Tottenham: The Morning After

It wasn’t that we played particularly badly – well, at least in the first half. The problem was that we very rarely threatened the Tottenham goal. In the first 45 minutes we didn’t have a single shot on goal that I can think of. And the problem boiled down to three things – lack of width, lack of a playmaker and lack of any sort of penetration up front (ooh, er, Missus!).

Let’s deal with them in order. Playing Behrami as a wide player doesn’t get the best out of him. Having said that, he was again one of the best performers last night, and no one can fault him for effort and battling qualities. But from a wide player you want running down the wings and dangerous crosses. That’s not what he does.

Few of us could understand why Julien Faubert was in the team after his lamentable performances in recent weeks. His ability to lose the ball grows by the game and he probably only hit a single reasonable cross before he was subbed after an hour.

We badly need Matty Etherington back, with Kieron Dyer on the other side. Carlton Cole is the type of player who thrives on crosses and if he doesn’t get them, he will have fewer scoring opportunities.

Cole’s lack of ability to keep possession is worrying. He holds the ball up well most of the time, but eight times out of ten he then gives it away too easily. Bellamy was busy last night and had a couple of scoring opportunities, but again, never looked at his threatening best.

Scott Parker had a very good first 45 minutes, dominating the midfield, but as usual seemed to fade the further the game went on.

Defensively, the back two looked totally solid for much of the game, but you have to question why one of them didn’t pick up Ledley King for the goal. James Collins’ heading was generally awesome and for me he was Man of the Match by a country mile. Lucas Neill was negative for the first half an hour but got more adventurous as the game went on. But for their second goal he was caught out of position – and not for the first time.

So overall a very disappointing night. It’s difficult to see us getting much against Chelsea, and we often do badly against Villa. I am sorry to be negative, but I can easily see us being in the bottom three at Christmas. Woe is us.

Robert Green 8
Ilunga 7
Collins 8
Upson 8
Neill 7
Parker 8
Mulins 7
Faubert 4
Behrami 7
Cole 5
Bellamy 6


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  1. Spursforme says:

    To be fair I think you guys have the right idea in giving the young players a chance. Brave but I think the right idea. Its about time our english young lads were given a real chance to develop. So there need to be a reasonable amount of protection for clubs like west ham, who roll (with dignaty) with the bad results whist the younger player learn their trade. United, Chealski, Liverpool, take note….stop pinching the good youngsters from clubs that develop them and allow clubs like west ham to tast the success they have earned.

    And thats from a Spurs fan.

  2. smudge says:

    Last nights performance was that of team doomed to relegation if BG does not put his hand in his pocket and buy a top class striker and a dominant midfield player.
    How many goals have we scored in the last 10 games – 4 and conceded 14. Doesn’t that tell you something.

  3. NunheadHammer says:

    Yes, last night’s performance had relegation written on it – I thought Spurs were poor, but we were even poorer. Couldn’t understand why Faubert was in the team, and we lacked width. Zola subbed Faubert but brought on Noble – which didn’t really add much. We need something or else its going to be a difficult season.

  4. Doc H Ball says:

    Your marks are way too high Iain, we were lousy.

    When Zola first arrived there was at least a bit of zip. Playing defensively a la Curbs against Spurs was a real step backwards. We looked set up to play like the away team, which against that mob should be a criminal offense.

    Parker and Mullins in midfield is too negative. Noble or Collison should have started in the middle with Parker. Behrami wide left? Faubert £6m? Illunga’s ‘second rate’ passing ability… we’ve got less width than Posh Spice with a dose of the runs.

    We need a fit Deano in our team, Cole on the bench and someone to run with the bloody ball down the wings. As Harry would say, it ain’t rocket science just round pegs in round holes.

  5. brian says:

    How does Ilunga get a 7? He was awfull. And I don’t think Behrami’s problem is playing on the wing, I think it’s playing football in any capacity.

  6. Big Casino says:

    I think you’ve been pretty generous giving out 7s and 8s to our players… I think only Green, Neill and Behrami had good games…. and Upson and Collins weren’t bad….. but it was mostly 5s and 6s for me…. with Faubert and Di Michele both getting 3s…..

    I’m not surprised Curbs didn’t want to be seen as having been the manager who brought in sub-standard players such as Di Michele and Ilunga… I mean, in George and Bobby we had two solid Premiership players… they might not have been world class or even high class players – but they were decent Prem players, who did a job for us…. Di Michele and Ilunga barely look good enough for the Championship… how can you expect to progress selling decent players and replacing them with mediocre players?

