Why Victory Against Spurs is Vital

If we win on Monday we shoot up from 15th place to 9th in the league table.

Just sayin’.


26 Responses to Why Victory Against Spurs is Vital

  1. Eric says:

    i think it’s gonna be a tough one. I also think that we can do this. Every week we have been making progress. Bellers, make us proud!

  2. Cookedskunk says:

    No shit Sherlock. I’m going to the game and I can’t begin to comprehend the possibility of losing. We must not lose for all manner of reasons but we should win for Zola. My trust in him didn’t falter even after the Everton game & I think the team are on board now. If this is the best Zola can get out of the squad then he ain’t done a bad job, it’d be preferable if he could squeeze a little more out on Monday, obviously. I’m going for a terrifying draw.

  3. Bingy says:

    As a ‘long time’ Spurs fan I am banking on a 3 point gain against West Ham. I wish that it were different and that we could afford to drop a ‘rescue line’ to our friends at WHU Sadly it is not the case and a tough battle will be anticipated on Monday! In reality the THFC team is streets ahead of your side….but league position is what counts most….and we are not exactly ‘world beaters’ yet!
    My prediction is a Spurs win but….who knows? WHUFC will be there or there abouts come May….have no fear of that! COYS!

  4. freddyfreddy says:

    not one of your best contributions iain

  5. RunningHammer says:

    This could be a season defining match. Even a draw would see us jump to 12th, but a defeat would see us drop another place closer to the relegation zone. I think the fans could definitely play a part in this one. I can’t bear to think what might happen in the rest of our season if we lose badly with a poor performance and the fans get on the team’s back – though this is unlikely what with recent displays. I can’t believe Mark Lawrenson reckons the Spuds are gonna put 2 past us after our recent improvement in defence – maybe he’s just got the hump that the Scousers couldn’t score against us! Or maybe I’m utterly deluded!! 🙂

    freddyfreddy…your own ‘contribution’ doesn’t amount to much either!

  6. phil says:

    Regarding the Spurs fan who wrote earlier, why do you think you are streets ahead of us? Did you watch your team against Watford? Absolute toss. League positions don’t lie.
    The difference between us and Spurs is that we know we’re not that great but you seem to think you belong amongst the top 4-5 as some god-given right whereas in fact you actually belong in the same group as us and a few others (e.g. Everton, Newcastle).

  7. jon.london colney says:

    well said phil,was just gona write the same but glad i read yours first and saved my muppet status 4 later.i have (keep this quiet) several spuds as mates and i can honestly sayt they are the most deluded bunch off dreamers i know.they are all the same so where does this disease come from? i can see many cures but no doctors.i have tried many times to correct there problems but this top 4-5 disease is firmly inbeded and un shiftable.im affraid for the little soldiers,if west ham turn up on monday night we should give them a right hammering.

    ps can someone get a message to zola that when cole has played 60 minutes of giving the ball away bring on freddie pleaseeeeeeee


  8. Hammer says:

    Got a feeling this one could be a blinder but i don’t think it will be. The way we are set up at present doesn’t give teams much room and i don’t think spurs have the quality to get the better of us. I can see this being a hard fought match with us getting the better of it. Us to win or possibly a draw but i can’t see us losing. RunningHammer-Lawrenson has never liked us but that’s ok i don’t think he’s any good as a pundit, hope we make him eat his words.
    1-0 to us, COYI

  9. hammeredcalv says:

    This is a massive game for us, could shape our season ! coupled by the fact i have taken the p*ss out of all my friends that follow the spuds from the start of this season ! I for one am nervous already ! We just cant seem to score at mo ! something that spurs seem to be doing with ease at mo ! Maybe, just maybe our strikers will click come monday and we walk away 3 nil winners !!!??
    COYI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jon.london colney says:

    oh bingy….bugger off

  11. liam says:

    freddyfreddy have a sence of humor

  12. Goatygav says:

    Unpredictable this one. I reckon it’ll turn out a typical scrappy Derby. Very hard to call, so no gut feeling about it, but I’ll go for 1 each.

    I’m with you jon. If Cole doesn’t show some of the decent hold up play of the first 3-4 games of this season get him off and give Freddie a decent run out. I know he’s still on a steep learning curve but Freddie’s growing in confidence all the time and, even at this early stage in his development, is far more likely to find the back of the net than Carlton.

  13. Michael says:

    I think we can beat the spuds on Monday. We have been defending much much better and im sure we can nick 1 or 2 goals with calamity gomes in the sticks for them!!! 1 think i would like to see is Faubert dropped! He was absolutely useless against Liverpool. Maybe play mullins and parker down the midle and Noble wide. Seems a bit more solid for what is gna b a tough derby game! I think Carlton Cole will come good, just gotta keep the faith with him. Be interesting to see if Tristan brings anything to the team!! Looking forward to seeing Dyer back in action as well.

