Liverpool: A Job Well Done

As you will have seen from the previous post, I really thought we might get something out of the Liverpool game, and I wasn’t far wrong. OK we flew by the collective seats of our pants, but this was the third clean sheet in a row, and it is a game which we could have won. Our performance was full of tenacity, even if it wasn’t pretty. Parker and Behrami in particular deserve praise for not allowing Liverpool to get control of midfield. James Collins had another awesome game too. Craig Bellamy caused trouble up front and came within a whisker of scoring when he hit the post – although thanks to Setanta going down I didn’t actually see that.

Man of the match was, without a shadow of a doubt, Rob Green. Let’s hope Fabio Capello was watching. He pulled off several spectacular saves and kept us in the game.

This performance demonstrated that we can play gritty football when we have to. OK, we all like to attack, attack, attack, but in games like this it is not always possible. It also demonstrated that Zola is more tactically aware than many people think.

All in all, a job well done.

Green 9
Upson 7
Colins 8
Ilunga 7
Neill 6
Faubert 5
Behrami 8
Parker 8
Mullins 6
Cole 6
Bellamy 7


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  1. colney says:

    well said ian however i have to question your mom? biriani had a corker and probably his best game so far,contender 2 was ginge/upson cant split them lately,there both playing mom was lbm,he once again showed exactly why he should be playing every week…..somewhere cole had a stinker yet again,he realy does need some help.bellamy caused havoc which was lovely and just a quick mention for mullins,what a game to come in to and have to take on steve gerrard.great team spirit but here is the big worry….upson said “hes happy here for the moment”.now if thats not a major worry then what is?

  2. Paul B says:

    Well said Iain. Great performance and third clean sheet.

  3. Tonywhufc says:

    Thought we played really well as a team, especially collins, upson, green and behrami. Was very impressed with the work rate and how we were working for each other. Hopefully we have turned the corner, onwards and upwards. I know we always have something to moan about, which is a shame as was a great performance but how the hell is Julien Faubert still getting in the starting 11! I watch him week in week out and nothing changes he gives the ball away most time he is in possession, wanders about like he couldn’t give a F*CK!!! Does anyone else agree would like to here other fans oppinions? Anyway i will end on a happy note and lets hope we smash TottSCUM next monday. COME ON U IRONS.

  4. Roshi says:

    Getting Better, looking good. I think Steve Clark is getting to grips with it all now, well done to him. Strange, but Chelsea don’t look quite so formidable in defense since he left them.
    I think he could prove to be our best signing!

  5. irontc says:

    we are starting to find our feet.

    A win against spurs would really get us going.


  6. Hakan says:

    I think Bellamy also deserves a 9. Every time he got the ball I had the feeling he would make something happen, even though he had virtually no support at all.

  7. old biddy says:

    Fantastic result,how many times have we gone to Liverpool in recent years and just rolled over?……the only negative for me was Faubert!did he do anything right??? but a great result lets now turn our home games into 3 pointers and push away from the bottom half

  8. Ryan says:

    Spurs will beat us next week….Decent result but still a long way to go!

  9. DevoDevo says:

    As good as Collins was, as at Sunderland, Upson was even better! Quickly developing into a top class defender and now clear 3rd choice England centre back.

    Most of us already know Green is better than Carson, Robinson etc. Only Hart & Kirkland are close to him.

    Not sure how you only give 7 to Bellers, Iain. He was the only danger we had offensively and did approximately 5 times as much running as the ineffectual Cole.

    Faubert has to go. Awful player, who couldn’t even take a corner.

    Get Collison back in the side, play Sears up top with Bellars, switch Behrami to left with LBM or Ethers on the left and we have a better balanced and quicker side.


  10. Gary says:

    Capello thinks Green is Irish, he wont be playing for England, even if all the keepers got injured, he would look to the championship!

  11. RunningHammer says:

    Good performance. Grinding out the 0-0 wasn’t pretty but with a bit of luck and some solid defending (and some crap shooting from Liverpool), we pulled it off.

    Surprised you gave Faubert a 5 though, Iain. That’s very generous IMHO. He was on another planet. He may as well have had a red shirt on as he passed the ball more to the Liverpool players than he did to our own. Let’s hope Dyer returns sooner rather than later.

  12. PeteH says:

    Iain, I thought Neill had a better game than a 6, looked more like the player that helped us stay up. Ilunga I thought look very nervous and lucky not to give away silly freekicks with a good number of handballs.

