Liverpool: Can We Break Our Duck?

There won’t be many people predicting a West Ham win tonight at Anfield. After all, need I remind you that we haven’t won there in more than four decades! However, now might be a good time to play them. They haven’t looked at their best in recent games and will be under more pressure than usual tonight, as they seek to go ahead of Chelsea at the top of the table. They have also looked more than a little vulnerable at home to lower teams in recent games. Sorry, I am getting carried away.

Zola reckons he will continue to play his usual attacking game at Anfield, so we can expect Bellamy and Cole to start up front. Perhaps there needs to be a little more bite in midfield, so I wonder if we are likely to see a midfield four of Parker, Behrami, Bowyer or Mullins and Etherington. It would be strange if the defensive four were to change, after two successive clean sheets.

This is a game where substitutions may well count. I don’t know why, but the Mystic Meg in me is thinking a certain Mr Frederick Sears may have a crucial role in the outcome of this game.


42 Responses to Liverpool: Can We Break Our Duck?

  1. colney says:

    dear mrs meg,

    mr sears with the only goal on 94 minutes so i can stop haveing to eat my fingers again and again.coyi

  2. ironsmith says:

    Iain, I don’t think you are getting carried away at all in your opening paragraph, after all we have to win there again some time and I firmly believe tonight is the night by 3-1. We have been playing well this season but just screwed up in front of goal. I do hope the midfield you have implied does not become a reality as I would like to see the last 3 names shown the door and feel that Collison Parker and Behrami would be th boys for tonight. Let’s hope Bellamy returns to haunt them. I am very confident it will be a good night for us all tonight.

  3. P says:

    In the next two weeks we face all three teams that gave us three in a row 4-0 losses last season, the real question must surely be what impact that fact will have on our team psychologically, especially those that played in those three nightmare performances. Will the shame give extra motivation? will they be too motivated? which usually results in headless chickens runnung round the place, or will the fear of it hapening again dull their game to such an extent they become too cautious and nervy?
    That said we have a full(ish) squad while Liverpool haven’t. Can we win? as always with Liverpool, that depends on what mood Mr Gerrard is in.

  4. the headmaster says:

    The press may think it is going to be a walk in the park for the ‘pool tonight, but I don’t. Having said that, I still expect us to lose 2-0 in a closely fought game.

  5. King Torres says:

    I think you hammers can expect a draw tonight. I sat in the freezing cold last saturday to watch us miss some good chances against Fulham. This says a possible 0 – 0 again to me. But then I watched us create some good chances against Marseille score 1 and sit back. That would suggest us getting caught at 1-1.
    Froze my back side off in those games so watching the game at home with my mate who is an irons fan. A draw would prevent heavy gloating from wither party!!!!!

  6. geoff says:

    Please be serious, I would take a draw , big time.

  7. Goatygav says:

    I’ve spoken with a few Liverpool fans over the last 2-3 days. Nearly all of them are very concerned about tonight’s game. Despite this I can’t see a West Ham win.

    I hope you’re right, Iain, and Freddie Sears comes on to score the winner but I reckon the best we can expect is a point. At 12-1 the odds are pretty decent for a 0-0. Might just have a piece of that!


  8. jpt says:

    William Hill have West Ham to win at 10/1.
    Anyone going to lump on?

  9. Goatygav says:

    Yeah jpt – heard that 10/1 which I thought was a decent price. Just got a gut feel for the 0-0.

  10. hammeredcalv says:

    i feel we can nick this tonight 1 nil ! i also feel it will be bellamy that shines instead of sears ! we are a different team to last season , and i feel rafa will underestimate and feild a weaker team !

  11. DevoDevo says:

    I’m with the Head hard fought 0-2 defeat.

    However, I would like to see the return of Jack Collison in midfield. This would improve out attacking options which, as illustrated at sunderland, are limited. I would also start with Freddie up front. Liverpool are susceptible to pace at the back, Cole’s height won’t bother them in the slightest.

