Chelsea Report: Battling Hammers Impress

Oh Carlton Cole! You could have been a hero, yet as so often you scuffed your shot. But let’s not be too pernickety. This was a battling performance of the highest order. To play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and emerge with anything is a credit to the team. To nearly emerge with three points was perhaps asking too much.

When Bellamy put us one up so early on, I don’t think many of thought Chelsea wouldn’t score at least one goal, and so it proved. Under this amount of pressure far better teams than West Ham have cracked. We didn’t and it is a tribute to the central midfielders and central defenders that we managed to maintain out discipline.

Up front Bellamy battled and harried as if his life depended on it. He took his goal brilliantly. Cole was useless in the first half and lost possession almost every time he got the ball. In the second half he somehow discovered some controlled aggression and managed to hold the ball up well and had a couple of chances he should have done better with.

In midfield Scott Parker was magnificent. Noble too showed some of his old form and battled away. Behrami was everywhere as usual and Collison improved after a largely anonymous first 20 minutes. His close control became excellent.

At the back I thought Davenport and Upson looked very comfortable together and rarely looked troubled in the first half. Ilunga had a much better game than against Spurs. Lucas Neill didn’t do anything spectacular, but then he never does. He was lucky not to give away a penalty late on for a trip on Kalou, I think it was. Luckily the tosser of a referee didn’t see it. I cannot abide Mike Riley. He always seems to ruin a game.

Anyway, I think we can all be well impressed by that performance. Now let’s beat the Villa on Saturday!

Green 8
Ilunga 7
Neill 6
Upson 7
Davenport 7
Noble 7
Parker 8
Behrami 7
Collison 7
Cole 6
Bellamy 7

UPDATE: Just so we realise what this means, it’s the second away draw against a Top 4 side this season.


75 Responses to Chelsea Report: Battling Hammers Impress

  1. guyser says:

    Carlton Cole is the weak link; slow, lazy, bad body language, cant shoot or head. He will take us down; Tristan is proven class, i dont understand playing Cole ever but starting games all season is as crazy as selecting Repka

  2. CHRIS says:

    GREEN 9
    NEIL 5
    UPSON 7
    ILUNGA 6.5

    PARKER 7
    NOBLE 6

    COLE 4

  3. CHRIS says:

    chelsea penalty!!!! what about terrys hands all over bellamy when he was through.

  4. E1 says:

    green & parker 9
    cole 6 noble 5 the rest 8. A great performance and point now lets win at home against villa and stoke. UP THE HAMMERS!!!!!!!

  5. Alfred Levin, Swe says:

    Yeah for sure, Cole could have been the hero of the day.. but whats up with that? I’ve seen many games now, and he has only showed one good side: recieving the long balls from the defence, but as of creativity, passing, shooting and so on.. god damn it.. And why has Zola angst when it comes to substitutions? Seldom anything happens before 80mins. Really proud of the point today, and really itchy that it was sooo close, just like it was against Liverpool earlier.. Go Hammers, this is a good sign!

  6. Richard says:

    That was a good point, make no mistake!. I throught we would get hammered 4-0
    I only hope he drops Cole, I think he is light weight!. Play someone up front who knows where the Bloody goal is? Cole at the moment is aware!!!!!.

  7. Carlton (miss a lot) Cole says:

    I think Cole needs a football version of a Tom Tom navigator to let him now where the goal is.

    The 16 meter box is unfamiliar terrain for him, but the rest good earned point (should have been 3)

    Parker once again motm alongside Greeney

  8. man of kent says:

    A great piont ! could have taken all 3 ! i thouht they all played well, carlton cole the excecption, i really wish the guy all the best, but that was an awful, awful “SITTER” he missed today, he really could of made his mark today and he blew it ! i have seen better strikers play his role in Sunday afternoon pub matches ! we will frighten a lot of teams with a fit Tristan !

    my man of match goes to Collison, we created more in an attacking way and look a threat when we went forward ! closley followed Bellamy !