    Upson has always been quality for us just played next to some shocking centre halfs i.e. Ferdinand and Gabbidon. Seems to have found home against somebody who can actually defend and doesn’t switch off like Collins.

    I read somewhere that Dicks thought we need a midfield enforcer and i couldn’t agree more. Is that Appiah going to sign?

    Bring on next week…..!

  13. hammeredcalv says:

    another 2 inches and my prediction of a 1 nil win with bellamy scoring would have been spot on ! i always thought we could get a piont or three last night because liverpool have been poor in recent weeks, the team played ugly but effective football to grind out the result ! well pleasing ! however, faubert and cole were dreadful last night, sell faubert and bring in giovinco/ appiah ! unfortunatley we just signed cole for another 5 years, maybe thats how long it is going to take to teach him how to trap and control a ball, then we can extend his contract by another 5 years and start teaching him how to score !!!!!!!

  14. Jack says:

    We set up to contain and we did very organised very efficent no flair but you cant have everything! I ve played with Carlton in my youth days and he gives alot more than he gets credit for, think he could be a good stand in foil while Deano is out for Bellers, you take him out of the side and we become a very small side and extremely unerable from set pieces. Illunga…what a find!!

    Pete H- a bit harsh to give Gabbs some stick we havent seen him for a while and he was fantastic for the majority of the games prior to that.

    Faubert admittedly has had a few shocking games recently but anyone who has watched him more than the two games we ve played on TV knows he can take a set piece!

  15. enlightenedone says:

    Zola picks the team, with input from the coaching staff. If the regular suspects are indeed as bad as some here make out then surely that means Zola and co are nothing but footballing simpletons for picking such poor players week in week out, not to mention giving them five year contracts! Good to see that Zola has also adopted Curbs’ 4-4-2 defensive tacticts, it’s got him three clean sheets after all, shame it only got Curbs jeers and disrespect. Green is not and will not be an England regular because no matter how good he appears when the ball is sruck straight at him (as with the Benayoun shot) he is absolutely useless at dealing with crosses and looks decidedly dodgy when faced with any form of challenge in the air. He very nearly gifted a goal early in yesterdays game. I know i am not alone in getting the jitters everytime we concede a corner or when the ball is crossed into our area. So no he is not ‘world class’.
    On a side note Upson seems to be top of the ‘let’s raise some pocket change for BG’ list, won’t be long until most here will be booing him when he lines up against us later on in the season. Those wanting to see more youth players involved, it won’t be long now. They will all be recalled from their convenient loan deals soon, once we flog off half our first team regulars. Then you can watch a team full of youth players till your hearts content.

  16. Fordie says:

    A great result and the defence looks solid! Now if only we could find a decent striker, Carlton Cole was awful, he’s turning into another Harewood. When Bellamy had the shot that struck the post, instead of trying to pull away to find space and take defenders with him, Cole ran right across Bellamys sight of goal. I think giving him a six is very generous.

  17. John Simkin says:

    I thought West Ham produced a reasonable performance against Liverpool last night. I was amazed that Zola continues to play Faubert instead of Collinson. Not only is Faubert not up to the job, it means that Behrami has to play in his wrong position to accommodate him. His passing his appalling. He has this tendency to pass without looking. This is bad enough when he is going forward but on several occasions he passed the ball backwards without looking. He is constantly out of position and gave Neill no help last night. Luckily, Liverpool failed to take advantage of Neill and he was not exposed as he should have been.

    Collins and Upson are developing a useful partnership and Parker, Mullins and Behrami provided them with plenty of cover. It seems that Clarke has now got them well-organized and three clean-sheets on the trot is reassuring.

    Although West Ham did not attack a great deal, when they did, they looked fairly dangerous and twice Cole was through when he was wrongly ruled to be offside. It is a shame that the best chance fell to Boa Morte. I did not even get excited as I knew he would put it wide.

  18. SwedeHammer says:

    We can look back and say..We completely dominated that game and came away with nothing (Everton) And games that we have been outplayed..we’re walking away with clean sheets..I take the ugly style any day…
    Great defensive game. I agree, Clark might the best signing of the season!!

  19. Goatygav says:

    Fantastic result! Another accomplished performance for the full 90+ mins. Steve Clarke and Zola have really sorted the “Last 20 Minutes” syndrome.