    Our best chance of a goal will either be on the counter or from corners, where Liverpool set up with zonal marking. Ginge & matty could exploit this.

    I can see Neill getting another runaround following the debacle of Reid outpacing him repeatedly last week.

    LBM or Etherington back on the left for balance.

    I just hope we’re not embarrassed.

  12. Upton Spark says:

    We can’t win at Anfield,just look at the stats. The most we can hope for is a draw but it will have to be the performance of a lifetime to get it.
    Prediction LIVERPOOL 3-0 win.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  13. Ian the Hammer says:

    Out father, who art in heaven….. I feel this may be appropriate

  14. Graybo says:

    Sounds a bit embarrassing so far… not sure if I can stay with this commentary on R5.

    Dear old Jan says we’re going for some kind of ‘Giving the ball away record’.

  15. D&G says:

    One shot on goal (even though it was a cracker). If we can keep it 0-0 until the death maybe we might sneak it, but already Liverpool should be 3 up!

  16. Graybo says:

    Hmmm…. didn’t think I’d ever complain about taking a point in a goalless draw at Anfield… BUT!!!

  17. James says:

    I am chuffed we got a point at anfield, Liverpool were shocking in front of goal aparently!!

    Just hope we can stuff those scummy spurs, cmon you irons

  18. Goatygav says:

    Well – no Duck broken but I’d have taken it beforehand.

  19. Catalan Hammer says:

    Not a bad result in fact. Incredible work by defence again, specially at the end of the match. Poor results for strikers. Just three shoots in target. A point is a point though…

  20. CHRIS says:


  21. Eric says:

    its good for their confidence. If they can keep this up they have to start getting goals. They played hard. What will happen when Dyer returns?

  22. the headmaster says:

    Eric – I refer you to Chris’s post. Faubert is shocking. Dyer walks into that role.
    Awesome tonight.
    Bring on the Spuds

  23. DevoDevo says:

    Great result, but the game was there for the taking.

    Cole & Faubert shocking – what is it playing these two goons each week?

    Great performances at the back again (even Neill didn’t do bad), special praise for Green, Upson & Bellamy.


  24. P says:

    Shut up you moron, Cole was flagged offside twice when he was clearly onside any of which could have led to a goal. Moan about the linesman if you have to whinge. This anti Cole campaign is a bit tiresome now. It was a team performance designed to keep a clean sheet, so obviously chances would be limited. We got a point at Anfield, which is a rarity for us. You would think that was a good thing yet some here aren’t happy unless they are moaning about something. Get divorced, move house, change jobs, come out of the closet, whatever, obviously one or all of those things is making you a very angry and unhappy person. plus, WHY THE NEED FOR CAPS!

  25. vilatortahammers says:

    It’s clear we are having difficulties in scoring. Cole is not in his best moment but The middfield should also reflect about the role they play. Do they allow the strikers to have their chance. Apart from this, Upson, Collins and Neill have been clearing balls for the last 30 minutes where the midfilders doing their job?

  26. Upton Spark says:

    I’m glad I was wrong. I said 3-0 to Liverpool and I am pleased to say I was wrong.
    0-0 is a tremendous result for us at Anfield. Well played West Ham.
    Be very afraid SPURS……

  27. CHRIS says:

    P dont talk to your fellow hammers that,look mate cole just does not score goals,he cant head a ball,his second touch is a throw, sorry mate whats his assets? you cant just run around working hard you need quality at this level.

  28. CHRIS says:


  29. the headmaster says:

    He was very good Chris, yes. Bellars edged it for me though – clearly motivated by a return to Anfield but a simply 100% performance which nearly produced one of the great goals too

  30. Martin of Surbiton says:

    Three clean sheets in a row (yes I know we had some luck) is in sharp contrast to the previous months and I have always felt that Zola plus Steve Clarke is a great combination – is Clarke now starting to make his mark? It looks like it and I think he is going to be a major asset for us.