  9. Dave Hall says:

    Having Noble and Collison out there was much better, thankfully no Faubert. More performances like that and now Bellamy is on the score sheet things may just turn the right way for us.

  10. brooking still the best says:

    Whats the point of signing Tristan if he can’t get into the team. Dont we have enough average players already? Good point, we need them all if we are not going to be in a relegation fight all season. Be typical West Ham to get beat next week at home so dont get to caried away with todays point!

  11. Graybo says:

    I’m a saddo and had to listen to the radio commentary.

    Apparently, according G Taylor, Carlton Cole was a tower of strength (splutters on celebratory cuppa) and the ref had a very good game.

    I’m very grateful for the point, but as at Anfield it sounded as though we could easily have been celebrating three.

    Please have faith, home fans, and give the guys a roaring good welcome and cheer them on to a win over Villa.

  12. CHRIS says:

    0 SPUDS

  13. jpt says:

    I thought Bellamy was superb – a real pain in the arse all game!
    Our best player though was Parker – another brilliant but somehow modest performance.
    There IS hope!!

  14. Martin of Surbiton says:

    I agree there is hope. The spuds result was depressing, but a moment of class from Gomes denied us the equaliser just before they got their second. Our defence really has improved since Clarke arrived and it seems as if our best chance is to defend and attack on the break – ditto Chelsea BTW – which is not the West Ham way, especially at The Boleyn. Villa will be difficult, but we will go into the game with loads of confidence after today’s battle. COYI

  15. D&G says:

    That was much better. Carlton Cole is starting to remind me of Harewood in his last days for the club.

    I remember Harewood stepping forward to take that IMPORTANT penalty for us and guess what the usual happened.

    I got that same feeling when Cole went through, you just knew he wasn’t going to put it away, A real forward would of (Tristan)

    Again Zola’s sub’s were a mystery to me. We needed 3 points and he brings on Mullins? Then Di Mistake comes on the 90th min?

  16. simo says:

    i feel as if i should be a bloody pundit, i had a good feeling about today, it was a superb performancs from the lads, should of nicked it at the end,if only, but prior to this game, if we knew we were gonna draw this at stamford bridge, we would of taken a point.
    i really hope we kick on now, think this proves that away from home we dont feel the pressure, but at upton park we do, let’s get behind the lads cos if we beat villa at home,and their playing pretty good at the moment,that would be an excellent result.
    Come on you irons, let’s get amongst it !!!

  17. DevoDevo says:

    If Zola keeps reading my posts we might get somewhere. 🙂

    Once again, Green, Parker and Upson were immense. A very good first performance for Davenport and Neill and Ilunga were also solid.

    Our most creative midfielder, Collison, showed once again, that Zola’s decision to ‘drop’ him for faubert & Mullins was a mistake.

    Noble looked better back in the middle and Behrami was his usual busy self.

    Bellamy got his rightful reward for consistently being a thorn in te side of the opposition and Coile, despite a bettre all round performance, showed once again that he can’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo! E1 – please note!!

    A complete transformation from the side the Tottenham performance. Let’s hope Dyer will be back soon and Sears comes in for Cole.


  18. HamSandwich says:

    Well,well what a fantastic performance – about time too – v. unlucky not to get the three points if only cole could kick straight!
    Everybody is pulling there weight except for Cole and Neill – every body seems to know on this blog they are rubbish except the club!
    We all know whats going to happen they will get rid of the good guys and leave us with the likes of LBM and captain trash.
    Hopefully now we can put a few results together and climb away from the crap end.
    We should sell LBM – LNeill – LBowyer
    And buy a decent striker – you know one that actually scores goals for fun.
    Imagine LN asking for a raise to his already extortionate wages – his having a giraffe
    Get rid and any other fancy dan you thinks they are too good for this great club.

  19. Phil says:

    I think everyone’s being a bit harsh on Cole. He battered Chelsea’s defence all over the place. Just a pity he can’t shoot.
    What a difference from the Tottenham game. Its hard to understand how they played so bad one week and so well 6 days later.
    Midfield were immense. Never gave Chelsea time on the ball. Hard to pick man of the match between Parker/Berhami/Collison. Also Ilunga had a much better game.
    Our main problem is at home when we have to attack as this team is better suited to playing away.