    Rob Green = at least 15 pts per season. Best Keeper we’ve had since Ludo.

    Now all we need is someone to stick the ball in the back of the net.

    Bring on Spurs – Monday night could be a classic. COYI!!!!!!!

  20. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    Well done. It would be nonsence to criticise after such a hard working team display and stolen point from Anfield. Therefore only few complaints:

    1.) Cole is not good enough. We desperately need seccond striker. I would prefer playing fifth midfielder or fast Searsy instead (who could have imo punished them by fast runs into the opened defence with outh of steam Hyppia)
    2.) We are missing creativity in CM. Credit to Parker, Mullins, Bowyer for all the hard work, but we need someone who can create, open the defences, provide a final ball (and I am not saying that he could add the odd goal too, as it would be too much atm). We are loosing so many balls in CM and are therefore under too much pressure too often. Noble and Collison may be the options maybe, but they are not finished articles yet.
    3.) Why did not Gianfranco used substitutions to earn some time on the end of yesterdays game? I was so nervous………….

    But 2 successive clean sheets and 5 points from last 3 games. Promissing performances mainly from Greeno, Matty Upson, Behrami and improving Bellars. Lets beat the Tottscum with ugly face Arry and we are where we want to be again.


  21. jpt says:

    Well done Goatygav predicting 0-0 yesterday (at 12/1).
    Should have listened and had a bet!

  22. E1 says:

    Green 9
    neil 7
    upson 8
    collins 8
    Illunga 8
    Faubert 5
    berahmi 8
    parker 8
    mullins 8
    Bellemey 9
    Cole 7
    BRING ON THE SPURS !!!!! it’s a pointer 6 if ever there was one !!!!!!!!
    Lets rub arry’s face in it and start to climb and make a claim for the top 1/2 by christmas.Top 8 by end of season and a new mega rich owner. COYI !!!!!!

  23. the headmaster says:

    Just read ‘enlightenedone’s post’. Off to take an OD of barbiturates.
    Seriously tho, what the hell is the point in coming onto a site like this under some assumed name and just offloading a load of negativity? do us a favour and go watch Eastenders; a programme befitting of such am upbeat person.

  24. MOORO says:

    Hear hear! quite agree with the headmaster…lighten up ‘enlightenedone’….. a superb performence from the team last night, hope they can produce a simslar one against Spuds next Monday.
    Upson and Collins get better and better, Green back to his solid self and Bellamy looking very sharp. Behrami looks a class act these past 4/5 games. Agree with most on here about Faubert, 6£ million seems an awful lot of money for a player who can’t pass to a team mate! Cole had a quite game and looked a little off the pace, but I know he can play better. Things are begining to come together.

  25. unenlightenedone says:

    @ headmaster
    One thing in response fool. The vast majority of comments here are negative. The stream of constant negative moaning about certain players, past managers (surely theres a books worth of the ones on Curbs), Sheffield United etc follows EVERY post on this blog, encouraged now and again by the blogger himselfs negativity, It seems that your blindness is very selective. If the barbiturates haven’t worked maybe i could send you something that will do the job properly.

  26. unenlightenedone says:

    Moan moan, whinge whinge.

  27. Catalan Hammer says:

    enlightenedone… Let me tell you that the boys played an incredible match against the leader of the competition. Of course some things have to change but we are in the good direction. My WHUFC supporter mentality doesn’t allow me to adopt pessimistic attitudes. If I expected West ham to win easily i wolud be losing my hammer condition.
    Come on you Irons!

  28. CHRIS says:

    Iain I hope your reading this,could you please look into the career of faubert I have looked on wikipedia and it does not really give you much on his early days…I for one dont believe this guy is a footballer.

  29. CHRIS says:


  30. CHRIS says:


  31. E1 says:

    I know this is not going to go down to well but as neil needs help when being attacked would, wait for it LBM be a better opotion on the right at least he will get back and put a tackle in can’t do any worse than faubert,can he ?

  32. Roshi says:

    I can’t understand this Faubert thing. I was really excited when we signed him and thought we had got the real deal.
    The French manager was showing his disgust that he had not joined a top 4 team and letting it be known that he was the best young French player and needed top competition.
    Looking at ‘you tube’ the film of him showed a fantastic, strong footballer with a shot on him that went like a bullet, what the hell’s gone wrong?
    Has the injury affected his pace or has he not been able to adapt to the prem. He might just be woefully out of form, who knows…….or is he just looking for a way out in January?