    While I’m here, I’d also like to broach the subject of Carlton Cole. I know many fans who leave comments on this site fiercely defend the guy… and I too have often found myself defending him… but the fact is, despite supposedly having all the attributes to make him a really imposing front man, he never, ever looks like posing a threat to the opposition…. he holds the ball up, brings people into play and usually works quite hard… but his control, distribution and most importantly, his strike rate, is way below that of a Premiership striker.

    I hear people come on here and knock Deano for being fat, unfit, lazy, injury prone etc etc… but at least the guy is quality… and at the end of last season and beginning of this season when he was properly fit, he showed exactly what he was all about… We need him and Dyer fit and back in the side asap… or we are going to be in a serious relegation battle this season… and we might not have enough to stay up.

  7. hoopspur says:

    Got to say as a Spurs fan, all our websites are giving a maximum mark to any of our players of 7.5, and we did play you off the park….

  8. hammeredcalv says:

    Although i feel very dissapionted at last nights performance, i still feel we have a big enough squad to survive the forecoming relegation battle, what really gets up my nose is the team selection, we sent out a very defensive team last night, at home ? agaisnt the spurs ! WHY ? i would rather we lost having a real good go and playing some decent attacking football ! i feel if we had taken that approach we would of rattled spurs from the start ! But oh no, we sat back and allowed spurs to play there game and lost ! As for Spurs, i thought they were poor to, but we allowed them to dictate the game through poor tactics and team selection ! Who are we to question Zola & Clarke ? THE PAYING SUPPORTER ! THATS WHO ! Ifeel Clarke and Zola will get it right, if we have money to spend come jan, a creative midfielder & a striker who knows where the goal is,is a must, which is highly unlikely,so i would like to see a midfield of Collison, parker, berhami, bellamy on wing, Tristan and sears up front ! cant be anyworse than that dire shower of shite, were subjected to last night !

  9. Bullseye says:

    In shock this morning.
    I have never seen such a toothless submission by a West Ham team against the Spuds. We made them look like Man Utd!!!
    Me & a friend were talking last night about when the Icicles took over and they promised Champions League football within 5 years. 3 years down the road……. Champions League or Championship?
    Forget the defence or striking shortcomings, the worst decision made all season and one that is so obvious when you look at it is the choice of whoever to get rid of Nobby. We are so short of creative ideas in midfield. Everything is sideways or backwards, no wonder the strikers are struggling.
    Short term immediate action required. Neill, Faubert, Mullins and Cole have to go and their places go to me at right back (gutted but is there a viable alternative?), Noble, Tristan/Di Michele & Sears. I’d drop Bellars back just behind the front 2 as he spends the whole game having to make chances for himself.
    Totally fudged off with last night. If playing Spuds wasn’t incentive enough we could have gone 9th with a victory.
    What a joke. Just like our beloved club.
    PS. The only shining light was the appearance of PDC in the stands again….. singing bubbles!! I bow before thee………

  10. Kennet says:

    I think that Ilungs had a hangover form the week with all the press etc and so tried to hard, however the game changed with the subs, it was simple they brought on bent = positive, we brought on Noble to play on the right wing = negative and this was obvious from the resulting 27 min’s that was left.

    For me Upson had a mare, he left Ginge to deal with two players hence the goal, he did however have enough time to follow the ball over his head and watch as King headered it down.

    Why can’t we put Behrami in the middle? I still think he is the closet to a box-box midfielder we have and that is with Collison a very close second. He is wasted on the left. last night the first sub should of been Mullins for LBM with Behrami moving inside simple. The less said abou the remaining subs the better and to me this is the downfall of the side, who is subbed for who and when………….

    And one last thing, was this the best game to introduce Noble after being out for over a month? NO is the simple answer and sorry but he was gash.

  11. Big Casino says:

    I tell you what – after our strikeforce’s feeble showing in the last 4 games, I’d actually be tempted to start Davenport upfront against Chelsea, with Sears and Bellamy flanking him….

    Why not…. when he was playing in the first team earlier this season, it was notable how comfortable on the ball he was when venturing into the opposition half/penalty box… he can hold the ball up well, is taller than cole, more of a threat in the air than cole, isn’t bad on the deck, and has a mean shot on him…. it’s Chelsea away for christ’s sake, what have we got to lose!!!??