    COYI – a point at Anfield has cheered me up no end and although Upson was rightly MOTM, I really like the way Behrami played today. Spuds must be there for the taking.

  31. Big Casino says:

    I’m not getting carried away by a point at Liverpool, but I would like to point out, in case others hadn’t noticed, that we’ve waited since Jan07, nearly 2 years, to pair up arguably our best two centre backs, Upson with Collins… we finally get the chance to do this and look… 3 clean sheets…

    Of Collins and Upson can’t take all the credit for this, but there is no doubt in my mind that their partnership has definitely contributed greatly to our last 3 shut outs.

    Curbs was constantly telling us, when he has everyone fit, we have a really strong team/squad. Well we’re two years on from being taken over and we still haven’t had the chance to field our best xi… but we’re getting close…

    Dyer and Noble should back in first team contention within the next 10 days, and then we’ll only be Ashton short of our best xi. I don’t think people should underestimate the quality, contribution and impact Dyer and Ashton will bring to the current team.

    Tonight we showed, resiliance, fight, determination and a great work rate – ipitomised by Craig Bellamy, who was yet again outstanding. But it was a backs to the wall job, and apart from Bellars’ long range effort and a couple of other half chances, we showed very little as an attacking force. I know we were at Anfield, so couldn’t expect to create a hatful of chances, but even so, we did look lacking as an offensive unit.

    You bring Dyer and Ashton into the team for Faubert and Cole, and you’re bringing in pace, skill, intelligence, goals, power, and a quality that is a level above that of Cole and Faubert (no disrespect) – and overall you’re bringing together 3 players, (Bellars, Ashton and Dyer) who will be a threat to any Premiership defence, including the top 3.

    I just hope Ashton gets back soon and everyone else stays fit, so we can field the team below, which for me, is our best xi, and fits into Zola’s 451/433 system perfectly…





  32. Ray Moore says:

    Great result for west ham and glad to see Zola and Clarke have sorted out the back four, three clean sheets in a row is great.

    where to start with the strikers, i think bellamy runs his socks off and if anyone deserves a goal he does. what is zola thinking of, boa morta is shocking how many times has he had one on ones and hit row z, this guy can not play football (where is etherington or kyle reid), how does zola think that he will ever contribute to a game, sell him or pray he is next on the injury list. Cole is terrible he is never up with the play he looked tired after 3 minutes, bellamy must be pulling his hair out when all his hard work is fu*ked up by cole, why put someone like tristan on the bench and not use him?

    Also why is collinson on the bench zola is all about youth but we are not using any of them.

    dont like to be negative but i agree with devodevo game was there for the taking!

  33. colney says:

    brilliant ,great stuff but can someone please tell me why im not getting a game ahead of lbm? ive got a crap left foot,cant pass,cant shoot and getting on a bit but ffs i can at least admit that there are better players ahead of me for this job.come on zola,get rid of him,grow some balls and make a decision that not 1 person will be upset with.he is just quite simply NOT good enough for a team chalenging for europe.

    biriami was magic,bellers superb and the defence spot on again.dear mr cole,sort it out, youve had 3 stinkers on the trot and you are much better than this.


  34. Mac says:

    Is Faubert the same guy who featured in that rather stunning video collection of goals you posted a while back Iain, or was that his brother?

  35. CHRIS says:


  36. BamaBrit says:

    Great point. Got sick of hearing about how great Liverpool were pre match. Also got sick of hearing about Torres, no one has mentioned about all the injury’s we have had to suffer with our top players being out.
    Liverpool have done a terrible job over the last 5-10 years bringing on any home grown talent not like the teams of old, They have bought, in my opinion very average overseas imports and they have been very average to say the least.
    I have no sympathy for them at all, we thoroughly deseved our point and with a bit of luck could have won it. I thought Collings again was magnificent as was Upson bellers and Barami. Lucas Neil had one of his best games in a West Ham shirt

  37. physio says:

    Ashton? You think he is the answer? The same overweight, lazy Ashton? The same unproductive Ashton? The Ashton that asks to be taken off because he has cramp? The Ashton that asks to be taken off because he grazed an earlobe? The Ashton that is our most injury prone player? The Ashton who for some unfathomable reason is treated by some fans as if he is a true West Ham legend when in reality he has done nothing of note for us at all, that Ashton? He’s the answer is he? When he’s fit i’ll give him four matches tops until he falls over during training or collapses in a heap when someone brushes lightly past him in a game, causing him to be out again for three months. Roll on January and the transfer window.

