How Have We Progressed Since Pardew?

There’s a fascinating article in the Independent today contrasting the side which lost to Liverpool in the FA Cup final to today’s West Ham side. It looks at Alan Pardew’s signings and compares them with signings made subsequent to his departure. The conclusion of the piece is that too many of the signings have been expensive failures and West Ham have not progressed as a club since the Cup final. Tell us something we didn’t know!


10 Responses to How Have We Progressed Since Pardew?

  1. kevin mousley says:

    I think it is difficult to compare and contrast; it’s clouded by selective hindsight – just because a player is going great guns elsewhere doesn’t mean he’d have done the same for West Ham. I think if we had stuck with Pardew we would have been relegated. Last season was just what the doctor ordered; comfortable mid table and but for the credit crunch I think we’d have started to make Everton like progress.. but as whoever that politician was, said; events dear boy, events! we are a mediocre PL /top flight team – pretty much always have been and it will take something truly serendipitous to change that .. but after 40 plus years of devotion I’m used to it now.

  2. Roshi says:

    I think Kevin is right we would have been relegated ..there is no doubt. However I’m a firm believer that players get rid of a manager and it’s strange that Charlton have sacked Pardew after an almost identical run that we were in when we sacked him.
    Will be interesting to see how they perform now.

  3. P says:

    Pardew walked out on Charlton, granted, he knew the sack was just around the corner, but he walked nonetheless. If Pardew had stayed we surely would have been relegated. He had a split dressing room with alienated players on one side while his favourites were pampered on the other, even when not performing, which led to various cliques that weren’t even on speaking terms with each other. A gambling culture was actively allowed to grow out of control, further splitting the camp. He led certain members of the squad to think they were untouchable, and a lucky cup run to the final just further inflated these players’ opinions of themselves. As for player comparisons wheres the England call ups for the likes of Konchesky, Harewood and Reo-Coker? while Curbs’ signings Upson and Parker are both recent England squad members. Plus we only just managed promotion with him anyhow, he was and still is just a Championship League manager, and a pretty poor one at that.

  4. Goatygav says:

    It’s an interesting read that makes several valid points. I’m unsure of what the piece is trying to establish though. I’m guessing but I reckon it’s trying to say that West Ham were wrong to dismiss Alan Pardew. I can’t say I agree with that. They point out that Pardew “Lost the Plot” and they’re bang on with that. He seems to hit the self destruct button every once in a while which is a shame for him because, apart from that, he’s a very capable manager.

    The article states that he would probably still be West Ham’s manager if Gerrard hadn’t hit that scortcher in injury time of the FA Cup final in 2006. I disagree. He would’ve still had a melt down.

    I wish Alan Pardew all the best and hope he manages to sustain his best endevours with another club. He gave us some tremendous memories and I, for one, won’t forget that.

  5. Upton Spark says:

    Let’s face it. We all know why Pardew had to leave because he couldn’t behave himself so he was considered an imbarrasement to the club.
    I agree he was doing ok as our manager and just went through a blip which could have been rectified had we waited,but it wasn’t to be.
    I also think Zola will be ok long term given the chance,but will the board get the jitters? We shall see.

  6. D&G says:

    Have we progressed? No
    Have the signings improved? No
    Am I glad Pardew left? Yes

    We have to realise that Pardew had little or no money to spend under TB and what signings he did make proved fruitful in the transfer window.

    As a business move Pardew was a great signing as a manager he was @!?$

  7. Dax says:

    The one great signing Pardew made which the article didn’t really focus on was Benayoun. Can’t stand him now but he was a great signing considering we paid, if I recall correctly, only 2,7mil for. For what he offered he was a bargain compared to the price we’ve paid and the skill we have received for our newest players.

  8. CHRIS says:


  9. hammeredcalv says:

    we are a much better side now, so i would have to say we have progressed and firmly believe we will only get better ! good times are comming our way !!

  10. Roshi says:

    We all know about Pardew and his indiscretions and your right to mention it Upton Sparks, but I reckon if we had been top of the league and looking like a team that would win the Champions League however naughty Pardew had been he would have kept his parking space at Upton Park on match days.

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