  12. hammeredcalv says:

    Faubert ! What planet is he on ???? waste of space, everytime he gets the ball he panics, does not look up and cant run at players ! premeirship footballer MY ARSE !

  13. NRM says:

    Last night was a shambles. The one game of the season that means so much more…and Zola got it totally wrong. Without a doubt he has inherited a rather poor squad that has been littered with has beens and injury prone players.

    As soon as the game started I expected us to be up and at them and get as many crosses in and shots early as possible and set our stall out. Unfortunatly we got the complete opposite and Zola has to shoulder the blame for that. Although lets face it do we have the personel onboard to take a game to an opposition like that ? I dont think so.

    I don’t really want to get on the Carlton Cole band wagon but I fear I can longer watch the team when he is playing as I have never seen a player in a C&B shirt to be so frustrating. He struggles to hold the ball up, he can;t pass from A-B, he looks to have no desire when he plays. For his size he never seems to knock anyone off the ball……the list goes on.

    We lack any quality in midfield in the sense of a playmaker. Our midfield is packed with holding players. I cannot understand where Collison was last night as the team is crying out for some industry and he certainly supplied that when he came on against Everton.

    Faubert I had high hopes for but the guy has quite frankly had a shocker this season. Yesterdays performence was his joint worst in line with his previous 5.

    Lucas Neill for me is no West Ham captain either. He is not a leader. He gives the ball away to easily and is responsible for giving the majority of silly free kicks away. His attempt at closing down Lennon when he crossed for the ball that eventually ended up at Modric’s feet in the first few minutes was laughable. If you see the highlights watch his his little pansy jump !!

    What grated me the most last night, was once again how we threw the towel in as soon as they scored. No leaders on the pitch, A pansy excuse of Captain and a Manager out of his depth.

    I fear the worst come the end of December.

  14. phil says:

    I also think your over generous in your marks Iain. That was one of the worst performances ever from a West Ham team. The main problem is an unbalanced midfield and lack of width. Berhami should not be played wide left – even LBM would be better – and Faubert is crap.

  15. JimmyNeighboursHernia says:

    Cole can only work with whatever service he gets from midfield. Also having a “strike” partner who thinks that one or two off target speculative shots from miles out is a worthwhile contribution can’t really help matters. At least Coles shot was on target, anyway isn’t Bellend mean’t to be the big star player? wheres his share of the stick and abuse then? He get’s off way too lightly i think. Don’t rely on Ashton coming back he is indeed lazy, unfit and fat, perhaps it’s better to say that he uses the excuse of injury rather than actually being injury prone, cramp is enough for him to ask to be pulled out of a game remember. Hopefully that waste of space is first out the door in January. As for giving Behrami 7! Was he actually playing last night?
    Join the campaign to get the icelandic failures to sell immediately, our clubs future is in serious jeopardy the longer these incompetents are in charge.

  16. AussiePete says:

    West Ham were just totally flat. They definitely need a playmaker and a winger. Faubert is an absolute waste of space. Should even put LBM on the left and Behrami on the right.

  17. CHRIS says:



  18. CHRIS says:


  19. CHRIS says:


  20. Simon says:

    I’ve never seen a Hammers team with less penetration. The midfield was far too defensive, we had no width and we created nothing. In Gomes they had a keeper who has been hounded for making errors. We had a wet slippery surface too so should have been peppering him with low shots from distance and sending in crosses to the six yard box. Did we do that once? No. Even when we got corners they were played in too low or were to the back post or edge of the box! Pathetic. Faubert should never wear the shirt again, he is awful. And I’m afraid Noble looked awful too and gave the ball away far too much. The only saving grace for him is that he was played ridiculously out of position and lacks match fitness so has some excuse.

    Di Michele? The only question is why! Seeing him bending down tying his laces when we were on the attack and completely ignoring the ball was unbelievable. And just how bad must Tristan be if Di Michele is played ahead of him? We’ll be lucky to score again this year with this lot

    What really rankles is that Sp*rs were complete crap too, but we made them look good. Now that is really unforgiveable!

  21. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    I’m telling you….it should have been DiCanio, he wouldn’t have put up with this crap and would have put rockets up players and boards arses! Zola is the Bambi of the Premiership!