  20. Goatygav says:

    Well happy with that. Great team performance all round – everyone with a claret and blue shirt on played well – including Carlton Cole. His hold up play was much improved. Instead of the ball pinging off his feet/shins/shoulders/head straight to an opposition player he was finding team-mates. Apart from putting the ball in the back of the net, which is admittedly an important aspect, he did the job he’s expected to do.

    The ref had a mare. Nearly every decision he made was wrong and he didn’t give the game, which was pretty good to watch for a London derby, a snowball in hell’s chance.

    The away fans were brilliant as always. I’d love to hear the home support really get going next Saturday and give the team the lift they need at the Boleyn. Villa are a top side and they will prove a massive challenge so the boys need every advantage they can get.

  21. CHRIS says:

    phil answer to your question……reason why we were a touch better,no faubert for a start and we played 4 5 1 for large parts of the game.

  22. SJ Chandos says:

    I will not say I told you so, but ….. Funny how a good performance bucks everyone up. Villa can and will be beaten, Newcastle showed today Portsmouth are beatable and Stoke City should be 3 points in the bag. If we go into the Christmas fixtures with 22 points then that is a good platform from which to push on up the table.

    Saw Zola’s interview on Sky, he stated categorically that the key players will not be sold in the January window, he also seemed to suggest, for the first time, players will be coming in. I think that the owner will protect his investment and provide some level of funding if we are in danger come the opening of the window. It has been alleged that he still has an estimated wealth of c. £750m!

    All this press talk of a ‘fire sale’ is nonsense. The one thing that the club’s owner cannot contemplate is relegation. The surest way of being relegated is selling your best players to your rivals! If the owner is looking to sell the club then asset stripping will devalue it and the price it will bring. Would selling Ashton, Green, Parker and Bellamy for c. £25m or so even touch the scale of his other business losses, course not.

    I believe that the club is firewalled from the owners other investments and that we are stable financially, for this season at the very least. Was £30m not put into the club (given, not loaned) prior to the economic crisis. Surely that was to stablise the club and help it to achieve self-sufficiency?

    Perhaps the sale of the club will come out of left field. Maybe takeover negotiations are taking place right now! Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

  23. alanalandevonshire says:

    All I want for Xmas is more of the same commitment from the team. A very solid preformance and by no means a lucky point. Collison fitted in perfectly and always looked comfortable on the ball and unlike Faubert could find a teammate with his passing. Thought cole played well today, I like the man, unfashionable to say but there you go, I never have been a sheep. Parker, when on his game is awesome and was well partnered by Noble. A great piece of football for the goal from him. Bellars and Cole never gave the Chelsea defense any rest and Behrami ran his heart out for the cause. But as has been the way recently it should be the defense taking the plaudits. Shat myself when i saw Ginge was injured but needn’t have worried. Now, maybe if we can all look at each game as part of the season instead of the defining moment in our season and get behind the team good things will happen. yes we were rubbish against spurs but 7 days previously we were good at anfield and 6 days later great at stamford bridge. We’re supporters, lets support. COYI.

    ps Zola kept his real feelings hidden when we scored, but clarke………..he couldn’t help himself. it was a small gesture but his little punch of the air betrayed his true emotions.