  33. Iron Lung says:

    Commanding performance – very satisfying. EnlightenedOne, are you a Spurs fan? Crikey that was gloomy. So…travelling 6,000 miles to see the Spurs game, and travelling in hope rather than trepidation for a change! Should be a cracking game. This little run may shape our entire season, and it’s off to a GREAT start!

  34. Goatygav says:

    I’m very disappointed with Julien Faubert as well. I was very excited about his pace and power when he arrived but, for one reason or another, he’s not showing any of that ability on matchdays. Does anyone here get down to Chadwell Heath – if so what’s he like in training?

    Cheers for the shout jpt. Wish I’d have lumped on too – annoyingly forgot to!

  35. D&G says:

    I’m being proved wrong. I predicted 1 point out of our last two away games and we have 4! I would of been happy with 2 tbh but 4 is quite amazing when you consider we aren’t really playing that well.

    Sunderland played us off the park in the second half and Liverpool had countless chances and yet we got 4 points out of them games. Gives me hope in that if we are playing bad and coming away with points then playing good must be some 3 points in the bag!

    BIG QUESTION. Will Zola have money to spend? Need a versatile midfielder and A STRIKER WHO CAN SCORE!

    Would be happy if we got shot of:-


    In January and got some creativity in Midfield and a goal scorer although finding that mid season is near enough impossible unless Zola and Nani can find some gems in Italy.

  36. Eric says:

    Nothing better than reading that all the players are getting along, want to play for their manager and the club. I think a lot of clubs envy us having Clarke. Maybe they don’t think we deserve him.

    Here’s another thing i’d like to mention, can anyone shed more light—

    I thought i read that besides the Tevez matter (which I’m starting to feel a little better about) we really don’t have any debt. Any truth to that?
    Also heard on one of the shows that Chelsea is low on cash for January. My point is that the press likes to pin us as the club in shambles. Sunderland can’t find their stride, Liverpool has tons of debt, Arsenal has to pay of their stadium, etc….

    Am i crazy?

  37. E1 says:

    Eric, you are not crazy we as a club are in one of the best financial positions in the league valued at around 150 mill with dept of 25 mill. Liverpool valued at 450 mill with a dept of 350 mill wigan valued at 50 mill dept of 40 mill pompey 65 mill with 45mill dept and god only knows what state spurs are really in value can’t be much more than 200mill and dept must be aleast 100mill. so if we can ride the storm cut out the dead wood and reduce the squad by 5 or 6 bring in 2 or 3 we could be very comfortable and challenging on all fronts, of course we will also have a good few quality youngsters coming through over the next 3 to 4 years and they ain’t gonna cost us anything more than wages the next 5 years are looking good as long as we can stay in the top flight short term.
    PS if you are crazy then so am I.

  38. CHRIS says:

    oh yeah we really need another cole( heskey)….some reports are a joke!!!!!!!

  39. D&G says:

    Heskey to us!? Next thing someone will say is that it’s a swap deal for Ashton……………..Like I said before we need a goal scorer………

  40. Roshi says:

    Well said E1, the only difference with the Hammers is that the man who has underwritten all our debt has a business that is in free fall.
    Its not a case of whether West Ham can ride the storm, its about the man who bought the club, I agree cut out the dead wood as in any business during recession, but for money men that does not balance the accounts. I am fearful some of our more established (i.e. good players) will be sacrificed in return for some Italian on loan that none of us has heard of.
    As for the ‘quality youngsters’ lets hope we keep them but again they represent good stock, cost nothing and worth a lot!
    I hope I am wrong but the way I read it, we are more dependent on what happens in Iceland that at Upton Park.

  41. CHRIS says:

    just got some bad news from a good source… looks like BG is gunna save his own skin and rake back as much as possible,selling any players he can,,,I flippin new it,I hope this info is wrong fingers xxxxxxxxx

  42. Roshi says:

    Chris, read my post above, its all to obvious

  43. Goatygav says:

    It’s not all bad news what with the new sponsorship deal.

  44. Graybo says:

    Are we seriously getting a bookie to sponsor us? After the dreadful difficulties experienced by one of our players, surely we could look elsewhere. There must be thousands of people with betting problems, and in a recession they only get worse.