  22. Roy says:

    I have to agree with some of the comments on your player marks, Iain. How 4 players can get 8 and another 4 get 7 is amazing judgement. As 10 is the maximum (unless you are marking out of 20!) and that is almost unheard of, 9 would be brilliant and 8 exceptional. Nobody was close to exceptional. The best was average which I guess would justify a 6. I’d give that to Green and Collins, 5 to most of the others (below average) and 3 to Faubert (rubbish) although even 3 would indicate he did something. Of the subs, can’t give Tristan a mark as he wasn’t on long enough to measure but Di Michele would be fortunate to get 2 (tying his boots when a free kick was being taken into the box??) and Noble about 3.
    We have to play either Etherington or LBM on the left to give us some shape with Behrani on the right until Dyer is fit. Despite a lot of criticism I rate Behrani. He’s played right back, right, central and left midfield which, as we’ve only played 15-odd games is hardly giving him a chance to settle. The problem is he is the same as half a dozen other midfielders we’ve got when we are crying out for a playmaker. Oh, and a couple of strikers and a right back and, possibly a left back and some cover in central defence in case Upson or Collins are injured. Apart from that, everything in the garden is rosy!

  23. Steve says:

    Dont kid ourselves Chris? mate when was this that we didnt touch the ball for half hour? over the course of the whole game and 15 minutes at half time? First half you were trying to force something that wasnt there and King and Woody had an answer for everything in your arsenal, Second half we bossed you and played you off the park, It was a poor performance by our high standards but that just shows how little is needed to beat ur little council club

  24. LiberalHammer says:


    That was the first game I’ve seen this season and we were abysmal. Not one shot on target until the 85th minute. No creativity at all in midfield and losing possession in a style reminiscent of McLaren era England. Noble looked off the pace when he came on and gave the ball away a fair bit.

    Championship looms large. Can’t fault Zola for it, the squad is not his. I thought pre season that we were going to struggle and can’t see any reason to change that!

  25. CHRIS says:


  26. Roman says:

    Losing any game is hard; losing particularly to THFC is unbearable; but losing to the worst THFC side I’ve seen in living memory – at home, to boot – is really heartbreaking. They were there for the taking and we failed to take the initiative. They have to be the most weedy, lightweight team in the Premier League: Jenas, Lennon, Pavlyuchenko, Modric. Throw in a clown for a goalkeeper and really, there is nothing in mitigation for our sterile, inept, timid performace last night. And to hear them singing “..your Cup Final” is like a dagger to the heart.

    I’ve nothing against Zola – his philosophy and tactics are sound and commendable, and I imagine he’ll make a decent manager one day. The reality is, our players are simply not good enough for the sophisticated football the manager wants to instil. I was as happy as most fans when Curbishley left but in his defence, I’d say that he was at least a pragmatist and realist – he knew he had a very average squad and cut his tactical cloth accordingly.

    I fear January will be our nemesis, At ‘best’, we’ll hang on to the existing squad. But more realistically, we may lose the two or three decent (Green in particular) players we have. Compound this with the probability that the other struggling clubs may strenghten their teams and our prospects, already bleak, start to look terminal.

    I love this club with all my heart and will never regret choosing to support them as a schoolboy. But the truth is, I’ve seen us relegated many times and alwaysknew we’d bounce back (even if it had to be through the back door as with the most recent promotion). But this time I fear it’s terminal.

  27. DevoDevo says:

    I will post before I read any other replies, as I need to get this off my chest.

    This was one of the most abject displays I have ever seen from a West Ham side adn, in my opinion, some of the players should have their wages docked.

    As I said pre-match, Behrami had to play right side in place of the hapless Faubert. Someone, somewhere, has had a big joke played on them with this guy. I cannot think of one redeeming quality.

    Until Dyer is fit, the most inventive player we have is Collison. Why has Zola dumped him after 3 good performances, I thought he wanted to promote the youth in the side?

    Similarly, Sears gets left off again for the pedestrian Cole and then when substitutes are made, we are treated to the other comical figure of Di Michele. I can’t recall Tristan even sniffing the ball.

    This was a relegation performance, the 2nd half, apart from the first 5 minutes, was devoid of any creativity or commitment, save for Bellamy, Behrami and the centre backs.

    It was actually Collins that let King run across him, Iain (much like Cisse did a few times) and this has to be remedied, because at the moment it is only going to take one goal to beat us.