  24. colney says:

    lets keep this very simple…that was a brilliant performance and a good lets move on and win the next game comfortably.coyi

  25. BRIAN FROM OZ says:

    Well that was worth getting up at 3am to watch! Can’t record and watch later, have to feel the emotion live…closest to actually being there. Great performance all round, but still not happy with Cole..did a couple of good things but a striker he ain’t!What a miss! Rest played really well, even Neil was a lot better..and it was not a penalty..Lampard took another step then dropped..had he had gone down straightaway he might have got it. Collison should stay in the side and keep Faubert out, Parker was brilliant…just need consistency now..butmaybe try Tristan instead of Cole…could not be worse, surely.
    Bring on the Villans..COYI

  26. ironsmith says:

    Carlton Cole ia a player who has improved out of all proportion in his time at West Ham. He is strong, holds the ball up quite well and his physical presence troubles the best defences, BUT, his poor finishing can lose us matches and I think his time is up. A fantastic hammers performance, the whole team really put it together last night. For me, Jack Collison should always play and certainly before LBM, Ethers, Bowyer, Mullins. He is an excellent young player who I think will become a real asset to the West Ham midfield and he will score goals too. The only way is up!

  27. FrannyZola says:


  28. Mac says:

    Re Cole’s chance:

    An AVERAGE striker forces the keeper to make a save.
    A GREAT striker sees the situation in an instant and lifts his shot over the keeper into the net.

    We need a striker who can think as much as he can shoot. The situation simply cried out for a subtle clip over Cech. And with that much space, he should at least have been able to hit it cleanly instead of dragging it.

    At any level forwards simply have to deliver in front of goal. It’s what they’re paid for. Cole, once again, came up disappointingly short.

  29. Auckland Hammer says:

    Worth getting up for at 5am. Have read all of the above agree with the most of it. Why have someone starting up front who can’t hit a barn door , COLE , how can someone so useless get a five year contract , his first touch is truely sooo bad and he also needs to toughen up? Sears , Tristan & Co. must be going crazy on the bench week in week out. Collinson was classy and Behrami ran his arse off some great tracking back. Firesale all the crap around the fringes and if L Neill thinks he deserves a pay rise all he needs to do is look at the replays of most of our games this season this is pire greed on his behalf. The A league are welcome to him !!! Bring back Glen Johnson !

  30. Hammer says:

    How wrong was i. The irons were brilliant. Looked like a totally different team to the one that played against spurs. Even when chelsea scored the lad’s heads did not go down, in fact they stepped it up and went on the attack. The mid-field looked much better balanced with noble and collison in and parker was m of m for me. For the goal noble showed real desire to win the ball and get the cross in and bellamy showed real class for the goal. If bellamy stays he could become a real hammers hero, he has all the attitude to go with his ability I love watching him play. Wish i could have been at the bridge, sounded like the support had a great time on the telly, well done to those that were there. COYI

  31. Roy says:

    I think that Phil is right. We are currently better suited to playing away at the moment and Cole, for all his faults, is a fundamental part of this as he is the target man which you must have if you are going to take pressure off of the defence and hit teams on the break. To play Sears and Bellamy together away from home would not allow us to play like that. Tristan? Not seen enough of hime to know if he could play that role. The problem at home is that we are obliged to attack teams as they come looking to do what we are trying to do away from home and this is probably where a different striking partnership could be the answer. I hope Zola gives Collison a decent run in the side as he had a good game yesterday and looks like he could develop into a really good player.

  32. richo says:

    Awesome. good to see Collison start, just wish Zola would start givin’ Tristan more time off the bench. would add a different dynamic in attack.

  33. E1 says:

    devodevo note what ashton did’nt score any decent striker could make a difference and nick a few points. The changes that you would like to take credit for were made by about 20 others as well. The team done well and a result against villa and stoke will make all the difference. Ashton wiil score a hatrick in devodevo land and we will be top 4 in no time.

  34. DevoDevo says:

    E1 – I’m not about to enter into a convoluted argument on the merits of Ashton v Cole, anyone with any football knowledge knows who the better player is.

    I always give credit where it is due and as already stated Cole’s contribution was much more like it. Unfortunately, he is not a goalscorer and illustrated this once again. On two occasions he should have scored, but, hey at least he kept hold of the ball.

    Let’s not detract from an excellent team performance, which cheered all of us up after the debacle against Spurs.

    Now, if we can just get Dyer fit……….

  35. liamslookonlife says:

    I think everyone is being extremely unfair on Cole. He held the ball up magnificently and rarely lost possession. Bellamy was great as well though and took his goal brilliantly.

