Mail Says Redknapp to Bid for Green & Upson

The Daily Mail is running a story that Harry Redknapp will bid £16 million for Rob Green and Matthew Upson in January. That wouldn’t surprise me at all. And I suspect they won’t be the only ones.

It is surely inconceivable that we could sell our two best players – unless of course the club’s financial position worsens. If those two go, we might as well all give up. At the moment they would be irreplaceable.

Note: I’m in Russia until Sunday evening, so posting may be irregular or non existent until then. If I find a Russian oligarch with a few hundred million I’ll be sure and direct them to Green Street, E13.


75 Responses to Mail Says Redknapp to Bid for Green & Upson

  1. CHRIS says:

    swap deal lennon bent ……..

  2. anyotherbizniz says:

    They are the only two players at the club that I would be sorry to see go. With the exception of the kids who may have a future, the rest are just bluntly not good enough. Which is why the club will probably sell these two and I’ll be crying over my season ticket again as I watch us in another relegation struggle. Its all might have beens again.

  3. Roshi says:

    I refuse to believe most that I read in the papers, but, yeah I reckon this could be on.

    Shameful if we do sell, but hey, we have to keep the Icelandic economy afloat!


  4. irontc says:

    Cheer up everyone!

    Who ve we got at the weekend?

    o dear

  5. Dave Hall says:

    Wouldn’t believe a word of the Daily snail,it’s a crap paper that’s had it in for the hammers for a long time.

  6. Dan says:

    Sell them,there ok but nothing special.bring in Elano,yossi,benny mcartney,valencia,zaki and anybody else who knows how to thread a pass get to the bye line and score a goal!!!!!!!!! If your a good manager then you can replace anyone,lets face it we hardly have world class players.There must be tons of quality players waiting in Croatia,holland and Russia to be paid over the odds to play in England.Green is solid as is Upson but the only man i would miss is a fully fit [dreaming] Ashton.

  7. Franny Zola says:

    …well make sure you mention the Boleyn Iain, otherwise the Oligarch may end up buying Queen’s Market!

    Couldn’t agree with you more Dan! We lack technical ability, creativity and class. We should not expect anything more than survival. The fans must remember that this is not Zola/Clarkes doing. They really have very little to work with. COYI!

  8. E1 says:

    ASHTON IS PASSED HIS SELL BY DATE AND WANTS OUT, and we might get a few quid for him,the only way we are going to get out of this mess is a change in personel the squad is crap with 4 or 5 exceptions.Deano did what before he got injured ? Time for a clear out ,big time and give the youngsters a run to inject some fight and spirit maybe just maybe we can stay up

  9. CHRIS says:


  10. pjd says:

    agree with e1 whats the point of a good player who never plays and when he does he looks a bit light on the loafers to me.can anyone tell how carlton cole got a 5 year deal,must be for rarely scoring,rarely looking like scoring and not being able to trap a medicine ball.tough times ahead for us i think

  11. colin says:

    Why would Redknapp want them, when spurs put 2 pass them ? ,can’t see that…….

  12. colin says:

    l just looked at the Mails match facts in yesterdays paper.They gave Bellamy Cole Behrami 5 Faubert Noble llunga Di Michele 6. They must have started on the Christmas brandy already………………………………

  13. Roshi says:

    Ashton is being quoted as blaming the “cut of the grass” at Upton Park on his injuries, and has suggested that the mowing should start from the tunnel out towards the centre circle. At present the ground staff mow in the opposite direction which means he tends to stumble on the blades of grass coming towards him as he runs out onto the pitch.

  14. DevoDevo says:

    It sounds like he is smoking it, roshi!

    Green cannot be allowed to go, nor Upson.

    We desperately need another young right back like Johnson to replace the snail-paced Neill.

    Green, Collins, Upson & Ilunga forms a pretty decent defence. Parker is our midfield ball winner, that leaves the creative position to Collison with Behrami on the right and Etherington/LBM on the left. Mullins is OK for the last 20 minutes when shoring up a lead (lol), but offers little over 90 minutes.

    Drop Cole, bring in Sears alongside Bellers. Pace is what is required at this level. If we get Dyer fit then all is not lost. The rest can be sold.

  15. P says:

    Ashton is a lightweight (for a fat guy) who crys off at the slightest excuse whether it’s cramp, a grazed ear or tripping over a blade of grass during training. He surely has to be the first one out of the door come January, knowing him though he’ll probably walk into the door thus injuring himself yet again and the deal collapsing.