    We have no width without Etherington or LBM (who tends to come in as well) and nobody to get to the bye-line. One cross from Neill was the sum total of us getting the ball to the opponent’s bye-line. Pathetic.

    Green 7
    Neill 6
    Collins 6
    Upson 7
    Ilunga 5
    Faubert 3
    Parker 6
    Mullins 6
    Behrami 6
    Bellamy 7
    Cole 5

  28. P says:

    Why do certain people insist on repeating themselves in multiple posts? And please try and stop using capital letters all the time? It’s rude and annoying.

  29. Kim says:

    I think we could play the entire team up front and not get a goal. It is starting to feel very like two seasons ago when we couldn’t score in a brothel! Cole worked hard but is so easily taken off the ball. Parker has seemingly been told to hold back but I don’t know why. I hold my breath every time Faubert gets the ball. TGV? More like a slow boat to China. Bellamy is not relaxing and therefore not scoring. Where is Ethers? We needed him badly last night.

    Overall, I wish I had stayed home in the warm and rearranged a sock drawer or something. Oh – and I am going to Chelsea at the weekend. Masochism rules!!

  30. Christojojo says:

    Last night you would not have thought it was West Ham playing if you watched them for the past 20-30 years. No flair too many second rate players and about as deadly as a Swiss Army Knife.

    I know Zola can only work with what he’s got but i think its time for some youngsters to have a go and not some of these pretentious nobodys, just there for a wage.

  31. Paul M says:

    I say it after every game now, Faubert is the WORST player ever to wear the C & B FACT. Zola must be some kind of idiot if he thinks he is good enough. Don’t tell me there is no replacement, cos’ I would say any player from the under 18’s coold out perform Monsiuer Faubert (Rupert the Bear, is his chant) I reckon the REAL Rupert is better than that plum.
    For god’s sake, what is happening to us, We have no idea how to attack or they told not to attack and just defend as it is good practise for the future.
    I fear for us now, other than West Brom we are without doubt the next worst in the league, only luck can help now, so I suggest we all cross our fingers and toes, we’re in for a rough ride !!!

  32. E1 says:

    Green 7 the rest 6 cole 5 faubert – 2. Next game i suggest
    Green Neil Collins Upson Ilunga
    Bellamy Behrami Parker Lbm
    Tristin Di michell .
    Give us width, cover for the full backs and a traditional big man little man up front. worth a try but when you look at it the squad is very low on quality and experience maybe we are expecting to much from what we have ?

  33. D&G says:

    If I didn’t have kids I probably would of smashed the house up last night. It also didn’t help when the missus tried to make me feel better by saying….

    “It’s only a game” and the classic “Why don’t you support another team?” Anyway three shots on goal and one save was it? What a gutless performance, surely the thought of winning and climbing to 9th plus getting one over the enemy should of been enough.

    Obviously not……..

  34. E1 says:

    THE only hope we have is that buyer comes in before the Transfere window closes and flashesh the cash on 3 or 4 quality players if we go down this year I feel it will be a very long time before we come back, this squad is just not good enough to play the way Zola wants and have not got the bottle to roll their sleeves up and slug it out ,look at Hull and Stoke no stars but they fight for 90 mins

  35. Gorgonzola says:







  36. Gorgonzola says:

    If you’re gonna take Faubert off then at least put someone better on….Noble?

  37. Gorgonzola says:

    We need a creative midfielder

    We’ve always had one….likes of Berkovic…Cole

  38. Gorgonzola says:

    Can’t believe we never tested Gormless Gomez until the last 5 minutes…mind boggling

  39. D&G says:

    OH and what a post by Simon! Cant add anything to that it sums last night up perfectly.

    That Di Michele incident narked me as well! I cant believe he watched that ball roll past him when we needed a goal so badly!

    Unforgivable and he needs to be sent packing back to Italy, that guy is a dud!