  36. DevoDevo says:

    Sorry to post again, but having just watched the match again, I just had to single out Behrami’s contribution. I think he might have covered every blade of grass at Stamford Bridge.

    I’d love to know how far he and Parker ran dring the game?

  37. s.o says:

    Even if Neill or Cole played every other player off the pitch i strongly suspect you wouldn’t give them a fair and unbiased player rating Iain In the first half the ref blew his whistle (much to Alex’s relief) every time Cole tussled for the ball, he was a constant handfull. You must have conveniently blinked a lot Iain. So he missed an opportunity near the end, big deal, even Messi or Kaka will miss those sort of chances, no mention of the top class keeper that was in his way though. I tell you what, why not write to Zola or Clarke and ask them why they pick Cole, what role they give him, if he performs that role to the letter, and what he brings to the team. And when they answer you with answers that you can’t fathom, but are answers anyone with the tiniest bit of knowledge about the game would know, then maybe you will shut up with your tiresome witch hunt against him. To constantly question his and Neill’s inclusion is to question the footballing nous of Zola, Clarke and every other professional at the club. Professionals that know far more about football than you and your fellow snipers ever will. It would be interesting to see how long a team managed and picked by ‘fans’ and/or bloggers would actually last in any league. As Zola picks the team i look forward to seeing Cole and Neill playing every game for the rest of this topsy turvy season, if only just because it would annoy people like you.
    PS. Ashton will never be fit enough to make any kind of contribution, something will always hamper him; cramp, blades of grass, the wrong peroxide etc. As for Tristan, the free agent no club in Europe wanted. His non involvement suggests that he is either completely hopeless or is so good that Zola is scared of unleashing his awesome prowess on an Upton Park crowd that just isn’t ready for such earth shattering talent.

  38. irontc says:

    HEROES! All of them ! When you look at CFCs team sheet its scary! But we cancelled this Champions Leagues side out of much of the game.

    Cole was frustating and should have scored, but his hold up play gave us the relief we needed to endure CFC’s pressure.

    All our next 3 games are winable !

    Happy Christmas!


  39. Roshi says:

    The boy’s done well! But that last 10 minutes dragged on and on and on ahhhhhhh!!!

    The fun of supporting the Hammers!

  40. mac says:

    To all those defending Cole:

    Isn’t the sole purpose of having strikers for them to strike; to score goals, goals that win matches? You’re all far too easily pleased with his contribution. Yes, he holds the ball up well, but that’s not enough – strikers have to be ultimately judged on goals. Look at Owen and Bellamy yesterday. Both had chances. Both buried them.

    What would you rather have? A draw where Cole plays well, but fluffs the one glorious opportunity that comes his way, or a win where he’s anonymous for 89 minutes, but pounces on a single proper chance and sticks it in the net?

    That may sound demanding, but let’s not forget the guy’s just signed a new £5m deal. Is scoring goals not what he’s ultimately getting paid for?

    The sad fact is that at the highest level, where great goal scorers is what separates the successful teams from the also-rans, Cole will never be seen as anything other than just an average forward.

  41. E1 says:

    I feel that on this performance cole can be compared with heskey who also has never scored as much as everybody would have liked but his contribution to the team is missed when not there, he is still young and in time who knows he might prove us all wrong(I hope) and be a great foil for ashton or whoever. Davenport’s display was encouraging and IF upson went, based on yesterday he could do a job along side ginge. The team Just had more purpose and having the youngsters in gave them more heart. no reason why we should’nt get at least 6 points out of the next 3 games maybe even 9. If only we could get rid of neil and get johnson back we would have a defence that would take some beating. ALL very encouraging lets just hope we have NOW got something to look forward too.

  42. the headmaster says:

    Mac – I am no apologist for Cole but there is no way you can say he was anonymous yesterday, simply no way at all. He was a royal pain in the backside to the Cheslea defence all afternoon and Riley, in my opinion, gave him absolutely nothing.

    s.o. – who are ya? if you’re gonna come on and turn it up a notch, then go with an identity please. We are all regular contributors on here in the main and it always irks me when someone hides behind a pseudonym to have a pop at someone.