  45. E1 says:

    the sponsers in place aprox 3 mill, ashton,davenport,bowyer,lbm, gabbidon and spector to go = savings on the wages and we are not loosing anybody who matters as it stands now, expected transfere fee’s around 18 mill, reduced squad,reduced wage bill = financial stability and a few quid to use on squad strenghening. SO WHATS THE PROBLEM we will still have the players that matter and could add were needed, it all sounds good to me.

  46. Goatygav says:

    Setanta just posted the following at this link

    Herita Ilunga has called West Ham a second-rate club and declared his wishes to use his experience at Upton Park as a springboard to join a bigger Premier League club.

    The Toulouse loanee joined the East Londoners on transfer deadline day and aims to secure a permanent deal this season.

    Left back Ilunga also made a declaration of love to English football, and revealed he wishes to make a name for himself in order to be transferred to a bigger Premier League side in the future.

    Ilunga told his personal blog: “Without being pejorative, West Ham are a second-rate club. We cannot lie to ourselves, we are not Arsenal, Manchester United neither Chelsea.

    “But West Ham have values and a history. They educated Frank Lampard and Joe Cole. People from the club know football.

    “And once you have proven yourself within this club you can aim higher. But there is a top atmosphere, even if there are only few French-speaking players – [Julien] Faubert, [Valon] Behrami and the Portuguese [Luis] Boa Morte.”

    About his personal future the full back said he has two options: “I stay with West Ham or join another English club. I really want to continue this adventure in England.”

    I’d be interested to see if they retract it. I’ve checked Herita’s blog and there’s certainly no sign of it there.

    As well as this there are other derogatory stories posted.

  47. Goatygav says:

    I’ve just found the interview at and translated it. It looks like Setanta have misquoted him.

  48. Upton Spark says:

    E1 lists Ashton amongst his players to go,saying we are not losing anyone that matters.
    So who will score the goals then?? Bellamy(not yet) Cole (are you having a laugh) or could it be Sears(too young at moment).
    I will say that Ashton is proving to be a problem and so I suppose it might be the right time to sell him,but who in their right minds etc… Oh well,we are used to these sort of problems at West Ham. I know,what about getting Tevez back?
    ONLY JOKING before you all choke!! It is a problem though that we seem to have at present that we are just not scoring enough goals. Over to you then Zola. Perhaps you could make a comeback?? Funnier things have happened.

  49. Eric says:

    Would Deano be able to fit into the attacking style that we are beginning to play? I’d be curious to see. I mean, his strength is not his speed. He usually waits to be set up. amirite?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love him as much as anyone but the squad is developing without him. Maybe we’d be higher up if he wasn’t injured. Who knows.

    I’m going to keep my faith in Zola. I think he knows where the trouble spots are.
    Ilunga says he is still amazing in training. Fantastic

  50. hammeredcalv says:

    i would sell deano, was he banging the goals in before he got injured ?? a couple right at the start of season but nothing since if my memory serves me right !? We need to cash in on a few players who are costing our wage bill to much with little return, and deano fits into that !Along with lucas neill, Zola and Clarke will do the right thing for the club to move us forward, im sure of that ! The only problem we have as a club, is that players see us as a stepping stone to bigger clubs, and thats the mentality we need to change !! and given time i beleive that Zola & clarke will change that perception !

    COYI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. moley says:

    Ashton should go. For someone so fat and lazy he’s the lightest lightweight ever seen.
    It’s practically a dead cert that Green and Upson will be sold, they’re both more or less resigned to the fact, Collins will go too if the asking price is matched. Other than that, if a decent enough bid is made for any other players they will also be considered. Zola did agree to this when he took the role as yesman. sorry i mean manager. A couple of really exciting loan signings have also been identified in Italy, but their names escape me, they’re that exciting. Champions League qualification within 2 years will be a breeze. Happy days 🙂

  52. Stephen says:

    Letting Ashton go is a joke, what are some people on, he is a talented player and a club wont offer big money until he has proved his fitness. I can’t wait to see him back in the team, he is an intelligent player who would gel well with Zola’s attacking ideas. Lets wish him all the best in getting fit, give him a good run of games to get up to scratch then we will see!