  40. djclipz says:

    i dnt think im gonna bother commenting about matches until after january!! Ive said since zola came in the lack of talent in the team has worried me and last nyt showed exactly why!! we have improved our football but there is stil a level the current set of players can not go beyond, so i am just hoping we get as many points as possible, ugly or not and wait and see wat zola can do in the transfer period. You can’t realistically say he has been given a chance until he has some control on who is in the team (the last 3 clean sheets is evident work of him and clarke working on the team in training so there are def promising signs he just needs the players he wants!!), when he joined he had to accept the bunch of players we already had and id say over half aren’t top half premiership standard players at all. Bottom end players worthy of starts at teams like Stoke!!! hence why our team is currently lingering at the foot of the table! Green, Upson, Behrami, Parker, Bellamy are by far the 5 that stand out as our best players and the rest are only capable of performing now and again. Ive liked wat i hav seen of illunga but lets not forget we are only in december! So for now i am just going to wait and see, i say the same every week and i read the same every week and its getting boring now!! all we can hope is a good clearing out in jan and hopefully some exciting signings and then we’ll see where we are at then and also assess Zola as manager!

  41. paul says:

    I normally agree with your assessment of players performances Iain but on this occasion I have to side with many others in thinking that this was a shocking display.
    I thought Cole, Ilunga and Faubert were terrible and I think some of the youngsters could be given their chance. We simply could not create and we are surely facing relegation if we do not obtain a striker.

  42. Paul O'Decanyo says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think we are really in it this season. Like Ian, I believe the rest of December is going to be a tough, long, possibly pointless month. I feel that the combination of an unproven manager, no money and an inadequate squad could be our undoing. It galls me to think how toothless we have become this season. Pretty passing in midfield might make the possession statistic look good but it sure as hell isn’t turning into goals. Without being too dramatic, this season could be our Notts Forest or Leeds moment.

  43. hammerette says:

    Agree with so much of the above. In my view, neither Faubert nor Bowyer should play for us again. It was perfectly obvious before the season started that we needed a creative midfielder and a striker and we have neither. I’ve lost patience with Cole, drop him. We played far better with Bellamy and Sears up front when CC was suspended. At least we weren’t pumping high balls upfield in the hope that CC would gather – more often than not, he doesn’t, fact. Furthermore, Collison is far more creative than any of the present midfield. Get him in and play him with Behrami, and 2 others – the rest are much of a muchness, but I’d persist with Noble when fit and find someone decent to play wide left. There was no pace, tempo or urgency last night and if there’s one Team I hate losing to……..
    Sadly, unless changes are made, I fear we will be in the bottom 3 come Christmas – so hope I’m wrong.

  44. the headmaster says:

    As worrying as anything for me was the rabbit in headlights look about Zola’s post match press conference. Poor English, no real message, no obvious ideas – just a ‘keep believing in ourselves and trying to do the right things’ tone; no mention of changing personnel, square pegs in round holes, the smile is faded, the honeymoon is well and truly over and the credit catd bills are landing on the doormat

  45. colin says:

    Will Zola get to pick any new players,or will that be the job of the so called director of football,l don’t think Curbs got Di Michele to come to the club,so will Zola get any say.When l saw him on doing his boot laces up, l don’t even think he saw the ball go passed him,that was enough for me l left the ground .l just knew they were going to get another one in, l’m glad l didn’t see it, That would have been to humilating The first was bad enough. Chris if you need any help with that banner just say the word.

  46. man of kent says:

    To Chris, stop being a plank mate !

  47. HamStar says:


    I have been watching us for 25 years and that was one of the worst performances ever. there was no bit in our play, no plan, no guile. We have always had a flair player in the 11…Brooking, Devonshire, Di Canio, Berkovic, Cole, Benayoun and we are in desperate need of another. We cant control the ball, our first move is backwards and we cant play in triangles. basic stuff, I don’t play the management, we just do not have any good players.

    Lets not beat around the bush apart from Green V Gomez, Spurs are better than us man for man. That is a fact and they deserved to win. They have Bentley, Modric and Lennon, all players who can make things happen. We do not have a single player with a brain or any guile.

    Green – No Complaints, no chance with either goal.

    Neill – Slow and needs to be sold in January

    Collins – Class

    Upson – overrated, too many of our goals in the air have come because he gets beat. time to cash in in January.

    Ilunga – Would do better if Matty was in front of him.

    Faubert – Seems to b lacking confidence badly. Time for a rest.

    Parker – Fed up with him. gives the ball away too much and is not better than Robbie Savage, just runs around doing lots of nothing. Out in January please.

    Mullins – Dependable as ever.

    Behrami – Would rather have him in the middle with Matty on the left. Not a winger at all.

    Noble – Overrated. Should be sold in January. Will always only ever have potential and nothing else. O’Hara is far better and he is nothing special. Then again all players in his age group in the Premiership are better.