  43. mac says:

    Headmaster: you misread my post re Cole being anonymous. I was asking what kind of striker would we prefer. Unfortunately Cole falls into the former; NOT anonymous, but failing to convert the one decent chance that comes his way.

  44. djclipz says:

    great game! Oh i really wish we had got that second goal, but to be fair least we came out and actually played unlike against spurs!! How much was bloody annoying was Riley!!!!! I think he has just overtaken styles as my worst referee!!!!!

  45. mac says:

    Just how good was Collinson?

    Now there’s a first touch to savour. Plus, he was so damn calm & collected. A real class act. Reminded me a lot of Carrick.

  46. mac says:

    Sorry, meant Collison, obviously…!

  47. colney says:

    hope bellamy is not starting to score goals to get a better club in the january window.
    cole is not what we want at the moment,his commitment is great but he has never been or never will become a striker.wasnt it curbs that played him out on the left for a while? even he new that cole up front aint gona get you a hat full.our top striker is on 4 goals for the season and were half way through !!!! help!

  48. Doc H Ball says:

    I am all for backing players, but time is now well and truly up for the ‘Young Lion’ Cole. He’s turned into a not so young pussy who has an appalling goal per game ratio wherever he’s been. Someone told me that he’s scored 7 goal in 60+ games for us! The only decent one was at Man City last year. Just how much longer do we have to give him?

    The only other gripe I have is about Lucas Neil. I agree with our antipodean friends. Unless he takes a pay cut of about 50%, then he can go play beyond the black stump somewhere as they say.

    Other than that, I thought we were excellent and I am so pleased for Jack Collison who looks like a player already.

  49. the headmaster says:

    mac – look again, son. my dig is at the character calling himself ‘s.o’.
    I understood your excellent post quite clearly.

  50. Eric says:

    Reading these posts is giving me a salty discharge in the ocular area. Fantastic effort. If we can play that well against Chelski and Liverpool we should be able to give any team some trouble.

    We are the greatest supporters!


  51. Roshi says:

    Carlton Cole to Liverpool in January !!!! can’t be true..can it?

  52. Paul says:

    I feel everyone needs to give Cole a break, i am not his biggest fan by any strecth, a striker who does’nt score goals is not what any club needs but anyone watching the game yesterday has to see that he caused Chelsea problems. Everyone seems to be of the opinion that the guy can’t hold the ball up but when as is often the case he has defenders all over him and never gets a free kick it’s not hard to see why, yet as soon as he make’s a challenge he get’s penalised for it just like Peter Crouch. You just have to look at Heskey (and i am not putting him in that bracket) to see how a striker can work for the team without being prolific. I would say though that Sear’s need’s to be given an extended chance in the team, i think he can cause real problems and may give us something different it was also good to see Collison back in the starting line up i thought his touch and his feet were superb. All in all a brilliant workman like performance and they played good football in tight spaces and the defence were playing the ball out rather than punting it long and Green is looking for the short ball. Things seem to be coming together our football is improving just sometimes watching West Ham is like watching lesbian porn there’s just no penertration sort out the strikers get them scoring goals and we will be fine. Come on you Irons!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Wine Blog says:

    So funny how most you blokes that post on here think a draw is such a good result! Us chelsea fans are very disappointed by the loss of 2 points. Just shows the difference between a top club and a bottom fish. Good luck with the rest of the season, hope you guys don’t get relegated for Zola’s sake.

  54. the headmaster says:

    ok mac – i see what you’re sayin now. yes, point taken but i really do believe that cole’s workrate and the way in which he put himself about yesterday is part of the reason that we were so damn competetive in the match. I would argue that if he had been anonymous for 89 minutes then we might very well have been 2 or 3 down in which case banging in a goal would not have been so worthwhile.
    I do however take your general point that his goal return is, to say the least, disappointing

  55. mac says:

    Headmaster, it was simply a hypothetical question where I was asking if we preferred Cole as he was yesterday – pain in the backside to defenders (as you rightly say), but missing one decent chance – or as some great strikers are ie anonymous for 89 minutes, but scoring with a single decent chance which gives the team a win.