  16. P says:

    One other thing. To all those still writing out there players wishlists. Try and grasp this simple fact please.
    We have no money and any money we make is not for spending!! that would defeat the whole object of having a fire sale. Now save your typing hands and enough of the delusions. 🙂

  17. Paul O'Decanyo says:

    When thinking about transfers in and out, consider our last five home games:
    Bolton lost 1-3
    Arsenal lost 0-2
    Everton lost 1-3
    Portsmouth drew 0-0
    Spurs lost 0-2
    Points 1/15. Goals for 2. Goals against 10.
    Compare with the bottom club WBA
    Fulham won 1-0
    Hull lost 0-3
    Blackburn drew 2-2
    Chelsea lost 0-3
    Portsmouth drew 1-1
    Points 5/15. Goals for 4. Goals against 9.
    We need help all over the park! Can’t score, can’t create chances, can’t stop others scoring. Reports this morning suggest Bellars, Cole, Ashton, Bowyer and Quashie all available. Zola’s after an Italian front man. As someone said in a post yesterday, we were promised Champions League in 5 years, not Championship in 3…
    For God’s sake – COYI!!!

  18. CHRIS says:

    P no one has said that our best players are for sale yet or theres going to be a fire sale,if the chairman cant sell the club its still in his best intrests to try and stay in the prem,zola will try and sell the fringe players and curbs duds ie faubert,and try and bring in some of his own, but I admit if we find ourselves in the bottom 3 come january it will be difficult to attract anyone its a catch 22. without two good wingers I cant see how we can play 4 4 2,we are over run with centre midfielders so why not an attacking 4 5 1
    ethrington behrami noble/collinson bellamy
    back four picks itself.

  19. colney says:

    bellamy being offered about for 6 mill as well,tell you what ,why dont we have a whip round and buy the least we all would know how to sort out all this crap,think about it,send a few nasty=ies up to sheffield and put the frightners on a few people,job done.get di canio in as motivator,job done,get rid of the dead wood and chat up an arab or 2 for investments.its easy this management game or what!!!

    oh and GIVE lbm away for free,charity is allways on the agenda.

  20. Gorgonzola says:

    Completely agree with you DAN.

    We lack technical ability, creativity and an eye for a goal.

    I do not think we should expect anything better than just surviving because we have a current team simply not good enough.

    Must remember that this is not Zola/Clarkes making….they have very little to work with.

    Let’s just hope we survive and Zola is able to wheel and deal and get in his own squad and have Ashton and Dyer fit. Then we will judge him

  21. Paul M says:

    Zola trying to get Giampaolo Pazzini and Roberto Guana – in
    Out – Ashton, Bellamy, Cole, Faubert, LBM, Green, Upson, Neil, Parker, and Bowyer. All rumours from various sources but no smoke without fire.

  22. CHRIS says:


  23. jpt says:

    We’re all doomed!

  24. Roshi says:

    Dyer should do the decent thing and call it a day. At least we would get the insurance payout for him. Mind you the way it works at WHU they probably didn’t take a policy out on him in the first place.

  25. James says:

    Harry can lump it!! his side are not much better than our’s, Upson and Green would only be making a step down if that happened!! Dream on you dirty spuds!!

    I tell you if we go down then I can pretty much see spurs down their also, They were rubbish on monday even with the result then again both teams were!!

    I can see it now West Ham vs Scummy Spurs, championship match of the day!! Ha ha

    Boys we need Benayoun back!! We cannot afford to lose either Ashton or Bellars, they will play together eventually, hopefully by january then the goals will fly!!

  26. D&G says:

    Players I want OUT:

    and I’m sure plenty more I have forgotten about.

    Players I want to STAY:

    The rest I couldn’t give a monkies whether they stay or go to be honest.

    Not going to mention players I would like to see signed because I don’t expect any signings (only loans)

    But positions filled need to be:-

    Striker’s x 2
    CM (creative)
    and a versatile defender

    Priority HAS TO BE that forward position and like someone else said Zola is going to have to pull off a Harry and get in the equivalent of Hartson/Kitson to save us once more AND hope they gel instantly!

    An Italian striker? Don’t they need time to gel? Got no time so forget that notion, either a couple of home grown strikers or look to countries like Holland, Germany or Scandinavia where they play similar football.

  27. Bally says:

    All we seem to do is read the lies that the press print about us and then worry or moan about them, just wait and see. Who said Dyer is injured again, which grape vine was that plucked from? As for Ashton, we need to give him another go, it would be horrible if he showed his true potential at another club and in any case no body is going to buy him injured.