  53. Roy says:

    I must admit that I have become a bit indifferent about Ashton. He alternates between very good and not so good and I feel that he is one of those players who will never fulfill his potential due to his injury problems. Still, what do I know!
    The other thing is, what has happened to Mattie Etherington? There are no reports, that I have seen, about him being injured but he has not even been in the squad for the last couple of games. Anyone able to shed light on this?

  54. CHRIS says:


  55. the headmaster says:

    Etherington heard that we are now to be sponsored by a bookie and hasn’t been seen since?

  56. DevoDevo says:

    Green & Upson won’t be going anywhere.

    Ashton is another matter. An intelligent player, who would work much better alongside Bellamy than Cole, his injuries really do seem to have taken their toll. Any offer over £12 mill should be snapped up – perhaps we can tempt santa Cruz down?

    I believe Ilunga has been misquoted and was honestly referring to West ham as not being as big as Manure etc. I think he has been an excellent addition to the side and would like him to stay on.

    If we can get Dyer fit we have enough in Midfield as it is. Dyer, Behrami, Parker, Collison, Noble with back up from Mullins, LBM, & Etherington.

    We ONLY need a goalscorer and as others have said, if we offload the deadwood and Deano, we should have enough finance in place to buy someone half decent.

    Maybe a cheeky bid for Tevez for 15 mill? 😉

  57. Eric says:

    Isn’t it funny that maybe only twice have i read or heard any press talk about how Sheffield has to open their books to us. I’m tired of reading how we will owe 50mil. It’s already been knocked down to 25mil

    I listen to these shows talk about us and what they are saying are out right lies. They obviously only read each others columns. It makes me wonder how much other stuff is untrue regarding other teams. ( i only really read NEWS NOW about Hammers unless its front page on BBC sport)

    Honestly its the supporters who i really get my facts from. That’s why i love reading the comments on this blog.


  58. Eric says:

    But i do think Guardian Football weekly is great. Here in the states we have World Soccer Daily on satellite and podcast. Two expats. It’s good but man, never anything nice to say about us.

  59. CHRIS says:


  60. colin says:

    l’ve got a plan. Lets send all our dead wood to Sheffield United in a coach to cover the money that they say we owe them!! Tell them, that they are all premier league players, and that it will help them get out of the championship, we won’t tell them which way, let them think we mean up!! and ask them to send the coach back, because it’s worth a few quid probably more then the players!! but we won’t tell them that bit, job done.

  61. djclipz says:

    yeh illunga was miss quoted, surprise surprise. Reading through the article on football 365 he says he enjoys playing for us very much and the extracts that you see on the sun and other websites have picked parts out and placed them together to make it sound like what they are reporting!! It never ceases to amaze me the b******s u read from reporters

  62. Upton Spark says:

    After reading most sensible posts on here I would make these comments;
    1; Yes Ashton can not be sold while injured unless we are to give him away and that won’t happen.
    2; Yes,Illunga was missquoted
    3;Forget TEVEZ,we are in enough of the brown stuff already,BUT,I would like to comment on something I read elsewhere about who actually owns TEVEZ,as West Ham no longer have the paperwork on him,and Man Utd only have him on loan from whom?? Yes you’ve guessed it;the same company(name escapes me)who we got him off in the first place.Are Man Utd breaking League rules then? INTERESTING.

  63. jpt says:

    In this weeks Mail on Sunday, respected sports writer Ian Ridley has come up with a ‘solution’ for the long running and bitter Sheffield United v West Ham legal battle.
    Briefly (very briefly) Sheff United have been awarded £30 million (and rising) against West Ham.
    Ridley’s solution to all of this is for West Ham to give some players to Sheff Utd on loan, until the end of the season, free of charge.
    That would be instead of the £30 million of course.
    Do that he thinks, and all will be sorted.
    Sounds good to me, BUT…
    For starters does he really think that Sheff Utd would accept that over the £30 million?
    Does he think also that the Sheff Utd supporters would really take to the (of course by now hated) West Ham players?
    And does he think that the West Ham players would willingly go and then give of their best?
    Speaking as an avid West Ham fan I think that in all honsety while admittedly saving the Hammers a packet the idea stinks!
    I think we should pay the £30 million and have done with it.
    Possibly in instalments.
    How about forty quid a week?