  14. irontc says:

    This really is a season defining game for us!

    Win and the road to recovery looks on track, with a top ten finish.

    Lose and with the game next week, we sink into the relegation dogfight.

    My prediction. 3-2 Hammers.


  15. pjd says:

    listen all lets get it right,how many of you hear the same old shite from yr spurs mates,next year this,next year that.they are not a big club,they are an average premiership team.already i have had the,were catching you up ,crap.well if we are the benchmark for the scum thats great.they are deluded big time charlies who think they own a top 5 place.bollocks to them and their i will manage anyone if the cash is enough manager.lets not forget how he shafted his so called best mate,our own hero billy bonds.sorry to rant on but i just cant have them……..

  16. the headmaster says:

    It is a big ‘n’, no doubt. Season defining? Overstates it, for me. However much we want it (possibly too much?) it is 3 points at the end of the day. The fact that the table is so congested and we could either move up significantly or closer to the relegation zone says more about the congested nature of the table than the prospects for us this season, in my view.
    I am looking forward to a cracking atmosphere tomorrow night (a welcome change from the usual sterile vibe at UP these days). 1 – 0 would do me absolutley lovely. I fear it has 1 – 1 as the likeliest outcome, although avoiding defeat is the first priority.

  17. CHRIS says:

    GREEN 9….GOMES 5
    NEILL 6….HUTTON……6
    ILUNGA….7…..WHO EVER!…..7
    PARKER 7…..JENAS…..7
    COLE 6…….BENT…….7
    WHU TOTAL….79…….SPUDS…75

  18. Russell says:

    Behrami got the winner in his last huge derby match – my dosh is on him to get the winner tomorrow!

  19. Colm says:

    We are going to win, I cant see one reason why we wont,With our solid defence thanks to Collins and Upson and with Parker fit after his virus, Behrami all fired up for the derby and Bellamy on the verge of breaking his goal drought perhaps playing off Cole we have more than a good backbone to the squad. And to make things even better our all positive Zola doesnt like starting our hero LBM. Hopefully Collison gets a start. Spurs are still abit all over the place and I have a feeling they will struggle against us.

  20. DevoDevo says:

    I hope Bellers tests their keeper with his crosses and long shots. I would play Sears to follow up these chances as Cole’s brain normally takes a couple of seconds to react.

    If we play with more attacking purpose and select Collison for Mullins, the gane should be there for the taking, this is a particularly poor Spurs side.

    Pavyluchenco souldn’t get any joy v Ginge and Matty and their biggest threat could be Bent or Campbell if he plays any part.

    1-0 or 2-1. 🙂

  21. E1 says:

    IT’ S A 6 POINTER !!!!!!! I am sure it will be a scrap and under spot lights will be a night to be remembered I feel we are in for a footballing treat with a few goals, can’t see a clean sheet either end 3-2 or 4-3 to the hammers. I can’t wait !!!!!!!!
    Arry won’t know what’s hit im. Cole will score, may even be the winner. Happy day’s top 10 here we come !!!!! COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!!! NO space, No quater, NO SURRENDER !!!

  22. freddyfreddy says:

    don’t worry liam, I got a sence of humor.

    I was just expecting something a little more insightful from a man of Iain’s wisdom.

    ‘Why Victory Against Spurs Is Vital’

    Because if we win we get three points and they don’t.

    Just sayin’

  23. sanity says:

    Sanity says it nice to see the level-headed pundit Chris giving us the benefit of his intimate and well-read knowledge of football. What a plank. Most non-literacy-challenged fans would have read that Hutton has undergone and operation and won’t play again for several months. Wow. What a player. Even with this slight handicap,Hutton only drags the difference in assessment of by Chris to less than 1/2 a point. I think that tells the sane all they need to know about the judgemental prowess of Chris the pundit. Shan’t be reading Chis again untill my aching ribs recover.

  24. […] Why Victory Against Spurs is Vital If we win on Monday we shoot up from 15th place to 9th in the league table. Just sayin’. […]

  25. clenchedfistshc says:


  26. Johnny Haynes regular says:

    Bingy says “in reality” Spurs are streets ahead… Hmm.. they said the same sort of thing before coming to Craven Cottage a couple of weeks ago… 2-1 to FFC it was… ‘arry’s first dose of reality. Followed shortly thereafter by 0-1 from the Toffees. Hope you stick it up ’em tonight! Keep them down where they belong. Absolute pants they are….

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