  28. StainesWestHam says:

    I find it difficult to believe Spurs could finance such a deal in the current climate. However, we’re definitely going down anyway so it doesn’t really make any difference. I’ll be amazed if we don’t finish bottom unless we can find a new owner by the end of the month. We can’t be far off a demo against the board can we??? Let me know………

  29. E1 says:

    Why not get kyle reed back and give a few games on the left ? can’t be any worse than ethrington or Lbm and he will be hungry and wanting to perform.
    D&G I agree with your list but would keep Parker Behrami and mullins, get rid of neil and let the other loan players go back !! That should reduce the wage bill and bring a few quid in, not sure we will buy anybody other than Ilunga new faces will be on loan I think. As for Ashton he ain’ really done it for us so if we get rid and find a replacement who does,then who cares how good or bad he is when he’s gone,can’t see anybody wanting him though so he might have to put in some good performances to get his dream move or he will hang on like freddie the gooner and take his pay off.

  30. James says:

    ASHTON owes us for being patient, we owe him absolutely nothing!!! I am waiting to be impressed as with the many other hammers fans!!

    My out list is


    Everybody else to stay put and gudmundson to release 10million funds for a decent striker, Someone like Luca Toni would do us for goals!! forget Djemba Djemba he is and always will be a flop

  31. Goatygav says:

    Crikey! Doomed indeed! After reading most of the comments I feel like asking if we should all just pack up and go home? Either that or chuck myself under the next passing number 9 bus.

    I know it hurts to have witnessed such a woeful performance against one of our arch rivals but, c’mon, it’s not like we’re not used to losing a game here and there.

    Don’t forget this is the same team that got 4 points from the last 2 away games including a creditable 0-0 at Anfield. Chins up everyone. A couple of decent signings or, even better, Dyer and I believe Ashton (up for debate) to return back and firing and we’re climbing the table again. Despite losing to Spurs they’re still only level on points with us.

    Let’s all get up for the massive game on Sunday – get behind the club, manager, coaches, team, subs and everything else connected to West Ham and get some positivity going.


  32. E1 says:

    POSITIVITY !!!!!! we have a good coaching staff ,a top rate youth policy,a truly fantastic history, plenty of tradition, cup wins, Moore ,Brooking, Hurst, Peters,Bonds ,Dicks ,Di canio etc. But right now we have a championship squad playing in the wrong league and quite frankly there is jack sh** to look forward too. ASHTON IS NOT GOING TO SAVE US he ain’t got it in him Waster !!

  33. colney says:

    positive my arse.we have put up with a second rate club for far to long and we finaly get a billionaire whos skint.hes invested 30 mill of his own what.he has recouped shed loads in player sales and new shirt launches and wage cuts.yet still we dont get what we want.this club needs to get real and come to the party.

    1 what happened to the casino idea? the revenue from that alone would buy tevez back in a days takings.

    2 the new stadium has gone belly up.were expanding the east stand? yer right,that idea has been squashed years back due to the council.

    3 how many times has bg spoken to us via the web site or tv since hes been there?why cant we know whats really going on? we pay the wages,we buy the shirts,the beer,the programs,the over priced tickets why dont we get the truth when things go wrong?

    4 im affraid sundays game is going to turn in to a zola back at chelsea day and f.all to do with us giving them a right going over on the pitch.3 points are far more important than who they are or anything else.

    5, and yes 5…. will al the news papers just leave us alone and go back to jordans tits.

  34. CHRIS says:



  35. colney says:

    now heres a funny one,some web pages are reporting neil has stunned the board with a wage increase demand and a 2 year contract extension.he is on 60/70k a week and wants more.

    ill give him more,just enough to buy a 1 way ticket back down under ya usless fat ozzie wnka

  36. i think this will become one big hell of a mess

  37. Dave Hall says:

    It reaaly annoys me when some folk bleet on about how we are definately going down. How the hell do you know that…and no doubt you said the same just before the great escape. For gods sake. Get behind the team and stop killing us off before the end of the season, or have some forgot that despite how lack of goals at the moment, we are not the only club fighting in the bottom half.

  38. Dave Hall says:

    Good to hear some positive from someone goatygav. About time we started getting behind the team instead of whinging like a bunch of old gits. There is still time.

  39. E1 says:

    Dave, we are all behind the team but sometimes you have to take the claret & blue tinted glasses off. The year of the great escape we had some quality in the squad and it gave belief, the team put in the effort this lot just ain’t doing it.

