santa fills your hole good. Up the bummers!

  48. chris says:

    sour grapes miccky your in the shite league.

  49. 10no6 says:

    MicckyD you struggle to read and do seem to have an anal fascination oh dear are the two connected perhaps your frustration has affected your eyesight ! by the way i have plenty of sex your mum and sister for starters..never said you was an SU fan don’t care who you support . ta ta you mug

  50. Barking Bob says:

    Lawrence Donegan -Guardian Columnist;

    A court’s decision yesterday to refuse West Ham the right to go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport over the ruling that they must pay Sheffield United compensation in the Carlos Tevez affair brings the moment of financial reckoning for the London club ever closer. That is scary enough – at least it is for West Ham fans.
    What is even scarier is the prospect that the Griffiths tribunal’s ludicrous decision to award compensation to United, based on subjective opinions on the outcome of football matches, could be upheld.

  51. Miccky D says:

    Mum and sister insults – what next. I hope you don’t find out what your Dad’s been up to!

  52. Goatygav says:


  53. 10No6 says:

    least i know who he is – double yawn – i am not playing anymore but thicckyd don’t come on west ham websites and abuse people feel free to comment in a sensible objective and if necessary critical way but keep the insults to yourself you arsewipe.

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