    Cole – needs to toughen up and bully people. Too nice for his own good. needs kick up the jacksy.

    Bellamy – love they guy, needs better supply.

    We need to get Yossi back in January and go far Kevin Nolan.

    Out with the riff raff.

  48. man of kent says:

    Iain, i to feel you are being far to generous with your scores ! we were poor, sorry i mean total shite ! Its not Zola or Clarkes fault, however, i do feel they got the team selection & and formation wrong this time ! However, we have to many average players in the squad, we need a good clear out, we just need to survive this season, so Zola & Clarke get the time to sell and buy players they want. Trouble is they wont get the time !

  49. Goatygav says:

    Without wanting to sound too boring – because repetition is extremely boring – we need someone who can score goals. A few seconds before Spurs scored their second we had a chance to make it 1-1. At these pivotal moments we’re not taking our chances and it’s costing us points. If any funds are made available in January a striker is desperately needed. The good news seems to be that Zola recognizes this requirement too.

  50. CHRIS says:

    dont agree about your comment on parker.but the rest is accurate.
    juggle the team how you like it still lacks prem quality everywhere.
    hows dyer coming on anyone no?

  51. HammerMalta says:

    HamStar ,i liked your comment i would love to have Kevin Nolan in claret and blue.I know it`s still hurting Jermain Defoe`s behaviour but i would welcome him, he can produce something out of nothing. As for Yossi he`s magic at times. For last night`s game spurs were poor and us even poorer.We badly need a pure striker like we say in Malta, the likes of Paolo Rossi ,Toto Shcillaci ,Gigi Riva way back ,someone who pops them in . Zola knows quite well what i`m talking about .Let`s act now before it`s too late.Remember what Paolo Di Canio said when we last dropped,”at the end it was up to the board to deside “.Let`s not be a fight to the drop ,we don`t deserve it.COYI !!!!

  52. CHRIS says:

    Big clear out but whos gunna buy these players?
    the only chance we have is hope we get big money for green 12 15m
    whos gunna come to us now?bottom three at christmas
    liverpool wont let yossi go
    is nugent worth a try?
    anyone will do!!!
    Arsenal are desperate for green. swap deal maybe? but let us pick em,remeber lungberg!!!!!!!
    hope zola can attract some quality christmas,but i feel its to late now and maybe we need to revert back to a big sam type manager.

  53. brooking still the best says:

    Relegation, relegation relegation. Let’s face it, thats what we are facing.

    Howaever much Zola glosses over the facts, we are clueless.

    For all those who called for Curbishleys head, they cant say we would be so poor now if he was still here.

    The board should go now, they have took us no-where, infact we are going backwards fast.

    If we was to go down, with the loss of income and the 30 million we might be forced to pay Sheff U. That could just about be curtains.

  54. CHRIS says:

    brooking we would be worse probably bottom,hes buys are the reason we are in this mess plus the loss of deano dont blame zola his hands are tied till christmas.

  55. P says:

    Zola, even though a novice with no club mnagement experience at all was chosen over proven, higher quality managers for one reason only; and that reason was because he was the only candidate willing (or stupid enough) to put up with a situation where the board decides which playing staff arrive or leaves. There will be no new arrivals unless they are free agents or loan deals, which means unknowns overlooked by better clubs, Zola agreed to this on the day he was appointed as the boards yesman. So try not to get carried away with wish lists of who you want to bring in, it just is not going to happen. We have no money remember, and any money made from the sale of players will certainly not be available for transfers you can be rest assured.
    In the meantime get onto youtube and go watch a few vids of when we had decent players and knew what to do with a football.

  56. D&G says:

    Don’t hold your breath in January chaps. Not only is it near enough impossible to find ‘class’ players (because clubs don’t let GOOD players leave mid season unless silly money is offered which we don’t have) mid season but who with any ‘class’ or ounce of brain is going to come to a club in the relegation zone?

    Only hope is a buy out or we are as good as gone imo…….