    WE ALL LOVE THE HAMMERS and will be there when needed but in the mean time if we can get a message across to make changes then why not,after all we spend a lot of money on them , I often wonder how much over 40 years

  40. man of kent says:

    We lost 3 pts ! thats all ! shame it was against the spuds ! yes we look in trouble, but when havent we ?? we have always been a yo yo club ! We wasted our Icelandic money on shit injury prone average players! And now we are stuck with them ! maybe relagation and a good f*cking clear out and start again is just what we need ! Maybe Zola and Clarke already have some loan players lined up ? Di Michele is a great playmaker, proven ability, along with Tristan, maybe they have Tevez and Masch problem ? the other donkeys in the team just cant play football !?

  41. brian from Oz says:

    Hi, first time emailer! the website, more informative than the official one!! I was born in west Ham and follwed them all my life…even if I have been in Australia since 1974..(I was 22 then). I was one og the lucky ones to be involved in the great 1960’s but there have been some great players since…but Mooro is still my idol, always will be!
    The past few years I have seen every game live but on the box which is no where near the same as at the ground, this season it seems obvious that Cole, Faubert, LBM, and a few others are not up to the standard of EPL. Zola seems a bit confused to me as the all attacking game soon faltered but the strong defensive alternative is already showing signs of strain..we need to balance the two..over to you Zola and Clarke. I was so gobsmacked with the Tottscum result, i thought Collison did alright before and should be given another go, should have come on instead of Noble..Collison shows no fear at the moment and we need that.
    Don’t get rid of Neil..He is a bit suspect though but the Aussies luv him and we get more coverage of the hammers when we have an Aussie in the team..worth it for me!!
    By the way ..Staineswestahm…back in the 60’s I usewd to stand in the old chicken run and there was a guy there called Kenny Staines…any relation?? Every time we lost (too many ) at the end of the game he used to belt out…”another two points down the P**s hole”…he was quite famous for it…as were the chicken run!! Out here one of my businesses is , believe it or not ,an Egg Farm… so now Ihave my own Chicken Run…
    I am a Hammer for life..West Ham till I die..not like that prat who reckons he was going over to Spurs…no true fan changes their team!don”t give up the faith lads, we always bounce back…COYI

  42. djclipz says:

    It would be ridiculous if they are sold. Im not sure wat ill do. It will also disrupt the rest of the squad that is actually left in the long run and the money won’t matter that we receive!! Might as well prepare ourselves for the championship if that actually happens. Think how many games Green has saved us in, he is irreplaceable

  43. colin says:

    l’ve read so many papers today,l forget which one’s but Bellamy was on his way to Celtic Upson is wanted by Man city now, it go’s on Neil wants 70 grand aweek or his on his bike in the summer when his contract ends. Just got to let it go over your heads and wait and see …….

  44. djclipz says:

    just read this on the mail website to:

    Nani said: ‘We are happy with our squad. We have more than 35 players available for the first team, so it is not necessary to intervene in the transfer market.’

    If he actually!!!! and i mean actually did, heaven forbid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    here it is

  45. DevoDevo says:

    Dyer comes through an hour unscathed today, with Freddie scoring twice. Phew.

    Perhaps Zola will take a chance on a kid who is a natural goalscorer to a grown man who never has been?

  46. Ray Moore says:

    The papers are the only people profiting from west ham every time they print some sh*t they know we will go out and buy the paper. You never hear any news on the tv only about the Tevez affair.

    I agree there has been some bad team choices cole, LBM, neil and faubert, zola not using the youth players. He needs to play either collinson with parker or behrami in the midfield, with dyer back soon and matty we will have more attacking options from midfield. Ashton and bellemy upfront will work ashton was on fire at the beginning of the season he is ten times better than cole and with sears and tristan we have a strong squad when fit.

    we need to get behind the team lets just hope that zola has some say in what goes in and out in january.

  47. Eric says:

    Im gonna guess that everyone knows about News Now/West Ham. Pulls in every article online about the Hammers. But just in case…

  48. E1 says:

    WHEN was ashton on fire ? we all know how good he could be BUT as yet he has done NOTHING much since being with us. Even if he was the best striker in the world we just ain’t creating much for anyone to score we have no width and no creativity. I say again we do not have a good enough or experienced enough squad so no one striker is going to make that much difference may nick a point here and there but is not going to get us much higher than 12th 14 th. I think we all need to drop our expectations and get real staying up is all we can hope for and then see what happens in the summer.
    In the meantime we will support and get behind the team and manager but unless the board do the same that ain’t going to do that much either.