  38. E1 says:

    A great performance and result , yes we might have nicked it but we got a point and stay 3 points above spurs, 6 pointer next week and a chance to push up.
    The keeper and back 4, even neil were all great ,mullins, parker and berahmi fought all night, cole looked better not good but better, Fabert was just rubbish and we need to look at the right mid LBM may be more of a danger and will give neil some protection at least untill dyer gets back. Bellamey showed his class and hopefully will start to put some in over the next few games. WE need 6 points over our next 4 games but on tonights performance we could get 8 maybe 10. COYI !!!!!

  39. Angus says:

    Flew over from Dublin for this – my first game of the season – I thoght we were really good. Agree with casino – Bellamy super – parker top drawer in the frst half and Gerrard a complete waste of space

  40. Paul M says:

    Well done you irons, great battling display, but be fair we met Liverpool on a very off niight (thank God)
    Ok, positives 1st. Green, top drawer keeper, Collins and Upson, superb – again. Illunga, lots of running and battling qualities but must learn to keep his arms down – lucky not to give away at least one pen!! Neil had possibly his best game for us well done that man.
    Parker and Berahmi very good, Mullins not too bad. Up front Bellamy was outstanding, chased everything and nearly scored from nothing.
    Now the negatives. I have personally given Cole the benefit of the doubt in the past as like most I really hoped he could do it for us, holds the ball up well is big and pacey and must scare the opposition s**tless, he is a big lad – BUT sorry but he is not a Premier striker, time for Tristan or Searsy while we wait for Ashton.
    Boa was not on long enough to rate, but as we all know, why is he still at the club !!!

    Finally that brings me to Julien Faubert – WHO is he, and who thought he can play. I posted my feelings about him a couple of months ago and I rated him as absolute shite then, but now he is actually WORSE. I watched the game with my son and told him to watch Faubert everytime he gets the ball. We both sat and watched and must admit we pi**ed ourselves laughing. You can count the passes he made to a team mate on less fingers than you have on a boxing glove. He runs around like a chicken with no head and has as much midfield positioning sense as a jar of jam. 6.5 million pounds for him is a disgrace, if we do not have a better player than this in our under 18 squad then WEST HAM are in more trouble than we all think.
    I rate him as THE all time worst player EVER to wear the claret & blue, yes, worse than Boogers

    Rant over, come Zola we all know there are others at the club, let them have a go they cannot and will not be any worse.

  41. djclipz says:

    great result on the back of it!! we could of nicked it though shame we didn’t!! Really weren’t surprised to see boa morte fall over and shoot wide near the end, great move though!!! We were lucky we weren’t punished at all the corners liverpool had but other than that i thought we defended very well and i looked like keane thought he was stil sittin on the bench, didn’t get a look in!! Also green pulled off a brilliant save against benayoun!! EXCELLENT!!!!!

    My biggest moan was faubert, thought he was awful, and why did bellamy persist in letting him take corners from the right, you’d have thought the biggest moaner on the pitch would have had a few words about it lol!! On last nyt performance id have prefered boa morte to start on the left and had behrami on the right!! Great result though a point at anfield isn’t something i was expecting but we got it and now lets go and fire 2 past spurs next monday!! COYI!!!!

  42. Upton Spark says:

    Hi physio; I take it then,you don’t like Ashton??

    I heard Ashton is out till end of season. He certainly would seem to be injury prone now thanks to a certain Wright-Phillips who started it off by injuring him while with the England squad.Cheers.

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