    I know which Cole I would prefer!

  56. Tony Titan says:

    Your right Iain – Riley was a hopelessly inconsistent tosspot ! Everyone knows where our short comings are – so I wont go down that road – All I would say that once again the supporters and the atmosphere were truly electric in the Shed upper – by comparison to the sterile silent that populated the rest of Stamford Bridge. It was like a library !

  57. paul says:

    Yes Cole does create problems for defences but his distribution and strike power is poor and I would have preferred to have kept Zamora in a similar role. I just find it ridiculous that we should have given him a 5 year contract.

  58. mac says:

    Headmaster, thanks for the nod. Cole is nothing if not a battering ram in the old style centre-forward fashion, (Peter Withe, David Cross anyone?) and as an ex centre-forward myself, was always taught to play with my back to goal and to hold the ball up for the midfield. However, I was also dropped for lack of goals on more than one occasion. Cole also seems an honest sort of guy who would be naturally upset at missing the chance. Frustratingly, he could be such a player if he added scoring to his game, but he’s just not a natural striker of the ball. Surely has to be why Chelsea let him go.

  59. Goatygav says:

    You make a good point about the regular commenters on this blog Headmaster.

    If it’s any help to new commenters then the opportunity to make yourself better known exists on the “ABOUT” section of this site found just underneath the West Ham logo at the top of the pages.

  60. Paul M says:

    Thought Cole played well but he missed TWO sitters not one as people are talking about. How about the miss kick also in the 2nd half when the ball was squared across the goal from the left ? He actually did not even make contact with the ball !! my nan bless her could of even got that one.
    If tristan is no better, WHY did we sign him? I bet Freddie would have ‘poached’ it.
    Again, I will say he played well, but that’s his first good game for a fair few weeks and at a time when we need goals not possesion it’s time to try another.
    Absolutely delighted Rupert the bear (Faubert) didnt play, been blasting him on here all year as the worst ever and what a difference we were without him, coincidence, NO just that we actually had 11 agaist 11 this time not the usual 10.
    Hats off to Davenport too, he did play exceptionally well against very good players. Agree with most on here, Parker was MOM, Green, Behrami, Collison and Upson along with Bellamy and Davenport were top class all day. Collison WILL be the next big thing. If he was at Manure or Chelski everyone would be raving.
    At this point I would settle for a draw against the Vile and follow that with a wins against the Stoke heavies and pompey playboys. That’s what I’ve asked Santa for anyway.

    Dear Santa, please can west ham have a top quality goal scorer and a creative midfielder. Then I genuinely believe we could even chase a European spot.


  61. Goatygav says:

    Cheers Mac – Difference being David Cross scored 99 goals in 227 games (one every 2.3 games).

  62. mac says:

    Yep Psycho knew where the net was alright.

  63. CHRIS says:


  64. CHRIS says:


  65. Russell says:

    How, how, how can tristan, sears or di michele be WORSE than Cole?
    It’s worth reminding people that he also scuffed an awesome goal scoring opportunity prior to passing the ball to cech in the dying minutes.
    I am worse than cole I accept, but I’m not paid a small ransom each week to at least hit a ball, or at least make an effort to score.
    Honestly I would like to see how he would get on in the championship. I think he would be an average championship player at best.
    Was delighted to see faubert dropped.
    Anyway, enough negativity, great team performance, collison is the way forward. I believe we have a chance now against goal machine villa

  66. hammeredCalv says:

    great all round performance ! Cole is the battering ram for defence ! he should only play that role for 80 mins, then replace him with pace and a preditor in front of goal ! SEARS ! look how great young jack collison is proving to be ! Parker berhami noble looked excellent , all over the place ! me thinks the future is very bright !