  49. CHRIS says:

    E1,thats not always the case, a striker of real quality can get a goal out of nothing,but agreed we dont have no width,but I’m sure zola knows this,hope we go for it at chelsea with two out and out wingers,to early for etrington and dyer,maybe try bellamy or even sears wide right ,hope we dont play 4 centre midfielders again just so negative….coyi!!!!

  50. richo says:

    Read that Neill is demanding a pay rise on his 70 grand a week wage and will be let go, I was happy when Neill signed for us and although he played well during ‘the great escape’ he really has been poor during the last year or so, wouldn’t mind seeing him go.
    I hope Zola gets given some money to play with during the transfer period, just not at the price of losing any of our quality players.

    I’m staying positive at the moment, (the Spuds loss was hard to swallow however) no point predicting doom and gloom we knew it wouldn’t be easy when Zola took over.

  51. man of kent says:

    Nani has confirmed that there will NOT be any new faces arriving in Jan transfer window ! OUCH !! there goes any hope of a decent striker coming to get us out the shit !

  52. DevoDevo says:

    E1 – Ashton couldn’t have been doing too bad, seeing as capello called him up. For all his deficiences, he is on a different level to Cole and knows where the goal is.

    In the premiership, we see week in week out how few and far between chances can be. If the ball had fallen to Ashton’s feet and not Di Michele’s the other night (did someone say he was good?), we would have nicked a draw.

  53. man of kent says:

    devo devo – your starting to sound like the FA arbitration panel ! how would we know that Asnton would of scored that ??? lol !!!

  54. BG Out says:

    Yeah, Capello called Ashton up, then promptly told him he was too fat and lazy and never picked him again. When was Ahton “on fire” was it when minor cramp made him ask the physio to take him off? was it when a slightly cut ear made him ask the physio to take him off? or was it when after scoring 2 goals he then did absolutely nothing for all the remaining matches he played in (a lot of them watched by Capello by the way) before a blade of grass sent him back to the treatment room where he feels most comfortable, apart from the pie shopthat is. Get rid of the workshy waster i say. Anyway, one simple fact justifies Coles place in the team, he is our top scorer, outscoring the supposedly world class Bellamy by a long way.

  55. CHRIS says:

    man of kent- I wouldn’t believe everything you here,I think what nani means is no new players can come in unless will sell off some of our shite,probably loan deals hope not there never up for a scrap.

  56. CHRIS says:

    Di michele wants to return home,bothered!!!especailly if your shoelaces are more important than the football mate,and you cant hit the net from 1 yard.

  57. Chris- that isnt gossip, nani has confirmed we will not be bringing anyone in ! it will be on official site next couple of days ! Di Michele going ? dont think so mate ! we havent seen best of him yet, and he is cheap ! MAN OF KENT- you seem to have a lot of knowledge on west ham, i think i know who you are now, but dont worry i will not give you away ! but please can keep us all updated on what you know, where do you see us going in the next few weeks ? come on you can tell us !

  58. James Lee says:

    Whatever happens I do not feel comfortable while Scott Duxbury is at the club, If we lose any high profile players then he will be the cause no doubt!! I always find him a little on the shifty side and worry about the power of his role at our club!!

    Whats everyone else’s view about this??

  59. E1 says:

    DevoDevo, Ashton got called up for England because of injuries and when he did play he never took his chance it will be a long long time before he gets in again. Do you really think after this lay off he is going to come back and set the place alight ? get real. As I said a striker who ever he may be may nick us few pionts and keep us up, but all this talking like ashton is the 2nd coming is Bo**o**s !!! Banging on like he alone will do it all, dagerous thing to say or are shefield utd right Teves DID do it all on his own ?

  60. eleeNYC says:

    I’m not expecting much from Sunday but let’s hope for a hard playing team. Zola and Clarke have a big day but we should get behind them and show em’ that West Ham is a great club. You have to give the guy credit for staying positive in the face of adversity. It’s the right attitude.

    We are the best supporters!

    Cmon You Irons!!!! Show us you want it!

  61. DevoDevo says:

    E1 I’m not saying that Ashton is the second coming, in fact, he has a lot to do to convince me that he is worth keeping. I was just responding to your assertion that he hasn’t done anything. If Cole could achieve anything as close, then we would be in the top half.

    Ashton .37 goals per game.
    Cole .14 goals per game.

    Spurs offered a reputed 18 million for Ashton pre-season (yes, I know we should have taken it), how much would Cole command, £4mill?