  64. Hammer says:

    I know i am well late on this one but i thought the lads were excellent against Liverpool. OK the scouce are not at their best, but are we? NO. I am amazed, yes, amazed at our defencive displays recently. As a defender (not a good one) back in the day, i enjoy seeing good defensive displays and had given up on seeing us ever give one but here we are, well done the Irons. I was hoping that Faubert had turned a corner at Middlesborough but obviously not. I’ll say it again, i’m not a fan of Coles but to be fair i think he has done ok in difficult circumstances recently and against the scouse i thought he looked tired more than anything else. (Probably all those late nights spent in drinking holes). I honestly think we would benifit by playing Bellamy closer to Cole. On the subject of Bellamy i thought he had a blinder, i just hope he keeps it up and it’s not just a one off against ‘his favorite club’. I hope the talk of selling Upson and Green are wrong as the defence is looking like the real thing at last and as we all know you have nothing without a good defensive line. Chris, i can’t agree mate, selling our best is such a WHU thing it is what stops us achieving ANYTHING. Behrami and Parker are looking top class. If we can keep all of them together i would like to think we would be well on our way. Ilunga looks worth a punt ( don’t read the sun, you’re better than that). Still not convinced by Neill but having JF in front of you can’t help. Personally i would like to think we could keep Ashton. I would just like to see him and Bellamy have a decent run in the side together. A good play maker in mid-field is a must (no ideas, sorry). If any money is available then i like the idea of trying to get Santa Cruz (DevoDevo) and as a wild punt and i know buying from the lower leagues is considered redicules these days but Cox at Swindon is doing the business at the moment and is not half bad and i don’t think that would break even our bank, (oh well to late). Looking forward to Monday eve. COYI

  65. HammerMalta says:

    What concerns me at the moment is the Sheffield saga,which in my opinion we owe Sheffield f**k all.When they were 10 pionts above with Tevez in our squad little did crossed their minds they were to be relegated,West Ham were rock bottom.Hard luck we owe you nothing you should ave saved your own skin,it would be a shame on the english F.A. that led to this dispute to drag on for so long that could lead to this great historic club( 1966 world cup) to financial cricis.WH till i DIE!!!!.Forty two years a HAMMER.

  66. DevoDevo says:

    Hammer – I know Simon Cox’s Dad really well. Was never given a chance at Reading despite scoring in pre-season friendlies. Apparently, Coppell never watched or spoke to the youngsters at the club. Problem is; Cox will be similar to Freddie Sears – we need another big man with skill if Ashton is to be sold.

    I still think Collison can be the ‘creative’ player you’re looking for. 🙂

  67. DevoDevo says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention that there are reports that Zola is interested in Pazzini. Pazzini was the U-21 kid that scored the first hat-trick at the new Wembley. With his U-21 relationship with Franco, this report might carry some credence, especially since he cannot get in his present side because the first choice forward is on fire!

  68. 10no6 says:

    On the Sheffield thing we don’t owe them anything – if Sheffield Utd want the money let us see them in a proper court not the FA trio of numpties who just want to hack off the premier league. honest what nonsense they are acting as though the Tevez affair is like when a pub team in a final brings on a semi pro under an assumed name just to win one game – they really are sad bad losers and lets just say sue me or clear off mccabe you t*sspot

  69. 10no6 says:

    PS did you see Tevez yesterday on Sky saying how much he respects us and the shirt – what a top bloke maybe I’m sentimental but him and Rio have showed how you can leave our club but still be a part of us and that we appreciate it. Joe and frank take note that is how to do it.

    Please can anyone clarify why Tevez can play for Man Utd on the same deal – this is not to make trouble for him as I wish him all the best in his career

  70. Hammer says:

    DevoDevo-Agreed I think Collison can be that man. I know what you mean about Cox/Sears but I was thinking that when the window opens if Cox is still scoring he could possibly fit straight in and get us a few goals whilst he is on a role. At present Sears is unlikly to do that but he will get there. I know it’s a gamble but a gamble worth taking I think. Obviously I would not expect him to be brought in to replace Ashton. I agree with you that we need a big lad up front, it’s the West Ham way. If we are to sell Ashton, (and personally I hope we don’t), then I think Santa Cruz would be the man to bring in. The Pazzini thing sounds interesting and could be possible.

  71. hakanrylander says:

    I think it’s wishful thinking that WH could sign Santa Cruz. He is much more likely to be tempted by the combination of Mark Hughes and big money at Man City.

  72. Goatygav says:

    Wishful thinking is what we do

  73. rip van winkle says:


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