    COYI !

  67. the headmaster says:

    Goatygav – thanks for the heads up – have added my bit to the about tab.

    Unfortnately tho, what I was alluding to is the ease with which even a regular contributor can effectively anonymise themselves on this blog by assuming some other identity. I am not sure if s.o falls into this category or if he/she was simply a casual visitor but my suspicion is it is probably a regular on a bit of a wind up just to set the touch paper alight!
    The anonymous thing is ok just so long as it doesn’t get personal as it did on this site some significant while ago! (led ultimately to a banning)

  68. Goatygav says:

    Know what you’re saying mate. I’m also convinced there’s one or two who use several pseudonyms. They’re recognizable by their style of writing, superior attitude and probably don’t realize they’ve been sussed at all.

  69. the headmaster says:

    Love the way that everyone greeted old wine blog with the contempt he deserves and simply didn’t respond to him! whoops – i guess i just did…..

    in my head i am singing a rendition of the UP version of the ‘blue flag’ song. in fact, it won’t leave my brain today…

  70. E1 says:

    Goatygav I’m on the about tap great idea for those of us who are genuine.

  71. BRIAN FROM OZ says:

    reading the posts , seems everyone agrees about Cole not being a striker so lets hope GZ and SC are reading this as well. As for Neill…yeh a pay cut would be justified, he reckons that he will finish his career out here, well he might be back sooner than he thinks. Thought he had a better game at Chelsea but still lacks pace and positioning, which is surprising considering his experience now! Behrami, Collison, Parker are automatic now, or should be, Noble needs match fitness now.By the way lads, the support was fantastic, really chuffed to hear it all. Weren’t Chelski lot quiet!!!!!!

  72. Daveip1966 says:

    I’m almost a dissenting voice re Cole; I thought he did a good job on Sunday, apart from the side foot that wouldn’t have troubled Cech’s sandwich bag, and gives us a good third option when we just need to slow play down a bit, now it seems he can keep hold of the ball. That’s third behind Freddie and Bellamy. I’d far rather have a fit Ashton playing the number 9 role though, any day.

    As for Neill, can he get much slower? His reading of the game seems to be there, he just can’t move his backside quick enough. That said, I think he does perform reasonably well as captain, viz his dragging Bellamy away at half time on Sunday, when Bellamy looked like he was about to talk himself into yet another needless yellow. And it was never a penalty – I just watched the re-showing on ESPN (SE Asia), and Lampard made such a meal of it even he’d have turned down a second helping.

    All in all a very sound performance, and very happy to see the youngsters back, including Noble (can he still be thought of as a youngster?). Parker and Behrami really are turning into midfielders to be reckoned with.

    Bring on Villa.

  73. E1 says:

    Pompey are having a clear out, So the papers say,defoe,crouch,james, johnson and anybody else in the squad that they get an offer for. Owen is ONLY on £105,000 a week !!!! the bar codes have offered 80,000 plus bonuses. Safe to say he won’t be coming to us then. Would’nt mind seeing Johnson and or Defoe coming back.

  74. colin say's says:

    Sus’ed it ,it Neil’s BIRD S.0 SHEILA OSTRICH

  75. Ray Moore says:

    daily mail stiring up SH*T again.

    Today Paul Hayward wrote in his daily mail column about Zola not celebrating Bellers opener against Chelsea and blatenly trying to make something out of nothing. So Zola is a gent! Why can he not show a bit of respect by toning down his celebrations when we score against a club he loved playing for. True he is now West ham’s manager but everyone is intitled to show affection to previous loves, if only more players in the game were like him maybe there would not be so much disloyalty in football.

    Paul Hayward should stop trying to turn the west ham fans against Zola or the team he is just trying to fill his pockets full of cash he would make from writing crap about west ham which most papers seem to try and do.

    Zola didnt need to celebrate the travelling west ham fans who were fantastic, made so much noise that Zola must have thought chelsea had scored! I am sure he never heard cheering like it at stamford bridge before.


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