    Man of Kent, LOL. But even I could have scored that. 🙂

  62. marek hamsik on his way to upton park !? lets hope so ! total quality ! would solve all our midfield probs !

  63. man of kent says:

    DevoDevo- my guess is that if ashton had been playing and the ball fell to him, he would of tripped on the blade of grass that had been cut the wrong way, therefore scuffing shot over the cross bar, and resulting in cramp and another 6 months out of action ! lol

  64. colney says:

    i used to like the mirror but f me there having a right go at west ham.

  65. mumbler says:

    @ DevoDevo

    Ashton .37 goals, Cole .14goals… It’s still not even one goal a game between them is it? also as Cole has scored more than Bellamy then whats Bellamy’s stat? .03?. So according to your figures the difference between them of .23 goals translates as roughly a quarter of a goal a game, which is one goal every four games, so, as Ashton only manages to play roughly a quarter of a season then he is worth about 8 goals a season. Which wouldn’t exactly help our goal difference that much. Therefore your figureds prove the point that Ashton is useless and needs to be sold immediately. Not only that, your figures prove Cole is better than Bellamy, and that our top 3 forwards added together struggle to manage one goal a game between them which is why we are prime relegation material. Also i think the very fact that we overvalued Ashton to Spurs is the reason why they never pursued him, hopefully a third rate Championship team will come in for him, oh hang on a minute we are a third rate Championship team… tbc

  66. mumbler says:

    That should have read 3 goals a season, if Ashton plays a quarter of the season, not 8. My typing is as bad as our strike rate.

  67. CHRIS says:

    mirror is for girls!!!!!! lefty and do gooders!!!!

  68. lefty do-gooder (no pasaran) says:

    So if somethings ‘for girls’ does that make it bad?’ If the Mirror is ‘lefty’ then how far to the right do you go i wonder. The worst rag of the lot, The Sun, supports the same political party as The Mirror, so is The Sun ‘lefty’ too? The mirror stopped being ‘lefty’ an awful long time ago. And as for doing good, well that’s just a plain old crime isn’t it. I always imagine those sad old cliches like you that think ‘do-gooding’ is a bad thing having conversations like this: “Look at that Fireman saving someones life… dirty little do-gooder”. “Oh look theres someone saving a drowning child, let’s attack the nasty, low life do-gooder”. Well at least you provide some sort of comedy value. Sometimes the worst thing about being a West Ham fan is having to be associated with people you would normally cross the street to avoid.

  69. Liam says:

    were sh*t and we know we are – all together now
    No guns up front = No goals
    No guts at the back apart from Collins = more heartbreak
    Captain fantastic is a complete waste of time and money
    Zola may have been a fantastic player, but a Manager maybe not – like a rabbit in the headlights- sounds about right.
    I love whu – but what are we going to do – sell, sell. sell
    Its dog fight time again another relagation battle – have we got the guts?
    I hope so, but looking at the performances this season – if i were a betting man we should be favourites for the drop.
    Can we beat Chelsea tomorrow? – lets all bloody hope so, but somehow I doubt it.
    Another pissed off hammer – reality hurts

  70. Dave Hall says:

    I don’t wear tinted glasses E1,and the quality you talk about that we had in the great escape may not be there, but I’ve been through enough of that near escape as much as any, but it does no use to just doom and gloom everything,because already the negativity is setting in in the ground and just how long will it be before that same negative factor rubs off on what players we have. I for one will be behind the team whatever. If we aren’t thick skinned by years of ups downs by now we never will be.

  71. CHRIS says:

    DOO GOODER Take the hook out your mouth reeled you straight in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. richo says:

    You really are a fool ‘lefty do-gooder’

  73. hadenough says:

    Zola the plum already making his exit excuses, even though he knew why Curbs walked. Yet the grinning pygmy still agreed to the situation regarding selling players when he took the job. He stated from the day he took over that players would go and that he would have no real say in who came or went. What a fool. Put him out of his misery and sack him. At least he returns to his beloved Chelsea today, so he’ll have his best inane grin for his faithful fans. Shame that we will be absolutely battered by Chelsea though. Us to lose by 3 at least.

  74. DevoDevo says:

    mumbler – can you list the players that have scored a goal a game?

    Let me spell it out in simple English. Ashton scores a goal almost every 3 games and Cole scores one almost every 11 games.

    I despair.

    Hope you watched his finishing today. 🙂

  75. DevoDevo says:

    hadenough – can we have a contrite post, please?

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