  57. E1 says:

    green,upson,collins ilugana,parker,behrami, mullins and bellemy the only experienced players worth keeping. Ashton wants out so if we get the right money let him go say 8mill,neil 4mill,quasie 1 mill,ethrington 3mill lbm 2 mill bowyer 1 mill faubert 4 mill = 23 mill terminate contracts save on wages add 7 mill from the club we must be able to get 1 quality striker and creative mid fielder add that to the youngsters and we might just hang on this season WE NEED MORE QUALITY This is a good championship side NOT a top 8 prem’ship side. still it has been a while since i have been to Leeds and nottingham. 40 years and I cannot remember ever being this negative Last night was the worst v spurs game I have ever seen both side were RUBBISH !!!!

  58. Hammer says:

    I wasn’t going to comment but feel that it is necessary in the hope that someone at the club might pick up on so many posts. We were second rate last night. Second to EVERY ball, allowed them to cross from the flanks at will, picking out their men without fear of being closed down or rushed into the cross. We did everything in our power to give the ball back to them even when we had put a decent move together-not often obviously and then failed to work hard to organize a defensive mid-field line. Some of the lads ran hard but there were too few putting in the effort and the lack of any sort of quality and cohesion was alarming. After the goal we just went to pieces and it’s worrying to think what might have happened if they had scored in that first minute or so. The worst bit about this is i’m sat here watching Chelsea and i think we’re screwed. Definatly hopes santa brings something good for xmas ‘cos i can’t see WHU brightening the holiday on that type of performance.
    Fortune’s always hiding. COYI.

  59. DevoDevo says:

    I fear for us at Chelski. If Zola didn’t feel confident enough to put out an attacking side against a miserable Tottnumb, he’s hardly going to change things at Chelsea.

    Expect Cole up front on his own with a 5 man midfield in the hope that we can somehow conjure up a 0-0.

    When is Ashton due back? For all his faults, he knows where the goal is and would work well with Bellamy, something Cole is unable to do.

    Pazzini says “come and get me?” Maybe he could be the next latin hero?

  60. eleeNYC says:

    I’m not counting on Ashton coming back. Is even in training? I think if they get him healthy they will try to offload him. Kieren Dyer— I’m not gonna get my hopes up and think he’ll be healthy til the end of the season.

    Some days it’s just hard to think positive and believe in the squad. I thought for sure that we would come away with something against the spuds. Rollercoaster. West Brom is a problem for us!

    I’m just hoping to stay up now and Zola gets a chance to rebuild.

  61. Upton Spark says:

    i am sorry to say that when you have a midfield which doesn’t score goals on a regular basis,and when you have a strike force who are not scoring as well,then it usually means you are going to be up against it more often than not,so let’s not kid ourselves anymore than we need to.
    We were crap against Spurs and we will crap for the remainder of the season if we don’t get someone in who will score on a regulat basis.
    The only thing is,we will not have enough money to buy anyone so I can see a long hard season ahead.
    Sorry to be negative,but I didn’t see anything positive against Spurs.

  62. HammerMalta says:

    Upton Spark lets put the money on Wigans Arm Zaki , I`ve noticed his ability as well as you did since the first home game .Whatever it takes bring him to Upton Park,he`s a wonder boy.

  63. Upton Spark says:

    E1, you are spot on mate. Not sure about 4 mill for Faubert though?? After his latest endevours I wouldn’t give 4pence!!
    L B M plus Quashie MUST GO but how much would we get for second rate players?
    I hope we don’t lose Green and Upson as this will not help to keep us in the Prem.
    Let’s try to be positive for 2009 and hope that we do keep them and we sell the others to make a few bob,then we MUST get a decent striker from somewhere plus a midfielder who is dangerous and scores goals. SOME HOPES!!

  64. old biddy says:

    I read in an earlier thread that there are 3 worse teams in the division which should see us safe…………….Who apart from West Brom,Sunderland and Blackburn will kick start under new manager (if ince does get the boot of course) thats normally the case,Stoke i think will out muscle us and scare us to death,wev lost at home to Bolton already,wev lost to west brom,unless we get Ethers,Dyer and Ashton back soon and staying fit and performing i really do fear the worst

  65. Turkish says:

    Sick and tired of the abuse west ham fans seem to want to dish out to our own players…. Cole had it for a while, then Boa now Faubert….. Yes granted the guy isn’t playing anywhere near well enough, but in flashes he looks to have something about him, just hope zola persist’s with him and don’t give in to fan pressure….

    Its a testing time for the irons, but time to get behind all the players coz lets face it, thats all we can do….!

    We could do with Reo-Coker’s energy in the park at the moment, but oh yeah he was another promising young talent hounded out by the fans….

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